Plan Dubai Expo 2021-22: A Complete Travel Guide

Offering cutting-edge technology, visually striking architecture, cultural programs, and a wide range of interactive exhibitions, Dubai Expo 2021-21 brings together all the progressive thoughts of the world in one place.

From light-fasting technology to green initiatives, this world expo presents extraordinary opportunities to promise a bright and better future. With 191 countries’ pavilions, events, attractions, and mind-blown experiences, the expo in Dubai is a platform that inspires the world for sustainability, opportunity, and mobility.

In simple words, Dubai Expo 2022 is all about experiencing the world in one place that makes it a lifetime experience for everyone. With 60+ shows, 200+ restaurants, 200 participants, and emotional-inspiring, it also represents itself as a different world.

Note: The next World Expo will take place in Osaka, Kansai, Japan between 13 April and 13 October 2025.

This global event never fails to amaze you with its three-themed districts, impressive portals, and a gripping public plaza. Are you experiencing nerve-racking to plan your visit for Expo 2021 in Dubai?

We have covered the essential information about Dubai Expo 2022 that clear the picture in your mind of this magical center.

What is the Dubai Expo?

Expo 2021 in Dubai is a global event that links innovation, technology, art, and culture to offer a great experience. Different parts of the world mark their presence to share new ideas. Undoubtedly, It is one of the finest platforms for enjoying a family fun vacation in Dubai. It is the finest example of innovation, collaboration, and cooperation from around the world that suits every need, mood, age, and interest.

Apart from that, the attractions are endless, which makes it one of a kind place that you must experience in your life. No wonder! It has set a new benchmark of a mix of technology, culture, fun, and education.

Dubai Expo creates magic that you can experience with every step. It looks like whatever Dubai creates, it is for the world record or whatever it presents, it is one step ahead of time. This time Dubai welcomes everyone to experience anything and everything with just one place- Expo 2021 Dubai.

Some Useful Information about Expo Dubai 2021-22

  • Dubai Expo 2021 Duration: Fri 1 October 2021 to Thu 31 March 2022 (182 Days)
  • Dubai Expo 2021 Venue: Dubai Exhibition Centre
  • Dubai Expo 2021 Timing: 10:00-00:00 Sat-Wed, 10:00-02:00 Thu-Fri
  • Dubai Expo 2021 Area: 1,083 acres

Districts at Dubai Expo

The theme of Dubai Expo 2021 is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. You can experience the Dubai Expo theme with its divided three districts, Mobility, Opportunity, and Sustainability. These districts are hubs of pavilions and also have their dedicated Pavilion.

From creating the future to the point of curating the art, Expo Dubai offers an endless opportunity to collect some experience that can’t be faded from your heart, soul, and mind. Three major and compelling districts present the diversity of culture, art, entertainment, and futuristic approach of different nations of our home -Planet Earth.

The districts of Expo 2021 Dubai

  • Sustainability Districts
  • Mobility Districts
  • Opportunity District

Sustainability District

This district of Expo 2022 introduces the most advanced technology in action that countries are doing to bring sustainability to the world. As you explore this district, you will get the experience of how humans can enjoy living in unity with nature in a high-tech future.

The Sustainability District of Expo 2022 sets a platform for a greener future for the Earth. You can see that nature meets with technology in a way that will blow your mind. Let’s look at the striking experiences that you enjoy in the Sustainability District with different pavilions.

Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion

Sustainability is a power of choice that brings balance that is paramount for a better future of the earth. Within Terra Pavilion, You will have the opportunity to walk underneath a dense forest that is beautifully designed by Grimshaw Architects.

Another attraction in this pavilion is a game of high-stakes pinball, and next, you will face the giant fish that is furious about the waste of plastic that clogged its ocean home. There are 4912 solar panels, 18 energy trees, and a 130 m wide canopy that produce 4GHWh energy.

This pavilion will make you understand the connection between humankind and nature and how we can save our environment for future generations.

