Complete Rajasthan Tour – A Lifetime Experience

One of the most visited destinations in India, Rajasthan is one state that represents India most exotically and colorfully. The state is dotted with majestic palaces, sparkling lakes, captivating forts, revered temples, and more that rightly makes it the most integral part of India.

All these tourist attractions can’t be missed on a tour of Rajasthan. However, there are things more colorful that await. The state promises a palette of entertainment with its colorful fairs and festivals. These fairs and festivals make every visitor experience the true colors of the culture and history of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is an exciting travel destination that offers a blend of different travel experiences. It allows you to explore Rajasthan through Camel Safaris, trek through the beautiful trails of Mount Abu, attend a puppet show in Jaisalmer, Pushkar fair festival, trek, enjoy shopping at Sadar Bazaar, go for hot air ballooning in RajasthanRanthambore National park and so much more.

Tourist Attractions in Rajasthan

Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan

The colorful state of Rajasthan speaks of its rich culture and heritage through its magnificent palaces and rugged forts. These forts and palaces are considered some of the finest examples of Rajputana architecture.

A visit to these forts and palaces offers an opportunity to flip back the pages of the bygone era and get an insight into the lifestyle of Kings and Queens of those times.

The Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan rightly define everything about the state. Most of the forts and palaces are located in various cities across the state. However, every monument in Rajasthan has a unique charm that leaves you amazed at the very first look.

With a visit to any of the forts and palaces of the state, you get an idea of the imagination of the great rulers and emperors of the country. Therefore, winter is the best time to visit Rajasthan if you would want to enjoy the majestic forts & places in Rajasthan.

List of most popular forts and palaces in Rajasthan

These forts and palaces form the key attraction of the state and attract history buffs, art lovers, shutterbugs, and wanderers from all over.

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Lakes and Gardens in Rajasthan

What would be better than relaxing by a lake and enjoying some tranquility? Rajasthan is home to a number of picturesque lakes. Other than natural lakes, many lakes have been carved out on the earth’s surface by man. These lakes are popular tourist attractions and a major supply of drinking water.

Green, beautiful, and serene is what defines the gardens of the state. The gardens of Rajasthan are as colorful as the state of Rajasthan itself. They are an ideal location to sit back and relax close to nature. Blossoming colorful flowers welcome you into the state’s gardens and promise you a great fragrance and soothing breeze.

Blossoming colorful flowers welcome you into the state’sstate’s gardens and promise you a great fragrance and soothing breeze.

Famous gardens in Rajasthan include Saheliyon- Ki – Bari, Bada Bagh Garden, Mandore Gardens, Chambal Garden, and Gulab Bagh. You also get a chance to make your trip to Rajasthan memorable.

Monsoon in Rajasthan makes the gardens and lakes even more beautiful as the rain shower enriches lush greenery and makes the lakes brimful. Because of the cool weather, this season is also ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

List of Most famous Lakes  & Gardens in Rajasthan

Wildlife in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. The state is dotted with wildlife sanctuaries where people can explore exotic flora and fauna.

 Ranthambore National ParkBharatpur National ParkSariska National Park, Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, and Desert National Sanctuary.

All these parks and sanctuaries are home to tigers, black bucks, the sporadic desert fox, the greatly threatened caracal, the great Indian bustard, gavial, monitor lizard, wild boars, and porcupines.

In addition, these parks deserve a must-visit from bird watchers as they house exotic birds like the common crane, ducks, coots, pelicans, the rare Siberian cranes, falcons, imperial sand grouse, and many more.

To explore the wildlife of these parks and sanctuaries to the fullest, you can take safaris or an elephant ride to see wildlife creatures in their natural habitat.

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Havelis in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land of rich history, beautiful architecture, and rich heritage. The state is home to a number of beautifully and artistically designed Havelis. These grand and colorful Havelis showcase the royalty and charm of the bygone Rajput era. These havelis still retain the aura of the erstwhile rulers.

