8 Best Maldives Beaches That Define Vacation Goals!

If escaping the routine and sitting quietly on a beach is your idea of paradise, then Maldives beaches are for you!

Sugary-white sandy beaches meeting crystal-clear turquoise waters is a common sight at every beach in Maldives. The beaches cannot get more pristine than those of this island nation. No matter what your idea of a holiday is, to sit in a hammock reading a book by the beach or diving deep into the deep blue ocean waters to witness rich marine life, the beaches in Maldives will fulfill every activity on your bucket list.

Here are the top beaches in Maldives that will take your breath away

  • Mudhdhoo Beach – Glowing beach of Maldives
  • Bikini Beach –  Among the best budget beaches 
  • Hulhumale Beach – Picturesque sunrise view
  • Cocoa Island Beaches – Spend quality time at private beaches
  • Reethi Beach – Home to majestic Manta Rays
  • Taj Exotica Beach – Blissful beach experience
  • Artificial Beach – Best to see carnivals and cultural shows
  • Fulhadhoo Beach – Enjoy the seclusion amidst nature

Mudhdhoo Beach

Known for its glow-in-dark beach phenomenon

Want to see a million marine creatures emitting light on a shore? Then, come to Mudhdhoo Beach, one of the top beaches in Maldives, known for its interesting phenomenon. Well, if this is not on your bucket list, it should be! And you won’t believe it until you see with your own eyes – the beautiful glowing waters that look straight out of a fairy tale. 

In addition, this is famously called the Maldives ‘glow-in-the-dark’ beach, where a natural phenomenon called “bioluminescence” makes living organisms produce light. As a result, it lights up the shore and looks magical. Just imagine walking here hand-in-hand with your beloved!

That is why, this otherworldly occurrence has grabbed the attention of millions around the world who now visit this Maldives beach at night just to see THAT. 

Bikini Beach

Top choice for price-conscious travelers

“Life is better in a bikini” Heard that before? Running on a beach in your favorite bathing suit is a Bollywood dream of many tourists. Right? If yes, then Bikini Beach Maafushi is your top option. Also, being a conservative country, wearing whatever you want on public beaches in Maldives can be tricky. But, with Bikini Beach, you can enjoy the seclusion and choose any type of clothing.

Budget travelers? Then, Bikini Beach Maldives is a must-visit on your Maldives holiday to save some extra money. Also, take that “insta-perfect” picture with swaying palms, talc-white sands, and crystalline waters in the backdrop looking like a dream.

In addition, witness the vibrant marine creatures while snorkeling, or sit back and enjoy your favorite drink, the choice is yours!

Hulhumale Beach

Home to the bluest waters and the whitest sands

Swim, snorkel, or sunbathe at one of the Maldives best beaches. Stroll on the white sand and witness shallow crystal waters hitting the shore while sipping a refreshing drink. The breathtaking view of blue ocean waters will enthrall you and your loved ones. 

Also, a fascinating thing to know about Hulhumale Beach is that it is protected by a reef around 100 meters in the sea, making it a safe place for swimming. The best part? Seeing the biodiversity – baby sharks, rays, and colorful fishes while moving with the sea.

Furthermore, it is a Muslim area, so bikinis are a NO-NO! Dress appropriately, so you can enjoy your time without getting unwanted stares.

Cocoa Island Beaches

For tourists who love relaxation with luxury

If Eat.Beach.Sleep.Repeat is your mind, and that too with all the luxury amenities, then head to Cocoa Island Beaches. Here, jump on the speed boat from Male Airport to reach this little paradise, which appears smaller than a soccer pitch. Get mesmerized by the uber-luxe Como Cocoa Resort, one of the Maldives’ finest luxury resorts.

Witness the picture-perfect beaches of Cocoa Island and challenge yourself and dive deep into the ocean waters to see the rich biodiversity that lies below. The exciting part is that you can cover one end of the island to the other in 10 minutes on foot!

Infinity pool, fitness center, complimentary yoga, meditation classes, and a variety of Asian-inspired holistic therapies are some added benefits of staying at Como Cocoa.

Reethi Beach

The best beach for the romantics

Feel the love in the air at Reethi Beach. The sugary white sands, the turquoise waters, and the idyllic water villas make Reethi Beach the best beach in Maldives for honeymoon. Here, you can take your partner by the hand and stroll the beautiful shores, making lifetime memories. 

Further, enjoy a lavish stay at Reethi Beach Resort, surrounded by sparkling blue water. This is the epitome of luxury, offering top-notch services to the lovebirds who have come to escape the world and be with each other amidst nature’s beauty. 

So, if you seek private beaches, lavish dining, and roaming at Maldives beaches at night, add Reethi Beach to your Maldives holiday trip.

Taj Exotica Beach

Experience impeccable hospitality

With Taj Exotica Beach, there is not a dull moment on your Maldives vacation! Go for a wildlife-spotting walk and spot the rich flora and fauna which has earned this tropical isle the name “Three Coconut Isle”. In addition, Jump into the azure waters of the Indian Ocean or simply treat your eyes to the picturesque views from your room. 

Further, savor the best from the culinary world with meals prepared from fresh ingredients. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is the definition of luxury that will make your vacation to Maldives bliss.

Also, being pampered by the world-known butlers in private dining near the deep blue ocean is an experience who will say no to?

Artificial Beach

A man-made heaven

Even though it’s man-made, Artificial Beach is a slice of heaven, attracting tourists from around the world. Offering magnificent ocean views and an opportunity to engage in adventure-packed activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, this beach is also a hit among swimmers. 

Boasting pleasant weather all around the year, Artificial Beach offers the best dining experience at myriad cafes and restaurants. Delectable dishes with a breathtaking view? What more do you want!? 

Additionally, if you want more, cultural activities like carnivals and music concerts at the beach will make this Maldives holiday more enjoyable.

Fulhadhoo Beach

Isolation makes it ideal for couples

One of the best beaches in Maldives for couples, Fulhadhoo Beach, will give you all the freedom and seclusion you want. Also, talking heart-to-heart with your sweetheart will be one of the best experiences here. 

Besides, the thinly populated area will make you feel like you are the only people on Fulhadhoo Island Beach. So, make sure to make the most of your time and cuddle up with your loved one to see the beautiful sky as the sun goes down.

So, are you ready to enjoy quality time with your better half away from the city and the bustling tourists?

It is impossible to talk about Maldives without mentioning its beaches. That’s why, the above-mentioned Maldives beaches information will help you clarify your thoughts in choosing the best beach for your holiday. That said, it is crucial to know that out of 1,200 islands, only 200 are inhabited, so if you want complete seclusion, you will have no problem finding one. Whether it is solace you seek or water adventure, the beaches in Maldives promise a memorable time. If you are looking for a holiday outside India, choose Maldives tour packages by Indian Holiday for the perfect beach vacation with family or the special one. 


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