You will get a chance to stroll around Solar Energy and beneath the trees. Don’t forget to explore astonishing coral reefs at Hammour house, enjoying the dance performances, cultural shows, and theatre in an outdoor area that offers entertainment experiences.

Country Pavilion Experience of Sustainability District

  • Explore the integrated climate system with the Netherland Pavilion.
  • Witness cutting edge technology at The Biodiversity Lab, The Future Lab, and The Energy Lab with Germany Pavilion.
  • Enjoy the walk in the forest canopy and take a journey to the hanging garden with the Singapore Pavilion.
  • Experience the sight, sound and scene of the amazon basin and discover rich biodiversity with Brazil Pavilion.

Mobility District

Mobility is a way of transformation that has a connection with the way we live, connecting with people, exchanging ideas and knowledge, and learning about different cultures. You will find many dimensions that uncover all the humankind connections and its growth.

This futuristic-themed pavilion of Expo 2021 addresses how the people, ideas, and data proceed through the past, present, and future movements. You can enter into the virtual world that is brimful with data and innovation.

You may be served by drone waiters and robots in the districts of Dubai Expo 2021. The Mobility District enables you to explore the horizons that lead to the progress of humans. With Mobility District, you will know that connections are the base that drives the world forward.

Witness the cutting-edge mobility technology that shapes the future of vehicles, learn about the space in more detail and witness the mobility devices in action. Get a glimpse of striking experiences that you will get in Mobility District with different pavilions.

Alif- The Mobility Pavilion

It is a dedicated pavilion of the Mobility District that is located at the south entrance of the Dubai Expo 2021. Alif has lively and undulating tracks and is occupied with the latest technological innovations correlated to mobility. Three main zones offer you space for enjoyment, relaxation, and witnessing the surroundings. You will get to know how humanity is taking a larger step through digital connectivity.

Country Pavilion Experiences of Mobility Sustainability

  • Explore the universe by delving into the exciting Land Down Under at Australia Pavilion.
  • Taste the creativity with your senses and witness the development that keeps on going for a bright future at Russia Pavilion.
  • Witness the unique and dynamic architecture that builds a connection with the virtual and real-world at the Republic of Korea Pavilion.

Opportunity District

Opportunity district is filled with many dimensions that enable us to create a better tomorrow with today’s technology and information. You will see how our lives and actions are linked with the Opportunity District. Wherever your eyes see, you see something engaging and gripping through this district.

Apart from that, you will get a chance to meet the people, who transform the dream into reality, understand the ideas, and learn something new with every step. It is all about youth empowerment, building connections, and making this world a better place.

Mission Possible- The Opportunity Pavilion

The Mission Possible is a dedicated pavilion of the Opportunity District. It is designed by AGi Architecture that reflects cultural discoveries, events, exhibitions, shopping opportunities, and exhibitions. After exploring this pavilion, you will unlock the potential and be inspired to make this world a better place. Everyone’s action has an impact on the global level, and it shows beautifully at this pavilion.

Country Pavilion Experiences of Opportunity District

  • Find out how to create a better future that includes smart life, smart thinking, and smart feeling with clever ideas and cutting-edge technologies at Ukraine Pavilion.
  • Be ready to see things differently and get inspired by the ideas of intriguing minds at Monaco Pavilion.
  • Witness the progress of the world and innovation for a bright future at the UK Pavilion.

Pavilions in Expo

Dubai Expo is a grand event that will witness 191 participating nations. You can learn about the unique architecture, culture, and innovation inspire through the pavilions. There are four kinds of Pavilions in Dubai Expo 2021. Let’s talk about each pavilion that welcomes you to see the tomorrow of the world.
Country Pavilion:

It is the very first time in the history of the World Expo that every participating country has its pavilion. Through these pavilions, you can get the best experience of your life that leaves its marks on your heart forever.

From cultural experiences to inspiring technology, each country has something unique to offer you. It means you can explore hundreds of pavilions in this grand event.

