Honeymoon Places in Andaman to Celebrate New Beginnings

One of the perfect honeymoon destinations in India, the Andaman Islands in India is a haven for honeymoon couples from around the world. Owing to the long white stretches, the inland jungles, private islands, turquoise blue waters, and clear skies, there are many honeymoon places in Andaman that make your trip more exciting.

The island archipelago in the Bay of Bengal off the shores of mainland India is known for its spectacular beauty and has plenty of places for honeymooners to visit. What more does one need for a blissful vacation with your better half?

Your dream honeymoon awaits you to spend intimate moments at the best places in Andaman for a honeymoon. For the most memorable honeymoon trip to Andaman, we have curated this list of Andaman honeymoon places for your romantic vacation in Andaman!

Quick List of Best Places to visit on a honeymoon in Andaman

Port Blair

The capital of the Andaman Islands, Port Blair is the starting point for an Andaman honeymoon tour. Beautiful fall short to describe the city. There are a number of appealing beaches, water-based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sea cruises, and a glimpse of the history and culture of the islands. Spend time in the relaxed setting of a resort, go sightseeing, go island hopping and have a great time with your loved one.

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Romantic Things to Do in Port Blair:

  • Visit Cellular Jail National Memorial.
  • Explore the beautiful Ross Island.
  • Know about tribal communities at the Anthropological Museum.
  • Spend time at the Fisheries Museum.
  • Explore the Samudrika (Naval Marine Museum).
  • Visit the Zoological Survey of India Museum and Kalapani Museum.
  • Visit Chatham Saw Mill.
  • Shop at Sagarika – Cottage Industries Emporium.

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Havelock Island

The Havelock Island is a picturesque natural paradise, the ideal setting for a romantic vacation in Andaman. Blessed with beautiful white sandy shores, and one that has been also voted among Asia’s best beaches, Radhanagar beach, the island is heavenly. Walk on the silky sands, explore rich coral reefs, marvel at the sunset and hike amid the lush green forest. It is the ultimate getaway for couples. Luxury resorts on the island add to your experience. Do not miss Havelock Island, when planning a honeymoon in Andaman.

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Romantic Things to Do in Havelock:

  • Explore Beautiful Radhanagar, Vijaynagar, Elephant Beach & Kala Pather Beach.
  • Enjoy sunbathing, scuba diving, sea walking, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, and game fishing.
  • Watching the sunset or sunrise together.
  • Enjoy elephant ride, bird-watching, trekking, sailing, and kayaking.

Neil Island

Tiny and beautiful, Neil Island is a picturesque destination that is one of the best places to explore on your honeymoon in Andaman. Honeymoon is all the more special here as you and your loved one are surrounded by natural bliss, adventure, and many cherished experiences. Explore the tropical forest teeming with birds and vibrant coral reefs. Walk on powdery-soft sandy beaches or chill at your comfy resort. The deserted beaches of Neil Island offer an escape to romantic ecstasy.

Romantic Things to Do in Neil Island:

  • Visit Neil Kendra.
  • Explore Lakshmanpur Beach – I & II, Bharatpur Beach, and Sitapur Beach.
  • Witness the Natural Rock Formation.
  • Visit Sir Hugh Rose Island.
  • Snorkeling, scuba diving, game fishing, trekking, cycling, sunbathing, swimming, bird watching, etc.

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Diglipur is one of the best places to visit on honeymoon in Andaman. The quaint island provides a rare experience for eco-friendly tourists. Take a break from the beautiful shores and explore fields of rice, plantations of oranges, and an escape to vibrant marine life. Trek to the Saddle Peak the highest point in the Andaman archipelago. Also, the only river on the island Kalpong flows here. The pristine beauty of village life deserves to be enjoyed on your Andaman holiday.

