Ooty vs Munnar: Which is better for Your Next Holiday Trip

If North India has the Himalayas, South India has the Western Ghats.
And it’s almost the same thing when it comes to experiences.
What vastly differentiates them is snow-capped beauty.
The Himalayas are embraced with flakes of snow on their peaks
While the Western Ghats has snuggled immense greenery within it..

Tourism in India gravitates mainly towards the two elements – one is snowflake beauty while the other is lush greenery. Both Ooty and Munnar personify their charm because they are embraced with lush greenery.

Now that is something you already know or have read somewhere else. What you don’t know is what makes Ooty different from Munnar or vice versa. And that is the reason:

You are racing your wandering mind and heart about which is better for your next holiday trip between Ooty vs Munnar.

This invokes curiosity in you, and the more you race your mind, the more you get confused.

This is arousing another thought in your mind: how are we going to do justice when it comes to deciding who is the ultimate winner between Ooty and Munnar. Ain’t it?

Good question!

A few parameters or factors determine which destination to pick over the other one. A handful of such factors includes:

We understand this, which is why we have thrown a travel curveball in the introduction without exaggeration.

These days, people have time constraints, and we all (You and Me) demand the answers quickly.

And the comparison between Ooty vs Munnar: Which is better for your next holiday trip is no exception.

Pro Travel Tip to Bookmark If You Are Confused Between Ooty and Munnar

Yes! You heard it right! The best suggestion any travel writer would give you about these two hill stations is to explore both of them.

What Does It Signify?

The distance between Ooty to Munnar is around 241 kilometers (approx.), and thus, you need to add 3-5 more buffer days in your itinerary to explore one destination with another. But still, Ooty vs Munnar is a debate that will never end.

No matter how much you compare, you still get confused because there are hardly any answers to this. What you will encounter on the internet are opinions.

Call us magicians because we bet you are tired of the mainstream opinions, and that’s why you are flicking through our comparison blog post.

Ain’t It True?

The more you get into browsing Ooty vs Munnar: Which is better for your next holiday trip, the more you will find it difficult to choose who is the winner.

The Truth No One Talks About

As you know, Ooty and Munnar dominate each other when it comes to holidays amidst lush greenery. However, Ooty has the advantage of being the leader and the first most talked about hill station in India, thanks to Bollywood, which has portrayed the scenes of Ooty in ’90s movies.

However, the way Munnar has surprised everyone is tremendous. And in terms of beauty, this destination wraps in God’s Own Country, Kerala.

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We have stated that it is Pretty Hard to Pick the Winner: So Now What?

Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the topic – which is better: Ooty or Munnar. Lend us your ears because this will be the best comparison of these two neighboring hill stations in South India.

You can pin this blog for reading it later if you have time constraints.

Location -Ooty vs Munnar


This is a hill resort town in Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu state. The Nilgiri hills in Ooty are part of the Western Ghats, a parent range. Ooty was founded by Britishers during their reign and was once the capital of Madras Residency.


This is the hill resort town in the Idukki district of Kerala. The Western Ghats in Munnar are the crowning jewel, and themselves are a parent range. Munnar was also once the summer capital of British India. It is snuggled at the meeting point of three mountain ranges – Kundala, Nallathanni, and Mudrapuzha.

Who’s the Winner Ooty or Munnar?

Both the hill stations Ooty and Munnar are wrapped in South India, and looking from this lens, it is a tie because both the hill stations produce fresh, crisp mountain air.

How Much Elevation Each One Has

  • Ooty: The average elevation of Ooty is 2,240 m above sea level.
  • Munnar: The average elevation of Munnar is 1,532 m above sea level.

Who’s the Winner?

Ooty is the winner in terms of elevation. There is a whopping difference in elevation, which is around 708 m (approx.) such a difference in the height of the hill resort town makes Ooty the winner.

Best Time to Visit,Weather, Season- Ooty vs Munnar

As we have stated above this paragraph, there is a staggering difference between the Ooty and Munnar. Ooty is around 708 m (approx.) higher than Munnar, so summers tend to be more relaxed in Ooty. But that doesn’t mean you should skip Munnar in the summer. Keep reading to find out detailed information about the weather and season of Ooty to Munnar.