Some of the best and most important pavilions in Expo Dubai are India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Japan, Germany, Ireland, and Australia.

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Partner Pavilions:

It comes with no surprise that Partner Pavilions are some of the best reasons for the success of the Dubai Expo. You can easily sense the future through these Partner Pavilions as it offers great expertise and innovation that is matchless.

DP Pavilion shows allow you to witness the power of flow that connects the world with its four floors. It has a giant digitized waterfall that offers a great experience and Flow Lab that is an educational workshop.

The Emirates Pavilion is fully dedicated to technological advancements. It offers a unique lighting show along with future innovations and technologies.

ENOC Pavilion is another partner pavilion that reflects the connection between humankind and energy. You can also get knowledge about space learning in this pavilion.

Organization Pavilions:

There are many international organizations and civil societies that are working for global challenges. Organizations Pavilions has 10 major pavilions that show you the depth of a promising future in so many ways.

There are different kinds of pavilions in different districts that keep you entertained. African Union Pavilion, ASEAN Pavilion, Dubai Cares Pavilion, and Investment Corporation of Dubai Pavilion are some of the best pavilions.

Special Pavilions

Special Pavilions are thematic and Expo-owned pavilions that give you an enchanting experience. The base of Special Pavilions is the merging of education, entertainment, and excitement. It includes six pavilions that never miss the chance to give you a dose of that three-E. The major attractions of this pavilion are Alif-The Mobility Pavilion, Terra- The Sustainability, and Mission Possible- Opportunity Pavilion.

Programmes and Events of Dubai Expo for the People and Planet

It is a platform for freewheeling ideas and innovations that makes an impact on the upcoming future. You will realize in so many ways that balance is the key to making the world a better place to live. And you will get to know that taking personal responsibility builds collective responsibility and makes a difference in the quality of life.

Dubai Expo offers inspiring collections of technology and innovation to face the most critical challenge of this world. Apart from that, at the same time, it creates opportunities to step ahead in a better future.

This event will build a global community with more than 200 participants and partners, and visitors around the world. Expo Dubai will unlock the potential to shape the future and deliver real-life solutions for real-life challenges. For people, it offers more than just experience.

You can explore humanity’s most pressing challenges from the perspective of the environment, culture, society, and economy. Two aspects of programmes and Events open new gates for inspiring new perspectives.

From climate to connectivity and space to human health, you will get to learn many more things. Expo Initiatives and Theme Weeks are two segments of the Programme for People and Planet of this global occasion. Let’s check out what these two segments unfold for us.

Expo Initiatives

The program and initiatives of the Dubai Expo have a wide range that is focused on creating a meaningful impact on life. On this grand occasion, you will see many platforms that showcase the inventions to convert the ideas into reality.

You will find many initiative steps in this event, including Expo Live, Global Best Practice Programme, Sustainability at Expo, and World majlis. Get a glimpse of each program and know what it offers to the world.

Expo Live: The objective of this program is a mix of innovation, partnerships, impact, and engagement.

Global Best Practice Programme: The new solution for new challenges on the global level that provide impactful and sustainable interventions with 25 selected projects.

Sustainability at Expo: This program is all about redefining Sustainability. From following the process of recycling to promoting natural resolutions, the Expo of Dubai aims to present one of the most sustainable World Expos ever in the eyes of the world.

World Majlis: It is a high-spirited forum that brings together inquisitive minds that puts questions on important topics. People from the corner of the world share a new perspective that matters for the world.

Theme Weeks

It is a part of the Programme for People and Planet that offers 10 themes for the complete six months of the Dubai Expo. With these themes, you will discover the challenges of humans and opportunities for building a new and better world.

