9 Best Places to Visit near Delhi with family

Delhi being the national capital is considered and often referred to as a gem of the country. We have often heard that there are several best places to visit near Delhi with family, friends, your partner, and even alone. Delhi is not just known for this but for its completely different lifestyle and also for a lot of other reasons.

Delhi has an ideal location when it comes to traveling to different cities in India. There are many weekend getaway destinations around the city and several spots to soothe the vacationers. Its proximity to the majestic North-Indian states, culturally rich Rajasthan, direct connection via flights to the North-Eastern states of India makes it a wonderful place. But these are just the starters of why Delhi is a hub of travelers.

There are several captivating, interesting, and engaging tourist places around Delhi keeping all sorts of travelers engaged. Over the past decades, Delhi has not only become a center of attraction for the people but the residents of the state have found a lot of nearby amusements as well. From offbeat destinations to popular ones, from weekend getaway spots to a vacation destination; one can find a lot of famous places to visit near Delhi with Family.

Now Delhi has always been signified as a city that never sleeps. It is a place that has a different rhyme, music, lifestyle, and every other thing. But the vibrant city has become crowded and hectic to live in over the past few years. No wonder why people seek weekend getaway destinations from Delhi too often. People take a road trip from Delhi with family or take a train or flight to their destination but what’s certain is Delhiites hunt to find some peaceful and colorful place for some time. So, if you too are looking for a destination from Delhi where you can enjoy and have quality time with your family then here is a list of places where you can head to. This is a complete mix package where you can either simply head out on a road trip or take a public conveyance.

Here are the most famous places to visit near Delhi for family.


It is really difficult to pick a place that suits everyone in a family. But one place near Delhi that offers almost everything is the “Yoga capital of the world- Rishikesh.” Surrounded by hills, greenery all over, serenity, and nature’s beauty at its best. This is the best description of Rishikesh. With all the important elements included, Rishikesh is one of the best go-to destinations from Delhi with family in summer. Situated in Uttarakhand, this place is thronged by devotees all year long. It is a happening destination that soothes all kinds of travelers because it has a lot of pilgrim spots, an abundance of natural beauty, and multiple adventurous sports to enjoy.

Best things to do in Rishikesh: Adventure activities such as bungee jumping, water rafting, hiking, and trekking, visiting the Beatles Ashram, enjoying the Ganga Aarti, visiting temples, and much more.

Distance between Delhi and Rishikesh: 260 km

Time Taken to reach: 6 hours (Approximately)

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Though Jaipur is traveled by almost everyone but majorly people who love to see the cultural heritages and forts visit here over and over again. Jaipur is a comparatively peaceful and greener city than Delhi which is why a lot of people visit Jaipur from Delhi with their families and friends. Known for its pristine parks, humongous and boastful forts, scrumptious cuisines, and colorful local markets.

Jaipur which is also known as the “pink city of India” is a beautiful place to spend some time with your family in winter. There are a lot of top-notch attractions in the pink city that keep tourists engaged. While you try out the Rajasthani Thali, do not miss out on the popular “Daal-Baati-Choorma.” All these ingredients make Jaipur as the best place for a family trip.

Places to in Jaipur with Family: Visit the forts, Hawa Mahal, local shops, Chokhi Dhani, Albert museum, and Birla Temple. 

Distance between Delhi and Jaipur: 280 km

Time Taken: 5:30 hours (approximately)

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If you are planning on a trip to Auli from Delhi with family during winters then Auli can be your ideal spot to choose. Being one of the most active destinations to host people from around the country; Auli is also called the “ski capital of India.” Auli is a two-faced city located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand because of its offerings in summers and winters. Auli is situated at an elevation of 3050 m. Even though the temperature goes below 0-degrees in winters you will still see adventure enthusiasts from Delhi and other parts of the country coming here to enjoy a peaceful time here. 

One of the prime and ideal destinations to visit from Delhi with family; Auli also offers snow-related activities in winters and a plethora of natural beauty during the summers. Right from enjoying the journey to the places where you visit, Auli is a complete package.

Best things to do in Auli : Hiking, trekking, snow-sports, enjoying the peaceful environment, ropeway ride, camping, visiting temples, and enjoying the place.

Distance between Delhi and Auli: 395 km

Time Taken: 10 hours (Approximately)

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One of the best pilgrim spots where Delhiites love visiting is Mathura. It is one of the best places near Delhi within 200 Km and can be visited with family. Mathura is popular because it is known to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Apart from the distance, there are several other factors that steer people from Delhi to visit Mathura. Usually, people love to spend a complete weekend here visiting different temples, enjoying aarti at these temples, and much more. There are several other places near Mathura like Gokul and Vrindavan

Being the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura attracts a lot of people every year and one of the prime locations of this place is the Mathura Jail. Therefore if you wish to visit a great pilgrim destination near Delhi with family, Mathura is a great spot for you. One can plan a weeklong trip to Mathura with their family. The best part of Mathura and nearby places is that they are close to Delhi and one can enjoy a road trip from Delhi to Mathura Vrindavan. Therefore you can easily take a one day trip near Delhi with family.

Best things to do in Mathura: Visiting several temples, Mathura Jail, Nidhi Van, Vishram Ghat, Kusum Sarovar, Jama Masjid.