Romantic Things to Do in Diglipur:

  • Spend a romantic time at Lamiya Bay Beach.
  • Witness the Mud Volcano at Shyam Nagar.
  • Explore Kalipur Beach and Turtle Nesting Ground.
  • Visit Twin Islands: Ross & Smith Islands.
  • Sit by the waters at Ramnagar Beach and Pathi Level Beach.
  • Explore the Limestone Caves in Diglipur – Alfred Caves.
  • Witness the highest Peak in Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Saddle Peak (732 m).

Little Andaman

Blessed with white sandy beaches and sparkling waterfalls, Little Andaman is one of the most romantic places to visit on your Andaman honeymoon. It is the farthest inhabited island and is approx. 120 km south of Port Blair. The island offers a peaceful environment for newlyweds to kindle the romance. The laid-back vibes, friendly locals, and the simplicity of Little Andaman induces honeymooners to stay a bit longer. If you want to try something new and exciting on your honeymoon, Little Andaman is best for surfing.

Romantic Things to Do in Little Andaman:

  • Indulge in surfing together.
  • Trekking through lush jungles.
  • Go swimming in the warm ocean waters.
  • Try snorkeling on Harminder Bay Beach or near the jetty.
  • Enjoy game fishing.
  • Sunbathing.

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Long Island

One of the best places in Andaman for a honeymoon, Long Island is blessed with some of the finest memories for a romantic vacation in India. Explore dense tropical forests ranging from Tidal Swamp forests to Evergreen Forests. Ethereal silvery beaches overlooking turquoise-shaded water is an idyllic backdrop for love to bloom. Cruise through the Yerrata creek at sunset with your partner, it’s truly one of the best memories of your vacation. The island is also a paradise for birding.

What to do & see in Long Island?

  • Lalaji Bay Beach
  • Merk Bay Beach
  • Guitar Island
  • Boat ride through the mangrove trees
  • Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, etc.

North Bay Island

To enjoy adventure sports together on your honeymoon in Andaman, North Bay Island is the perfect place to visit. Lying in proximity to Port Blair, honeymooners can enjoy diving into the ocean and exploring the rich coral reefs. Enjoy snorkeling in Andaman together and behold the spectacular marine creatures that reside on the shores around the North Bay Island. Moreover, a glass-bottom boat ride will make your honeymoon even more enjoyable.

Romantic Things to Do in North Bay Island:

  • Scuba Diving together.
  • Underwater sea walking.
  • Exploring coral reefs together.
  • Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat.
  • Coral Safari Submarine Ride.

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Corbyn’s Cove

Among the top honeymoon, places to see in Andaman is Corbyn’s Cove. It is perfect for couples who want to explore offbeat places and spend time in peace. Corbyn’s Cove is away from all the commercialization and is great to see swaying palm trees and blue waters. Sit back and savor local delicacies while indulging in romantic conversations. For adventure, go jet skiing.

Romantic Things to Do in Corbyn’s Cave Islacnd:

  • Go jet skiing with your sweetheart.
  • Speed boat ride.
  • Dive into the ocean together.

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Kaala Pathar Beach

Looking for peaceful moments with your sweetheart? Visit Kaala Pathar Beach in Andaman. Spend time alone amidst greenery and little islands. Witness the blue waters and stroll around the beach hand-in-hand confessing your feelings to each other. Indulging in lip-smacking delicacies, partaking in water sports together, and enjoying sunbathing are some of the most romantic things to do in Andaman on honeymoon.

cRomantic Things to Do at Kaala Pathar Beach:

  • Relax by the beach.
  • Sunbathing.
  • Witness the sunset together.
  • Stroll on the beach hand-in-hand.

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Mini Zoo

Wildlife lovers? Mini Zoo is one of the best honeymoon places in Andaman. This place gives you and your partner a chance to see a variety of exotic species of animals. You can also spend time in nature and greenery. From crocodile farming to breeding spots, Mini Zoo in Andaman offers some amazing and interesting activities to keep you entertained. You can also spot varieties of eagles here as well.