Theme Names Dates
Climate & Biodiversity 3 – 9 October 2021
Space 17 – 23 Oct 2021
Urban & Rural Development 31 Oct – 6 Nov 2021
Tolerance & Inclusivity 14 – 20 Nov 2021
Knowledge & Learning 12 – 18 Dec 2021
Travel & Connectivity 9 – 15 Jan 2022
Global Goals 16 – 22 Jan 2022
Health & Wellness 27 Jan – 2 Feb 2022
Food Agriculture, & Livelihood 17 – 23 Feb 2022
Water 20 – 26 Mar 2022

Unique Experiences for all at Dubai Expo

Expo 2021 is a hub of experiences that offer something to get excited about for everyone. Whether you want to unravel your inner techie, step into the worlds of diverse flavors, boost your creativity, or look for business opportunities,

Dubai Expo is just the answer for all at its best. It is a unique world of novel experiences that offer more than 60 daily shows, and over 200 restaurants with world-class cuisines.

It has 191 country pavilions and 200+ pavilions that take you to different worlds where every single moment is legendary for you. You will explore different themes weeks that are focused on global challenges and witness life-changing innovations here.

Besides that, you will inject a dose of entertainment through your all senses, learn about art and culture, admire the architecture, and many more. In short, every step of the Dubai expo has something gripping that grabs your attention and offers one of a kind experience.

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Theme Weeks in Expo

Theme Weeks in Dubai Expo runs 10 weeks throughout the six months, and you will get a diverse experience with each zone. Exploring these zones gives you a futuristic approach to a better planet. Every theme has the opportunity for a better world and allows you to engage in conversation that shapes the future.

Let’s unravel each theme to know the solutions to some human challenges.

  • Climate & Biodiversity: It gives you insight into how to manage climate change along. You can also get to know about how to protect our biodiversity.
  • Space: With this theme, you will explore more about space and its aspects.
  • Urban & Rural Development: This theme is dedicated to human growth and connection with this planet in harmony.
  • Tolerance & Inclusivity: It is focused on enhancing the common understanding to enable more tolerant and inclusive societies.
  • Knowledge & Learning: At this theme, you will utilize the knowledge and challenge today’s education for the upcoming time.
  • Travel & Connectivity: You will learn about maintaining a balance between our physical reality and the digital world.
  • Global Goals: This theme is based upon work together for a better world in 2030.
  • Health & Wellness: It is a theme that inspires you to create a healthy and happy life.
  • Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods: You will get to know how we produce food for the upcoming time in a sustainable manner.
  • Water: It is one of the most important themes as water is the source of every life on this planet. You will learn about how to protect the water for today for upcoming generations.

Innovation and Technology in Dubai Expo

Experiencing technological advancement to awaken your inner techie is one of the best things to do at the Dubai Expo. You will experience the countless life-changing innovations that connect you to a world of high-tech possibilities.

From artificial intelligence to health care innovation, you will see the solutions to global challenges that show the tomorrow in today.

The innovations of Expo 2021 in Dubai create opportunities, drive mobility, and nutrify sustainability.

Entertainment at Dubai Expo

From pop-up theatres to the street festival celebration, There is something for all your senses. You can witness the striking show of beautiful creatures that delve into the lights, filling your heart through the ears with diverse musical tastes.

For all ages and all interests, there is something to be entertained. You can add a new phase of entertainment to your life.

Art & Culture in Dubai Expo

There are multiple ways to experience art and culture at Expo 2021. You can get an insightful view of the UAE’s rich history and admire the artistic approach by strolling shopping.

Every country and its culture is displayed interestingly in so many dimensions. Various shows, events, and handicrafts allow you to immerse yourself in the art and culture.

Food and Livelihoods in Dubai Expo

You can experience world-class foods and feast your tongue with diverse cuisines at Dubai Expo. It is time to break the border of taste and explore something new.

You can taste the old classic to the latest one and make your tummy happy. With more than 200 food and beverages outlets, it is a paradise for food lovers.

Architecture at Dubai Expo

You can take an architecture tour to learn more about architecture, pavilions, building technology, and design. To experience the architectural marvels in the Dubai expo, you will have plenty of options.

