List of Top 10 Tourist Attractions Around Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of the royal state of Rajasthan, boasts of a strategic location. Although Pink City is home to several tourist attractions, there are numerous tourist places around Jaipur. All these places are easily accessible by road and give you the best view of the surrounding.

From the thrilling touch of wildlife to the delicate royalty impression, our list of top tourist attractions near Jaipur covers it all for you. Apart from exploring the tourist places, you can stay in the royal heritage hotel while exploring the nearby Jaipur tourist attractions.
Let’s jump into the list and witness the circle beauty of Jaipur.

Here is List of 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions Around Jaipur

  1. Abhaneri
  2. Samode Palace
  3. Sariska National Park
  4. Ranthambore National Park
  5. Sanganer
  6. Bagru
  7. Ramgarh Lake
  8. Tonk
  9. Sambhar
  10. Bairath

1. Abhaneri

  • Famous for- Harshat Mata Temple and Chand Baori
  • Location– 95 km from Jaipur

Placed on the Jaipur-Agra highway, Abhaneri is a small village that was founded in the 9th century by Raja Chand of the Gujjar community. Indeed, this attraction has the charm of becoming one of the best places to visit near Jaipur. This village is known for housing several post-Gupta and early medieval monuments. Two of the most popular attractions include the Harshat Mata temple and Chand Baori.

While Chand Baori is one of India’s most significant step wells and water reservoirs, the Harshat Mata temple is a beautiful temple with the architecture of the 10th century. Along with its architectural beauty, this place is known for local dance forms of Bhawai, Kalbelia, and Ghoomar.

2. Samode Palace

  • Famous for- Mirror work and paintings
  • Location– 42 km from Jaipur

Samode Palace, one of the must-visit places near Jaipur, is located on the way to the famous Shekhawati region. This beautiful palace is located in the town of Samode, which is renowned for its bangle-making craft and its industry of cloth printing.

Known for its mirrorwork and paintings, this palace is one of the most beautiful in the state. The collective heritage structures of Samode Palace, Samode Haveli, and Samode Bagh were constructed by the Nobel feudatory with the hereditary title of Maha Saheb or Mahak Rawal of Jaipur and Amber principality. A part of this palace has been turned into a heritage hotel.

3. Sariska National Park

  • Famous for- Bird Watching and Tiger Safaris
  • Location– 107 km from Jaipur

One of India’s most famous wildlife reserves, Sariska National Park, is located in the Alwar district. Spread over 800 square kilometers of land, this tiger reserve consists of grasslands, deciduous forests, cliffs, and rocky landscapes. Along with a decent tiger population, the national park also houses wildlife like langur, chital, sambhar, chital, macaque, jungle, and four-horned antelope.

The park also boasts of housing the largest population of peafowl in India. And it is also a popular tourist attraction near Jaipur that gives a dose of wildlife thrill at its best. Some other avifauna species include golden-backed woodpeckers, harbors quail, crested serpent eagles, and sand grouse. Finally, do not miss visiting Siliserh Lake, known for housing crocodiles in huge numbers.

4. Ranthambore National Park

  • Famous for- Wildlife and Fort
  • Location– 140 km from Jaipur

Ranthambore National Park, one of the most famed tourist places around Jaipur, boasts of being one of the largest national parks in the northern region of India. Covering an area of 392 sq km, the park is quite famous for its vast tiger population and around 270 species of birds.

During your wildlife safari, you can spot animal species like spotted deer, sambhar, hulman, etc. The park is also home to the Ranthambore Fort, built in the 10th century. Standing at 700 feet above the park, the fort has stone temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha.

5. Sanganer

  • Famous for- Jain temples, handmade paper industry and palatial ruins
  • Location–  16 km from Jaipur

Around 16 km from Jaipur, the small Sanganer’s small township is quite famous for its handmade paper and textile printing industry. It is also a Jain pilgrimage center that is counted as one of the best tourist attractions near Jaipur. Moreover, this town is known for the export of its crafts all around the world.

In addition, it also houses an ancient Digambar Jain Temple, erected during different phases, the last being in the 10th century. During your visit, you can also explore the remains of some old palatial properties.

6. Bagru

  • Famous for– Wooden or Block printing
  • Location– 33 km from Jaipur

The small village of Bagru, around 33 km from Jaipur, is famed for its block printing. Dating back to 300-yr, this traditional village craft is famous as ‘Bagru Prints.’ The dyes used to create ‘Ajrakh’ (print patterns) are conventional vegetable dyes.

This artistry was preserved by the artisans of Bagru, Chippa Mohalla. One can shop for some fantastic bed covers from here. In this unique technique, the design is first engraved on the block and then printed on the fabric.

7. Ramgarh Lake

  • Famous as- Artificial Lake
  • Location– 30 km from Jaipur

Ramgarh Lake is around 30 km from Jaipur and is an extremely popular tourist attraction. A famous picnic spot, this man-made is spread over an area of 15.5 square km. Once a significant water source for the city, this lake was made by making an embankment on the forested hills.

In the rainy season, the lake and surrounding area become even more beautiful, and one can spot flocks of waterfowl too. Some local attractions include an old fort, Jamwa Mata Temple, and Jamwa Sanctuary. You can also partake in boating, which is one of the best things to do here.

8. Tonk

  • Famous for- Mosques, Havelis and Woollen rugs
  • Location–  95 km from Jaipur in Tonk District

Founded in 1818 AD by Nawab Muhammad Amir Khan, Tonk is one of the most exciting places on the list of weekend getaways. Famous for its mosques and Havelis, it is a must-visit. The delicately carved palace of Sunheri Kothi, also known as the Golden Mansion, is a beautiful structure decorated with mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones.

The city of Toda Rai Sing and the Arabic and Persian Research Institute are the other prime local tourist attractions. Most of the buildings of Tonk are a mix of Muslim architecture and Rajput buildings. Do not forget to buy some fantastic woolen rugs too.

9. Sambhar

  • Famous for- India’s largest saline lake and wildlife sanctuary
  • Location–  65 km from Jaipur

Famed Salt Lake City, the small town of Sambhar, is one of the main attractions around Jaipur. The main attractions of Sambhar are Sambhar Lake and Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary (24000 hectares of land), which are frequented by tourists every year. Owned by the erstwhile rulers of Jaipur, the lake was later leased to the British and is also a hub for salt production.

Indulge in bird watching during your sanctuary visit, where you can spot avifauna species like redshanks, storks, sandpipers, and flamingoes. The other major attractions are the ancient town of Naliasar, Shakambari Mata temple, and Devayani Tank.

10. Bairath

  • Famous for-  Maurya, Mughal and Rajput buildings and a Buddhist temple
  • Location– 85 km from Jaipur

Also known as Viratnagar, Bairath has both mythological and historical significance. Placed on the Jaipur-Shahpura-Alwar road, Bairath has several impressive structures built during the reign of the Mughal, Maurya, and Rajput rulers.

Another major attraction here is the excavated Buddhist temple dating from the 3rd century to the 1st century AD. The place is also associated with Hindu mythology, with the vast cave on Pandu hill, which is the main attraction.

It is believed Bhim ki Doongri was the home of Bhim, one of the Pandava brothers of Mahabharata, during their exile. You can visit Bairath during the annual Banganga Fair, held on the full moon day of Vaishakh (between the months of April-May).


Jaipur is encircled by numerous tourist attractions where you can plan your next trip with your friend, family, or partner. Of course, the choice of destination is yours but making your vacation comfortable is ours. Through our well-curated tour packages, you can contact our tour experts to plan weekend getaways from Jaipur.


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