Best Beaches in Odisha that Give you Wow-factors

Wait! Did you write beaches and Odisha in a single sentence? It seems out of context because the majority of people have a centric thought about Odisha. This thought connects them with spirituality, culture, and cuisine while imagining Odisha. But with 485 kilometers of coastline that stretch along the Bay of Bengal, the Beaches in Odisha have the beauty of sun, sand, and sea. 

From offering the cleanest beach that got the Blue Flag Certification to providing thrilling water sports, beaches in Odisha are an emerging tourist attraction. Odisha Tourism pays more attention to maintenance and offers the best beach experience.

Make your path of the tour circuit in Odisha by discovering these famous beaches of Odisha. You will get into the beauty of beaches and the beauty of beaches will get into you. 

Pick them for your bucket list to make your tour more compelling in a distinct way. Our well-curated list of beaches in Odisha does the work to connect all the beachy vibes with fun elements.

Here are 8 Fascinating Beaches in Odisha that make your trip more appealing.

Puri Beach

Yes! You can set your tunning with beachy vibes at Puri Beach of Odisha in multiple ways. It is connected with the fine coastline of the Bay of Bengal. Whether you want to give your vacation an acceleration of thrill or want a break from the city’s life, this beach is ideally fit for you. 

Puri Beach has a spectrum of reasons to make a vacation vibrant. Soft sand, pristine water, and entertaining activities are elements that help you to build a deep connection with natural beauty. You can have good times with your close ones by indulging in different activities.

From going under the waves of the sea to looking at the golden hue of the sun, You will have the best time in Odisha here. Art, craft, and cultural programs will take your excitement to the next level. 

Location: Puri, Odisha

Reasons to Visit

  • Enjoy a pleasing view with a long walk.
  • Have fun with camel rides and horse rides.
  • Delicious foods.
  • Sand art that reflects creativity.
  • Shopping centre for rich textiles and classical handicrafts.
  • Puri Beach Festival (November)

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Chandipur Beach

You can call it the magician of nature that is located in the Balasore district of Odisha. This beach has unique phenomena and is known as the Vanishing Beach. The sea literally disappears in front of your eyes to reappear rhythmically at regular intervals.

This phenomenon takes place at Chandipur Beach twice a day. There is no shadow of doubt that this beach deserves a place in our list of top beaches in Odisha. You must have enjoyed the game of Hiding and Seek with your friends. Now, it is time to play with this sea that is far and wide known as Hide and Seek Beach of Odisha. 

You can spot a wide variety of sea creatures on this beach, such as red crabs, horseshoe crabs, and small starfish. The lining of this beach has casuarina trees that glorify the beauty and make it more pleasing.

The phenomena of vanishing make it one the most popular beaches of Odisha. However, nothing is more beautiful than witnessing the Sun get down and leaving its golden shade on the surface of the water.  

Location: Balasore District, Odisha

Reasons to visit

  • Vanishing Sea Phenomena
  • Lip-smacking seafoods
  • Chandipur Beach Festival (January/ February) 
  • Sunarpur Chhak for shopping lovers
  • Visit Integrated Test Range of The Indian Army
  • Breathtaking Sunset

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Gopalpur Beach

Possibilities to do fun at Gopalpur Beach of Odisha has a variant that will keep you engaged with excitement. You can enjoy water sports, stroll around the beach, enjoy shopping, and have a great picnic time on Gopalpur Beach. Each thing that this beach offers will take your excitement to the next level.

Windsurfing, paddleboat, and water scooter are some of the best things to do here. Enjoy the old vibes, breathe the fresh and cool air amidst Palms, Coconut, and Casuarina trees. Is it not something that will uplift your mood? We bet you just said yes to yourself and now imagining yourself on this beach.

From getting the dose of adrenaline to giving your soul relaxation, Gopalpur Beach will make your vacation appealing. All the elements of Gopalpur Beach make it one of the best beaches of Odisha that welcome every kind of tourist.

The exciting part of this beach is that you can spend as much time as you want on the beach and peacefully explore the attractions of this beach. But do not forget to observe the view of this beach from the lighthouse. 

Location: Gopalpur, Odisha

Reasons to visit

  • Olive Ridley Turtles
  • Casuarina groves
  • Gopalpur Beach Festival (December)
  • Shopping for handicraft items, stone made souvenirs, and idols of Lord ganesh and Shiva
  • Mouthwatering seafoods
  • Enjoy paddle boat ride
  • Water scooter ride
  • Enjoy Bird watching at Public Park Gopalpur

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Chandrabhaga Beach

Let the cool breeze touch your face while your eyes are catching the sunset view and waves of water touch your feet.  It is Asia’s first beach that has Blue Flag Certification. With that being said, it is literally not possible to make a list of Best beaches of Odisha without including the Chandrabhaga Beach.

Chandrabhaga is located on the Konark coast of Odisha. The Environmentally friendly beach is located a few kilometers from Konark Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This blue flag beach of this country holds mythological importance along with a rich historical background. You can participate in numerous festivals and cultural programs on this beach to enhance your travel experience. It is better to connect with local people to know the fascinating stories and history of this beach. 

Chandrabhaga Beach is considered one of the cleanest beaches of Odisha that allows you to enjoy the long walk with easy-going mode. Annually this beach hosts the International Sand Art Festival from 1st to 5th December. The beach turns into a bed of creativity where you will be amazed throughout your visit. Chandrabhaga Beach gives you loads of memories that you can cherish. But the small shop on this beach allows you to get the beauty of Odisha back to your home in the form of souvenirs. 

