20 Budget-friendly Destinations in India and Abroad

Scrolling down pictures of your friends and other family members having fun at a hill station or beach destination? Are you feeling helpless because your pocket is going through a crunch and you aren’t able to go anywhere? If that is the situation bothering you then just wait right there because we have 20 budget-friendly destinations in India and abroad where you can travel to even when you are broke.

Did that just raise your eyebrows a little? Well, we are not bluffing at all because we know how much that hurts when financial constraints keep you away from one thing that everyone loves “TRAVELING.” From jotting down the best travel destinations across India and the globe to listing a rough idea of how much you would have to spend on a budget trip to that destination– we have got you covered.

This blog comprises 15 budget-friendly destinations in India and 5 budget-friendly destinations out of India. So if the travel bug is biting you from the inside, lay back and start giving this blog a thorough read. Pack your backpack and set on a memorable trip to the destination you wish to.

Budget-friendly destinations around Delhi

Jaipur- The Pink City

Delhi is more or less an epicenter and a hub of travelers. People from this capital city of India love visiting a different exotic destinations. But multiple travelers wish for a pocket-friendly trip. If you too don’t wish to burn a hole in your pocket 2-3 days trip to Jaipur from Delhi is ideal. From budget-friendly staying options to roadside eateries; Jaipur always serves as a budget-friendly destination for Delhiites. Moreover, the local conveyance is affordable and abundant.

The city offers a huge list of splendors right from the magnificent forts to the colorful markets. Jaipur is one of those places where people can find a lot of things to engage in and that too without burning a hole in their pocket. So, if you are looking for a budget trip from Delhi then consider Jaipur as one of the best spots.

Distance: 281 km

Time Taken: 5:10 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Nahargarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Jantar Mantar

Cost per person per day

Transportation: For budget travelers, it is best to travel by Rajasthan Roadways which will cost around 800 INR (Return Trip)

Food: 300-500 INR/ day including all three meals if you stick to the street food and other smaller restaurants

Staying: 500 INR -1000 INR per night. You can look for lodges and hostels to reduce the lodging expense.

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Kasol: The Mini-Israel

Everybody knows how hectic it can be to live in the national capital or the city that never sleeps. To break the monotony of their regular days, people from Delhi often look for serene and rejuvenating places in the Himalayas.

Although there are a lot of options now, if you are specifically looking for a budget trip to North India, then Kasol is your answer. It is an ideal destination that has all the elements to give a much-needed break from the regular grind to people. It serves as an active tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh and an excellent honeymoon destination in India.

Owing to all the beauty, serenity, and salubrious sights; there is no denying that even the broke students head to this destination for a change. This makes Kasol one of the best budget-friendly destinations in India. One where people can head to even during their financial crunch. In the past 6-7 years, there has been a rapid spike in the number of backpackers and budget travelers visiting this beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh.

Distance: 515 km

Time Taken: 12:10 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Tosh, Pin Parbati Pass, Tosh, Kheerganga, Malana, Yanker Pass

Cost per person per day

Transportation: There are limited buses that ply from Delhi to Kasol. You will have to check at Kashmere Gate Bus Station for their timing. You will have to pay 600 INR for one side trip.

There is another way to reach Kasol and that’s by taking a bus to Manali and getting down at Bhuntar. You can then take a local bus from Bhuntar to Kasol. You will have to pay 550 INR (one-side trip) for this as well.

Food: Kasol is famous for the street food it has on offer and if you choose to stick to them, 150-300 INR/ day will be the average cost for 3 meals.

Staying: It will cost you somewhere between 300 INR- 700 INR (per night) depending on your choice. Homestays and hostels are in abundance here, try to get a room in those to cut shot this expense.

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Rishikesh: The Yoga Capital of the World

Popularly known as the yoga capital of the world; Rishikesh is also the best place to visit on a budget trip. A true rejuvenating destination that not only offers pristine and beautiful locations but also a dozen of adventure activities to enjoy. In the past few years, Rishikesh has been attracting a lot of travelers, especially those on a budget trip from Delhi.