Every region of Rajasthan, right from Jodhpur to Jaipur, is home to some colorful Havelis that take us back to the bygone years. These havelis, which were earlier the residence of the Maharajas, are now a symbol of culture and heritage.

Rajasthan’s havelis are decorated with intricate mirrorwork, murals, and paintings. Many lids still preserve antique items from past eras, such as swords, crowns, and beds. Many of the havelis of Rajasthan have now been converted into heritage hotels that offer a king-like stay to all the guests where they can experience life like a Maharaja.

Patwon ki HaveliSalim Singh ki Haveli, Diwan Nathmal ki Haveli, Samode Haveli, Mandawa Haveli, Bhagton ki Choti Haveli, Mahaveer Prasad Goenka Haveli, Char Chowk Haveli, and Vishnunath Keria Haveli are some famous havelis of Rajasthan.

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List of most popular Havelis in Rajasthan

Monuments in Rajasthan

Other than splendid havelis, Rajasthan also houses a number of beautiful monuments. These monuments form the main tourist attraction of the state. The monuments of Rajasthan are famous for their spectacular architecture that tell about the creativity of the past rulers.

A visit to Rajasthan’s monuments gives an insight into the Rajasthani culture, glory, and pride. They speak of the heroism of the Rajput warriors and tell legends of their sacrifice. Rajasthan is well-known for its architectural heritage, which can be witnessed in its monuments. Monuments of Rajasthan that are present today in the state of ruins also form a major attraction for history buffs and art lovers.

Every region of the state, from major cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, and Bikaner to remote villages, offers much regarding monumental heritage. They give a deeper insight into the cultural and historical past of Rajasthan.

All the monuments of Rajasthan feature a beautiful architectural style. Intricate artwork, paintings, mirror work, carvings, and portraits are most commonly found in all the monuments. While some monuments exhibit traditional Rajputana style, others display a blend of different architectural styles.

All the monuments of Rajasthan have a unique charm that promises to amaze every visitor. Jantar Mantar, Chittorgarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Junagarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, City Palace Udaipur, and Umaid Bhavan Palace are some famous monuments of the state.

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Best things to do in Rajasthan

Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Camel Safari is one of the most unforgettable experiences one can enjoy in the state of Rajasthan. The ship of the desert camel takes you through the vast expanses of the desert. A camel safari through the different regions of Rajasthan offers an opportunity to explore and experience the rustic desert life of India. The experience can be enhanced by camping in the desert under the starry sky.

During the safari, you will travel to some remote places of Rajasthan, which are home to some fascinating state ruins. This will be an excellent opportunity for history buffs as they will get to know much about the state’s history through this ride through remote regions of the state.

Where : Bikaner and Jaisalmer

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Trekking in Mount Abu

Trekking at Mount Abu is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. A paradise for trekkers, Mount Abu offers a variety when it comes to treks, half day, full day, or overnight. All treks are available. Trekking here is not merely a wildlife exploration but also an opportunity to uncover unknown facts about the state of Rajasthan.

With overnight treks, trekkers also have an opportunity to interact with the locals of Mount Abu. Lucky ones may also be able to spot many wild species.

Check out the top list of thrilling adventure sports in Rajasthan.

Where: Mount Abu

Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan

Rajasthan offers you an opportunity to experience something fascinating. Hot Air Ballooning is one activity that makes you soar high in the sky in a hot air balloon. This activity makes you enjoy a spectacular view of the colorful land of Rajasthan. It is one of the best experiences you can enjoy in Rajasthan.

You can also explore the various shopping places in Jaipur.

Where: Pushkar, Jaipur, Ranthambore

Elephant Ride in Jaipur

Elephant Ride is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jaipur. The elephant ride up to Amer Fort in Jaipur is one of the most exciting experiences. The Amer Fort is an alluring fort that was built by Raja Man Singh I. The defense features a unique blend of Hindu and Rajput architecture, which represents the royal times.

