18 Best Places to visit in Mauritius That Promise A Refreshing Vacay

Want a break from monotonous routine and travel? What better way to spend your holiday with a drink in your hand and ocean waves crashing the shore in the front? Right? If you are thinking of visiting Mauritius from India and are confused about what to explore, we’ve got your back! We’ve narrowed down a list of top places to visit in Mauritius that you can pick from as per your interest.

Wherever your head turns, the beauty of this island nation never seems to end! The matchless views, emerald waters, mighty peaks, unspoiled beaches, gushing waterfalls, and rich wildlife are highlights that you can see, feel, and soak in while exporting the best Mauritius tourist places.

Best Places to Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon

Places to Visit in Mauritius for Family

Places to Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a magical time in a couple’s life and Mauritius honeymoon places offer everything that a couple of needs – peace, privacy, and exceptional views. Take a look at these places to visit in Mauritius for a honeymoon that sparks romance.

1. Trou Aux Biches Beach

Watch the sunset, go swimming together, and spend some unforgettable time with your spouse at Trou Aux Biches Beach. It is one of the most gorgeous beaches you’ll come across in Mauritius. Honeymoon couples can spend time indulging in sweet conversations here. And if you are into adventure, Trou Aux Biches Beach is known for snorkeling and swimming.

The scenery of this beach leaves not just honeymooners but every tourist spellbound. The peace you will find at this beach is perfect to spend quality time and create happy memories for a lifetime.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 65 km (approx.)

2. Ile Aux Cerfs

On your Mauritius holidays, visiting Ile Aux Cerfs is a must. Take your beloved to this beautiful island and spend time in the lap of abundant natural beauty. This is one of the privately-owned islands in Mauritius, which is situated near the eastern coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district.

Explore the 87 hectares of Ile Aux Cerfs Island for a great time. The island is endowed with luxuriant vegetation and white sandy beaches. If you are water babies, indulge in snorkeling together for a memorable experience on your honeymoon trip.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 35 km (approx.)

3. Flic En Flac Beach

Flic En Flac Beach is one of the longest beaches in Mauritius and offers eye-catching views of the ocean. Stay in the luxury beach resorts in Flic En Flac with stunning ocean views. Catch the beautiful sunsets while strolling peacefully on the beach, which will spark romance on your honeymoon.

Offering exciting water sport activities is truly one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for couples. You can engage yourselves in these activities or sightseeing tours and dine-in by the beach to savor mouth-watering Mauritian food.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 49 km (approx.)

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4. Chamarel Waterfall

Visit Chamarel Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Mauritius, and spend intimate time with your better half. It falls from a height of 100 meters in the village of Chamarel. The same village has many other beautiful places you can cover like seven colored earth and gorges, which is one of the top places to see in Mauritius.

Formed by the source of three streams, this waterfall will surely take your breath away. Get a chance to run into some monkeys. Beware of them if you do not wish to get robbed by these little muggers.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 46 km (approx.)

5. Le Morne beach

Le Morne is among the best beaches in south Mauritius and offers great opportunities to couples who love water sports. Witness the charm of this beach, which was once used as a shelter by runaway slaves back in the 18th – 19th century.

Besides that, Le Morne Beach is one of the popular places in Mauritius for couples to click pictures on Instagram. Not to mention, this beach was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses endemic species of plants. Le Morne Brabant is known for hiking in Mauritius.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 50 km (approx.)

6. Chamarel’s Seven Colored Earth Park

Your Mauritius travel will not be completed without a visit to Seven Colored Earth Park. Come here to see out of the world views, which will leave you shocked and mesmerized at the same time. You will be spellbound by this creation of God.

This is a stupefying attraction in Mauritius that every type of tourist must visit at least once. Because of the tropical climate, the colors are not very in your face but if you mix them, you will see a huge difference. The most visible colors in this park are red, cyan, black, and purple.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 47 km (approx.)

7. Grand Baie Village

If you wish to explore Mauritius nightlife, Grand Baie Village is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Honeymooners can explore the shopping markets, enjoy the vibrant nightlife, and indulge in exciting water experiences together. Snorkeling and scuba diving are quite famous in Grand Baie because of the miles and miles of endless ocean waters.

Once a barely-known place, Grand Baie has become one of the top honeymoon places in Mauritius. Plus, there is history attached to this place, which makes it more intriguing for history buffs.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 70 km (approx.)

8. Grand Bassin

Include Grand Bassin in your Mauritius places to visit. Start your spiritual journey by visiting this beautiful place on your honeymoon. This lake is considered sacred and is popularly known as Ganga Talao. People believe that the waters of the sacred river Ganga are present here.

Many Hindu tourists visit here to seek blessings and visit temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Durga, Hanuman, and others near the lake. If you want to have a memorable experience, plan Mauritius tours from India during Mahashivratri when this lake is buzzing with pilgrims and tourists.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 25 km (approx.)

9. Black River Gorges National Park

If you want to spend your honeymoon time in wild style, visit Black River Gorges National Park. This is one of the best natural places to visit in Mauritius to witness a variety of flora and fauna. Spot endangered species of birds here gliding through the gentle air in their natural habitat.

This national park is known for hiking and sightseeing and offers breathtaking views of natural surroundings. A day trip can be planned to this national park and listen to birds chirping and river rippling while you stroll amidst nature.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 30 km (approx.)

