Dussehra Festival in India

What is Dussehra Festival ?

Dussehra is an important festival in India for Hindus. All the corners of the country get sparked with enthusiasm for the festive season. Dussehra festival in India is also known as “Dashmi”, denoted by the word “Ten”. This day is followed by a nine-day festival, Navratri. During Navratri, nine forms of Devi / Shakti (Hindu Goddess) are worshipped all around the country, with slightly different rituals. And twenty days following Dussehra, falls Deepavali festival; which too holds major significance in the country. Visiting India, during the month of October / November is a blessing for those who want to embrace Indian culture at its best.

Why celebrate Dussehra festival ?

RamlilaDussehra festival marks the triumph of truth and love, over evil and hatred. This simple principle spills faith and thrives humanity, all around the world. According to mythology, Ravana, the evil, kidnapped Goddess Sita and took her to his palace. During this time, Sita was tortured and was forced to live far beyond the reach of her husband, Lord Ram. Lord Ram, on the other end, kept crossing miles with rigid hurdles. He was accompanied by his brother Lakshman and Hanuman. And Lord Hanuman had an army of monkeys, which aimed at uniting the beloved souls.

There were fierce battles and ocean of blood flowed across the way. But one day, Lord Ram unshackled his love, Sita. And this event is commemorated with the name of Dussehra. Not just in Hinduism, but in every other religion in the world supports and promotes the idea of living with peace, love, togetherness, fearlessness and purity; all of which is reflected in the story of Ramayan.

Interesting things to see in Dussehra Festival?

There is a wave of enthusiasm and liveliness in the air in the streets of India during the festival of Dussehra. Dussehra is one of the popular festivals of Hindus, but is celebrated and attended by the followers of every other religion as well.There are family/community get-togethers in this day. In fact, Dussehra is celebrated in Dashmi (Tenth day). Dussehra is followed by a nine-day Hindu festival, devoted to different human-forms of a Devi (Goddess). And all these ten days are filled with pure spirit of festivity. During these ten days, there are carnivals and fairs organized all around the country. These fairs are delightful not only for kids but adults too.

There are different games, contests and plays which take place here.With the arrival of Dusshera, comes arrival of legendary theatrical performances of Ram-leela. The plays hold cultural reverence in India. This enactment of the mythological story enables young generation to get updated with the aspects of their religion. And for the elders it helps them re-live the memories. Some people throng to the venues of plays and some sweep on their couch and watch it on televisions.

On the festival of Dussehra, in different parts of the India, massive models are set on fire. These models are of the devil Ravana (believed to have ten heads) and his brothers. The models are stuffed with crackers and are made with bamboo, papers, cloth and other things. The sight of Ravan and his brothers getting caught by fire denotes eradication of evil from the society and hearts of the people.

Best places to see Dussehra event


Delhi Ramlila Ground

Standing effigy in Ramlila ground of Delhi

Besides grand fairs, there is an enthusiasm for Ram-Leela plays in the city. These plays are performed by different theater groups. Out of several groups, there are five popular committees in Delhi . which organize Ram-Leela event every year; one of them is 180 years old and was started by a Mughal emperor. Streets of Chandni Chowk are even more jam-packed during Dussehra festival.

How to Reach:

Delhi is well connected by rail, road and air from across the country. International tourist would find Delhi connected by air from major cities across the world.


Ramlila ground Varanasi

Standing effigy in Ramlila Ground of Varanasi

Varanasi is amongst the holiest and oldest cities of India. Hindus consider visiting Varanasi, an act of washing sins away. Since Dussehra is the main festival of Hindus, it is celebrated with arms wide open. During this festive season, watching Ram-Leela is considered a virtue. The most famous Ram-Leela takes place in Ramnagar Varanasi.

How to Reach Varanasi

Varanasi is connected to major airports in India and you could fly in here from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata etc. Varanasi Railway Station in the main line of Indian Railway is connected with major rail routes and cities of India. State run buses from neighboring states also run regular service to ferry people to this holy city.

Kullu Himachal

Dussehra festival in Kullu

Dussehra celebration in Dhalpur Maidan, Himachal Pradesh

Kullu flaunts the realm of festivity perfectly, and this is why it is a popular town for Dussehra festival in Himachal Pradesh. Here a seven day festival commences with Dussehra (after Navratra), when the whole town gathers in Dhalpur Maidan Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. The fairground vivifies the whole valley; there is a lovely blend of spirituality, faith and festive spirit.

Kullu Dussehra Dates

22 October 2015 and will continue for 7 days.

Where is Kullu Dussehra Celebrated

Dhalpur Maidan, Kullu Vallery, Himachal Pradesh

How to reach Kullu

The nearest airport to reach Kullu is at Chandigarh as the Bhunter Airport which was the closest one earlier is not in operation. From Chandigarh, one could hire a cab to reach Kullu by road. State run buses of HPTDC (Haryana Tourism)and DTC (Delhi Tourism) as well as swanky Volvo bus service are available at regular interval to ferry travelers to Kullu.

Mysore Dasara

Dussehra in Mysore

Dussehra festival in Mysore Karnataka

This princely state is mainly popular for its Dasara celebration. The celebration goes on for a period of ten days. There is a huge wave of adorable sights to behold, like the royal procession of decorated elephants, fireworks and Mysore Palace glistening with more than one lakh lights.

When is Mysore Dasara

October 23, 2015 (Friday)

How to Reach Mysore

Mysore could be reached by rail, road and air but the flights to Mysore are only available from Bangaluru. Same is not true for the rail service but Mysore is not a major train route from other parts of the country. Mysore is located 140 kilometers away from Bangalore and could be reached by road from neighboring states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu easily. State run and private bus services ply frequently connecting Mysore from other cities of South India.

The best way to reach Mysore is to catch a train or flight to Bangalore and from their travel to Mysore either by road or by rail.

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