Location: Konark, Odisha

Reasons to visit

  • Boating 
  • Konark International Sand Art Festival (1 Dec to 5 Dec)
  • Camel Riding
  • Mythological stories
  • First Beach of Asia to won the Blue Flag Certification by the Foundation of Environmental Education

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Astaranga Beach

Having tasty meals and soaking in the mesmerizing view is the combination that will make your evening more compelling at Astaranga Beach. For beautiful reasons, this beach has become one of the finest beaches in Odisha. The combination of cool winds and sun rays, with clean sands and turquoise water allure you to spend more time here. You can indulge in plenty of fun-packed things to enjoy your time at this beach. Cooking and fishing are the best things to give you a unique experience. 

When it comes to charging or rejuvenating your body, do not forget to give your soul a mode of relaxation on this beach. Having an easy-going walk around the beach and sitting in front of the undulating waves are the best way to give your body relaxation. Each aspect is charming of this beach that makes it one of the top beaches of Odisha

Location: Astaranga, Odisha

Reasons to visit 

  • Jahania Pir shrine
  • Picturesque View of Sunset
  • Enjoy Cooking
  • Try your hands at Fishing 
  • Olive Ridley Turtle Nest

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Aryapalli Beach

If you want to weave memories with the waves of the sea, head to Aryapalli Beach. This beach is located in the Ganjam district and offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with natural charm. The sandy beach, favorable climate, and blue sea grab the attention of tourists throughout the year.

You can enjoy all these elements and add a touch of thrill to your enjoyment. Enjoying surfing and swimming are the two best things to do to get the dose of excitement. Apart from that, you can sunbathe in a pleasant climate on Aryapalli Beach.

After giving your body a splash of clear blue water, you can explore the culture and have tasty foods. The Sand Mineral Project of Aryapalli Project is one of the best attractions here that you should not miss.

You can also uncover the social and traditional aspects while visiting this Odisha beach. Nearby Fisherman Villages give you an insightful experience. You can learn about the lifestyle of local people and know the cultural depth of Odisha. 

Location: Ganjam District, Odisha

Reasons to Visit 

  • Fishing
  • Spectacular Sunset and Sunrise
  • Sand Mineral project
  • Fisher Villages
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming

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RushiKulya Beach

A peaceful atmosphere, chilly winds, natural charm, and tranquility are connected at RushiKulya Beach. You can call it the hidden gem of Odisha that offers the best ways to unwind yourself. This beach does not receive heavy footfalls and is one of the ideal places for solitude lovers. No doubt! It is viewed as one of the best beaches in Odisha to escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life. 

You can witness the blue sea touch the clean sand artistically and run back. Observing this natural phenomenon and listening to the sound of waves is an unmatchable experience. However, the next best thing that your eyes catch here is the hatching of the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles. If you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, you can swim with the waves of the sea on this beautiful beach of Odisha.

Location: Rushikulya River, Odisha

Reasons to Visit 

  • Opportunity to witness the hatching of Olive Ridley Turtles
  • Swimming
  • One of the less-crowded Beaches of Odisha
  • Enjoy photography of oceanic view
  • Witness the newborn turtles come out from eggs at the beach
  • Marvel sunset in the evening 

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Swargadwar Beach

From splashing in the water to enjoying the Oceanic view, you literally feel the heavenly feeling on this Swargadwar Beach. Its literal meaning is the door to heaven and it does justice with its name by offering the best view, beauty in all corners, and holding the religious significance. If you are looking for a picnic spot in Odisha, the decision of visiting this beach will never disappoint you. With all the attractions,it is viewed as the best beach in Odisha for picnics with family. 

The myths are well connected with this beach making it one of the most popular beaches in Odisha. It is believed that you can atone for your sins by dipping in the holy sea water. You can take a bath at this beach at the one of the best spots to bath-Mahamadi. The peaceful and serene aura of this beach has a unique charm that makes it distinct from other beaches of Odisha. You can find here many stalls that are selling handicraft and items.

Location: Swargadwar Rd, Odisha

Reasons to visit 

  • Mahamadi
  • Vibrant Swargadwar Market
  • Proximity with Sri Jagannath Temple
  • Picnic time with your close ones
  • Religious and historical significance
  • Taking a bath in the holy sea
  • Shop for handicraft items from stalls on the beach

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Best Time to Visit Beaches of Odisha

Beaches in Odisha open the gate of opportunity for water activities, sightseeing, fishing, strolling, and sunbathing. However, the ideal time to get the best experience of beaches for any fun and entertainment is the Winter season.

During the winter season, you will get a calm and soothing environment around you. Winter is the best time to visit Beaches of Odisha from every perspective. Imagine that you are sitting on the beach, and a cool breeze that travels to you by riding on the sea will hit your face and touch your soul.

Is it not something that can uplift your mood to the sky? Trust me it is the one. This experience will be more fascinating in winter time because you will be taking Vitamin D and Vitamin SEA at the same time. 


The beaches in Odisha are attractions that bind you to the hidden beauty of Odisha with the thread of fun and adventure. You can set your mood for the beachy vibes with your close ones and redefine the word FUN in your dictionary.

Whether you want to enjoy it with your family, get under the sea blanket of thrill with your friends, or spend some private time with your partner, the above list has the exact match for your preferences.

These beaches are waving for you with their waves to give you a fantastic vacation in Odisha.

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