Beyond the Beaches! Enjoy Unique Travel Experiences On Your Next Goa Tour

From a travel point of view, the “O” in GOA can be said to stand for offbeat – as the place has some of the best offbeat locations in India. Popularly known as the Beach Capital of India, Goa, with vibrant beaches and water-sport activities, also has a totally different side that you will find equally charming and worth a visit!

Exploring backwaters, appreciating unique architecture, enjoying the sunset from a cruise – the list is endless of the offbeat experiences you can have on your Goa tour. It is particularly ideal for those who are adventure-bent. The below segment will introduce you to such hidden gems that promise you incredible offbeat experiences in Goa.

Some Unique Travel Experiences in Goa are:

1. Delve into marine life in Goa

    • Witness and play with dolphins
    • Take a tour of backwaters in Goa

2. Wholesome experiences at Goa

    • Enjoy Sunset from Cruise
    • Practice Yoga in beautiful landscapes

3. Experience a mix of modern with ancient Goa vibes

    • Feel like Royalty strolling by UNESCO Heritage Sites
    • Admire unique Portuguese architecture

4. Other must-try experiences in Goa

    • Enjoy a picnic at the untouched lands of Goa
    • Spend some time exploring unexplored tourist places

1. Delve into Marine Life in Goa

Witness and play with the Dolphins

Seeing dolphins piercing through the surface waters is one of the most breathtaking experiences, no less. Often such experiences get sidelined on a Goa tour but should definitely be included to make your entire tour truly exciting. You can cruise from Fort Aguada or Panaji Jetty to witness these lovely creatures.

Also, you’ve the option to even touch and play with them! This water activity will make for a wholesome experience that you will treasure forever. Therefore, adding this to your bucket list of things to do while on your Goa tour is highly recommended.

Take a tour of the backwater in Goa

Backwater in Goa? Yes, you heard it right. You can enjoy a backwater tour on a houseboat in Goa. Take this tour of the houseboat to get a complete backwater experience under the blue sky full of luxury amenities and scenic views in front of your eyes.

Particularly, if you are planning a romantic vacation in Goa, this is a recommended thing to try in Goa. You can book this for your overnight tour to enjoy a joyful backwater experience.

2. Wholesome experiences at Goa

Enjoy Sunset from Cruise

Cruise is a major part of Goa tourism and makes for one of the best experiences to add to your vacation. From enjoying the luxurious lifestyle to getting the best sights of nature, you can get everything on a single cruise tour in Goa.

There is so much to explore: for example, casinos, delicious cuisines, musical performances, restaurants, playing games opportunities, and many more. However, observing the sunset from the cruise deck is one of the most beautiful things you can enjoy.

On top of that, you will have great choices to uncover various entertainments on a cruise with your family and friends or solo. If you love the ocean but not water sports, you can choose a cruise on Goa to make your vacation more eventful.

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Practice Yoga with beautiful landscapes

Goa and Yoga seem like different poles of a magnet as this state is more renowned for beach parties and water sports. That’s not the case! You get many sites – islands, beaches, parks, and villages – that are perfect for doing and enjoying Yoga.

Some of the best places to visit in Goa for couples to practice yoga are Arambol, Agonda, Palolem, and Mandrem. These are the best to have a profound yogic experience in the midst of calmness and beautiful sights.

After indulging in the electrifying affairs of Goa, like partying and celebrating all night, doing Yoga in the morning will be perfect to complete your overall tour.

Admire unique Portuguese architecture

Portuguese heritage is alive in Fontainhas, a quarter in Panaji, the state capital of Goa. You can stroll in its winding and beautiful lanes to admire the architecture of the Portuguese.

You can enjoy a quaint environment and witness brightly painted vintage houses, beautifully restored heritage hotels, restaurants, cafes, little bakeries, and art galleries.

This Latin Quarter is offbeat and a UNESCO heritage site in Goa. The more you discover this region of this state, the more you fall in love with the peaceful environment. Moreover, cycling in this vibrant street can elevate your travel experience.

Feel like Royalty strolling by UNESCO Heritage Sites

Majesty has a connection even though it is known as a party vibes holiday destination. Several forts, old churches, temples, villages, and palaces reflect the old charm of Goa, which will grab your attention.

Exploring these places will give you the authentic ancient touch that will grace your travel experience. Basilica Of Bom Jesus, Aguada Fort, Shri Mangeshi Temple, Se Cathedral, Chapora Fort, and Cabo De Rama Fort are some must-visit places you can discover on your heritage tour of Goa.

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4. Other must-try experiences in Goa

Enjoy a picnic at the untouched lands of Goa

Goa has many places that are the perfect backdrop to enjoy picnic time! Spending time in Savoi Plantations, located in the village of Savoi, is one of the best offbeat experiences in Goa.

You can enjoy a picnic and admire the green shade of nature. Despite being considered one of the top locations, it still remains untouched by tourists. Hence, it is an ideal place for those looking for a rejuvenating tour.

You can also explore the different natural treats by visiting the unique Sahakari Spice Farm. This is one of the most beautiful farms with a refreshing environment that tourists can explore. Such peaceful gems should not go unexplored on your Goa tour.

Other recommended places: Cabo De Rama Beach, Cola Beach, Sao Jacinto Island

Spend some time exploring unexplored tourist places

Goa is home to 15 islands, quaint villages, museums, and waterfalls. These hidden gems will keep you thrilled during your entire Goa trip. Get some charm of rural Goa by exploring Divar Island, where you can enjoy vast open fields surrounding empty roads and rustic settlements.

You can take a memorable walk amidst nature at Mangrove Boardwalk and enjoy bird watching. Heart Shaped Lake and Caranzalem Beach are two destinations with very few crowds, and you can enjoy beach vibes in complete solitude.

Other recommended places: Kesarval Waterfall, Chorla Ghat, Reis Magos, and Tropical Spice Plantation

Finals Words

Goa is one of India’s charming states with beautiful attractions that you won’t find anywhere else! The above list reflects the unique shades of Goa that you can enjoy along with its famous beaches. Contact us to book your Goa tour packages with us and include all your traveling preferences for an unforgettable tour!


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