If you too are facing a financial crunch at the moment and still wish to go out somewhere to enjoy then Rishikesh is the ideal place for you. It also hosts people on cheap solo tripspocket-friendly family trips, and a lot of other things.

Distance: 270 km

Time Taken: 7 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Lakshman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Triveni Ghat, Parmarth Niketan, Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Bharat Mandir, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Kunjapuri Temple

Cost per person per day

Transportation: The cheapest way to travel from Delhi to Rishikesh is via Uttarakhand roadways. It costs around 300 INR from one side.

Food: 300-600 INR/ day. You can stick to the street food or the local restaurants. There are a lot of underrated eateries in Rishikesh. Try them to savor delicious and pocket-friendly delicacies.

Staying: 150 INR- 800 INR, there is a huge bandwidth of price range from which you can choose your pick. It is better to pick a hostel because the price tag for a bed starts from 150 INR per night only.

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Budget-friendly destinations around Bangalore

Kodaikanal: The gift of the forest

Now that’s not a made-up name, it is the actual meaning of the word “Kodaikanal.” One of the finest hill stations of India that is located in Tamil Nadu is Kodaikanal. Owing to its proximity to Bangalore steers people from the city to visit here on a budget trip.

This breath-taking hill station of South is a prime location for travelers on a budget trip, honeymoon goers, and a lot of other types of travelers. The entire place is surrounded by verdant valleys, granite cliffs, stunning cascades of waterfalls, and amazingly situated lakes.

The hill-station city of Tamil Nadu is tucked away at an altitude of 2000 m and it serves as the perfect weekend getaway destination from Bangalore. What has made Kodaikanal such an amazing destination for so long is the number of places it offers to explore.

Distance: 465 km

Time Taken: 8:30 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Guna Cave, Dolphin’s Nose, Pillar Rock, Silver Cascade Falls, Bear Shola Falls

Cost per person per day

Transportation: You can either take a road trip or take a roadways bus to the hill station. It will cost you 500 INR from one side.

Food: 300 INR- 700 INR/ day inclusive of 3-meals. There are many street-side sellers who sell 1-plate fried chicken with rice for just 100 INR which is sufficient for one person. Look out for such options.

Staying: 500 INR- 1000 INR/ night. Try to find budget-friendly guesthouses.

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Gokarna: The beach destination of Karnataka

For those who want to go on a budget-friendly trip to a great beach destination from Bangalore, then try visiting Gokarna. This is also popular by the name of “Less crowded Goa” which is true if you see it that way. This beach city of Karnataka is serene, pristine, and full of stunning sights; all of this together makes it wonderful for backpackers. For a long time now, the city has been a top-notch destination for budget travelers wanting to get the vibe of Goa.

Most people from Bangalore prefer taking a weekend trip to Gokarna, enjoy their time, rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul, and have a great time with their partner. Except for all this, Gokarna had been a go-to destination for solo travelers as well. Moreover, if you are up for some watersports, it won’t ask for a fortune. Try indulging in some during your trip to this mesmerizing place.

Distance: 490 km

Time Taken: 9:30 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Om beach, Gokarna Beach, Mahabaleshwara Temple

Cost per person per day

Transportation: Take a roadways bus that goes intercity to visit Gokarna. It will be costing you around 1300 INR tickets for a round trip.

Food: 400 INR/ day. There are a lot of street-side sellers where you can eat flavorsome delicacies throughout your trip.

Staying: 500 INR 1000 INR

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Hampi: The ancient city of India

Though there are several destinations in India where people can enjoy sights of ancient India but none of them can come close to Hampi. From cycling amidst the dramatic ancient landscapes to enjoy the sights of the historical monuments; Hampi has it all and even more.

It is one of the best destinations in Bangalore for budget travelers. Approximately 350 km from Bangalore, this city enjoys all the stardom of having some of the exception ancient monuments. Nevertheless, it is a fine hideout for a budget traveler near Bangalore.

If you are someone who has the urge to visit places that take you back in time then this is a prime/ sweet location for your body and soul to soak in. Enjoy at various attractions spotting carvings, ruins, and a lot of other things without being harsh on your pocket. Isn’t that what you needed? A pocket-friendly destination in India.