Ooty Weather, Season and Best Time to Visit

Weather Conditions/Season Minimum and Maximum Climate Benefit What You Must Know Travel Tip
Ooty in Summers 22°C – 27°C Pleasant, not too cool nor hot To ditch the summer blues Shoulder Season Apply sunscreen
Ooty in Monsoon 17°C – 22°C Rainfall guaranteed To capture the lush greenery Low Season Pack raincoat and umbrella
Ooty in Winter 05°C – 15°C Crisp air and cool climate To enjoy every kind of adventure Peak Time Pack woolen clothes

Ooty in Summer (March – June): Summer in Ooty arrives in March and lasts till June. It is ideal for you to visit Ooty if you want to escape the scorching sun of North India or destinations in South India like Chennai. Ooty in summers is when family travelers visit the most to skip the daily life hustles.

Ooty in Monsoon (July – September): Monsoon marks its presence in Ooty from July till September. It is considered the 3rd favorite time to visit Ooty because the whole town gets drenched in the rain.

Ooty in monsoon becomes the shutterbug’s paradise with lush greenery at every turn. If you haven’t encountered greenery in the past, bookmark monsoon months in Ooty. The heavy tourist influx marks Ooty in monsoon 

mainly backpackers who want cheap accommodations.

Ooty in Winter (October – February): This goes without saying winter is the best time to visit Ooty in all aspects. You will enjoy both worlds as lush greenery is guaranteed, and crisp mountain air will kiss you! The old-aged couples or newlywed couples love romancing in Ooty in winters.

Munnar Weather, Season and Best Time to Visit

Weather Conditions/Season Minimum and Maximum Climate Benefit What You Must Know Travel Tip
Munnar in Summers 22°C – 36°C Slightly humid but not too warm For hiking and camping Shoulder Season Keep yourself hydrated
Munnar in Monsoon 26°C – 32°C Downpour guaranteed For manicured lush greenery all around you Low Season Pack raincoat and umbrella, and beware of leeches on grasslands
Munnar in Winter 10°C – 22°C Crisp air and cool climate Frosty air combined with fog and mist Peak Time Pack woolen clothes and book accommodation in advance

Munnar in Summers (March – June): Trekking, offroad jeep safaris, and camping are a few activities that hit Munnar in summers. March marks the arrival of summer and goes up to till June.

You can see accommodation prices skyrocketing because family travelers come out to visit Munnar across the nearby places like Kochi or from long-distance locations. If you wish to plan your trip to summer in Munnar, tea plantations tours are a must. Make sure you book your accommodation in advance. Occasional rain showers are expected in Munnar during summers, so be prepared. 

Munnar in Monsoon (July – September): Increased greenery is the highlight of Munnar in monsoon. The advent of July till September is the period when Munnar gets drenched in the rain, and shutterbugs find it a place that comes straight out of the landscape.

The lush greenery of the tea estates or plantations invites amateur or novice photographers. However, if you too have an affinity for photography, there is no better place in Munnar, and while you are there in the monsoon, don’t forget to capture great shots.

Munnar in Winter (October – February): With the advent of October, winter marks its presence in Munnar till February. It is considered the best time to visit Munnar for couples. You could observe the mist covering green hills.

It is also the best time for wildlife witnessing opportunities. Moreover, if you are an ardent lover of water streams, choose to relax amidst the surroundings of the enchanting waterfalls. And yes, winter is when Munnar is embraced with lush greenery, stunning trekking trails are open, and mornings, evenings, and nights are equally beautiful.

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Who’s the Winner

There is a tie between both of them (Ooty and Munnar) as both of the hill stations are drenched in greenery throughout the year. But if you look carefully, Ooty has a slight advantage of being a little cooler than Munnar, even in summers. Thanks to its extra elevation.

Cost of Accommodation:

What’s Common in Accommodation Between Ooty and Munnar: Hospitality, top-notch luxury, and great views. Accommodation in Ooty and Munnar highlights both of these hill stations. Of course, both have a budget for luxury accommodation under their belts. But still, certain aspects differentiate each of them. Continue reading! You will find plenty of common things in both these places.

Accommodation in Ooty:

You will find bubble-like tent accommodation in Ooty, a new staycation experience. This type of accommodation is inspired by the Igloo-shaped transparent tent and is gaining popularity in Ooty for its unique accommodation. However, even mainstream accommodation in Ooty could easily be found, including 3,4, and 5-star properties.

The tea gardens or plantations kiss only a handful of unique properties in Ooty. However, each accommodation in Ooty guarantees you the touch of lush greenery in some other way. If you are a family traveler, you won’t mind staying in any accommodation because all of them are stunning.