Distance between Delhi and Mathura: 183 km 

Time Taken: 3 hours (approximately)


Delhi being a high-profiled city has a great but busy life. People have to follow a tight and strict schedule which can be a bit boring and energy-draining as well. But Delhi is blessed with serene and beautiful places like Bharatpur at close proximity that keeps the balance between the beauty and peaceful environment so that people visiting here can enjoy their time If you want to plan a trip Bharatpur with your family from Delhi to a nearby place that is rejuvenating for your body; then Bharatpur can be an ideal destination for you. 

Bharatpur is a part of Keoladeo Ghana National Park which is also a good bird sanctuary. People from different parts of India visit here to enjoy their time. From taking a safari amidst the park to enjoying bird watching; there are several soothing as well as adrenaline-rushing activities to do in Bharatpur. You can find several species of birds amongst which there are several migratory birds and some rare species as well. So, enjoy a rejuvenating trip from Delhi to Bharatpur.

Best things to do in Bharatpur: Safari, bird watching, spending some quiet time, enjoying at the village, shopping

Distance between Delhi and Bharatpur: 220 km

Time Taken: 4 hours (approximately)


Uttarakhand is one of the best states of India housing numerous beautiful destinations for travelers. One of the best places to visit near Delhi with in 300 km is Nainital and several people every year take a week-long trip to this place. Mostly, this place is popular as a honeymoon destination but that has never stopped explorers from landing their feet in this hill station. Nainital serves as the right place for solo travelers and this is the reason why people have always wanted to visit here with family. Usually, during the new year, you will find several families visiting Nainital from Delhi and other parts of India.

One of the main reasons why they choose Nainital is the diverse flora and fauna, beautiful lakes, high mountains, and breathtaking spots throughout the city to enjoy at. Nainital is definitely an ideal places to visit near Delhi with family and friends. 

Best things to do in Nainital: Visiting Kainchi Dham, enjoying the beauty of Nainital, gazing at the beautiful snow-clad Himalayas, enjoying boating at the Naini Lake, Sunrise from Tiffin Top, enjoying the cable car ride. It is also known as one of the best places to visit near Delhi with family for summer vacations.

Distance between Delhi and Nainital: 315 km

Time Taken: 6 hours (approximately)

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Another active hill station near Delhi is Mussoorie. If you wish to visit someplace for a weekend getaway near Delhi, make sure that this hill station is ideal for that. You can visit here whenever you want and it will serve you in the best way. Popularly known as “Queens of Hills”- Mussoorie is a widely chosen destination for people from Delhi.

If you wish to go out for a weekend trip with family from Delhi then this can be your next destination. Mussoorie serves a huge crowd during summers and a considerable number of people during winters. The climate here throughout the year is favorable for travelers. People love to enjoy their time at this hill station and explorers enjoy exploring. There are several places to visit here in this hill station and with diverse places, every family member finds something enjoyable here. It is the perfect hill station near Delhi within 300km for a family holiday.

Best things to do in Mussoorie: Enjoy the cuisines, visit the Mall Road, visit George Hill, relax at the roadside dome, enjoy the panoramic view of the Himalayas, spend some quality time with family.

Distance between Delhi and Mussoorie: 310 km

Time Taken: 6 hours (approximately)

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There are multiple places around Delhi when it comes to going on a trip with family. One such petite and quaint destination near Delhi for family vacationers is Lansdowne. Situated in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, this place has a plethora of things to offer. Right from beautiful and breathtaking spots to a quaint environment for relaxing. 

Lansdowne is a top-notch destination for Delhiites because it helps them get off their busy schedule and enjoy their time with their family. Situated at an altitude of 1706 m above sea level, Lansdowne is also a clean and “close to nature” destination. So you can plan a trip to Lansdowne with the family to this place and enjoy your heart out. What makes things even better is the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve; which attracts wildlife lovers from Delhi.

Best things to do in Lansdowne: Enjoy boating, visiting various temples, hiking, trekking, and visiting the war museum. 

Distance between Delhi and Lansdowne: 277 km

Time Taken: 6 hours (approximately)


There are some commercialized hill stations around Delhi but some people do wish to visit places that are less commercialized and more offbeat. So if you too are on the hunt for such a place around Delhi for a weekend getaway with family then Pangot can serve you right. Compared to the other destinations, Pangot is a bit quieter and a bit more pristine place. It serves as an offbeat destination near Delhi for people on a romantic trip. It is one of the best places within 350 km of the capital city of India. It is close to the hill station of Nainital but way less crowded. 

The green vegetation all around the place fills the hearts of nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts do have a lot of trekking trails to enjoy at. Even from Pangot, you can easily reach the popular and important temples of India, Kainchi Dham. 

Best things to do in Pangot: visit lover’s point, offer prayers at Kainchi Dham, visit Himalayan botanical Garden, enjoy bird watching activity, short treks, and visit eco cave garden.

Distance between Delhi and Pangot: 335 km

Time Taken: 7:30 hours


Every traveler is always on the hunt for places that will give them a break from all the boredom and monotony of life. It is true that Delhi is one of the best places to work and live in due to the availability of every needful item. But what makes things even better is its closeness to wonderful places in India. All you need to do is pack your bags and go out to enjoy yourself. The above-listed 9 destinations are such places to visit near Delhi with family and where you get to spend some time with your family and rejuvenate. So, pick your destination and start your journey from Delhi with your family to the apt destination.

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