8 Best Places to Visit near Mumbai within 50 km

Get a better outlook on life with the places to visit near Mumbai within 50 km. Yes! You read it right. You can enjoy an ideal vacation near Mumbai by covering short distances. And you will have a lot of ways to re-energize your mind and body.

Whether you are an ardent nature lover, looking to give your life a kick of thrill, or your soul desires a peaceful vacation, the list of tourist places near Mumbai within 50-100 km has it all.

You can get a blend of mindfulness and thrill with these places around Mumbai. From Popular Hill stations to offbeat hotspots, you will step out from your hectic life schedule. Each place has an enthralling charm that gives you the perfect weekend vacation. Look at these nearest Weekend Getaways from Mumbai within 50 and 100 Km.

The List of Places to Visit from Mumbai within and Above 50 Km

Places to Visit Near Mumbai within 50 km

Places to Visit Near Mumbai above 50 km

Here is the list of Top Places to Visit Near Mumbai within 50 km

1. Arnala Fort – Witness the Legendary History with Majestic Fort

Offering spectacular views of the surrounding land and ocean, Arnala Fort is one of the best places near Mumbai within 50km. It is also known as the Jaldurg or Janjire-Arnala and is situated around 8 miles north of Vasai.

This majestic fort is well known for its calmness and awe-striking view that you can get from there. But, besides that, this fort is well renowned for its historical and cultural significance. When you stroll into the fort, you will witness the mark of history on the long boundary wall.

There are many things to explore in these fort-like storerooms and houses that will take you to the past. The way to reach this fort is as exciting as its beauty. You can mark your presence there with one short trek of around 12 km that offers mesmerizing vistas of the surroundings.

Distance from Mumbai- 46 km (approx.)

Reasons to visit Arnala Fort

  • Octagonal Water Reservoir-One of the main attractions of Arnala Fort
  • Temples- Feel the spiritual aura around you
  • Main Entrance- Let your face reflect the wow-factor
  • Ramparts and Walls- Admire the architecture of the ancient time
  • Southern WatchTower- A bonus attraction Nearby the Fort at a distance of 550m

2. Manori Beach – Cath Beachy Vibes at Mini Goa of Mumbai

The charming stretch of sand, waves of blue water, and the touch of the peaceful atmosphere make it one of the best picnic spots near Mumbai within 50 km. Dotted with striking churches, temples, and layers of vibrant culture and religion gave, this beach is the title of Mini Goa in Mumbai.

The attractions and beauty of this beach will snatch your worries and stress. And one of the best ways to distress yourself here is being connected with nature. The setting of cashew nut trees, greenery, and rocky hillocks is a treat for your eyes. And also let you connect with nature. Evening at Manori Beach is more captivating when the sun melts its golden rays in the blue waters.

Distance from Mumbai- 49 km (approx)

Reasons to Visit Manori beach

  • You can enjoy the Barbeque and delve into the beauty of the starry night.
  • Enhance the traveling experience by visiting nearby attractions, like Essel World and Gorai Beach.
  • The beautiful Resorts of this Beach is adding comfort to your vacation.
  • Enjoy cycling and explore the nearby areas in an exciting way.

3. Panvel – Connect with Nature Like Never Before

Jaldi Bol Kal Subha Panvel Nikalana Hai! You must have heard this famous dialogue! But its beauty is the thing that can entice you to pack your bag for this destination. It is one of the best places around Mumbai within 50 km that offers tremendous beauty to relax your mind and body.

A miniature trip to Panvel from Mumbai is about revitalizing yourself by unwinding in the lap of nature. For bird watchers and ardent history lovers, Panvel is a piece of paradise that offers everything that their hearts desire.

The list of Panvel beauty is still on because the lush greenery and forest hold of this beautiful destination can captivate anyone. You will be amazed at each element that this unassuming place throws you.

Reasons to visit Panvel

  • Observe the wildlife at Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
  • Witness the beauty of Adai Waterfall.
  • Witness the spectacular view from Prabalgad Fort.
  • Feel the Spirituality at Ballaleshwar Pali Temple.
  • Kalavantin Durg enjoy architectural sightseeing.

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4. Durshet – A Treasure Trove of Nature Beauty

Being settled in the Sahyadri ranges, Durshet is one of the offbeat destinations to visit near Mumbai. Greenery, pleasant weather, striking waterfalls, and mesmerizing lakes are the best elements of beauty in Durshet.

You can explore the nearby Ghat to fulfilling your lust for trekking. For nature lovers, Durshet is a must to enjoy a vacation near Mumbai. So head to Durshet from Mumbai to escape your Mundane routine life.

