Best Places to Visit in Nagaland in April

Nagaland, in northeast India, is a popular vacation destination offering a wide range of sightseeing and recreational activities. A trip to Nagaland is a must for those who love to explore the picturesque natural beauty.

April is the perfect time to visit Nagaland, as it marks the beginning of spring. The weather is pleasantly mild and ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. There are several quaint areas in Nagaland where one can spend leisurely time with friends and family.  Whether you are an adventurer, nature lover, family traveler, or planning a honeymoon, this state has something for everyone.

Are you interested in visiting Nagaland? Here are some of the best places to visit in Nagaland in April that will make your trip memorable. Visiting Northeast India will provide you with an unforgettable experience that will connect you to the heart of the country.

List of the Top Places to Visit in Nagaland in April

  1. Kohima

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, tops our list of the best places to visit in Nagaland in April. The city is steeped in history, particularly because of its role in the Battle of Kohima during World War II. Visitors can explore the Kohima War Cemetery, the State Museum, and the lively local market.

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April is an excellent month to trek and explore the picturesque landscapes surrounding Kohima. The lush greenery and seasonal flowers of the Dzukou Valley are particularly enchanting this time of year. When compared with peak season, there are fewer tourists in Kohima during April, making it easier for visitors to explore the city’s attractions.

Most Popular Attractions: Kohima Zoo, Naga Heritage Village, Kisama Heritage Village, Dzukou Valley, Japfu Peak, Khonoma Village

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  1. Dimapur

Dimapur in Nagaland offers many attractions that will attract your attention. The region is inhabited by different Naga communities, each with its own unique customs, dialects, and celebrations.

You can learn more about Naga heritage by wandering through the nearby bazaars and speaking with the warm-hearted residents. Kachari Ruins, Triple Falls, Nagaland Science Centre, Hong Kong market, and the Nagaland zoological park are all worth visiting.

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In Dimapur, you can find a wide variety of intricately woven shawls, bamboo products, pottery, and exquisite jewelry made by the Naga people. To bring back home as a cherished reminder of their trip, tourists can purchase unique souvenirs.

There’s always something happening in Dimapur during April, from colorful tribal festivals to religious celebrations at temples and churches.

Whenever you plan your trip to Nagaland in April, make sure you include this destination on your list of the best places to see.

Most Popular Attractions: Kachari Ruins, Nagaland Science Centre, Triple Falls, Rangapahar Reserve Forest

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  1. Mokokchung

Mokokchung is the next spot on our list of the best places to visit in Nagaland in April. It is nestled among lush hills and offers a serene escape with a touch of cultural richness. It is the cultural epicenter of the Ao Naga tribe, one of the prominent Naga tribes in Nagaland.

Witness traditional Naga ceremonies and festivals such as Moatsu and Tsungremong, and explore the intricate handicrafts and vibrant attire of the Ao.

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Stroll through the town to see the handicrafts and markets of Ao Naga. Don’t forget to visit the Ungma Village, a must-see place due to its historical significance and scenic beauty.

Nature enthusiasts can hike to Longkhum, enjoy panoramic views, or trek to the mesmerizing Dikhu Valley. Visit the District Museum to learn about the region’s fascinating history and heritage. Impur Christian Institute, an educational institution founded during British colonialism, is another noteworthy attraction to check out.

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Most Popular Attractions: Longkhum Village, Changtongya Village, Mokokchung Village, Ungma Village, Mokokchung District Museum, Molung Village, Chuchuyimlang Village

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  1. Phek

Phek offers a wide range of attractions, making it a great place to visit during a Nagaland tour. The majestic beauty of the lake, rivers, and water bodies here is truly mesmerizing.

Phek is also home to a heritage village called Khezhakeno. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, including trekking, hiking, and birdwatching.

In Phek, April is a month of spring when the weather is usually pleasant, with mild temperatures. This makes it an ideal time for outdoor activities such as trekking, bird watching, or simply exploring the natural beauty of the region.

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Further, April is a culturally active month in Phek, with festivals, local events, and traditional celebrations offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Moreover, April tends to be quieter and less crowded than peak seasons, which makes for a more relaxing, authentic vacation.

Most Popular Attractions: Dzudu Lake, The Famous Mt. Saramati, Khezakeno, Meluri, Phek Village, Chizami

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  1. Wokha

Upon reaching Wokha, you are immediately greeted by the beautiful mountains and lush green scenery. It is filled with colorful flowers, fresh fruits, and free-flowing rivers that are truly enchanting.

The view around is adorned with lush hills, cascading waterfalls, and flowing streams, creating an awe-inspiring and picturesque backdrop. The Lotha tribe primarily controls it. You can enjoy the traditional Lothas dance here, which represents the rich cultural heritage of the region.

If you are interested in natural beauty or traditional culture, this destination is a must-visit among the best places to go in Nagaland during April.

Most Popular Attractions: Mount Tiyi, Doyang River, Riphyim Ki, Doyang Hydroelectric Project, Doyang Dam, Doyang Bridge, Wokha Village

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  1. Dzukou Valley

Dzukou Valley in Nagaland, also known as the Valley of Flowers, is a perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. A moderate trek to the valley offers panoramic views and the opportunity to immerse oneself in nature’s tranquility. It is also a perfect destination for bird lovers as it offers a haven of avian diversity.

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Various bird species live in the valley, from colorful songbirds to majestic raptors. Spending a night camping in Dzukou Valley is a relaxing way to experience the tranquility of the surrounding area.

Most Popular Attractions: Japfu Peak, Dzukou Lily Sanctuary, Japfu Peak Trek, Viswema Village, Dzukou Valley Viewpoint, Dzukou Valley Campsite

Final Words

Now that you know the best places to visit in Nagaland in April, you can plan your trip easily. We offer a variety of Nagaland travel packages that can make your trip more enjoyable.

These packages include transportation, accommodation, meals, and other amenities. You can also customize these packages as per your preferences to make your travel experience even better.

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