10 Best Places to Visit near Hampi with Family to Delve into Southern Beauty

A vacation with your beloved family is all about weaving sweet and unforgettable memories with the thread of love and fun. But choosing the family destination that befits everyone could be a daunting task for you.

Fret not because an iconic city Hampi is surrounded by beautiful family destinations to enjoy a fruitful vacation. Being an ancient city of Karnataka, Hampi is encircled by different forms of beauty that are must-visit destinations for a family vacation. From enjoying a family trip on a hill station to relishing the beauty of nature together, each destination is tremendously exciting and captivating in our list of places to visit near Hampi with family.

Enjoy a vacation with your family to flourish the relations and get in return a load of cherishable memories and awe-striking experiences. Sounds like a win-win situation right? Yes it is. Because a trip along with your close one is one of the finest ways to beat the burnout of your life.

You can fill your holiday album with the color of entertainment, spiritual ambiance, peaceful vibes, ancient charm, chilly vibes, and thrill. You must be thinking how? Get the answer to this question with the following list and we bet you will entice with each destination. So, Let’s jump into the list of best family destinations near Hampi.

List of best places to visit near Hampi with Family

1. Badami, Aihole, and Pattadakal: Charismatic blend of rustic beauty

Red stone architecture, rocky cliffs, dusty roads, and barren topography are elements of the unbelievable surroundings of Badami, Aihole, and Pattadakal. These three sites are designated UNESCO Heritage sites that keep an incredible background of history.

There is no shadow of a doubt that it is one of the best places to visit near Hampi with family. You can explore striking century-old temples, tremendous caves, and historical forts in Badami. But Chalukyan wrecks and ruins are some elements that will surprise you.

Next, you can visit Aihole and make your visit interesting as you will witness the out-of-the-world historical connotation. This place is renowned as the Cradle of Hindu rock architecture, and it is proof of its significance on the pages of history.

Last and one of the best sites, Pattadakal has to make its charming identity because of its uniquely designed temples that offer jaw-dropping beauty. These three places share proximity and are counted as one of the must-visit places near Hampi.

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For fun-loving experiences: Badami Fort, Buddha rock-cut Caves, and Bhootnath Temple are eye-catching attractions of Badami. Aihole is admired for its Durga Temple, Lad Khan Temple, Archeological Temple, and Huchimalli Temple. Virupaksha & Papanatha Temple and Galaganatha Shrine are crowd-pullers of Pattadakal.

  • Distance from Hampi: 140 km (approx)
  • Best time to plan a visit: July to March
  • Nearby Railway Station: Hubli Railway Station is the nearest railway station of these three sites, which is around 100 km away.
  • Nearby Airport: Belgaum Airport is the closest airport and is located at a distance of 190 km.

2. Chitradurga Fort: Picturesque fort that defines art and history

Admire the connection of captivating history and immense archeological significance at Chitradurga fort. This fort offers an alluring combination of stunning views, calmness, and a soothing environment with a delightful touch of incredible past. This majestic fort is spread over 1500 acres on a cluster of hills.

You can break the monotony and hustle-bustle of city life by visiting one of the famous family tourist spots near Hampi. You will discover that this fort is decorated with various inscriptions of the Chalukyas, Hoysalas, and Vijayanagara Kings. This tower has around 2000 watchtowers that add a layer of glory to its architecture.

For fun-loving experiences: Vani Vilas Sagar Dam, Hidimbeshwar Temple, Kugo Bande, Ankali Mutt, and Shouting Rock are some of the best places to visit besides this fort.

  • Distance from Hampi: 141 Km (approx)
  • Best time to plan a visit: October to March
  • Nearby Railway Station: The nearest Railway station is Chitradurga Railway Station, which is around 3 km from this fort
  • Nearby Airport: The closest airport from this fort is Bengaluru International Airport, which is at a distance of 197 km from this fort.

3. Dandeli: A land of adventurous nirvana

Be ready to enjoy a family vacation at an adventure hub of Karnataka. Dandeli is a small town that rests on the bank of the Kali river. It is one of the perfect weekend getaways near Hampi with family, where you can unwind amidst the natural beauty. Deciduous forests and thrilling wildlife habitat make this hilly scenic train an ideal vacation spot for the family.

This place is a treat for nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, and the one who wants to touch the relaxation through his soul. Undoubtedly, Dandeli is a wholesome package for a family vacation as it is widely famous for adventure sports, night camping, boating, and angling in the Kali River. The ecstatic beauty and wildlife of this place offer you a great time.

For fun-loving experiences: There are many attractions here that keep you entertained. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Shiroli Park, and Kavala caves store interesting experiences for you. Plunge into kayaking and whitewater rafting in River Kali.

  • Distance from Hampi: 236 km
  • Best time to plan a visit: October to May
  • Nearby Railway Station: The closest railway station is Alnavar Junction, which is situated around 23 km away from Dandeli.
  • Nearby Airport: The nearest airport Hubli Airport is at a distance of around 64 km from Dandeli.