This destination will surprise you with every step that you take here. From beautiful exotic wildlife to ancient ruins of temples and heritage sites, each thing will make a special place in your heart forever.

Distance from Mumbai: 76 Km (approx)

Reasons to Visit Durshet

  • You can experience trekking and mountaineering amidst Nature.
  • Explore the rich wildlife and flora.
  • Make a connection with nature by a nature walk.
  • You can add a thrill by trying Tarzan Swing.

5. Karjat – An Enchanting Little Hill Station

Home to enchanting raw natural beauty and aromatic landscapes, Karjat is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai for couples. This adorable hill station is based along the Konkan Coast and allures tourists with its fascinating location.

The variety of activities will grab your attention and give you heavy loads of experiences that stay for a lifetime. Thrilling vibes, natural glory, and cold-climatic conditions are shades that make it a picture-perfect destination.

You can collect the beauty of Karjat in so many ways and make your vacation incredibly best. Dotted with imposing attractions, Karjat is an amusing, exciting, and simply heavenly destination near Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 62 km

Reasons to visit Karjat

  • You can explore the Incredible Kondana cave.
  • Being in touch with nature while Camping at Ulhas Valley.
  • Enjoy Hiking at Sondai Fort and Peth Fort.
  • Soak the Sacredness at Kondeshwar Temple.

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6. Kamshet- A Land of Experiences

The charm of Kamshet reflects the blend of insightful experiences and fun-filled activities. From stunning vistas of the verdant mountains to the lush greenery of the forest, many adventures and beauty await to be uncovered. No wonder! It is one of the gorgeous getaways near Mumbai.

You can collect beauty that is scattered in different forms in multiple ways. This place is also known as a paradise for paragliders. And its scenic background and natural vistas offer a great view while enjoying a paragliding experience.

You can explore the Buddhist caves, which are the highlight of Kamshet. There is no shortage of other fun-filled activities like camping and trekking. Overall, it is a land that offers a great vacation that you can enjoy with your friends, family, or beloved ones.

Distance from Mumbai-102 KM (approx)

Reasons to visit Kamshet

  • You can get the best experience of Paragliding.
  • Feel the peaceful vibes around you at Pawna Lake.
  • Explore Mystic Bedse Caves.
  • Absorb the spiritual vibes at Kondeshwar Temple.

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7. Khandala- For an Exciting Vacay

Being the epitome of surreal beauty, Khandala is one of the most popular tourist places near Mumbai within 100km. It is settled along with the lush greenery of the Western Ghats. No Wonder the abundance of natural beauty makes your vacation unforgettable.

The list of things to do in Khandala entices people to spend weekend getaways here. Blessed with forts, temples, caves, waterfalls, and sightseeing points, Khandala will give you a breathtaking experience by offering impeccable beauty.

But its exquisite rock formations make a connection with your eyes that you will not want to break. Everything from Panoramic sights to adventure delight makes Khandala a must-visit destination near Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 80 km (approx.)

Reasons to visit Khandala

  • You can delve into the serene environment with historical significance.
  • Witness one of the largest waterfalls of India.
  • Enjoy a picnic time with your family around a peaceful lake.
  • Get a panoramic view of Sahyadri hills.
  • Welcome thrill with trekking and camping.

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8. Lonavala – Spectacular Beauty of Nature

What would be more blissful on the weekend than experiencing the true essence of nature and unwind yourself in lush greenery? We bet you agree, but Lonavala is much more than this. This scenic destination holds a surprise for you in many forms.

You can explore caves, enjoy camping, experience shopping, spend time in scenic environs, stroll in the park, and many more. Lonavala is the ultimate love that attracts every kind of tourist to get a great experience of weekend vacation near Mumbai.

It is one of the picture-perfect weekend getaways from Mumbai that offer a blissful experience. You can make your vacation more exciting by exploring this lovely destination with your friends, family, or better half.

Distance from Mumbai: 83 (approx)

Reasons to visit Lonavala.

  • Get the best experience of witnessing the Sunset.
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of natural beauty.
  • You can relive the history with caves and forts.
  • Define the fun with camping, trekking, and bungee jumping.
  • Enjoy a picnic amidst the greenery.

Mumbai is surrounded by different tourist places where you can enjoy your next vacation. From historical sites to natural beauty, you can collect many elements of beauty on your trip. The above-mentioned places offer a great chance to rejuvenate your mind and body. You can explore these places by booking a tour package with us. So choose your destinations and contact us to plan a holiday like never before.

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