Experience Dining At The World’s Largest Igloo Cafe “Snowglu”

Imagine sitting in an “igloo” while it’s snowing outside! Are you thinking how it is even possible, there is no place like this? Well, there is! India has its first Igloo Cafe Gulmarg. Want to know the details? Keep scrolling.

Now enjoy a meal with your friends and family at India’s first igloo restaurant in Gulmarg, Kashmir. Being the world’s largest Igloo Cafe in Gulmarg, “Snowglu” has become a favorite among tourists visiting Kashmir for their holidays. It is unlike any other open-air cafe or restaurant you have ever seen before. 

You can sit inside an igloo, whiter than the snow, and treat your eyes to the picturesque views while enjoying a warm meal. The best part? You will not even shiver inside the igloo. So you can enjoy a wonderful time here with near and dear ones. 

Igloo Cafe Gulmarg Address: Kolahoi Green Heights Lawn, opposite Ice Rink, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 

Timings of the Igloo Cafe in Gulmarg: The Igloo Cafe is open from Monday to Sunday, 10:30 am to 9 pm.

Dine At Snowglu, World’s Largest Igloo Cafe Gulmarg.

The Concept Of Igloo Shaped Cafe In Gulmarg

Green Heights Hotel In Gulmarg

The first igloo cafe located in Gulmarg Kashmir was the brilliant idea of Syed Waseem Shah, the owner of the igloo cafe and the manager of the Kolahoi Green Group of hotels and resorts. Waseem wanted to construct his house amidst the heavy snowfall in Srinagar. So when this idea came about, he explored the internet to build the snow cafe and started his work on it outside his hotel, Kolahoi Green Heights Hotel. 

He named the cafe “Snowglu” and opened it publicly on 5th February 2022. And as he expected, it became a massive hit among the locals as well as the tourists thronging the resort on their Kashmir trip from Srinagar.

He first saw this concept in Zermatt, Switzerland, in 2017, where people dined and slept in the igloo. So, in 2021, he brought this concept home to India and started building Asia’s largest igloo cafe. But, little did he know, he made the world’s largest igloo cafe with a diameter of 44.50 ft and a height of 37.50 ft. At the same time, the original snow cafe of Switzerland, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Is 33.80 ft high and has a 42.49 ft diameter. 

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Sitting Arrangements

The year before, meaning 2021, the igloo in Gulmarg had four tables where 16 people could sit and enjoy a meal at a time. Therefore, in 2022, they added two steps with a staircase accommodating ten tables, meaning around 40 people can dine simultaneously. 

In addition, the igloo’s construction took 25 workers and 64 days to make day and night. And it took 1,700 man-days to complete the snow cafe Gulmarg project. Further, the igloo is five feet thick, making the experience more delightful.

Food Menu

Having a delicious and warm meal when it’s snowing outside is one of the most comforting things ever. Isn’t it? The World’s largest igloo cafe, Snowglu, offers an unforgettable dining experience. The Igloo Cafe Gulmarg menu has some mouth-watering foods, including Kashmiri cuisine, to gorge on, all at affordable costs. 

From delicious coffee to hot chocolate to sizzlers to starters and snacks, Igloo Cafe Gulmarg’s price is reasonable, and the food is lip-smacking. Remember, Igoo Café Gulmarg costs INR 1000 to sit inside Igloo Cafe Gulmarg and spend an hour, which is exclusive to any food you order. 

Igloo Cafe Gulmarg Booking

Igloo Cafe Gulmarg booking is only by walk-in. They do not offer any pre-booking. Any local or tourist can go and sit in the world’s largest Igloo cage and have food. 

Visiting Snowglu, the largest igloo cafe, will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is unlike any other thing you have ever seen or enjoyed. Couples can dine in for a romantic date, and families can take their kids for a memorable experience in this charming igloo cafe. As Kashmir is a major tourist destination, visiting Gulmarg and Igloo Cafe is one of the best things to do on your tour.

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