4. Shimoga: Discover the charm of beauty

The eternal beauty and charm of the hill are waiting for you in the cultural capital of Karnataka. It is a vibrant place that is enriched with fertile land, beautiful waterfalls, and lush green forests. All these elements make it one of the beautiful tourist destinations near Hampi for family vacation.

The verdant greenery and serene environment that is spread in the air of Shimoga will instantly win your heart. The connection between your eyes and beauty becomes stronger and leaves its insatiable mark on your memories. Captivating beauty is something else in Shimoga because, River Sharavathi, River Varada, River Kumadvathi, and River Tungabhadra have carved out charming river valleys.

This place has historical significance as Kadambas, Gangas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, and Vijayanagar Kings reigned in this region. You may get numerous reasons to give this destination a place on your bucket list.

For fun-loving experiences: You can visit Tyavarekoppa, Shivappa Nayaka Summer Palace, Kote Seeta-Rama Temple, and Sacred Heart Cathedral. Apart from it, enjoying Lion Safari is one of the best things to do in Shimoga. Experience bathing and attend professional training sessions of elephants at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp.

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  • Distance from Hampi: 242 km
  • Best time to plan a visit: October to March
  • Nearby railway station: The city has Shimoga Nagar Railway Station, which is located around 3 km from the city.
  • Nearby airport: Shimoga Domestic airport is just 10 km away from the city, which is connected with cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Whereas, the nearby international airport is Mangalore Airport that is situated around 195 km from the city.

5. Jog Falls: Where wow factor reflects from your face

Wow-expression on your face, a different kind of calmness in your heart, and unbelievable moments are some factors that come in a single visit to Jog Falls. The majesty of nature that spreads through this waterfall is matchless, which makes it one of the most spectacular waterfalls all over Asia.

It is the second-highest waterfall in India, and its beauty is top-class. Among the most beautiful waterfalls near Hampi, Jog Falls also known as Gerusoppa Falls, Gersoppa Falls, and Jogada Gundi. This captivating waterfall is formed by the Sharavathi River falling from the height of 830 ft.

There are four segments of this waterfall namely Raja, Rocket, Rani, and Roarer. Witnessing the natural beauty and setting around this waterfall with gushing water sounds is something out of this world.

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For fun-loving experiences: Many beautiful elements add an extra layer of fun, like Linganamakki Dam across Sharavathi River, Tunga Anicut Dam, and Thavare Koppa. Lion & Tiger Reserve are some of the most appealing tourist destinations nearby.

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  • Distance from Hampi: 292 Km
  • Best time to visit: July to September
  • Nearby railway: Sagar Station is the point where you need to stop to visit Jog Falls, which is around 28 km from this charming destination
  • Nearby airport: The closest airport from Jog Falls is Hubli Airport that is located at a distance of 133 km.

6. Chikmagalur: Peaceful atmosphere with coffee aroma

Dense green trees set against the backdrop of majestic Mullayanagiri ranges, and the aroma of the coffee, make Chikmagalur one of the ideal places for a family vacation near Hampi. This idyllic hill station of Karnataka stands at an elevation of 3,400 ft, covered with mesmerizing tea and coffee plantations.

The scenic beauty and aroma of coffee will allure you to pack your bag to add this experience to your life. It is like heaven for coffee lovers as Chikmagalur is the largest producer of coffee in Karnataka.

Apart from the coffee, its tranquil nature, verdant green forests, and the striking Yagachi River will grab your attention. From enjoying the trekking trails to feeling the surrounding by a nature walk, this hill station makes a place in your heart. In simple words, Chikmagalur is an ideal place that offers fun, thrill, natural charm, and peaceful vibes. And each thing perfectly suits your family trip for different ages of tourists.

For a fun-loving experience: You can make a connection with fun in so many ways. Stroll in Mahatma Gandhi Park, explore Coffee Museum, and visit Mullayana Giri, Kudurekha Jamly. These are some of the best ways to enjoy your vacation in Chikmagalur.

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  • Distance from Hampi: 295 km
  • Best time to plan a visit: September to May
  • Nearby railway station: The nearest railway station is Chikmagalur railway station.
  • Nearby airport: The closest airport from Chikmagalur is Mangalore International Airport.

7. Bangalore: Land of Diversity

Enjoy a different tour in a single trip to Bangalore with family as it is full of wildlife, nature, ruins, museums, architectural wonders, and gardens. Bangalore is a complete family-friendly destination near Hampi that offers a diverse range of entertainment for every age of the group.

Bangalore receives footfalls throughout the year as it experiences pleasant weather all the time. From its cosmopolitan ambiance to its vibrant culture, you will never get any dull moments throughout your journey. No wonder! It is one of the top-places to visit with family near Hampi.

There are many luxurious villas in Bangalore that make your vacation memorable with additional comfort. This capital city of Karnataka is also an IT hub of the country and home to ISRO headquarter.