From getting the 360-degree view from the top of the rotating observation tower to admiring the unique design of hundreds of pavilions, you will amaze by witnessing the architectural art.

Business & Entrepreneurship in Dubai Expo

No wonder, this grand event is the hub of unique business opportunities. It promotes international cooperation and helps you to connect with the right people for your business.

You will get the benefits and opportunities for your business at Dubai Expo. Apart from that, for networking and discussion ideas, premium lounges are available.

Education Programs at Dubai Expo

Learning about the world in one place is magical, and it is true with Dubai Expo 2021. Students can discover the different career paths and get a meaningful education in fun mode.

From indulging in an educational activity to opening the possibilities of growth for a better future, Dubai Expo is a classroom for different learning.

Where to Eat at Dubai Expo

Dubai Expo 2021 has more than 200 food and beverage outlets that make it a foodie’s wonderland. Is a volley of thought hitting you hard regarding where to eat and what to eat at the Dubai Expo?

You would be glad to know that endless choices are available to make your dining experience extra special.

There are many internationally accumulated restaurants, celebrity chefs, street bites, food trucks, and a touch of Expo-exclusive eateries. Feeding your mind with a rich dining experience and stomach with authentic delicacies.

You will also get the opportunity to experience one of the most futuristic dinners by the international taste.

Plan a Visit during Dubai Expo to explore the Seven Emirates

Dubai Expo 2021 is a place that presents the taste of all worlds. You can experience the attractions, culture, art, and vibe of different countries on this planet earth.

But after filling your heart with shades of all the world, why not delve into the sights, sounds, and tastes of the region? You will have the opportunity to add an enthralling experience to your life with seven emirates to choose from, each with its attractions.

There is something for everyone that suits the mood and rejuvenates in so many ways. Check out the below list and choose your destinations.

Dubai: Dubai is home to record-breaking structures that catch the attention of everyone. From award-winning water parks to sky-touching record breakers, everything has become a symbol of superlatives that you can’t find anywhere else.

Its breathtaking skyline, striking beaches, delicious cuisines, and shopping therapy are major reasons to explore this city.

Distance between Dubai Expo and Dubai International Airport: 53 KM (approx.)
Travel Time: 35 min (approx.)

Abu Dhabi: It is the capital city of UAE that is home to more than 200 natural islands and one of the world’s largest mosques.

Abu Dhabi is one of the most extraordinary destinations that offer numerous outdoor activities, sea-front world-class hotels, and fascinating events.

Apart from that, you will find magnificent ways to experience Abu Dhabi. Witness the skylines from the air by helicopter or cruising over water by traditional boats, this city will exceed your expectations in every sense.

Distance between Dubai Expo and Abu Dhabi: 113 KM (approx.)
Travel Time: 1 h, 20 min (approx.)

Ajman: Being situated on the Gulf Coast, Ajman is a truly fascinating blend of history and recreation. You will find there many rich heritage and discoveries that will blow your mind.

This city of UAE is a blissful place to celebrate nature, adventure, and shopping with a connection of culture and tradition. Ajman offers plenty of fun activities that keep you entertained and active throughout the visit.

Distance between Dubai Expo and Ajman: 74 KM (approx.)
Travel Time: 1 h (approx.)

Fujairah: Settled on the eastern coast of the UAE, Fujairah is a serene and calm beach town that maintains a distance from the fast-paced life. Offering beautiful mountains and awe-inspiring beaches, it never disappoints travelers and locals.

This city is known as a business hub and popular for its raw beauty that wins everyone’s heart with just one glimpse.

Distance between Dubai Expo and Fujairah: 152 KM (approx.)
Travel Time: 1 h, 30 min (approx.)

Ras Al Khaimah: Being home to the highest mountain in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah is truly a dreamy destination for every adventure seeker. It is located in the northern part of the UAE and offers elements that make every moment unforgettable.