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Accommodation in Munnar:

When it comes to accommodation in Munnar, options might not be as vast as Ooty, but a sense of romanticism is guaranteed. Here, Kerala tourism focuses more on providing transformational travel experiences to guests, especially couples, because most of the accommodation in Munnar is centered around the mountains and enchanting tea plantations.

One such cool pyramid-shaped glass cabin staycation in Munnar, India’s first glass cabin equipped with WIFI and electricity. Couples can witness the stunning sunset from the glass cabins, a pass to erotic arousal.

Also, Munnar has more camping options than Ooty, and to be honest, the lush greenery of Munnar excites tourists the most – thanks to its less commercialization than Ooty, which got highlighted in the 1990s, and Munnar is still emerging as the finest green place to visit in South India.

Who’s the Winner

If we see from the costing point of view, you might find a slice difference between the pricing of Ooty and Munnar. It is because the availability of budget stays in Munnar like homestays are limited. This narrows down the possibilities bar; thus, Ooty has the advantage of budget accommodation for family travelers and backpackers.

But if you are planning a honeymoon or a romantic weekend getaway with your spouse, bookmark Munnar because the extra manicured lush greenery will spark some romance in you! Along with it, the properties that are snuggled amid the rolling tea carpets can elevate your arousal game more than at any other location.

How to Reach Ooty vs Munnar

The travel makes the accessibility of Ooty and Munnar different from each other. You could reach Ooty and Munnar by road, air, or train travel. None of them has an airport. The commercial airports to Munnar and Ooty are located on their outskirts. However, both of them could be reached via domestic as well as international flights. Road travel to these destinations is possible and is considered a scenic journey. Yeah! Keep reading!

How to Reach Ooty

By Air: Coimbatore International Airport, 87 kilometers/2.5 hours (approx.), is the nearest airport to reach Ooty. You will find transfer options outside the airport, like private/shared cabs.

By Train: This mode of transport is one of the best ways to reach Ooty if you come from Coonoor or Mettupalayam. The UNESCO Heritage Nilgiri Toy Train passes through thick, lush green forests and emerald meadows.

This toy train ride is worth taking, which covers almost 46 kilometers. While those who are coming from long-distance locations can arrive at Coimbatore Railway Station, which is well connected across all the major towns or cities in India.

By Road: This is the cheapest mode of transportation to explore Ooty if you are coming from Bangalore and some other nearby vicinity. Regular mainstream/luxury buses operate for Ooty’s arrival from Bangalore and Coonoor. One can reach Ooty from Bangalore on an overnight journey. You could also traverse via private vehicle on NH 209 and NH 275. 

How to Reach Munnar

By Air: Cochin International Airport, 110 kilometers/3.5 hours (approx.), is the closest airport to Munnar. You will find transfer options outside the airport, like private/shared cabs.

By Train: 125 kilometers/4 hours (approx.) is the time to reach Munnar via train from its nearby and major railhead, Ernakulam Railway Station. Anyone can reach Munnar no matter where they come from because this train junction is well connected to New Delhi, Mumbai, Mangalore, and Chennai.

By Road: Road travel to Munnar is suggested only if you are coming from the nearby towns like Bangalore, Coimbatore, Madurai, Wayanad, and Kozhikode. An overnight bus journey will drop you in Munnar from Tamil Nadu and Kerala towns.

Self-driven cars are also a suitable transportation mode and a rejuvenating experience only if you are a novice driver. Taking multiple halts is very important via road journeys. To know more about how to reach munnar click here!

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Who’s the Winner

There is no difference in accessibility as both hill stations are easily accessible via all the 3 means. But Ooty has a slightly higher advantage of accessibility or how to reach because of its enriching toy train ride. Also called Nilgiri Mountain Railway, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site itself and thus, attracts loads of tourists for its journey.

