Planning Honeymoon in Maldives

Maldives conjures images of languid tropical holidays. Snuggled in the cerulean expanse of Indian Ocean, Honeymoon in Maldives is like living a fairytale. Comprising of over 1000 islands of which 900 of them are uninhabited, so you can guess the abundance of privacy and secluded moments for couples.

The ideal romantic setting of sun-kissed seashores, turquoise waters, thriving marine life, multicolor reefs, luxurious resorts, delectable cuisines and mesmerizing ambiance concocts honeymoon that makes cherished memories.

The dreamy site of the islands will enhance your emotions and feelings. Breathtaking is the word that comes to your mind. Visit the ‘Necklace of the Indian Ocean’ for your loving honeymoon holidays.

Reasons Why you should Plan your Honeymoon in Maldives

Maldives Weather

Maldives in Indian Ocean enjoy a salubrious weather. One of the most iconic locations for honeymoon, the islands’ climate displays very little change despite the fact that there are two distinct and well defined seasons.

Monsoon presides over the islands from May to October. It provides a noticeable contrast of the period between November and April, when the sun shines for hours each day and the dry season draws holiday makers from across the globe.

The average temperature in the Maldives tends not to fluctuate during the calendar year (between 26 °C and 29 °C) and every season you can find a reason to be in paradisiacal islands.

How to Reach Maldives

Maldives are isolated island archipelago in the India Ocean. Its secluded location does not make it inaccessible in any way. The capital city, Male has an international airport having flights connection to South East Asia and Africa.

The Gan Airport at Addu also serves the country with flights but these are usually charted flights from all over the world. Cruises and yachts are not available as the waters are full of coral reefs. The entire country is navigable by speedboats and small yachts. There are roads in the larger islands.

Where to Stay in Maldives

Maldives knows how to pamper its guests. Synonymous with private luxury vacations, there are many 5 star resorts. Some of the splendid resorts occupy one whole island. The facilities, amenities and luxuries of the resort are dreams come true.

The water villas, rooms with picturesque views, accommodations with private infinity pools, soothing spas, private beaches, delicious restaurants, bars and a gamut of adventure sports. Wherever you decide to stay in Maldives you will be blessed with breathtaking cerulean views of cloudless skies and crystal clear waters.

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What to Pack for Honeymoon in Maldives

Maldives enjoys sun throughout the year. To venture out in the heavenly islands be equipped with sun gear.

  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses and sun hat top the list.
  • Swimsuits are a must. A beautiful marine world remains to be explored.
  • A comfy cocktail dress should also be in your bag for glorious dinners on the beach. Forget your heels. Feel the sands. Walk around in flip flops.
  • Do not forget your camera. You would come across numerous spectacular sights and you will be taking a lot of snaps on your honeymoon, and that is the way it should be. Having photos to remember these special moments by is crucial.
  • Honeymoon in the blessed islands means you are going to spend time with your special someone. Carry your favorite music in a portable music player. Pack some favorite books and movies to spend some fun times with your partner.

What to See Maldvies

  • Beaches

Beach lovers cannot resist the unspoilt white sands of the heavenly islands. The inviting turquoise sea is perfect for taking a refreshing dip or trying an exciting water sport. Spend family holidays splashing about in sandy shallow lagoons. Build sandcastles. Soak up the warmth of the sun lounging on the sun deck or the beach sands.

  • Islands

Maldives comprises of 26 atolls and 1000 islands. The country inspires for island hopping. The inhabitable islands are thriving with relax and amiable population, tourist pleasures and other fond attractions. Some isolated islands are ideal for day breaks.

Male is the largest islands and the capital city. The man-made island, Hulhumale is a designed as a utopian town. It is all set to be the new important hub of the country as the island is a 2m above sea level which can be considered mountainous according to the local archipelago standards.

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  • Tourist Allures

Maldives is blessed with tourist allures. Apart from the heavenly beauty, there are museums, markets, art and crafts centers, mosques and other places to check out. Located at Male, is the National Museum of Maldives.

The building houses a lot there are interesting collection of artefacts, including the Sultan’s throne and palanquins. Check out the beautiful 17th-century coral stone Hukuru (Friday Mosque) in Malé. The nearby Grand Friday Mosque, topped with an enormous golden dome, is also possible to visit outside of prayer times.

  • Natural Beauty

A magical sight greets you in Maldives. A natural phenomenon, bioluminescence, which occasionally occurs in the northern Maldives. It is caused when microscopic organisms react with the oxygen in water to produce light. The effect is that the waves seem to glow with millions of lights, like a galaxy of stars in the sea.

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What to Do in Maldives

The languid islands of Maldives are soothing. As soon as you step on the heavenly islands leave your tensions away. Relax in the loving surroundings.

  • Watch the Sun Rise and Set

Maldives is a tropical paradise. The view of the sun rising from the waters coloring the sky in waters in all shades of pink, red, blue etc is spectacular. The sunsets are as glorious as the fiery sun sets in the waters coloring everything in its glory. The views shared with your loved ones are majestic and some of the cherished moments of your honeymoon.

  • Spa Treatments

For an enormous range of treatments, massages, therapies and other pampering, make an appointment at the blissful spas. The location on the beaches, the melody of waves and the soothing touch of expert masseurs makes the spa treatments a rejuvenation experience for your body, mind and soul. For a real treat book a double massage for you and your partner. Massage in the world’s first underwater spa is a must-do at Huvafen Fushi.

  • Water Adventures

More than 90 percent of the island country comprises of water. So honeymoon in Maldives involve of water adventures. PADI approved water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are easily available. The cerulean waters are thriving with life.

In the multi-colored coral reefs fishes, spot manta and eagle rays, sea turtles, dolphins and sharks, including whale sharks. On the protected species list are turtles, great clams, whale sharks and conch shells. Kayaking, dolphin watching, jet skiing, water-skiing, and sailing are also popular.

There are plenty of wreck sites to explore for experienced divers. Maldives victory Wreck in Hulhule House Reef, Fesdho Wreck in Ari Atoll and the British Loyalty Wreck in Addu Atoll are among the most popular wreck diving sites.

Adventure Activities in Maldives That Challenge the Daredevil in you

  • Dinning

The delicious gastronomy of Maldives is owed to its multi-ethnic population. Freshest seafood is available. Relish the Indian, African and other flavors from all over the world. Enjoy dining on the beach savoring the picturesque sights. Do not miss a candle light dinner on the beach.

Things to Note During Maldives Trip

  • Pork and alcohol are illegal in the Maldives, however, they are available in the resorts.
  • Thirty-day tourist visas are issued on arrival to all visitors with a valid passport and a confirmed hotel reservation. These visas are free and there is no airport tax. You can extend this visa further by 60 days by applying to the immigration department.
  • Tipping is discouraged in the Maldives, as a 10 percent service charge is added to almost everything.

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