Lonar Lake in Maharashtra To Be Developed As Tourist Spot: Govt Approves Rs 370 cr

Lonar Lake, a national geo-heritage monument, is to be developed as a tourist destination with the Maharashtra government funding of Rs. 370 crores. The grant is to be used for the conservation and development of the lake. The lake has received major global attention after its water turned pink due to the presence of “haloarchaea” microbes.

Located in the Buldana district of Maharashtra, Lonar Lake, also called Lonar Crater, was created by a meteorite collision over 50,000 years ago. However, the lake is not as popular as it should be among tourists until recently.

Boost in Tourism

Reportedly, a footpath is also to be created around Lonar Lake for the convenience of tourists and trekkers. Also, tourists can explore the region by going on treks and opting for boating activities.

The government plans to renovate ancient temples located nearby. Temples like Gomukh Temple and Kamalja Devi Temple have paramount historical importance. In the Buldhana district, a 100-year-old temple, Shri Gajanan Maharashtra Sansthan is located, which is reported to be one of the cleanest temples in India. Apart from temples, many forts like the Sindkhed Raja Fort were constructed in the 16th century.

Along with the places of historical references, the district also has Botha Forest, which is rich in flora and fauna. This offbeat site is away from the shenanigans of the bustling city destination – thus a perfect getaway from the city life.

In 2016, Lonar Lake was given the title of international importance under the Ramsar conservation treaty. In fact, Lonar Lake is one of the four known craters in basaltic rock on Earth. The region is usually dry throughout the year, but the temperatures are high and soaring in summers. On the other hand, winters are lower than 10 degrees Celsius.

In 2021, former Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray went to Lonar Lake. He then approved a development plan of Rs. 200 crores, which is now increased to Rs. 370 crores. The present Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis approved the project recently.

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