It is one of the most happening cities in southern India that never disappoint anyone. Each corner of this city has something special for you. Whether you want to relive history, enjoy technology, live the vibrant nightlife, or get close to nature.

For fun-loving experiences: Bangalore offers many tourist destinations to change your monotonous week into an entertaining week. The main attractions of Bangalore include Bangalore Palace, Lalbagh Glass Place, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. Apart from it, you can explore Butterfly Park of Bannerghatta Biological Park, WonderLa Amusement Park, ISKCON temple, and Aerospace.

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  • Distance from Hampi: 340 km
  • Best time to plan a visit: October to February
  • Nearby railway station: This city has its railway station, Bangalore City Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Bengaluru International Airport is an airport in Bangalore.

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8. Udupi: For a sacred family vacation

Enjoying the spiritual ambiance on your family vacation is one of the things that you may be looking at on the list. While talking about spirituality, Udupi is one of the holy destinations to visit near Hampi with family, and its heavenly, flourishing, and blissful vibes prove it.

Being located amidst the misty Western Ghats and the pristine Arabian Sea, Udupi experiences pleasurable weather. This city is also known as Odipu in the local language and is widely popular for its picturesque temples, striking architecture, wood artifacts, and eye-catching beaches.

Besides that, many other unique attractions keep you in a jubilant mode throughout your sacred tour in Udupi with family. You can witness stone carving, visit Yakshagana – the theatre art genre and taste local cuisine, including Saaru, Koddelu, Huli, Tambuli, Kosambari, Bajji, and such.

For fun-loving experiences: There are many ways to enjoy your vacation with your family here. You can get blessings from the temples of Udupi, rejuvenate yourself at Malpe Beach, and stroll at St. Mary’s Islands. Ambalpady and Shiriyara are some of the major attractions of Udupi.

  • Distance from Hampi: 345 km
  • Best time to plan a visit: December to February
  • Nearby railway station: This city has its railway station in the name of Udupi Railway Station
  • Nearby Airport: The nearest airport from Udupi is Bajpe airport of Mangalore, which is just 48 km far from the city.

9. Nandi Hills: The picture-perfect hill station

The list of places to visit near Hampi for Family vacation seems incomplete without Nandi Hills. It is one of the best hill stations in Karnataka that offer delightful beauty to its tourists. With an elevation of 4894 ft, Nandi Hills offers a breathtaking view that is a feast for your eyes and soothes your mind.

Its jaw-dropping backdrops, serene Lake, marvelous forts, and beautiful ancient temples make it a picture-perfect weekend getaway for a family. Many reasons make it an ultimate family-friendly destination, like its historical significance, spiritual aura, thrilling activities, and relaxing atmosphere. Witnessing the sunrise from its hilltop amidst cloud, fog, and misty weather will surely hold a special place in your heart.

For fun-loving experiences: You can explore the Nandi Hills from different angles. From its ancient temples to museums that store the charm of history, everything is captivating. Nandi Temple, century-old Lord Shiva Temple, and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple are some of the major attractions of Nandi Hill.

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  • Distance from Hampi: 346 km
  • Best time to plan a visit: September to February
  • Nearby railway station: The closest railway station is Chikkaballapur Railway Station that is around 19 km from Nandi Hill.
  • Nearby airport: The closest airport is Bengaluru International Airport, and you can reach here from the airport with just a few hours of drive.

10. Sakleshpur: Home to the amazement

One of the Jewels of a Western ghat in Karnataka, Sakleshpur has a unique charm and pleasant climate that attracts tourists throughout the year. You can please your eyes by exploring the tourist attractions of Sakleshpur along with the gifts of nature.

You can explore coffee, tea, and spice plantations with your close ones. There are many beautiful places to visit in Sakleshpur, and each attraction gives a unique experience. No wonder! It is a true example of diverse beauty that offers different shades of beauty.

For a fun-loving experience: You can weave everlasting memories with your close one in Sakleshpur by visiting the temples of Halebid and Belur. Eshwara Temple, Sakleshwara Temple are some of the must-visit attractions. Apart from getting a blessing, you can peek into the history at Manjarabad Fort. Feel the nature with Agni Gudda Hill, Manjehalli Waterfalls, Bisle View Point, Pandavar Gudda, and Hadlu Waterfall.

  • Distance from Hampi: 341 km
  • Best time to plan a visit: Throughout the year
  • Nearby railway station: Sakleshpur has its own railways station on its name-Sakleshpur Railway Station
  • Nearby airport: Mangalore Airport is the nearest one that is around 98 km far away from Sakleshpur.

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Create everlasting memories with your close ones by visiting these family destinations near Hampi. These places allow you to take a fun break to look at life from a different perspective with your family. All the above destinations are worth visiting; you can choose any of them and feel rejuvenated.

Each destination offers many dimensions that will uplift your mood in fascinating ways. So, choose your destination from this list, and let the fun, adventure, and entertainment be part of your journey. If you’re also interested in exploring Hampi, you should know the best time to visit Hampi, since it has a hot climate.

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