Mauritius in December – Enjoy an amazing holiday in Tropical Hideaway

Mauritius almost seems like a part of heaven, blessed with beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and unspoiled nature. The gleaming sunshine on the coastline and the vibrant underwater world experience are the two major factors that make it a paradise island. Particularly, Mauritius in December is when the region’s beauty becomes even more lively throughout this island country.

Further, the country provides a wide range of celebrations, events, and activities that promise to impress every kind of tourist. There is no doubt that Mauritius has everything that you can desire for a great island vacation. From tropical climates to gorgeous beaches, tourist attractions are everywhere. A holiday tour in Mauritius will allow you to experience a marvelous blend of culture, fun, nature, temples, and so much more. Scroll down and get further details below to plan your Mauritius tour in December.

Mauritius in December is ideal for

Mauritius is one of the most appealing holiday destinations with unique charm. It is widely famous as a honeymoon destination that provides beautiful beaches, landscapes, and luxury resorts. However, this is just one shade of a wide range of tourist options available in the region, as it is also ideal for family tours, a trip with friends, and even solo trips to get the ultimate travel fun.

Mauritius Weather in December

Mauritius weather in December is a little hot, but the evening and nights are cooler. During this month, the Sun usually starts to rise early around 5:30 am, but 7:00 am is considered to be the best time to sunbathe. However, the Mauritius temperature in December fluctuates differently on days and nights.

The daytime temperature ranges from 30°C to 35°C, and at night it drops to approx. 22°C. And at the end of the month, you can expect some rain, and it is better to be aware of that as it may interrupt your sightseeing. Overall, the weather in Mauritius in December is very convenient as far as sightseeing is concerned.

Engage in Various Activities in Mauritius in December

Climate condition plays an essential role in enjoying the holiday with outdoor fun and sightseeing. Thankfully, Mauritius weather in December brings a mild and sunny climate that allows you to indulge in water sports, such as deep-sea diving, boating, and surfing.

Moreover, you can also explore the unique natural heritage of the place, or you have the option to participate in various festival celebrations happening throughout the month. But to add an extra level of thrill, you can discover this country’s lush forest.

Therefore, visiting Mauritius in December is a chance for every kind of tourist to have a great time in this multidimensional holiday destination. December is considered the best time to Visit Mauritius, offering myriad activities.

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Get Some Beachy Vibes 

The list of activities to do in Mauritius in December starts with the charm of this country; Beaches. Relaxing under the blue sky or witnessing the boundless floating beauty, beaches are spots to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Of course, you can add some more elements to your Mauritius tour, such as sightseeing, swimming, bathing, and even lazing.

However, this country is renowned as a beach paradise and offers enthralling experiences in the form of sailing, fishing, deep-sea diving, boating, and surfing. The coastline of this country welcomes every type of tourist for any vacation theme.

  • Must-Try Water Sports in December: Undersea Walking, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, and Kayaking.
  • For Relaxation Mood: Flic-en-Flac beach and La Cuvette beach
  • For Thrilling Mode: Tamarin beach, Mont Choisy Beach, and Grand Bay Public Beach

Experience Natural Beauty 

The breathtaking views of nature are a significant reason for traveling to Mauritius in December. This month, you have chances to spot the blossoming of rare flowers and different plants. You will spot plumeria flowers, crimson bottle brushes, purple lilies, and varieties of cacti and orchids all over the island country.

In addition, giant water lilies in the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden glorify mother nature unlike any other. In addition, you can explore the forest and national park of this country which is naturally a habitat for wildlife species and birds. And nature lovers and birdwatchers will get the best experience with greenery and wilderness here. 

Visit Famous Tourist Attractions in Mauritius

Mauritius is famous for its waterfalls, extraordinary beaches, unspoiled nature, and incredible landscapes. And the best part about this country is you can experience all of it by exploring the various attractions. From enjoying the sightseeing to indulging in the fun-filled tour, tourist places are fully packed with loads of experiences.

Some of the top-rated attractions to visit in Mauritius in December are Tamarind Waterfalls, Chamarel Coloured Earth, Casela Nature Park, Photo Museum, Le Craft Market, Grand Bassin, Chamarel Waterfalls, and Mauritius National Botanical Garden. Sagar Shiv Mandir Temple, and Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Temple.

  • Get Insight Into the Diverse Culture

The charm of Mauritius lies in its diverse cultural blend. You can experience the charm through music, dance, languages, temples, cuisines, and rituals. Cultural influences from Africa, Asia, and China are some of the primary ones in the country, making it one of the top cosmopolitan nations. From colorful festivals to some traditional events, there is a wide range of things to experience in this country.

  • Seasonal Dishes to Try in Mauritius in December

Enjoying the delicious foods while getting hit by the cool winds will blow your mind. And you can experience it in December by visiting famous restaurants that offer delectable cuisines, including dhal puri, fish vintage, and mutton Halim. Being a cosmopolitan country, the influence of diverse cultures and traditions reflects strongly in its cuisine.

In fact, Mauritian foods are among the highlights of Mauritius Tourism. Apart from it, you will get different cuisine to enjoy a full range of culinary delights. Seasonal dishes for December months include various ice-cream combinations, coconut syrup, chocolate topping, and a waffle cone. Moreover, the seasonal fruits of Mauritius are lychees, mangoes, and pickled fruits that you must try here.

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Fairs and Festivals Celebrated in Mauritius in December

Mauritius is a multicultural holiday destination with a vibrant mix of Indian, African, European, and Chinese cultures. By enjoying your tour in Mauritius in December, you can be a part of various festivals linked with diverse cultures. The religious background, rich history, and festive fun are major parts of the month of December in Mauritius.