Distance: 345 km

Time Taken: 6 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Sree Virupaksha Temple, Coracle Ride, Hampi Bazaar, Vijaya Vittala Temple, Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple, Queen’s Bath, Matanga Hill

Cost per person per day

Transportation: The best and cheapest way of traveling from Bangalore to Hampi is via rail. It will cost only 200 INR for a ticket in the sleeper’s class. You will have to get down at Hospet and then take a bus to Hampi that will cost you 20 -30 INR. This is the entire traveling expense from one side.

Food: 400 INR -600 INR (inclusive of all three meals)/ day

Staying: Finding cheap accommodation in Hampi is easy. You can get good lodges and hotel rooms at 500 INR -700 INR /night.

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Budget-friendly destination around Mumbai

Lonavala: The hill station of West

When it comes to places to visit near Mumbai, the list becomes endless. Multiple offbeat and popular destinations please travelers throughout their stay. But what about budget travelers in Mumbai? Don’t worry; Maharashtra have you covered. It is not uncommon to find people who long for a rejuvenating place somewhere in Maharashtra for a weekend.

The other group of people has no time barrier but money constraint. So whatever category you fall in, there is an ample number of places for all of them.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly destination near Mumbai then Lonavala can serve you just right. It has affordable staying options, multiple eateries, and endless beauty sprawled over acres.

It is the mélange of all these ingredients that makes Lonavala a great place to go to. It is also one of the finest honeymoon destinations in India. But what is more important is the budget-friendly setup across the hill station making it comfortable for every traveler even when they are broke.

Distance: 83 km

Time Taken: 2 hours (Approximately)

Major Attractions

Cost per person per day

Transportation: The best budget-friendly way to reach here is via train. It will cost around 130 INR for the round trip to this hill station. Apart from that, you can either take a bus or your personal vehicle but that would cost you more.

Food: There are multiple small restaurants and roadside cafes to eat at. You can get it for just 600 INR.

Staying: If you choose to stay in a Dharamshala and ashram it will cost you roughly around 400 INR/ night and good lodges and hotels are available at just 600 INR/ night.

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Mahabaleshwar: The queen of all hill stations

If you live in Mumbai or any nearby city; Mahabaleshwar for you is just like a boon. A budget-friendly destination that looks after its pristine locations like no other does. A serene environment, clean and beautiful temples, soothing climate, and a lot of other things make this hill station a wonderful place to be at. There are a lot of attractions in the city and visiting them can make you fall in love with them instantly.

[ Plan your weekend trip to Mahabaleshwar with Indian Holiday. ]

Popular for the Mahabaleshwar Temple, it is no doubt that people from around the country come here to take the blessings from the Lord. Witnessing a decent crowd throughout the year is normal for this place.

Apart from the devotees, nature lovers, honeymoon couples visit Mahabaleshwar quite too often. Keeping all the important elements of the city in mind, it is not really hard to understand the reason. This pocket-friendly hill station near Maharashtra is also an ideal destination for avid adventure lovers owing to the moderate and difficult trekking trails.

Distance: 263 km

Time Taken: 8 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Elephant’s head point, Chinaman’s fall, Dhobi Waterfall, Arthur’s Seat

Cost per person per day

Transportation: You can take a bus from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar which will only cost you around 250- 300 INR. This is the best and cheapest way to commute.

Food: 500 INR for 3 meals.

Staying: 300 INR- 1000 INR, there is a huge range of accommodation options ranging from budget-friendly lodges and guesthouses to hotels

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Alibaug: The splendor of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a complete destination because it is replete with almost everything a traveler would desire. As much as it soothes the solo travelers on budget trips Alibaug is also a top-notch destination for couples on honeymoon, family on vacation, and so on. From forts, temples to astonishing and pristine beaches; one can find a lot of places to have a good time at.

