Houseboat Tour in Alleppey: Experience the Best of Kerala Backwaters

Very few activities can match the exhilarating experience of a houseboat touring through Kerala backwaters. With the best of beaches, culture, traditions, mountains, lakes and so much more, it is not without reason Kerala is called God’s Own Country, and witnessing such beauty on a houseboat tour is even more amazing. Of all Kerala, the beauty of Alleppey backwaters got to be one of the best!

Also called Venice of the East, Alleppey is considered the Citadel (stronghold) of Houseboats in Kerala. This is because of the presence of inland canals, beaches, and lagoons. You get to experience the native lifestyle – transport, farming, fishing, sport, etc.

on the narrow canals and paddy fields by the backwaters. In fact, Alleppey is often the starting or ending point of most houseboat tours.

What to Expect on Alleppey Kerala Houseboat Tour 

  • The backwaters are usually very touristy and you’ll find it way more crowded than you’d expect. The backwater attractions bring tourists from far and wide in large numbers.
  • The boats have a lot of amenities for a comfortable backwater journey – beds, hot water, generators, bedrooms, and more. Luxury houseboats have way too many facilities than these and are of superior quality.

What Will I Experience On Alleppey Houseboat Tours? 

There are several amazing places that you can experience on an Alleppey backwaters tour. You will be taken to popular beaches, lakes, and islands, on your route.

Also, if you have taken a tour for longer days, you will be covering top canals, interior villages, and even remote waterways. Overall, the Alleppey houseboat tour will be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have in your life. Some of the top attractions that your can experience on your next Alleppey tour are:

  • Marari Beach
  • Kuttanad
  • Alappuzha Beach
  • Vembanad Lake
  • Pathiramanal Island
  • Krishnapuram Palace
  • Sri Krishna Temple

Marari Beach 

Besides being home to some of the world’s best Ayurvedic centers in India, Marari Beach (or Mararikulam Beach) is a great place for fun, leisure, excitement, peace, and serenity.


Spread across both Alleppey and Kottayam districts, Kuttanad is also called the ‘Ride Bowl of Kerala’ because of its expansive paddy cultivation. Interestingly, Kuttanad is one of the few places in the entire globe where cultivation is done below sea level.

Alappuzha Beach 

One of the most renowned beaches in Kerala, Alappuzha Beach provides one of the best ambiances for a relaxing holiday. The site showcases a mixed range of flora, day outings, leisure activities, adventure options, and so much more.

Vembanad Lake 

If you are heading to Alleppey, you cannot miss out on the longest lake in India and the largest lake in the state of Kerala, Vembanad Lake. You can visit the lake on your houseboat and have the most ethereal of experiences ever.

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Pathiramanal Island 

The island is the best for nature lovers who are particularly interested in bird-watching because, on the island, you can witness colorful birds everywhere. The presence of crystal sand on the island will make for one of the best sights.

Krishnapuram Palace 

The palace and museum of Krishnapuram Palace is an example of unique traditional architecture, which is an 18th-century heritage. Located 49 km from Alleppey, Krishnapuram Palace is a must-visit.


Located on the banks of the picturesque Pampa River, Champakulam is a place of nature’s pristine beauty with its lush vegetation and intrinsic network of water bodies. With green paddy fields, coconut groves, and waterfowl, Champakulam is one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Sri Krishna Temple 

One of the most beautiful sites to visit in Kerala, this sacred temple holds special sanctity in the lives of believers in the region. Built all the way back in the 8th century, the temple has a deity that holds a whip in one hand (right) and a ‘shankh’ in the other (left).

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Popular Routes in Alleppey and Types of Houseboats:  

5 popular routes in Alleppey are there that offer mesmerizing glimpses into the best of backwaters. They are:

  • Alleppey – Regions in Vembanad Lake – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Kumarakom – Thottappally – Nedumudi – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Kumarakom – Alleppey
  • Alleppey – Alumkadavu
  • Alleppey – Champakulam – Chennamkary – Kainakary – Alleppey

Types of houseboats in Alleppey: they are mainly of two. Most tourists opt for private houseboats, and the duration of the stay is 1 Day & 1 Night. Houseboats mostly float in the backwaters for a couple of hours, and the rest of the time, they remain stagnant on water.

On the other hand, shared houseboats are where you share a big houseboat with another couple or family. Such houseboats are uncommon and are low-budget.

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Facilities you’ll get on Houseboats in Alleppey

If this is your first time booking a houseboat, you must be surprised to find that a houseboat has way more facilities than you would expect. Houseboat interiors are very well-decorated with basic facilities like well-furnished rooms with chairs, tables, beds, and even nice spacious balconies offering amazing sights and sceneries. Houseboats in Alleppey have good arrangements for foods with both North and South Indian delicacies. Besides, you get several options for customization.

Cost of Houseboat Stay in Alleppey

Based on the services offered, houseboat Alleppey rates may vary between INR 6,000 to INR 1,50,000 per night. (prices may vary at the time of booking.) The prices vary depending upon how premium you want the houseboat to be – budget, standard, luxury, premium luxury, or shared houseboats. Besides the types of houseboats you choose, the blackwater experience you’ll have there is unlike any other.

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How to Book a Houseboat in Alleppey?

You can easily do booking online for a houseboat in Alleppey, and for the same, you can reach out to a good destination management company for a smooth booking process. The only thing is you need to choose which type of houseboat you are going for, and it is preferable to make the booking in advance as there is a lot of demand for houseboats, particularly during the peak seasons.

Best time to visit Alleppey backwaters

Like the rest of Kerala, winters (September-February) are the best time to visit Alleppey and enjoy houseboat rides on its backwaters, as the weather is mild and pleasant. The cold breezes in the evenings make for the best travel experience on the backwaters. Summers (March-May)
are hot and humid in Alleppey, but you’ll find tourists sailing through backwaters during this period too. It is preferable to book air-conditioned houseboats then. Monsoon (June-August) is the off-season, but you can enjoy houseboat rides which will be accompanied by often slight downpours.

Things to Keep in Mind

    • Due to the enormous greenery and waters all around, the backwaters are full of mosquitoes. It is recommended to carry your own Odomos and mosquito-repellent coil as they may or may not be available on the boats.
    • Since the local language may not be easily understandable, it is recommended to inform the tour operators beforehand that you may need a Hindi/English-speaking caretaker or guide.
    • The preferred time range for a houseboat tour is 2 days, which is more than enough to refresh yourselves and enjoy the scenic beauty of the locations!

Alleppey Houseboat Tour is one of a kind experience that you can have on your next trip to Kerala. Do reach out to Indian Holiday to book exciting Alleppey Houseboat tour packages or any Kerala tour packages that include the activity of houseboat tours, which you can also customize to best suit your needs. Contact us now!

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