New Year Parties in New Delhi(2023 ): Where & How to do it

It is time to close this year’s calendar and open yourself to new opportunities. But before you do that, this is the time to see off this year with a blast. And, of course, nowhere can you do it better than in Delhi. The city is known for the best clubs and cafes for electrifying New Year celebrations.

If you are visiting Delhi for the first time or if you are still in confusion and looking for some new cool place to celebrate, we have compiled a list of the best places for New Year parties in Delhi. And if you are not a party lover and still want to enjoy new year’s fun with your friends, we have a surprise for you. Keep reading the blog to know the top party places and some hidden surprises.

Check out the list of top party places in Delhi for New Year Parties. 

  • Cafe Hawkers
  • HYPE
  • 7 Degrees Brauhaus
  • Roxy Club
  • Pub Nirvana
  • Perch Wine & Coffee Bar
  • Privee
  • Filmy Flavours
  • Lithiyum Club
  • Club London

Cafe Hawkers

Welcome the New Year with elegance and style by partying hard in Cafe Hawkers. It is one of the best places to enjoy the new year party in New Delhi. Enjoying the final moment of 2022 with drinks and delicious food is the ultimate fun. This club offers you the best party ambiance that exactly matches your vibe. You can come here with your friends and family to witness the exciting events.

The DJ will play party songs that entice you to groove on the floor. You must have heard love is in the air. So it is time to feel the energetic vibes, happiness, and excitement in the atmosphere of this club. It is all that you want to enjoy at the 2023 New Year celebration in New Delhi. So do not wait too long and ring the bell of the coming year at Cafe Hawkers.

Location: L-22, Radial Road, Near Odeon Cinema, Connaught Place in New Delhi


Connect all your hype of a hard party with HYPE for New Celebrations in New Delhi. It is one of the best choices to make for your new parties. Enjoy the buffet of delicious starters, feel the vibrant atmosphere, and renowned artists to make this night unforgettable. These are the elements that will grace your 2023 New Year party exceptionally.

Apart from enjoying the events, you can dance and sing with your friends. Manifold ways to make the last night of this year remarkable come under just one roof. So, What is stopping you from enjoying the crazy nightlife of your life at the HYPE?

Location: Hype, The Royal Plaza Hotel, 19, Ashok Road, Connaught Place in  New Delhi

7 Degrees Brauhaus

Enjoy the joy and glee with the 360-degree mode at 7 Degrees Brauhaus. The healthy competition of beer-chugging makes it the ultimate choice for beer lovers. Besides that, the ambiance and events make it one of the top places to enjoy a 2023 New Year Party in Gurugram. Throughout new year’s eve, you can enjoy unlimited beer at a very pinch rate. The live bands and DJs are responsible for making your legs move on the floor with a tune. If you want to enjoy a fresh start while enjoying the beer, you should take advantage of this place for your party.

Location: 3rd Floor, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Sector 53 in Gurugram

Roxy Club 

The best New Year celebration in Delhi is waiting for you at Roxy Club. You can enjoy here the different themes at night that will excite you. Roxy club has everything to make the best party night in the New Year 2023. This club hosts several models and a well-renowned DJ and plays a mixture of Bollywood and Hollywood Hip-hop.

Roxy Club offers a mix of beverages for alcoholic and nonalcoholic persons. From delicious starters to full-course meals, the food is delicious here. Overall, it is one of the best places to enjoy the celebration of the last night of this year.

Location: G-11 To 17, Ground Floor, Mangalam Paradise Mall, Sector 3, Rohini in New Delhi

Pub Nirvana

Do you remember how excited you were in childhood about the new year? If you want that excitement back to you, head to Pub Nirvana. It is one of the unique places for the 2023 New Year celebration in New Delhi. When Dj mixes music, you are all set to enjoy the grooving moment with your friends.

After enjoying the session of fun, you can have delicious food. You can also taste the beers and cocktails in this club. The best part about this pub is that you can enjoy the party without putting stress on your pocket. So do not for too long and make this pub your party site in Delhi.

Location:  City Centre Dwarka, Sector 12 Metro Station in New Delhi

Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

If you are not much of a party freak but want to enjoy the party vibe, visit Perch Wine & Coffee Bar. This bar is for you to make this new remarkable thing in your life. This bar offers a peaceful ambiance and Victorian furniture. If you want to taste wines, this bar serves 37 varieties of wine for you from different parts of the world.

Having wine while listening to party music is just bliss. So you can spend the last evening of this year with your gang. However, the late evening brings changes in the atmosphere. The new year’s celebration combines fun, excitement, music, and dance. And this club is the base of the connection. So on this New Year’s Eve, enjoy the electrifying vibe in this club with your friends.