Average Travel Budget: Ooty Vs. Munnar

It is important to spend your money wisely to save money at the time of need. You might be wondering how I would differentiate between the travel budget of Ooty vs Munnar. Let us help you! At Least, thank me later in the comments! 😉

Average Travel Budget for Ooty

Estimated Cost of Airfare Starts from INR 8,000 (approx.) onwards for one way
Estimated Cost of Accommodation Starts at 1,500 INR (approx.) person with 2 times meals
Estimated Cost of Meals Starts at 500 INR (approx.) for lunch
Estimated Cost of Transporation within the City Start at 300-1000 INR (approx.) depending upon the mode of transportation

Average Travel Budget for Munnar

Estimated Cost of Airfare Starts from INR 8,000 (approx.) onwards for one way
Estimated Cost of Accommodation Starts at 1,600 INR (approx.) person with 2 times meals
Estimated Cost of Meals Starts at 600 INR (approx.) for lunch
Estimated Cost of Transporation within the City Start at 400-1000 INR (approx.) depending upon the mode of transportation

Who’s the Winner

Munnar is slightly costly compared with Ooty. However, Munnar is a lit honeymoon magnet, so the average travel budget for Munnar is somewhat high. Although, the average travel budget for both the destinations vary on several other factors like the destination from which you are coming, the mode of transportation you are choosing, and the type of accommodation you are finalizing.

If you select everything wisely or pre-plan your trip to either Munnar or Ooty with a few things to keep in mind, you will find that both the destinations are near each other regarding total travel cost.

Important Travel Advice When Selecting Between Ooty vs Munnar

  • Book a holiday package and compare the cost before finalizing because and look if you are getting meals, accommodation, and sightseeing included in it or not.
  • Calculate the round-up air ticket price and, if possible, book in advance 3-4 months to get the best deals on airfares.

Advice: This is how you will save your hard-earned money and get guaranteed discounts on accommodation and airfares.

Type of Vacation You Want

Both Ooty and Munnar provide travelers with the rejuvenation they need amidst the lush greenery. But that is not the only factor deciding which destination you should finalize. Some want to indulge in adventures, while some want to pamper themselves with leisure activities. On the other hand, most tourists who flock to Munnar and Ooty are family travelers and honeymooners. So how do you decide between Ooty vs Munnar? Here is the answer:

Ooty (Recreational, and Perfect for Family Travelers)

This beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu is dotted with majestic blue mountains and picturesque scenery. Ooty is a recreational destination in South India, and the greenery here is profoundly green. You could observe it by exploring the myriad of lush green normal and tea gardens.

Out of the best family-friendly and leisure activities in Ooty, the most admired one is boating fun in Ooty Boat House. Plus, accommodations in Ooty are slightly high-end because this hill station got famous during the ’90s.

Mainly, tourism in Ooty is inclined towards family travelers and leisure travelers. However, it doesn’t mean there is a shortage of things to do in Ooty for couples. It is obvious that what is possible for family travelers could also be enjoyed by couples in Ooty and vice versa

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Munnar (Best for Ayurvedic Touch Holidays and Beacons Couples)

Munnar in Kerala is encompassed by serene landscapes where rolling hills are carpeted with verdant plantations. There are large tea estates to explore with your sweetheart, and some of the accommodations in Munnar are tucked in the middle of these picturesque tea estates or farms. In terms of greenery, there is hardly any other destination in India that can outrank Munnar.

This is why couples, be it honeymooners or middle-aged couples, are attracted to Munnar. Moreover, although the accommodation in Munnar is not high-end as Ooty, Munnar has one additional element of Ayurveda under its belts, known to have originated from Kerala. Therefore, couples or leisure travelers who want to indulge in authentic Ayurveda treatment prefer Munnar over any other destination.

Who’s the Winner

In terms of greenery, Munnar is the winner. If you consider high-end accommodation, Ooty is the winner. And if you focus more on unlocking pampering vibes amidst the extra greenery, Munnar is the place to go! Munnar is where you will find less crowded and mainly couples. While in Ooty, you will find every kind of tourist ranging from backpackers to couples and family travelers. So the tourism influx in Ooty is higher than in Munnar.

Which One Has Enhanced Nightlife- Ooty vs Munanr

Once the sun bids adieu for the day, there are plenty of things to indulge in the mountains of South India. But you can’t expect dazzling nightlife scenes in Ooty and Munnar because everyone sleeps early in the mountains. Comparing the extravagant and lively nightlife of Munnar and Ooty is not a wise decision. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the nightie scenes in Ooty and Munnar. If you want to shake your legs to the rhythm of music groves, here is what you should know:

Nightlife in Ooty

Ooty is a little bit lively in night scenes because some more high-end resorts and hotels are a destination in themselves. One such example is Taj Savoy Hotel. There is one high-end colonial-era charm enveloped Canterbury Bar, which has classy decors and dim lights. You can enjoy the night scene with your family or friends over Indian and international wines or cuisines. Also, you will get a wide range of mouthwatering food on the menu.

