Exciting Adventure Activities In Switzerland For The Thrill Seekers

How about a ride of fun and adventure together in Switzerland? Are you thrilled with the thought of it? Here in Switzerland, you can experience it together. The photogenic landscapes with exciting adventure activities in Switzerland will amaze you to the next level. While on your trip, try these adventures to feel the adrenaline rush.

There is no secret that Switzerland is a paradise for some exotic locations and serene landscapes. Besides this, Switzerland is bursting with many adventurous activities that will give you ultimate joy. The best part is that you choose any adventure sport, and you’ll get incredible views with an abundance of laughter & fun. You can even spend your entire day in these activities without getting bored for a minute.

Get the Taste of the 8 Unforgettable Adventure Activities in Switzerland

Here are some of the adventure activities in Switzerland to cherish your trip.

  1. Mountain Roller Coaster
  2. Bungee Jumping
  3. Cliffwalk on Mount Titlis
  4. Whitewater Rafting
  5. Paragliding
  6. Cable Ride
  7. Skydive
  8. Fly a Fighter Jet

Mountain Roller Coaster

Have you been to Switzerland but have yet to experience mountain roller coasters? Then, you have missed out on a massive affair from your trip. These roller coasters are different from what you have seen in amusement parks.

But here in Switzerland, you can have breathtaking views of the hills from so many feet above sea level, giving you a lifetime experience. The entire roller coaster is fitted with lots of safety gear, adding a layer of delight to your escapade.

Best Time – June to October
Location – Grindelwald

Bungee Jumping

You must have heard of bungee jumping at many locations, but in Switzerland, bungee jumping is done in the dam’s waters. This is one of Switzerland’s most popular adventure activities and has been featured in many James Bond films.

The Contra Dam is the third-highest station in the world for bungee jumping. If you are a fan of 007, then this place is familiar to you. This sport might be intimidating for you at first; however, when you try, the special kick you get can’t be described in words.

Best Time – April to October
Location – GoldenEye Bungee Jump, Tenero Contra

Cliffwalk on Mount Titlis

Walking 3000 m above sea level, crazy right? This place is not for the faint-hearted. But this is what awaits you on the cliff walk on Mount Titlis. The narrow route provides panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and leads you through the glacier caves.

This one-meter-wide bridge gives you a see-through view of the valley floor, and if you want your heart pumping, lean slightly towards the inclined barrier. At the end of this nerve-wracking walk, there’s a platform that will make all your terror worth it.

Best Time – Any time of the year
Location – Mount Titlis, Swiss Alps

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Whitewater Rafting

The action-packed water sport of whitewater rafting has established itself as an adventurous and fun activity. Switzerland offers several places to enjoy whitewater rafting. Here, rafting varies from place to place.

You can opt for an easy route for rafting if you are a beginner or even a difficult path if you are a professional. Get the sights of nature from close up while on the rafting activity.

Best Time – May to September
Location – Aare in Interlaken


This aerial activity, Paragliding, is by far the favorite one among travelers when it comes to adventure. To try this activity, you must take a short training course of instructions from professional guides.

You’ll be accompanied by the trainer, who will take care of all the safety measures when you are in the sky. The initial push is given by pressing your foot against the floor. Paragliding is like flying like a free bird and seeing the world from above. Come and discover the skies from above & create an unforgettable time.

Best Time – June to October
Location – Interlaken

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Cable Ride

Cable rides exist everywhere, but steel cable rides are available in Switzerland. You don’t need to figure out the best views from these as they have a unique revolving feature at an angle of 360 degrees.

You’ll get scenic views of the snow-clad glaciers. The ride involves going from one end to another. Only four people are allowed simultaneously on the ride, and it works at the speed of 90 km/hr. This ride is one of the extreme sports to challenge your inner adventure soul and is not expensive.

Best Time – May to August
Location – Titlis


Switzerland offers sky diving all around the year. The ride takes you above the Swiss Alps, giving you mesmerizing views of the Alps. You will be briefed by the professionals about the safety measures and accompanied by a trainer.

Gaze out at the lakes, meadows, and famous snow-covered mountain peaks around you from above. This free fall takes place 4000 m above the land. To try this activity, you must be brave-hearted to glide freely from this bold adventure.

Best Time – December to February
Location – Interlaken, Gstaad, Zermatt and Engelberg

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Fly a Fighter Jet

This adventure will stand out above all, making all the other activities pale before it. Join an experienced pilot for a thrilling ride above the Swiss Alps. This ride will allow you to capture this stunner place from above the top.

You’ll get to live the twists & turns, spins, and many more surprises on your ride. One thing is for sure; this ride will etch its mark on your heart and provide you with an electrifying encounter.

Best Time – June to September
Location – MiGFlugs

Gear up for a daring expedition, whether on foot or on a bike, in the mountains, air, and water. If you like to challenge yourself at every point of life, you are in for a treat in Switzerland. Face up your inner fears and dive into the adventures. Hop on an Indian Holiday to plan an effortless trip. Our travel experts will help you curate the Switzerland Tour Packages according to your preferences. CONTACT RIGHT AWAY

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