Nevertheless, Alibaug is an affordable beach destination in India; especially for people living in different cities of Maharashtra. What makes it even better is the peace that’s spread across the beaches here. If you are looking for a place with abundant natural beauty that also offers quiet time to the visitors then this beach city can be your next destination without a doubt. And if you are looking for a getaway from your mundane lifestyle, then also, this is an ideal pocket-friendly destination for you.

Distance: 16 km or 9 nautical miles (You will have to take a ferry from Mumbai to Alibaug.

Time Taken: 1 hour (approximately)

Major Attractions: Magnetic Observatory, Kolaba Fort, Murud Janjira Fort, Vikram Vinayak Temple

Cost per person per day

Transportation: 85 INR (There are different ferry service providers but many of them charge a mere 85 INR for one side trip.)

Food: 250 INR/ meal (You can also prefer munching at one of the street-side sellers in the city.)

Staying: 500 INR- 1000 INR (lodges and hotels are in abundance at Alibaug

[ Plan your weekend trip to Alibaug with Indian Holiday. ]

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Budget-friendly destinations around Chennai

Kanyakumari: The land of three seas

The southernmost tip of India- Kanyakumari is also one of the best places to visit in India. It is the tip of the Indian mainland and that’s enticing in its own ways. Isn’t that? Standing in the city after which the land of Indian Territory finishes. With numerous picturesque attractions, wonderful climate, and serenity all over; visiting Kanyakumari on a budget trip from Chennai anytime in the year will turn out to be a wise option.

Distance: 705 km

Time Taken: 12 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Sthanumalayan Kovil, Thirparappu Falls, Bhagavathy Amman Temple, Wax Museum, Kanyakumari Beach, Padmanabhapuram Palace

Cost per person per day

Transportation: 600 INR from one side of the bus ride.

Food: You will find street-side vendors in abundance across the city. 100 INR is the starting rate of their menu. It will be sufficient for one person.

Staying: 300 INR -1200 INR (There is a huge range of accommodations in Kanyakumari)

Explore Packages to Plan your Trip to Kanyakumari

Kolli Hills: The beautiful hill station of the South

Not many people are interested in peaceful places like these but for those who are looking to escape their daily boredom; Kolli Hills is a great place. Located in proximity to Chennai, usually people from this city head for a low-budget trip to this place with family or friends. Kolli Hills is still a slightly offbeat destination as compared to a lot of other places nearby but in no manner, it is less than any of them. The breathtaking landscapes and utter peacefulness of Kolli Hills satiates the soul and body of the visitors.

It allows them to enjoy their time in a peaceful environment, closer to nature. It is also an ideal visiting spot for people facing a financial crunch as Kolli Hills is a wonderful destination for budget travelers.

Distance: 350 km

Time Taken: 6:30 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Arapaleeswarar Temple, Masila Falls, Kolli Hills Boat House

Cost per person per day

Transportation: You will have to take a bus from Chennai to Salem and then from there take a local bus to Kolli Hills. The entire journey from one side will cost approximately 250 INR from one side.

Food: 200 INR/ meal (You can look for street vendors to save money on food)

Staying: As the place still remains pristine, you get budget hotels in the city that will charge approximately 500 INR for one night.

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Pondicherry: Paris of the east

Remember the fascination and beautiful Auroville? Yes, that’s located in Pondicherry. One of the finest and low-budget destinations of India– Pondicherry has a lot of popular tourist spots on offer. Apart from being an affordable destination in India, Pondicherry has a lot of other reasons that steer crowds towards this UT each year.

Pondy boasts alluring French Architecture, offers amazing nightlife, cheap alcohol, and a lot of beautiful places to visit. But none of this takes away the interest and enthusiasm of budget travelers visiting this city.

Distance: 165 km

Time Taken: 3 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Auroville Beach, Paradise Beach, Ousteri Wetland and National Park, Rock Beach

Cost per person per day

Transportation: 400 INR round trip (you can pre-book your seats online)

Food: 250 per meal (Look out for the street side vendors for saving money.)

Staying: 400 INR- 800 INR (From budget to luxury hotels, you get everything you want as Pondy is a top-notch tourist attraction.)

