12 Fun-Filled Workshops in Bali

Workshops in Bali are among the best tourist attractions of the island. The Indonesian island is blessed with multitude of temples, monuments and places of interest apart from its picturesque beauty. You can never be bored in Bali.

If you seek an activity or a new knowledge, then check out some of the most interesting workshops in Bali. Participate in workshops and learn about the art, crafts, traditions, daily activities or rituals.

Here are 12 Fun-Filled Workshops in Bali, which guarantee a wonderful time.

1. Beauty Workshop

The secrets of beauty are revealed at this workshop. Go natural and learn how to use nature for an enhanced beauty treatment. Learn about different plants and herbs which can be used to enhance your beauty.

Make your own products using ingredients from your garden. Learn about the secrets of amazing massage techniques. Also get to know the substitutes of Balinese herbs, so that you can attain the same results using natural products available in your own country. Acquire the knowledge of beauty unraveling the mysteries of nature.

Popular Beauty workshops in Bali

  • Cantika Zest

2. Perfume Workshop

Would you not like to have an aroma on you that will leave behind a trail of you, wherever you go? Bali offers you the opportunity to create fragrances. Learn about the procedure to concoct a unique personalized perfume with the finest essences of Indonesia.

Perfume making is one of the best sensorial activity in Bali. With natural aromatic products like coffee, spices, flowers added to you personality traits like outgoing, mysterious, romantic, sensual, dynamic, will also be taken into account to create something you. Workshops are available for few hours to days and weeks, enjoy the exclusive experience.

Popular perfume workshops in Bali

  • L’atelier Parfums & Creations
  • The Ayana Resort and Spa in Jimbaran
  • New Ritz Carlton in Nusa Dua

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3. Jewellery Workshop

It is not easy to resist purchasing jewellery on your trip to Bali. Why not create some unique specimens which you can also create as your own home as remembrance to the island of Gods. Customize your own individual piece of jewelry like bracelets, pendants, rings, chains or souvenirs.

Silver is the second most expensive element used in jewelry. Create some exquisite specimens, with wires, beads, tweezers, etc. In 5 grams of silver create a memory of molding your favorite jewellery in designs of your choice.

Popular jewellery workshops in Bali:

  • Prapen in Celuk
  • Chez Monique and Studio Perak in Ubud
  • John Hardy in Mambal
  • House of Alaia in Badung
  • Sanur Jewellery Studio

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4. Mask Carving Workshop

Masks are an integral part of Balinese culture. The island is blessed with a mix of Hindu and Buddhist religions. Balinese masks are internationally famous. They are used to represent Gods and Demons and in the traditional dance form of Topeng Bali.

The masks are also used to signify personalities, various moods, feelings, weaknesses and strengths. Let an expert of the skill introduce you to the art of carving masks. Masks are created of wood, mud, ceramics and other natural substances. Create a completely unique mask, with your design, colors, and expressions.

Popular Mask Carving workshops in Bali

  • WS Art Studio in Ubud
  • Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud
  • Astina Gallery in Mas Village

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5. Ceramics Workshop

Similar to pottery, out of mud mold something unique with your own hands. The white muddy substance of ceramics can be used to create wonderful pieces of art. Create something with your own hands in the ceramics workshop.

In the ceramics lessons, learn from absolute basic level skills to exquisite craftsmanship. Make your own ceramic items, through various hand-building techniques such as pinch, coil and slab. Your masterpiece is your take away souvenir as the remembrance of the wonderful workshop.

Popular ceramics workshop in Bali

  • Gaya Ceramic Arts Center in Ubud
  • Sari Api Studio
  • I Made Artha

6. Batik Workshop

Batik is a practice of dyeing fabric, using wax and wax-resistant colors.  Batik lessons are among the most popular workshops in Bali. Learn to use various tools, dyes and techniques. Master the details of a traditional design, or produce an original contemporary design, during your workshops.

Though many countries in the south-eastern part of Asia are known for their batik works, but Indonesia is designated as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Bali, batik designs include Hindu motifs and other vibrant patterns. The amazing finesse of the art will get your creative juices flowing.