While there is an opportunity to experience the Rajasthani culture at its best, there is also a chance to shower and paint an elephant’s trunk. In addition, guests can enjoy delicious meals at the fort and trek in the nearby forest.

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Where: Jaipur

Shopping in Rajasthan

One of the most colorful markets of Rajasthan, Sadar Bazaar in Jodhpur is a flea market that is popular among shopaholics. Narrow lanes of the market are lined up with tiny shops selling different items. The market offers various items, including jewelry, kitchenware, footwear, and clothes, all at reasonable prices. More discounts in the market can be availed through bargaining.

[ Explore More Bazaars of Rajasthan. ]

Where: Sadar Bazaar, Jodhpur

Puppet Show in Jaisalmer

Experience the traditional entertainment of Rajasthan with a visit to the Thar Heritage Museum in Jaisalmer. This is one thing you should not miss during your visit to Rajasthan. The museum is one of the largest national museums in India.

The museum houses a wide variety of artifacts that speak much about the history and culture of Rajasthan. However, the museum’s star attraction is the Puppet Show, organized every evening. This tells every visitor how every nook of the state has carefully preserved the history of the state.

Where: Jaisalmer

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List of Most famous Festivals of Rajasthan

Camel Festival in Bikaner

Camel Festival is organized every year in January/ February in Bikaner, Rajasthan. The festival is dedicated to the ship of the desert, the camel. This is a unique fair where the camels are in the spotlight, and there are no other cattle on display. The festival begins with a colorful procession of decorated and ornamented camels.

There is a spectacular show of performances like camel dances, camel races, tug-of-war, and camel rides. This is followed by regional music and dance performances—the colors of this festival allure tourists from all over the world. With the magnificent Junagarh Fort in the background, the experience of attending this grand festival is enhanced.

The festival’s first day begins with a parade where beautifully decorated camels are displayed in front of everyone. These camels parade towards the open desert grounds. Camel owners decorated them with colorful ornaments like anklets, necklaces, and more to add to their beauty.

Following this are Camel dance shows and competitions like best-bedecked camel, best camel haircut, fantastic footwork, dancing, and more. During the festival, tea and sweet stalls are set up to offer visitors a variety of food items.

To entertain the visitors, skirt-swirling dances and fire dances are performed during the festival. The festival’s grand finale is more entertaining and colorful as it includes a beautiful display of fireworks illumining the isolated city of Bikaner.

Star Highlight: A closer look at the unique desert culture through performing arts, food, and competitions.

When: January/February
Where: Bikaner

Tip: Bikaner celebrates a Bikaner Camel festival organized in the months of January. Book Bikaner tour packages around this time so you would not want to miss the camel race events, camel games and other cultural performances.

Desert Festival in Jaisalmer

This three-day festival is celebrated to display the rich and colorful culture of Rajasthan state. Locals of Rajasthan come dressed in colorful attires and dance to different Rajasthani tunes. Performances by Gair dances, fire dancers, snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats, and folk artists form the main attraction of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

The ship of the desert- camel- in the entire desert festival holds a special place. Special camel events include camel rides, polo, and camel dance. Other than this, a number of competitions are organized, like the turban tying competition, Mr. Desert contest, and most glorious mustaches.

The grand festival is organized with the fascinating Jaisalmer Fort in the background, which speaks much of the glorious history of Rajasthan. Rajasthan’s handicrafts, which are immensely popular around the country, are also traded during the fair.

Star Highlight: Explore the rich and colorful culture of Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival is Celebrated in the month of February every year. Book Jaisalmer tour packages around this time period, Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Camel Race & ride, Turban Tying Competition, Moustache Competition, and other activities.

Summer Festival in Mount Abu

The famous Summer Festival is organized at the only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu. The beautiful and tranquil town of Mt. Abu, with its sparkling lakes and pleasant weather, forms the perfect place for hosting the Rajasthan Summer Festival.