Thanks to its picturesque surrounding, five-star hotel, and White Sandy Shores. But experiences like exploring the ancient sites, zip-lining, and camping make your visit delightful.

Distance between Dubai Expo and Ras Al Khaimah: 141 KM (approx.)
Travel Time: 1h, 30 min (approx.)

Sharjah: Sharjah is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary destinations in the UAE. You will get loads of unique and vibrant experiences in this city in so many ways.

Mountain ranges, untouched beaches, and intoxicating landscapes will entice you to take your traveling experience to the next level. From indulging in water sports to exploring the desert with wildlife, everything is gripping and exciting.

Distance between Dubai Expo and Sharjah: 64 KM (approx.)
Travel Time: 45 min (approx.)

Umm Al Quwain: It is the second smallest emirate of the UAE, which reflects what the UAE was before its oil wealth. This quaint and retro village is stuck with history and shows us a different side of the UAE.

This village did not face modernization, but still offers a unique charm that offers an unmissable experience. You can spend your vacation in a relaxed mood and discover the Aqua Park and Museum of this small region.

Distance between Dubai Expo and Umm Al Quwain: 100 KM (approx)
Travel Time: 1h, 5 min (approx.)

Important Information:

Before you head out for your trip to the UAE, here is the practical information that you need throughout your vacation.

  • Currency: Emirati Dirhams (AED)
  • Capital: Abu Dhabi
  • Time Difference: GMT + 4hours

Getting to the UAE: You can get around the United Arab of Emirates by air, land, and sea. Seven. Emirates Airlines of Dubai and Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi connect UAE to the most international destinations.

Port Rashid, Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal, and Port Khalid are some popular cruise lines that come up with modern facilities. The road connectivity between UAE and other countries is convenient.

Where to Stay: From modest to luxury, the option for accommodations is as diverse as your imagination. Whether you want to relax in the desert, stay by the sea, or in the vibrant city, you will get everything in UAE. You can make your Expo visit remarkable by staying in Rove Expo 2021.

Culture & Customs: The local heritage of UAE reflects its culture. You can sense good hospitality and see that people are encouraged to dress modestly. Non-alcoholic

Health Information: Make sure to read the guidelines of the World Health Organization and check out the website of UAE’s Ministry of health and prevention.

Weather in the UAE: The blue skies, sunshine, and warm climate are factors that determine the condition of the UAE’s weather. Rainfall is rare in the UAE, but the temperature ranges from 25°C in winter and 42 °C in summer. The air conditioning system of public and private establishments makes your summer visit pleasant.

Telecommunication: Etisalat and du are the providers of mobile service and internet in the UAE. You can get the SIM card and various plans for internet and local and international calling from the shop at the airports of UAE.

Water & Electricity: You will get 220/240 volts at 50hz electricity in Dubai. When it comes to water in Dubai, tap water is safe for drinking in the UAE. But if you want to drink bottled mineral water, it is easily available in the market and grocery stores.

Tickets Prices for Expo 2021 Dubai

Expo 2021 offers an extraordinary experience that comes with great hospitality. You can book a standard ticket with the seasonal pass, multi-day pass, one-day ticket, and premium experience.

The bundle tickets come as a family package and Jubilee experience for having fun with your group of people. This event sets a platform for 191 countries along with the best of science, technology, art, culture, music, architecture, and shopping.

Ticket prices are different for each pass as each pass has different benefits for visitors. There is no entry fee for Kids and youth under 18 years along with senior citizens over 60 years old.

Apart from that, entry is free for students and people of determination (+1 Companion at half price). The ticket is basically for adults who are between the ages of 18 to 59 years. But for children under 6 years, the ticket will be issued to visitors at the entrance and can’t be booked online.

Note: On certain peak days, you require prior reservation.

Let’s check out the complete details and benefits of each pass.