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Budget-friendly destination around Kolkata

Darjeeling: The queen of hills

Thinking about Darjeeling a lot of people get an idea that it might be expensive for one to travel here. But fewer people know the fact that this majestic hill station of West Bengal has it all; even for the budget travelers. Situated in the northernmost Bengal this place is a great refreshing option for people to break their mundane daily schedule.

Darjeeling is a wonderful budget-friendly destination in West Bengal that offers multiple eye-pleasing natural splendors, scrumptious food, and adventure activities for avid lovers. Often known for hosting couples on a honeymoon this hill-station is will never let you down.

Distance: 621 km

Time Taken: 16 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Darjeeling Himalayan Train, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, Mahakal Temple, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

Cost per person per day

Transportation: The best, cheap, and most comfortable transportation option is to take a train from Kolkata and get down at New Jalpaiguri. It costs around 350 INR. From here take a sharing cab or auto to Darjeeling that will cost you around 200 INR.

Food: 200 INR/ meal unless you go out and try the street-side vendors.

Staying: 1000 INR- 2000 INR (If you pick a good hotel, your fooding would be covered because the hotels do provide 3 meals to their guests.

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Sikkim: The heart of the seven sisters

One of the finest and rightfully values destinations of India is Sikkim. Located in the Northeastern side of the county, this state is full of mesmerizing sights, diversity in flora and fauna, a huge collection of thrilling trekking and hiking trails, and a lot of wonderful other places to enjoy at.

Sikkim is also a budget-friendly destination that makes things way better. Take a trip with your friends and family to this pristine destination to get to understand it better. It is also important to know the best time to visit Sikkim before planning a trip since this state offers a lot to its tourists. Plan your visit according to the places you would like to see.

Distance: 702 km

Time Taken: 14 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Gangtok, Pelling, Lachung, Yumthang, Khangchendzonga, Yukso

Cost per person per day

Transportation: 1200 INR/ person from one side

Food: 250/ meal (If you are not a momo lover)

Staying: 500 INR- 1500 INR (There is a huge range of accommodation options that are available in Sikkim.)

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Kurseong: A serene place for hikers

The second most happening place of West Bengal- as they call it; is Kurseong. It is another low-budget hill station in India. Located on the other side of West Bengal, this is a comparatively quiet and serene place to be at. A bit less commercialized- this hill station offers some of the breathtaking views of the mountains, valleys, and other attractions in its territory.

If you living in Kolkata or any nearby places, visiting Kurseong on a budget tour with family or friends. It is simply a place that gives joy and much more than that. It is essentially famous for its numerous trekking and hiking trails.

Distance: 592 km

Time Taken: 15 hours (approximately)

Major Attractions: Tea Garden, Eagle’s Craig, Forest Museum, Deer Park, Churches, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Museu

Cost per person per day

Transportation: The best way to reach Kurseong is to take a train from Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri and then get down at the

Food: It will be 300 INR on average that you will have to spend on your food.

Staying: Lodges and hotels here are available from 600 INR to 1500 INR for one night.

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Some foreign destinations that are budget-friendly


If you are a nature lover planning to visit some other country on a budget- Nepal is your destination. If you are an avid adventurer- Nepal is your destination. If you love to spend time amidst high mountains, lush green forest areas- Nepal is your destination. All in all, Nepal is one of the best destinations for budget travelers from India. Not just in terms of places to visit and cuisines to relish, Nepal is a top-notch destination for those who do not want to spend much on their next trip.

The country promises much more than the majestic Himalayas, spirituality, and scenic beauty. You are surely going to have a great time here in this country. If you have a budget of 30k then visiting Nepal can be a piece of cake for you.

Top Tourist Destinations: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhaktapur, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region

Capital: Kathmandu

Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Value against 1 INR: 1.60

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Ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world; Bhutan is also the only Buddhist kingdom in the world. The country is loaded with some of the most beautiful places and breathtaking sights in the world. From lush green forests to the beautiful architecture of monasteries. What makes this country a jewel for Indians is that it offers affordable trips from India throughout the year!

Indians can travel to Bhutan without a passport so this takes away another problem off your hands.