Romantic Things to Do in Mini Zoo:

  • Spend time in peace.
  • Witness a variety of animals.
  • Witness crocodile breeding.

Reasons to Plan A Honeymoon In Andaman

1. Natural Beauty Works as the Perfect Backdrop

When you shortlist destinations for your honeymoon in India, you seek natural beauty. The Andaman Islands are extremely blessed with natural beauty that you need to make your special moments everlasting. Stunning and pristine, the island archipelago has some of the most beautiful golden shores, tropical forests, and access to the marine world tempts you for a honeymoon in Andaman.

2. Stunning Beaches for Romantic Time

Beaches in Andaman are heavenly and are ranked among the best in the world. Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island is voted among the best in Asia and is the perfect honeymoon place in Andaman. If you are seeking a romantic beach honeymoon in India, then Andaman tops the list. Walk on the powdery soft golden beaches or enjoy a candle-lit dinner or just enjoy a spectacular sunrise or sunset.

3. Scuba Diving For Adventure- Loving Couples

Diving is one of the most exciting adventure sports in Andaman. And honeymooners can indulge in these experiences together to make their honeymoon trip in Andaman unforgettable. The marine world is pristine, undisturbed, and truly something that you cherish for a lifetime. The coastal belt is the abode of one of the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world. Clouds of colorful fish remains of sunken ships and other interesting inhabitants of the marine world draw you to take up the adventure. Hold hands with your partner and escape to another world.

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4. Adventure Activities For A Memorable Honeymoon

Abundant adventure sports are available in Andaman but we bring to you the favored activities on your honeymoon. Couples can enjoy not just the water world which is already discussed above, there is trekking, hiking, camping, boat ride through mangrove forests and many more. The Saddle Peak, the highest in the island archipelago is an interesting day trip that guarantees amazing views as well as one of the most beautiful trails. Mount Harriett National Park in Port Blair similarly has access to views of the spectacular mountain tops of the islands. Mahatma Gandhi National Park is an introduction to the amazing marine world.

5. Sunset Cruise That Will Make You Two Closer

Nothing beats the pleasure of a sunset cruise when you are on your honeymoon in Andaman. The golden colors of the sun spreading over the waters are truly a glorious sight. Feel a connection with nature and your partner. It is one of the best honeymoon experiences in Andaman.

Best Hotels and Resorts in Andaman for Honeymoon

A perfect honeymoon demands a perfect resort and Andaman offers the same. Resorts by the beaches attract the honeymoon crowds. The beach resorts in Andaman not only enjoy a prized location but provide all the modern luxuries to couples. When you want a romantic getaway, you will have exclusive lodging, amazing amenities, and an idyllic setup for a memorable time.

Beach camps, budget hotels, and other 5-star luxury resorts also offer options to stay. Each island has its own charm and its luxury options of accommodation that complement your honeymoon in Andaman.

Here are the best resorts and hotels in Andaman for Honeymoon –

  • Silver Sand Beach Resort
  • Symphony Palms Beach Resort And Spa
  • SeaShell, Neil
  • Ocean Tree Beach Resort & Spa
  • TSG Blue Resort
  • Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Andamans

Best time to Explore Honeymoon Places in Andaman

The Andaman Islands are one of the most popular beach destinations in India. October through May is the best time to visit Andaman Nicobar Islands with your partner. The weather is all tropical bliss. Calm and soothing with warm sunshine with temperatures below 30°C. You can enjoy the pleasant weather to enjoy romantic activities, spend quality time, and stroll on the pristine beaches of Andaman. Plan a honeymoon in Andaman during the best travel season so that you can enjoy the pleasures.


Honeymoon is an exciting part for newly marrieds and what better place to celebrate your union at the most exotic honeymoon places in Andaman? If you are a water baby, adventure or wildlife lover, or simply want to spend time alone at the secluded spots, this list of best places to visit in Andaman for a honeymoon will come in handy. For a hassle-free trip, book the Andaman honeymoon package with Indian Holiday as we ensure to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

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