Visit the Aircraft Themed Restaurant in Vadodara Gujarat for High Fly Experience

Fasten your seat belts and hop on to the newly opened air-craft-themed restaurants in Gujarat’s Vadodara town. If you are one of the people who get bored of trooping over to the oh-so-common restaurants near you, visit the HighFly Aircraft themed restaurant in Vadodara, a new addition in the town.

HighFly is an aircraft-converted restaurant that opened on Monday, 25th October 2021. Most importantly, it is India’s 4th airplane converted restaurant. At the same time, HighFly is made out of scrapped aircraft and one of the 9th aircraft-themed restaurants globally and 1st and exclusive in Gujarat.

Here is everything to know about Gujarat’s First Aircraft Themed Restaurant

Address | HighFly aircraft-themed restaurant in Gujarat is taxied and parked on Tarsali bypass in Vadodara at N.H. NO. 8, between Kapurai & Tarsali Road. Therefore, tourists from the Vadodara Railway Station or Vadodara Airport can easily reach this unique eatery enclosed in the scrapped plane.

Accommodation Up to | HighFly is a spacious, still standing aircraft that can accommodate up to 102 guests (approx.) at the same time under one roof! Not to mention, the hospitality guests will be top-notch and stand out from the mainstream restaurants in Vadodara.

Timings | This vacant aircraft-themed restaurant at Vadodara will serve a delicious meal inside it from 10:30 AM – 11 PM (approx.). Above all, confirm the visiting days as it is a new restaurant and advanced booking is mandatory.

Menu of Aircraft Themed Restaurant in Vadodara Gujarat | Stunning Facilities 

The airline’s inflight menu serves international cuisines inside the vacant aircraft. Only veg food is served at HighFly airplane-themed restaurant. There is no facility for the non-veg foodies for the time now! So nosh on the tooth-some international cuisines like Chinese, Continental, Mexican, Thai, and Italian followed with Punjabi and Gujarati flavors.

In addition, you will be served the cuisine by the staff, wearing the air hostess, cabin crew dress in the same style as people get in a flying plane. At the same time, sensors have been installed inside HighFly air-themed restaurants to call the waiter.

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Meal Price for Two People at HighFly AirCraft Themed Restaurant Vadodara 

Paisa Vasool Che Boss! In Hindi, this Gujarati phrase translates to; “a visit to Gujarat’s first air-craft themed restaurant” is absolutely worth a visit for everyone! The meal price for two people at a HighFly airplane-themed restaurant is roughly ₹ 1,000 (approx.). Before you enter, one needs to avail ₹ 350 boarding pass. The price for availing boarding pass is refundable only if you are above the boarding pass amount.

How Far HighFly Aircraft Themed Restaurant is from Vadodara Airport? 

The approximate travel distance between Vadodara Airport and HighFly Aircraft Themed Restaurant is supposedly within 20 kilometers. So it hardly would take around 45 minutes from the airport to reach this stunning airplane-converted restaurant.

Is HighFly Aircraft Restaurant in Vadodara Gujarat Worth A Visit?

Yes! Highly Aircraft-themed restaurant in Gujarat’s Vadodara is worth a visit because of its state of the art facilities. You will feel like travelling in a real aircraft because the plane vibrates like the real aircraft, followed by a passenger announcement. This restaurant is sliced out of a scrapped aircraft named Airbus a320 from Bangalore and remodeled as a restaurant by the restaurant owner, Mukhi.

It is supposedly calculated that the average cost of scrapped aircraft was Rs 1.40 crore. After its purchase, every part of the aircraft was transported to Vadodara to give it a real aircraft model for refining dining and lunch.

Anything Else? 

If you search for unique things to do in Vadodara in Gujarat, bowl over to this airplane-themed restaurant in Vadodara. Fasten your seatbelts for the unique kind of gastronomic journey to fulfill your dream of eating in the air while sitting on the ground. It is the best way to enjoy a romantic lunch, dinner with your sweetheart followed by multi-cuisine food from various countries.

Ready to unlock the feeling of the plane take-off and vibration? You should! Don’t miss a visit to the newly launched airplane-themed restaurants in Gujarat’s Vadodara town. In conclusion, a dinner in such an environment on a shoe-string budget is one of the best things to do in Vadodara in 2021-2022.

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