So, if you are planning a budget honeymoon trip then Bhutan can be your ideal destination. Not that its currency is anywhere less than INR but Bhutan has a sustainable infrastructure and everything in the country is highly affordable.

Top Tourist Destinations: Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Trongsa, Jakar, Phobjikha

Capital: Thimphu

Currency: Bhutan Ngultrum

Value against 1 INR: 1.00

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If you are looking for a pristine country to visit on a budget trip with family; Vietnam can be your next destination. With all its natural beauty on offer, there is no match of what’s on offer in the country. In terms of natural beauty, this is one of the best places to visit and has unparalleled beauty throughout the country. People visit here with their partners on a budget honeymoon trip.

Vietnam is an ideal example of rich history, natural beauty, unique and majestic monuments. Even if you are not an avid traveler, Vietnam is a country that holds some of the best places to visit, sites, and much more for you. It is an exceptional backpacker’s destination for a lot of good reasons.

Top Tourist Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Ha Long Bay

Capital: Hanoi

Currency: Vietnamese dong

Value against 1 INR: 310.63

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World-famous for the majestic Angkor Vat Temple; Cambodia is a paradise on earth for travelers. Every kind of visitor finds it home because there are a lot of distinctive and mesmerizing places to visit in Cambodia. If you are looking for a destination abroad for a low-budget trip with friends or family then this country is just the right place for you.

It is culturally, naturally, and artistically rich, and highly affordable. With a budget of 20-30k, you can have a great trip to the country and come back with money to spare.

Top Tourist Destinations: Angkor Vat Temple, Phnom Penh, Preah Vihear, Tonle Sap, Bayon Temple

Capital: Phnom Penh

Currency: Cambodian riel

Value against 1 INR: 55.02

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Sri Lanka

Want to head to beaches? Serene and beautiful ones to be exact? Head to Sri Lanka for having a wonderful time. Not only this country holds a significant position in the “Best tourism in Asia” but it is actually one of the most affordable countries for budget travelers. For those who are facing a financial crunch and still want to visit someplace abroad, Sri Lanka is waiting for you.

From amazing beaches to lip-smacking cuisines, you can find a lot of reasons to visit here! One of which is it’s affordable staying and eating options. People with a budget under 30k can enjoy it here.

Explore Packages to Plan your Trip to Sri Lanka

Top Tourist Destinations: Galle, Colombo, Matara, Kandy, Kirinda, Kataragama

Capital: Colombo

Currency: Sri Lankan rupee

Value against 1 INR: 2.69

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Tips that can help in saving money on your next trip to any destination

Often frequent than any other thing multiple people refrain from traveling (which obviously they love) just because they can’t spare some money for that. Now, if that’s something bothering you, this is the right space for you. Here are some quick tips that you can follow to plan a pocket-friendly trip to any destination you wish to go to. With that, we mean to say not just Indian destinations but even abroad.

  • Don’t be too rigid with your dates and time of travel.
  • Look for red-eye flights.
  • List down the places that are for free at your destination.
  • Try scoring a low/free flight deal using your membership points.
  • Try to share your cabs, taxis, and if possible living area.
  • Look for budget-friendly living spaces like hostels, hotels, dorms, homestays, and such other options.
  • Buy a map of the city and iterate your visits accordingly that you are able to stick to public transport only.
  • Choose to eat at cheap diners or street-side eateries.
  • Don’t use fancy stuff and travel like the way you live.
  • Find any campaigns for which you can volunteer to reduce your expenses.
  • Try to plan your trips during the off-season at any destination.
  • Try and enjoy yourself at your destination instead of collecting souvenirs.
  • Try to book in advance so that you get better deals and at a lesser price.
  • Book your flight or train tickets on private browsing windows.
  • If you can, try VPN to find better and cheaper deals.
  • Keep a small travel bag so that you can travel light.
  • You can always filter the airports at your destination where you can save money.

Now, if you are broke and still wish to travel to a mind-blowing destination on budget traveling, then these points can be very helpful. Try using these for your next low-budget trip to a destination in India or abroad.

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