Explore Unique Monuments in Sikkim to Connect with its Fascinating History

If you are searching for a place with a rich history, spirituality, and unique culture, then your search will be over at Sikkim, one of the iconic holiday destinations in India. This quaint state in North East India is also blessed with natural beauty, mountains, and numerous tourist places. Monuments in Sikkim will take you back to a time of a long distant past which will be an experience in itself.

These places are known to depict the Sikkimese culture and history the best.There are many places in the state which will allow you to practice meditation and explore other activities with local people.

In short, from religious significance to rich past, historical sites in Sikkim cover it all to amaze its tourists. So, it is time to give yourself a vacation break with Sikkim and get some unique and authentic education that you will not get in any other place in India.

List of top historical monuments in Sikkim that you must add to your bucket list for an unforgettable holiday.

Rabdentse Ruins

Location: Sidekeong Tulku Bird Park

This tourist place has a unique charm and always gets a high rank on the list of best Sikkim monuments. These ruins consist of a beautiful lake and grounds where you can stroll and admire the beauty. You can enjoy the view of dense forest and hills near pelling up and down.

Moreover, the chestnut trees enhance the scenery and give you a sight you must capture with your camera. A visit to this place will take you back in time and give you a better insight into the glorious past of this place.

Why visit Rabdentse Ruins: As per the history pages, Rabdentse was the second capital of the former Kingdom of Sikkim. Therefore, you can explore these ruins and turn the pages of history to relish the moment and create new memories.

Rumtek Monastery

Location: Near Gangtok, Sikkim

Being perched on a hill overlooking Gangtok, Rumtek monastery is one of Sikkim’s most significant and largest monasteries. You can enjoy a spiritual sojourn at this place and discover inner peace by spending some time here. The monastery was built in the 16th century and is also renowned as Dharma Chakra Centre.

It is one of those monasteries of India that was built with traditional architectural designs. Hence, Rumtek Monastery always finds its place in the list of famous monasteries in Sikkim. This monastery preserved many eye-catching factors that will grab your attention at one glance. Here you can find a golden stupa and several sculptures belonging to the 16th Karmapa.

Why visit Rumtek monastery : You will get a chance to perform Kora along with monks, which is a walk around the monastery. Surely, it is a lovely experience worth having on your Sikkim tour.

Dubdi Monastery

Location: Yuksom, Sikkim

Dubdi Monastery is one of the prime monasteries and historical hotspots in Sikkim. It is widely known as Yuksum and belongs to the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Being established in 1701 by Chogyal Namgyal, Dubdi is counted as one of the oldest monasteries of Sikkim.

Therefore, exploring this monastery is a lifetime experience as you can encounter fascinating attractions of the past. You can admire the painted interiors and discover some ancient artworks of divinities.

In short, visiting this monastery will give you an incredible experience and memories you can cherish for a long time.

Why visit Dubdi Monastery: There are well-preserved rare manuscripts and religious texts dating back a hundred years. Witnessing these kinds of elements in this ancient monastery will blow your mind.

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Pemayangtse Monastery

Location: Pemayangtse

Whenever we talk about the beautiful monasteries of Sikkim, Pemayangtse always stands at the top of the ranks. This monastery was designed and founded by Lama Lhatsun Chempoway in 1647, making it an ancient popular attraction in Sikkim. Each thing is so captivating, from its design to its interior, that it is next to impossible to take your eyes off this monastery.

This monastery is home to monks who vowed celibacy, given the title of “ta-tshang” or “monks of pure lineage.” There are many fascinating elements in Pemayangtse monastery that allure you to explore more and more: the first-level houses, mind-boggling sculptures, ancient paintings, and scrolls.

Why visit Pemayangtse monastery: This monastery is home to the prominent statue of Padmasambhava’s eight incarnations. And the seven-layered wooden structure showcases the sacred abode of Guru Rimpoche.

Coronation Throne of Norbugang

Location: Yuksom, Sikkim, India

Coronation Throne of Norbugang is one of the most visited historical places in Sikkim. It is the location of the crowning ceremony of Phuntsog Namgyal, the first king of Chogyal King. After the ceremony, Norbugang Chorten, a wall-like structure erected to give tribute to the king.

A widespread rumor linked with this location is that the people who attended the ceremony offered great treasures. Moreover, they are believed to be buried beneath the Norbugang Chorten. This historical site also has the seats of 3 lamas and kings, which are considered the eye-catching attractions of this place.

Why visit Coronation Throne of Norbugang: A 300-year old tree shades these seats, and you should not miss seeing the footprints of one of the three lamas embedded in a rock that is placed opposite the throne of the king.

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There are various tourist attractions in Sikkim with a great historical background. Some of the best historical monuments are Rabdentse Ruins, Rumtek Monastery, Dubdi Monastery, and many more.

If you want to discover new experiences in this region of India with the help of historical richness, you must include these places on your tour. You can book a well-curated Sikkim tour packages with Indian Holiday to get the feel of Indian exoticism in multiple ways throughout your holiday.

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