Standard Ticket for Expo 2021/strong

Season Pass

Type of Tourists Ticket Price
Adults (18 – 59 Years) 10,620, INR
Kids and Youth NIL
Urban & Rural Development NIL
Senior Citizens NIL
Students NIL
People of determinations NIL

Season Pass Inclusions:

  • Unlimited entries for Expo 2021 for the entire six months.
  • 10 smart queue booking each day to participate in pavilion and activity so there in need to wait in long lines.

Multi-Day Pass

Type of Tourists Ticket Price
Adults (18 – 59 Years) 4,183 INR
Kids and Youth NIL
Urban & Rural Development NIL
Senior Citizens NIL
Students NIL
People of determinations NIL

Multi-Day Pass Inclusions:

  • Unlimited entries for 30 consecutive days in Expo 2021 from the first day of use.
  • 10 smart queue booking each day to participate in pavilion and activity so there in need to wait in long lines
  • Upgradation to a season pass at any time of the duration of the ticket.

1 Day Ticket

Type of Tourists Ticket Price
Adults (18 – 59 Years) 2,038 INR
Kids and Youth NIL
Urban & Rural Development NIL
Senior Citizens NIL
Students NIL
People of determinations NIL

1-Day Ticket Inclusions:

  • Valid for a single entry throughout the Expo 2021.
  • Upgradeable to Multi-Pass or Season Pass before or on the visit.
  • 10 smart queue booking each day to participate in pavilion and activity so there in need to wait in long lines.

Premium Experience

Type of Tourists Ticket Price
Adults (18 – 59 Years) 37,547 INR
Kids and Youth NIL
Senior Citizens NIL
Students NIL
People of determinations NIL

Premium Experience Inclusions:

  • Unlimited entries for Expo 2021 for the entire six months.
  • Enjoy a selection of complimentary food and beverage at Premium Lounge at 2021 club with 5 entries.
  • Enlarge your global business circle by scheduling meetings with access to Expo B2B App. A fast-track entrance on each visit to Expo 2021.
  • From gastronomical delight to street foods, get a 20% discount on food and beverages outlets.
    Half-day guided tour of Expo site with a dedicated attendant.
  • Get priority access to choose business events.
  • 10 smart queue booking each day to participate in pavilion and activity so there in need to wait in long lines.

Bundle Tickets for Dubai Expo 2021

Premium Experience (Family Package Price: INR 20,382)

Type of Passes/ Vouchers
No. of Passes & Vouchers
Season Pass – Adult (18-59) 2
Season Pass – Nanny 1
Photography Voucher 1
25% discount on 5 Multi-Day Passes 1

Family Package Inclusions

  • 10 smart queue booking each day to participate in pavilion and activity so there in need to wait in long lines.
  • 2 season passes and 1 free season pass for a nanny are valid for unlimited entries for the entire 6 months.
  • Discounts on food and beverages at select outlets when dining with family.
  • The 25% discount on 5 Multi-Day Passes is valid for unlimited entries for 30 consecutive days from the first day of use.

Jubilee Experience Price: INR 2,14,555

Type of Passes/ Vouchers
No. of Passes & Vouchers
Season Pass – Adult (18-59) 4
Multi-Day Pass – Adult (18-59) 30
1-Day Ticket Pass 10
Garden in the Sky vouchers 5
Jubilee Lounge by Emaar vouchers 6
Photography Voucher 6
Guided Tours Vouchers 10

Jubilee Package Inclusions:

  • All the Season Passes, Multi-Day Passes, and 1-day tickets are valid for unlimited entries
  • The fast track entrance for the member along with 5 guests on each visit.
  • 10 smart queue booking each day to participate in pavilion and activity so there in need to wait in long lines.
  • 2-Expo passport and 2-24 carat gold plated Expo Jubilee pins.
  • Get access to the Jubilee Longe by Emaar.
  • Priority access to events.
  • At premium outlets, get discounts on food and beverages and dedicated doorkeepers for support and booking.

Shopping in Dubai Expo 2021

Shopping is an integral part of your Expo visit as well as an exciting experience. From clothing to different kinds of souvenirs, you will have plenty of choices.