Popular Batik workshop in Bali

  • Deking Batik Class
  • Batik with Ketut Sujana
  • Widya’s Batik
  • Goak Batik Bali in Sukawati

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7. Farming Workshop

Bali is renowned for its creative and intelligent farming methods. Using eco-friendly approaches the island is known to produce a wide variety of food items. One of the best workshops in Bali is a farming workshop.

It is an interesting activity, as you learn about the farmers and farming, sustainable and self-reliant ecosystem, etc. Pick up some easy tricks about organic farming. The activity is pleasing and these skills will be useful in your own garden.

Popular farming workshops in Bali

  • The Sari Organic in Ubud
  • Samadi Bali in Padang Linjong
  • Green School in Badung
  • The Organic Farm Bali in Ubud
  • Pande’s Farming in Bangli

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8. Cooking Workshop

Bali is known for its inimitable culinary experience. The cooking workshops of the island are fun and worth your time. Balinese cuisine is a wonderful merger of Indian and Chinese styles of cooking. Gastronomy comprises complex flavors, aroma, textures and tastes.

From shopping for produce from the traditional markets to organic production of ingredients, and the techniques to cook them, learn to create delicious Balinese. Experience recreating age-old traditional dishes, satay. Workshops are available for few hours to few days. Learn all the secrets of cooking mouthwatering cuisine.

Popular cooking workshop in Bali

  • Payuk Bali Cooking Class in Ubud
  • Chef Dean Cooking Class in Seminyak
  • Balinese Farm Cooking School in Ibu Pupsa

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9. Traditional painting Workshop

Traditional painting in Bali comprises of exquisite and detailed expression of themes such as island landscapes, still life objects and spiritual-themed subjects. For the visitors interested in learning traditional painting, there are numerous traditional painting workshops.

Both experienced and curious learners can indulge in the art of painting. Relish artistic expressionism. Ramayana and Mahabharata’s tales have been depicted here. Enjoy a workshop of learning the history, style and the technique of creating a masterpiece.

Popular Traditional Painting workshops in Bali

  • WS Art Studio
  • Pengosekan Community of Artists
  • Reef Wreck and Critter
  • Five Art Studio
  • Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School

10. Bamboo weaving Workshop

Bamboo weaving has been a part of Bali. The Bamboo is an omnipresent growing grass in the island. This flexible, durable grass has been used for various daily purposes. It has enjoyed a vital role for centuries as the daily offerings that are the heart of Balinese Hinduism.

Spend time at the wonderful workshop learning some of the unique weaving techniques. The amazing skills have been used by that the Balinese over the years to make their daily offerings to the Gods pleasing and meaningful.

Popular bamboo weaving workshops in Bali

  • Kul Kul Farm
  • Threads of Life Gallery

11. Lontar weaving Work Shop

Lontar is a kind of palm tree that is common to the Indonesian islands. Like bamboo, lontar leaves are used for artistic weaving and as thatch. Balinese artisans have honed the skill of the carving on the lontar.

Using sharp knives and chisels to craft words and images that come to life like a natural ink-like ash. It is simply beautiful to see. A steady hand will get you a unique new piece of original art. Join a workshop to try your hand and take home a masterpiece created by experts of the skill.

Popular Lontar weaving workshops in Bali

  • WS Art Studio
  • Five Art Studio

12. Balinese Dance Work Shop

Every visitor in Bali must take up the opportunity to watch one or more of the many traditional Balinese dances. There are performances organized almost every evening on the island. Dance and music are a way of life in Bali and has been so for centuries.

Balinese dancers begin to learn the skill as young children, and most professional dancers retire, when they marry. Participate in a Balinese Dance workshop, it is truly memorable. Learn about the history, traditions, technique and the dance form. You may not perform like a professional, but you will definitely have a great time learning.

Popular Balinese Dance Workshops in Bali

  • Mekar Bhuana Gamelan Music and Dance
  • ARMA and Puri Lukisan

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