Location: 71, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar in New Delhi


This club is renowned for hosting many kinds of parties in Delhi. But this club becomes more glamorous and electrifying when it comes to New Year. With the sounds of Raftaar music and Jass Mank, your evening will close the calendar of 2022 on joyful notes.

So if you want to give your excitement a new height, gear up to enjoy the best New Year party in New Delhi at Privee. You will get unlimited drinks to enjoy and international cuisines to taste. If you want to drive through the extreme party vibes with global cuisines, close your eyes and choose Privee.

Location: Privee, Shangrila in Central Delhi, New Delhi

Filmy Flavours

If we make a list of places in New Delhi for the 2023 New Year party that brings some uniqueness in front of our eyes, Filmy Flavours will get a spot. This club has a Bollywood-themed restaurant that will excite your inside movie lover. Moreover, you can see the images of your favorite Bollywood celebrities. Apart from that design and architecture of this club reflects Bollywood vibes.

If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to see one of the celebrities here. This club is a chance to welcome the new year with a blast and a hard party. Here, you can enjoy the buffet meal, great music, and beats that compel you to come to the dance floors. The new year party is about enjoying the fun, music, and dance. And this club matches all this majestically.

Location:  1A/36 Sector 63 H Block H Commercial Market in Noida

Lithiyum Club 

We all know that the New Year party is a fresh and new start to the upcoming future. However, It is better to make this statement real for your celebration at Lithiyum Club. This latest and grand club in New Delhi deserves a place among the top new year events in Delhi. You will feel the different atmosphere in this club and admire the style.

It is better to wear the best dancing shoes because the tune of Hollywood and Bollywood will make you move on the floor. This club hosts a talented DJ that plays and mixes the song beautifully to make this night more commendable. Whether you want to enjoy cocktails or are a lover of soft drinks, this club offers you one that suits you. Apart from that, the selection of international cuisines will make your experience wholesome.

Location: Lythiyum Club, The Ashok, B-50 Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri in New Delhi

Club London

Let’s mix the groovy vibes with international styles at Club London on your 2023 New Year Party celebration. Of course, you can enjoy your new year party here with your friends and family by doing all the enjoyment you have planned in the last couple of days. But do you know what makes it one of the most admirable places for a new year party in Delhi? Its international style and desi vibe of Bollywood songs make it a matchless place for party lovers.

You will see the ball on the dance floors that reflect the brilliant class. The delicious foods and drinks never disappoint you in any manner. The choices of cuisines and variety of beverages will blow your mind here. There is no doubt that Club London Delhi hosts one of the best New Year parties in Delhi.

Location: Club London, Ground Southern Park Mall Shop No.3 & 4, in New Delhi

Some Unique Ways to Celebrate the New Year in Delhi 

New Year Celebration is not just limited to Night clubs and pubs. Walking around with your friends, enjoying road trips in Delhi, and having some street foods give you the same amount of excitement. However, for those who do not find comfort in the crowded and loud music, Delhi has a particular corner for them to enjoy the new year. Check out these ways to make your New Year 2023 exciting.

Enjoy the sedate evening in Delhi from the best places 

The beauty lies in the sky, and you are into it while enjoying the nightlife of Delhi with your friend. Many places in and near Delhi give you the best sky-gazing opportunities. Damdama Lake in Gurgaon and the Grounds near Lotus Temple at Bahapur are some of the best sites. You can visit there in the evening and spend some time. If you want to make resolutions, you should choose these places for your evening in Delhi.

Take a road trip in Delhi to foods stations

Delhi always finds its name at the top when discussing delicious food items. There is no doubt that Delhi’s food has a phenomenal fan base with lots of varieties. Plenty of places in and around Delhi that offer the best food. Murthal in Sonepat and Old Rao Dhaba on Delhi-Jaipur Highway are the best spots to have a memorable dinner with your friends.

Essential Tips for Enjoying the New Year in New Delhi 

  • You must travel with your most trusted friends.
  • If you are a girl, make sure that your gang includes boys that you can trust.
  • It is better to go out in your vehicle.
  • Do not get over drunk while enjoying the party.
  • Do not drive if you get over drunk.
  • Remember that great fun starts with your group of friends.
  • It is good to carry your camera to capture some special moments.
  • Do proper research about going to any place at night.

This list of 2023 New Year party places in Delhi will give you a clear picture of celebrating the last day of the year. You can make your new year’s eve more fascinating with your friends. The ways to connect with fun-loving vibes, celebration, peace, and taste are limitless in Delhi. You can feel the different vibe of Delhi through this list and plan your New Year in your style. So Call your friends, and chart your plan for the new celebration. Always prioritize safety rather than entertainment on your New year’s eve.

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