You must know that you can enjoy the nightlife in Ooty only at the 4-5 star hotels or resorts. Outside premises get closed after 9 PM (approx.), and it is suggested not to explore after that as hills could be dangerous because of less lightning on the road.

Nightlife in Munnar

You will hardly find any nightclubs in Munnar because tourism in Munnar gravitates more towards leisure tourism. And frankly, nightlife scenes come nowhere in between leisure tourism. However, there are few resorts where you could relish a dinner with a great ambiance at High Range Club, Mountain Club, and Camelot Resort.

Moreover, if you want to brew a cocktail or mocktail, only a handful of luxury resorts or hotels provide that too in their restaurant or cafe. Munnar is mainly like inviting night crawlers to stargaze and enjoy the homely style cooked food at homestays or resorts.

Who’s the Winner

Due to the increased presence of high-end resorts or hotels, Ooty gets an advantage in nightlife compared between Munnar and Ooty.

Local Transportation Ooty vs Munanr

Local transportation is the backbone of any hill station from north to south, and Ooty and Munnar are no exception. Radio taxis don’t operate in Ooty and Munnar. But one could explore the sightseeing places via auto-rickshaw, self-driven car on hire, and bike on rent. You might want to know which destination has affordable or expensive local transportation when compared. Let us tell you:

Local Transportation in Ooty

If radio taxis are not available in Ooty, take advantage of several taxi stands in Ooty that provide hatchback and sedan cab services starting from 1800 INR – 2500 INR (approx.) for 10-12 hours of sightseeing for 7 people. Moreover, if you want to save your bucks, auto-rickshaw rides are an affordable bet.

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Local Transportation in Munnar

Nothing for couples and leisure travelers comes in the budget, and so does the local transportation in Munnar. You have to shed some extra bucks when it comes to how to get around Munnar locally. Taxis here are a little expensive compared to Ooty. Expect to pay around 2500 INR – 3000 INR (approx.) for up to 7 people on a sightseeing journey.

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Who’s the Winner

Ooty is inexpensive when it comes to local transportation.


Let’s be real: Destinations comparing blogs like this are usually biased. When writers write about them, chances are extreme that they fancy the particular destination they are promoting for rewards like free stays or a weekend trip. But this is not the case with everyone. In short, we are exceptions.

We have produced information unbiasedly and in an utterly transparent way! Also, we have tried to cover as many aspects of them. Just to make sure you get the answer, not only the opinions. We suggest that you don’t dump all your travel plans from one basket to another. Instead, include both Ooty and Munnar in your South India itinerary simultaneously to indulge in their individual charm.

Most Googled Question About Ooty vs Munnar

Q. Is Ooty cooler than Munnar?
Ans: Yes! Ooty is slightly cooler than Munnar because the elevation of Ooty is higher compared to Munnar. Ooty is around 700 m+ (approx.) high, and therefore, it experiences colder weather than Munnar.

Q. What is the distance between Munnar to Ooty by road?
Ans: The average distance between Munnar to Ooty by road is 245 kilometers. It takes around 7-8 hours (approx.) to reach Ooty from Munnar by road.

Q. What is the nearest airport to Munnar?
Ans: Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to Munnar. It is 110 kilometers (approx.). The travel time to reach Munnar from the airport is 3.5 hours (approx.)

Q. Which is the best place to visit with friends between Ooty and Munnar?
Ans: If you are planning a trip with friends, consider booking a trip to Ooty. It is more budget-friendly than Munnar.

Q. Munnar vs. Ooty – which is the best honeymoon place?
Ans: Consider Munnar as your honeymoon base camp because Munnar is ideally more romantic than Ooty.

Q. Can I combine a trip to Ooty with Munnar?
Ans: Yes! You can combine a trip to Ooty with Munnar no matter with whom you are traveling. For every kind of traveler, both Munnar and Ooty are stunning. You should take advantage of these two destinations which could be reached easily. You just need to keep 3-4 extra buffer days in the itinerary. That’s all!

Q. Which place is more peaceful – Ooty vs Munnar?
Ans: On looking upon the tranquility aspects, Munnar outranks Ooty. It has more peaceful vibes because commercialization is not much in Munnar. Whereas Ooty is considered one of the developed hill stations of India.

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