This three-day festival speaks much about Rajasthan’s rich culture, tradition, and tribal life. To tell the visitors about the culture and traditions, folk and classical music is presented in front of them, which forms a major attraction of the festival.

The festival begins with the singing of a ballad. Folk dances of Rajasthan follow this. Other than folk music and dances, many sports events are organized in the festival, such as a boat race on the Nakki Lake.

Many popular qawwals of the country visit the festival to perform and entertain the audience. Sham-e-Qawwali is a musical extravaganza where these qawwals perform. The festival ends with a spectacular display of fireworks.

Star Highlight: At the spotlight is the tradition, custom, and the tribal life of Rajasthan.

When: May
Where: Mount Abu

Pushkar Camel Fair

One of the unique fairs of Rajasthan, the Pushkar Camel Fair, has a charm far ahead of all the other state fairs. People from different parts of India visit the fair with their camels and cattle.

The Pushkar Camel Fair is held for a number of days, and a number of activities are performed during the fair. The fair starts on the eighth day (Ashtami) and ends on the full moon day (Poornima), per the lunar calendar.

Some everyday activities of the fair include livestock trading, horse dealing, and holy bathing. For the first half of the fair, trading of camel and cattle trading is done. The festival also has a religious angle where visitors take a bath in the holy water of Sarovar Lake. Taking a dip in the sacred water of the lake is believed to lead an individual to salvation.

To entertain the visitors, musicians, acrobats, folk dancers, and comedians give several performances. Camel and horse race is also major attraction of the fair. In addition, the fairground remains lined up with stalls selling various arts and crafts items.

Also, there are stalls selling food items from the typical Rajasthani cuisine. In addition, stalls sell colorful accessories for everyone, from women to cattle, camels, and other animals. The best time to time to visit Pushkar is between October and March.

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Star Highlight: It is the largest camel fair in India.

When: Hindu month of Kartika (November)
Where: Pushkar, Ajmer

Urs Fair in Ajmer

Dedicated to Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti, the Sufi saint is the famous Urs fair of Rajasthan. The fair is organized on the death anniversary of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti during the first six days of Rajab (the seventh month of the Islamic calendar). The memorial of the great Sufi saint, Chishti ki Dargah, is the venue of this fair.

The memorial is known to house the mortal remains of the saint. The importance that the Sufi saint holds for the people of Rajasthan can be seen in the fact that the city of Ajmer is popularly known as Ajmer Sharif (Holy Ajmer). Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti is also known as Gharib Nawaz in India, as he was the protector of the poor. He spent his entire life in the service of humanity.

Several devotees throng from different faiths and communities visit the Urs fair of Ajmer. All the devotees visit the shrine to pay tribute to the Khwaja on his Urs (death anniversary). People from all over the country come here to pray to the Khwaja and seek his blessings by making offerings (nazrana) where his remains are present. The offerings to the Khwaja include jasmine and rose flowers, perfumes, sandalwood paste, etc.

Star Highlight: A musical and poetic extravaganza.

When: First six days of Rajab (seventh month of the Islamic calendar)
Where: Dargah of Moinuddin Chisti, Ajmer

Nagaur Cattle Fair, Jodhpur

Celebrated for eight days every year, Nagaur Fair is known for animal trading and displaying thousands of beautifully decorated animals with colorful accessories to attract all the traders who gather during the fair from different corners of the world. The fair is also known as Cattle Fair, as there is the trading of around 70,000 bullocks, cows, camels, and horses during the fair.

Other than trading animals, there are many more attractions at the fair, including Mirchi bazaar (the most prominent red chilly market in India), Camel leather accessories, and wooden items. In addition, to entertain the visitors, several sports activities are organized here.

Some popular activities include tug of war, camel races, bullock races, cock fights, and many more. Campfire and puppet shows add to the great experience at the fair. The folk music of Jodhpur enhances the delightful experience.

Star Highlight : Second largest cattle fair in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

When: January/ February
Where: Jodhpur

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