You can explore a wide range of products, which are made from locally sourced materials and sustainable.

Explore the wide range of products that are created by small businesses and artisans in innovative and environmentally friendly ways.

You can buy them online or from many shops across the Expo Site. Dubai Expo offers a unique kind of shopping experience that you should not miss in any way. Filling your memories with experiences, learning, technology, culture, and art.

  • Food Items: You can buy Arabic coffee, natural date bars, and many more items.
  • Fashion Items: Get a wide range of clothes and fashion accessories for all ages.
  • Stationery: Get your hands on stationery items for yourself as well as for your kids. From elegant notebooks for the office to pencils, paperclips, and many more items.
  • Gifts: Explore the wide range of small items, unique fragrances, and quaint souvenirs.
  • Toys: You will find diverse collections of toys for different age groups as well as games.
  • Collectibles: The collectible items like rare Gold, Silver, Coin, and Foils are available.

Getting Around the Expo 2021

Expo 2021 is spread across 1,083 acres and is one of the biggest platforms in the world for entertainment, art, learning, culture, technology, and innovation.

You can taste different kinds of experiences by using different modes of transportation. From walking to Golf buggies, you will find many interesting ways to reach one destination to another destination in Dubai Expo 2021.

  • By Foot: There is no second thought that walking is one of the best ways to get around at Dubai Expo 2021. Every side is vibrant and packed with gripping attractions. Strolling is one of the best ways to find something amazing at your next step. So you wouldn’t want to miss any attraction that you explore at your next step.
  • By Expo People Mover: You can move around the major locations of Expo 2021 with free and high-frequency buses. These buses are suitable for everyone as the Expo People Mover buses have facilities for people of determination.
  • By Golf Buggies: There are limited numbers of Golf buggies, and some are wheelchair accessible. You can sit in the Golf Buggies with your family and discover the attraction of this site.
  • Expo Explorers: Expo Explorers is one of the most unique and interesting modes of transport in the Expo. It is accessible for wheelchair users and gives you a unique sightseeing experience on this site.

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Staying Facility in Expo 2021 Dubai

You can also enjoy staying facilities in Expo 2021 with Rove Expo 2021 and a hotel on the site with 312 rooms and 19 suites. You can enjoy the view of Al Wasl Plaza and the rooftop Pool to make your Expo visit more remarkable.

How to Reach Expo 2021

Established at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, Expo 2021 is located in the middle of the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can reach Dubai Expo 2021 by bus, taxi, metro, and car. There are three main entrances of Expo 2021, which are at a distance of 19 km from Dubai Marina.

By Metro: Metro is one of the fastest and continual ways to get to Expo 2021. You need to take the Dubai Metro Red Line from the city to the entrance.

By Expo Rider Buses: There is a dedicated bus service that is free of charge for Expo 2021 visitors. You can catch it from different locations in Dubai as well as other Emirates. Keep in mind that you will have to make the return trip from the same gate where it drops you.

By Taxi: Car hiring and taxi are abundant so that you can easily choose the service to reach the Expo site. You can simply download the Uber app or Careem to book your taxi for comfortable rides.

Parking in Expo 2021

If you are coming by driving your car, there you will find four dedicated parking zones. You can follow the sign to get to one of the four parking zones on the Expo site.

  • Opportunity parking zone
  • Sustainability parking zone
  • Mobility parking zone
  • Dubai Exhibition Centre parking zone

Tips for Dubai Expo

  • It is good to arrive early because all three districts open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • You will get the skip-the lines ticket online that will provide you priority access to avoid the waiting lines for entry.
  • Book combo tickets at lower costs that will include entry to Expo 2021, in addition to attractions of Dubai like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Garden Glow, Dubai Frame, Dubai Aquarium, and Underwater Zoo, and many theme parks of the city.
  • If you are visiting the city only for Expo, you can save extra costs by booking tickets that include hotel transfers to and from the Expo site.

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