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Places to Visit in Mauritius for Family

A family vacation brings all the members together and makes their bond stronger. And a trip to Mauritius does exactly that! Spend time with your loved ones at one of the best destinations in the world and explore the Mauritius places to visit that will make happy memories for life. Take a look!

10. Mauritius Botanical Garden

Take your kids to this botanical garden formerly known as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden after the first Prime Minister of the island nation. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Mauritius especially among families with kids.

You can spot 650 varieties of plants, among which some of the popular ones are lilies, palms, Baobabs, sugar canes, etc. Stroll in the botanical garden and let your kids play around. Hire a guide to gain knowledgeable experience about the horticultural wonder of Mauritius.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 56 km (approx.)

11. Casela Nature Park

Explore the rich wildlife of Mauritius at Casela Nature Park. Walk around this nature park and spot the king of the jungle. Watching lions scan their way through the forests is an experience you cannot miss on your family vacation to Mauritius. Remember to not wear bright-colored clothing and wear something that mixes well with nature to not attract animals’ attention.

You can also see a lot of exotic plants and flowers and more than 1500 varieties of birds. Truly, the park has everything that wildlife and nature lovers could ask for.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 44 km (approx.)

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12. Le Caudan Waterfront

If you love shopping, take your family to Le Caudan Waterfront. Go beyond the blue lagoons and beaches of Mauritius and visit this shopping place in this island nation. If you are looking for the best places to go in Mauritius and splurge money, Port Louis is the place you need to visit.

Le Caudan Waterfront is located here and is a commercial shopping and entertainment complex, which provides you with shops, movie theatres, casinos, restaurants, cafes, and other sources of pure entertainment that will keep you and your family members engaged.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 46 km (approx.)

13. Fort Adelaide

Better known by the name of Citadel Fort, it is one of the must-visit family places in Mauritius for a fun time. Built in the 19th century, Fort Adelaide is named after Queen Adelaide and is a piece of cultural heritage in Port Louis.

It is said that the British constructed this port to refrain from any mishap by the left-behind French settlers on the island. Take a ride to this fort to witness the panoramic views of the city of Port Louis. Appreciate the cultural richness of Mauritius and enjoy window shopping at the beautiful boutiques.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 48 km (approx.)

14. Mauritius Aquarium

Make your way to Mauritius Aquarium to witness various species of marine life that are kept in well-lit tanks and pools. Take a stroll around the aquarium to witness sea creatures through a glass like the Crown squirrelfish, the Batfish, butterflyfish, lobsters, crabs, clownfish, and much more. Kids will love the activity of fish feeding which happens from 11 am to 3 pm daily.

You can see Giant Morays sharks and sea turtles, within arms distance. Mauritius Aquarium also houses a ‘Coral Cafe’ and a gift shop, from where you can buy stuff as memoirs.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 62 km (approx.)

15. Mauritius Sugar Museum and Factory

Among the most unique places to visit in Mauritius is Sugar Museum. If you are thinking of giving your kids one of the best experiences of their life, take them to the Sugar Museum. Dating back to the time when sugar was equal to gold, this museum is a great attraction for historians.

The museum displays the 350 old heritage of the sugar adventure the entire nation witnessed. After a 1.5 hour tour, you can indulge in sugar tasting sessions and rum sessions (for adults).

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 77 km (approx.)

16. Alexandra Waterfall Mauritius

Located 700 meters above sea level, refresh yourself at the Alexandra Waterfall located in Black River Gorges National Park. See the water falling over the rough outcrops and click pictures with the fall in the background.

Get exhilarated by the lush green vegetation and the scenic natural beauty of this waterfall in Mauritius, which is one of the top tourist attractions in Mauritius for families. We also suggest that you spend quality time with family at Plaine Champagne and savor yummy Chinese Guava/ Strawberry Guava called ‘goyave de chine’.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 32 km (approx.)

17. Eureka Creole House

Let your kids wonder at the Eureka House, which is a major attraction in Mauritius for history lovers. Located by the river of Moka, it is famous for being one of the biggest houses in Mauritius.

Originally owned by the British and French aristocrats back in the 19th century, Eureka House has rooms decorated with antiquities older than two centuries. It is for sure one of the top places to go in Mauritius with family. You can also get an education and learning experience here, which is always a plus.

  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 39 km (approx.)

18. La Vanille Crocodile Park

Nature lovers, drive to La Vanille Crocodile Park. Kids will fall in love with this place as there is so much to see and do. From a variety of animal species to an amazing collection of bright-colored insects, there are many species to spot at this crocodile park. This nature reserve is among the best Mauritius places to see for kids.

Turtles, bats, and skins are other animals found here and you can watch them with utmost safety. Pamper your taste buds with delectable Mauritian food at ‘Hungry Crocodile Restaurant’ and let children engage themselves in fun activities at ‘Jungle Adventure Playground’.

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  • Distance from Mauritius Airport: 20 km (approx.)

Excited to explore the best places to visit in Mauritius now? Whether you are with your sweetheart, family, or friends, these are the best Mauritius tourist places you can add to your Mauritius tours from India and enjoy a memorable and unique sightseeing experience.

Travel to Mauritius from India with Indian Holiday to get a smooth and hassle-free sightseeing tour and spend quality time with your loved ones while exploring the top tourist attractions in Mauritius for an unforgettable holiday. So, which place will you see first?

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