7 Best Offbeat Destinations in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a sure delight for free-spirited explorers who are looking for less-explored travel destinations. With deep-rooted traditions and unmatched natural bliss, there are plenty of offbeat destinations in Tamil Nadu. The state has a unique landscape to explore ancient temples, cultural retreats, well-curated monuments, and natural appeal. In addition, these are the best elements of unexplored attractions of Tamil Nadu. Discovering less explored attractions in Tamil Nadu adds endless fun and thrill to your travel memories. And you can live it all and create memories in your heart that stay forever.

Offbeat tourist places in Tamil Nadu cover different regions of the state, each unique in its own way. So the opportunities are limitless whether you desire adventure or seek solace in the hill stations. And the following list of top offbeat destinations of Tamil Nadu clearly illustrates that.

7 Best Offbeat Destinations of Tamil Nadu


With around 6,000 feet above sea level, Kotagiri is blessed with nature’s gift. This small town offers various viewpoints to capture some of the best sights you may ever experience, which will always keep a special place in your heart. The 500 feet tall Rangaswamy Pillar and Kodanad View Point are must-visit tourist attractions of Kotagiri. This small hill station has the potential to fill your heart with thrill and natural charm that reflects from every direction.

The scenic beauty of this place will rejuvenate you, and serenity will blow your mind. Due to its enchanting vegetation, you can spot wild boars and gaurs here. Apart from that, you can witness the marvels of waterfalls and admire the greenery from such heights.

Best time to plan a trip: December to May

Recommended for: Photography buffs, nature lovers, experience fanatics, and peace seekers.

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It is high time to give your dormant travel-enthusiast a treat with one of the hidden gem attractions in Tamil Nadu. Valparai is 3,500 feet above sea level and offers irresistible views, and green hills and forests encircle it. Being at such altitude, this destination lies in the category of adventurous and thrilling. You can plan your tour of Valparai and uncover its beautiful attractions that enhance your traveling experience.

Some famous places you can visit here are Athirampalli Falls, Aaliyar Dam, Monkey Falls, Chinnakallar Dam, Pancha Mughal Vinayak Temple, Koolangal Aaru, and Balaji Temple. However, the tea estates of Valparai are the highlight that allows you to enjoy a long walk while admiring the scenic views around you.

Best time to plan a trip: September to March

Recommended for: Nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and spirituality seekers.


With the unparalleled charm of natural beauty, Theni is one of the best offbeat destinations in Tamil Nadu for a refreshing holiday. It is widely renowned as the Earth’s Hidden Paradise, but its beauty is visible and reflects in all directions. You can get a cinematic view from the famous Vellimalai and Meghamallai Hill stations.

Apart from it, the River Vaigai also flows here and enhances its surreal natural beauty. Kumbakkarai Falls and the Suruli Aruvi are ideal if you want to enjoy splashing into the waterfalls. The best part about Theni is that its tourist attractions allow you to enjoy trekking and camping

Best time to enjoy a trip: December to February

Recommended for: Nature admirers, photography enthusiasts, and peace lovers.

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Javadi Hills

The refreshing environment, pleasant climate, thrilling activities, and calmness are packed in this hill station. It is a part of the Eastern Ghats in the state and is around 88 km wide and 37 km long. Javadi Hills is one of the most beautiful and unexplored places to visit in Tamil Nadu, surrounded by lush greenery. The hill is separated into two parts by Cheyyar and Agaram rivers. Javadi Hills, also known as Javadhu Hills, is made up of greyish-blue granites

Experience the cinematic views providing extreme serenity at such a height is something you would definitely wish to enjoy on your holiday. Apart from relaxing though, you can get multiple ways to enjoy your holiday at the hill station. The hill station has numerous campsites, waterfalls, and lush greenery. And in its lush greenery, you can spot rare and endangered species of plants, animals, birds, and butterflies.

Best time to enjoy a trip: October to March

Recommended for: Trekking enthusiasts, adventure lovers, nature lovers, and experience seekers.

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Tharangambadi is a small scenic town in Tamil Nadu that should definitely be visited if you’d like to bring a touch of historical significance to your trip. However, the tourist attractions of this town will take you on a different journey, including a history tour, spirituality, and beachy vibes. Yes! You read it right, as this town has beautifully covered it all. Therefore, you can say that it is one of the most beautiful offbeat destinations in Tamil Nadu that has the potential to give you wow factors.

Danish Museum, Fort Dansborg, Masilamaniswara Temple, and Tharangambadi beach are the best tourist attractions of this unique town. From witnessing many relics to admiring the architecture of 150 years old Fort, a visit to this town is delightful for you.

Best time to plan a trip: November to March

Recommended for: History fanatics, experience seekers, peace lovers, and photography enthusiasts.

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With a flavour of Hindu Mytholodies, Sirumalai is one of the offbeat destinations to explore in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that a piece of Sanjeevani Mountain fell in this area when Lord Hanuman carried it for Lord Laxmana. And that piece of the mountain is the reason that Sirumalai was formed. This offbeat place is located along great high hills with 60,000 acres.

Moreover, this place is home to unique flora and fauna that enhances its charm to the next level. A 500 years old Shiv Lingam Temple is the highlight of this region that is situated at the top of the hill. If you want to add fun to this trip, you can enjoy boating in the artificial lake-Sirumalai Lake.

Best time to plan your trip: October to March

Recommended for: History buffs, nature admirers, wildlife lovers, and peace seekers.

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Pollachi in Tamil Nadu is a dreamy destination for wildlife enthusiasts that is blessed with numerous tourist attractions. A visit to this offbeat destination of Tamil Nadu gives you an engaging and appealing trip you will never forget. Spellbinding views, greenery, a cool climate, and the chirpings of birds are some elements that you can experience simultaneously. However, Azhiyar Dam and the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary are the highlights of Pollachi that you must cover during your trip.

Being fully packed with a natural environment, each side from Pollachi offers you a sight you must capture with your camera. In addition, vibrant marketplaces in Pollachi offer jaggery, vegetables, and South India’s most prominent cattle. In short, you would return from Pollachi with many unforgettable memories.

Best time to plan a trip: December to February

Recommended for: Wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, birdwatchers, photography enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

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You can enjoy the best vacation in multiple ways through these offbeat destinations in Tamil Nadu. Whether you are looking for enthralling activities or know about deep-rooted history, these places cover it all for you. In addition, you can plan your vacation here with our well-designed tour packages of Tamil Nadu.

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