How to Plan Luxury Holidays in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is renowned for its glorious palaces converted into luxury hotels, an array of glamping options, varied activities, shopping, and a wedding destination. This former land of maharajas renowned for their opulence and decadence is today India’s premier luxury holiday destination. Today our guide is all about how to plan luxury holidays in Rajasthan, and we will suggest you plenty of options for luxurious holidays in Rajasthan.

Stay in Heritage Hotels

Rajasthan has always been known for its magnificent forts and opulent palaces built in the era of Maharajas. While most of these architectural marvels of Rajasthan have been converted into magnificent heritage hotels and resorts, they still maintain the grandeur of Rajputana hospitality.

What better way to experience the royal lifestyle of Rajasthan than staying in one of the magnificent heritage hotels. Feel like royalty and enjoy the opulent luxuries fit for a king. Ride an elephant into a grand courtyard.

Dine in a magnificent Durbar Hall. Enjoy performances of folk dancers accompanied by local folklore, music, and other entertainment. Stay in rooms furnished in affluent luxury, with turbaned bearers in attendance at the Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan.

Needless to say, staying in the heritage hotels of Rajasthan is an unrivaled luxury and one of the best to make your Rajasthan trip luxurious.

Stay in Luxury Camps

Inspired by the royal caravan sites of Rajputana, luxury camps in Rajasthan is another way to enjoy luxury holidays in Rajasthan. There is no better place to venture into the mystical environs of the Thar Desert because the luxury camps of Rajasthan capture and enhance the spirit of the desert.

Enjoy lavish tented lodgings with subtle cues from crafts and textiles woven into carpets, turbans, and cushions. The burst of vivid colors contrasts the Thar Desert’s golden terrain. Spend the evening under the vast expanse of the desert sky dotted by the stars.

Listen to the ancient melodies of Manganiyar folk musicians whose songs have haunted these dunes for centuries. Relish the delightful dining around bonfires. Re-live the luxury of the camps in The Thar Desert.

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Experience Jiva Spa on Lake Pichola

Jiva Spa is a part of the Taj Lake Palace on Pichola Lake. However, what sets this particular Spa apart is its Royal Spa Boat. Modeled after the ceremonial barges of the House of Mewar, this majestic vessel sails in Lake Pichola overlooking the Aravalli Mountains, the oldest in the world.

The Spa features a spacious, air-conditioned suite, relaxation lounge, steam bath, and shower. In addition, the large sky deck is equipped with a soaking pool, traditional lounging bed, and dining area.

The Jiva Spa menu has been designed to nurture Jiva or ‘Life Force. Spend a few hours being pampered. Choose to indulge in tailor-made spa experiences. Opt for Royal Spa Sojourn with Mewar Khas for the ultimate pampering session.

After the spa treatment, enjoy drinks and freshly prepared meals. After the spa session, you will feel the summits of luxury, adding an unforgettable memory to your Rajasthan Holiday.

Wildlife Safaris & Stay in Jungle Resorts

There is always wildlife calling in Rajasthan, and even in the heart of the wilderness, there are many luxurious jungle resorts in Rajasthan. So get ready for the adventure. Amongst many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, Ranthambore National Park in Sawai MadhopurSariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar, and Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur are the most popular.

The wildlife resorts in Rajasthan add to the adventure. Stay in the heart of the jungle and embark on the experiences of the wild. Unfortunately, the alternatives retain or recreate the days of game hunting by royalty. So, instead, enjoy a jeep safari where you can spot wild animals and several species of birds.

These beautiful sanctuaries and parks are home to various wildlife, some of which have been categorized as critically endangered. The vegetation and landscape vary in every wildlife sanctuary, but it uniquely offers a beautiful opportunity to experience nature.

Dine like a King

Dining like royalty is another luxurious experience of a holiday in Rajasthan. Choices are abundant for royal dining. The delicious gastronomy, the unrivaled locations, and the legendary hospitality create a luxury experience in Rajasthan.

The spicy gastronomy of the desert state comprises a platter of delights. Do not miss the platters of simple vegetarian cuisines, the spicy non-vegetarian feats, the choicest dessert, and the topping of a refreshing drink.

Treat your sense to a rare level of extravagance. Dining accompanied by melodious music, folklore, and other entertainment transports you to the days of the royal days of Rajasthan.

Take Variety of Rides

Make your holiday full of luxuries with the number of rides. Travel in style like the Maharajas of yore. There are plenty of fun and adventurous ways to make your Rajasthan tour luxurious.

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Vintage Motor Rides

When the motor car first appeared in India, the Royals and the affluent of Rajasthan procured some of the finest automobiles from the golden era of automotive design. So, ride in the vintage beauties and experience a bygone era of automotive history. There is no better place to do so than in Rajasthan.

Camel Safari

Traveling by camel, ‘the ship of the desert, was the norm in Rajasthan. Experience camel rides around the cities of JaisalmerBikaner, and Mandawa. Choose to go on a multi-day trek in the desert or make it a day-long affair.

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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Get a whole new perspective on Rajasthan by taking to the skies. The hot air balloon is an exciting way to explore Rajasthan. You can take a ride at sunrise or sunset.

Horse Riding

Back in the day, horses were considered to be divine beings. Ridden only by royalty and members of the Kshatriya warrior caste, these hardy beasts provide a thrilling adventure.



The literal meaning of Rajasthan is “the land of kings,” and this state reflects the authentic vibe of royalty in so many ways. However, you must plan your tour efficiently to enjoy a luxurious vacation in Rajasthan. If you want to feel special like a kind on your next vacation, choose our Rajasthan tour packages which are fully customizable. Apart from this guide, there are multiple ways to enjoy your luxurious journey in Rajasthan.


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