  • Theemithi

Theemithi is one of the most appealing festivals of Mauritius that is usually celebrated in December for 2 to 3 days. The festival reflects the ancient ceremony, which originated from Tamil Nadu in South India. This festival is celebrated as a mark of victory of good over evil and is connected to Goddess Durga (Hindu Deity). During this festival, the devotees walk barefooted on a burning wood or coal bed to appease the Durga Maa.

  • Porlwi by Light

This festival of Mauritius is dedicated to Mauritian society and culture. Lasting for three evenings, the festival allows you to witness art, culture, and entertainment with a bundle of joys. At the time of the festival celebration, you can notice that Mauritius has covered itself in luminous form. This festival has light installations, projections, street performances, concerts, and paintings. Remember to taste some delightful foods from the street vendors during the festival.

Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Mauritius in December

Christmas and New Year are significant times of the year that bring a lovely atmosphere to this country. However, these celebrations also answer the question: Is Mauritius good in December? And, the answer is, of course, it is! The end month of the year brings one of the best experiences in Mauritius in so many ways.

Witnessing the dark sky that glows with firecrackers is just something else here. Christmas in Mauritius allows you to enjoy some shows and programs and admire the exceptional decoration in every direction. For instance, Christmas trees, cards, adornments, firecrackers, and gifts are an integral part of this festival.

You can mark your presence in December to celebrate the joy of the new year in this island country. During this time, you can enjoy plenty of things to do in Mauritius to make it memorable for a lifetime. This island country’s bars, restaurants, and party clubs are ideal places to have a good time with your close ones, particularly during New Year’s Eve. In addition, dinner with family, riding on the boat, a musical party, and firecrackers are elements that you will enjoy verily when you’re indulged in Mauritian culture.

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Where to Stay in December in Mauritius 

Mauritius is an exotic holiday destination that befits all kinds of vacations and offers various stay options. December is one of the peak months for enjoying a holiday in this country, and it is better to book your hotel in advance to beat the peak season price. If you have a question which stay option is best for you, check the answer below.

Name of Hotels Region Ideal For Features
Mauricia Beachcomber North Couples and Honeymooners Beachfront, Water Sports Activities.
Coin de Mire Attitude North Newlywed couples, Peace lovers A quiet location, few kilometers away from the beach.
Dinarobin Beachcomber South Couples, Families and Solo travelers Luxurious services, a separate section for only adults, and beachfront.
Lariad BnB West Budget-friendly Travelers, Family tour Swimming Pool, 10-minute walk away from beaches, Nearby restaurants.
Sands Suites Resort & Spa West Thrill-seekers, nature lovers, beach lovers Water Sport Activities, Beachfront, Quiet location.
Otentic Eco Tent East >Experience seekers, thrill lovers, photographers, group traveling Safari tent, boat riding, water sports.
Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel & Spa >East Beachfront, family tour with kids, Kids Club, beach activities.

What to Pack for Mauritius in December

While choosing December as your vacation month for Mauritius, you need to keep some packing tips in mind. Firstly, you need to be prepared to face changing weather patterns in a day. Particularly, don’t forget to pack some light clothes and also carry your swimsuit. The beach time shall be one of the best times of your trip, so make it suitable by bringing a hat and sunscreen. Along with that, you are advised to carry an umbrella and raincoat as you might face some rain in Mauritius in December.

Essential Tips for a Holiday in Mauritius in December

  • To get a complete vibe of a vacation in Mauritius, it is advised to try out the water sports activities on the beaches.
  • If you are planning your water sports, remember to keep some changing clothes and extra towels with you while enjoying a beach vacation.
  • December is the peak season for Mauritius, and it would be better if you booked your flight and hotel in advance to relieve your pocket.
  • To make your holiday more satisfying, stroll in the villages, purchase some handicraft items and get back the vibe of this country with you.
  • Remember to enjoy the Christmas party and New Year Celebration in Mauritius, as both would be your tour’s highlight.
  • It is advised to carry sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a cap while strolling on the beach sides of Mauritius to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.


This blog has clearly established why December is a good time to visit Mauritius. And now it is time to get an answer for how to get a perfect holiday in Mauritius in December. Indian Holiday is the perfect answer to this which offers well-crafted customizable tour packages for Mauritius. So book your tour with us and pack your bags to get a great time in this island country. We aim to facilitate your trip with great comfort and convenience to provide an unparalleled travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mauritius in December

Q. Is December a good time for visiting Mauritius for a holiday?

December is the ideal month to plan your trip to Mauritius. During this time, the climate is cool, dry, and sunny. In short, you will get the best weather conditions that allow you to indulge in outdoor activities in this island country.

Q. What to do in Mauritius in December month?

This island country is blessed with beautiful coastlines that give you multiple opportunities to enjoy fun-filled activities. From doing water sports to exploring gardens and lush forests, the choices are in a bundle for December months. Additionally, celebrating Christmas and New Year would be a major highlight for the Mauritius tour in December.

Q. Which side of Mauritius is best in December, East Coast or West Coast?

Both coasts are blessed with incredible landscapes and natural beauty. However, West Coast has more beauty to offer its visitors in December. The West Coast is renowned as the Sunset Coast, providing a spectacular sunset view. Moreover, you will get here gorgeous white sand beaches, remote Creole villages, and coastal scenery.

Q. Where to Stay in Mauritius in December?

Mauritius is a perfect holiday destination for any vacation theme. And every coast has numerous options, from budget-friendly hotels to some beautiful resorts for couples. This island country has it all for your accommodation. North and West Coast offers a complete range of hotels and resorts for all budgets. The East and North coasts offer the best hotels for honeymooners and couples, as these sides are more secluded.


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