13 Best Places for Staycation near Bangalore for a Rejuvenating Vacation

Nowadays, the definition of the vacation has emerged, and we can see its variants, which are more appealing. Staycation is one of them that gives you a dream-like holiday. You can enjoy a peaceful scenario and indulge in fun-filled activities with great staying facilities.

If the thought of the best places for staycation near Bangalore is running in your mind, let it relax. Look at these places to plan your staycation with mind-blowing places.

Many beautiful staycations near Bangalore offer a quintessential ambiance where you can enjoy a vacation with your close ones. Whether you want to enjoy a weekend vacation with exotic resorts or an elegant homestay, some beautiful destination around Bangalore has it all.

For couples who are looking for a romantic staycation near Bangalore to weave romantic memories, the good news is here!. There are many lovey-dovey staycations near Bangalore, where you can enjoy your love time by experiencing leisure activities with a touch of adventure.

Here are some of the best weekend getaways near Bangalore that reconnect you with nature, peace, fun, and romantic vibes.

13 Popular Hotels & Resorts around Bangalore for Staycation

  1. Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini
  2. Country Club Wildlife Resort, Bandipur
  3. Silent Shores Resort & Spa, Mysore
  4. The Hills, Sakleshpur
  5. The Serai Resort, Chikmagalur
  6. Jungle Retreat , Masinagudi
  7. Gold Coin Resort, Andapura
  8. Magnolia Estates, Virajpet
  9. Goldfinch Retreat, Tarabanahalli
  10. Coffee County Resorts, Wayanad
  11. Holiday Village Resort, Vajarahalli Village
  12. Destiny Farmstay, Ooty
  13. Orange County Resort, Coorg

Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini

A desire of enjoying staycation near Bangalore with family match with Kaav Safari Lodge that is settled in Kabini. This exquisite option of the staycation is settled at the edge of the renowned Nagarhole National Park.

Kaav Safari Lodge got fame because of its extraordinary serenity and blissful stay. The marvelous surroundings bring a smile to your face and peace in your heart. You can indulge in many fun activities without stepping out of the resort.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 202 Km (approx)
  • Pro-tip: Choose the rooms with a facing view of Nagarhole National park. You can also reserve a luxurious tent to feel the charm of nature.
  • Activities to enjoy: Apart from enjoying the leisure vacation, you can welcome some thrill in your holiday by booking a safari in the National park.
  • Known for: Plenty of activities, including Boat Safari and Jungle Safari.

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Country Club Wildlife Resort, Bandipur

The name of this resort gives the indication of thrill that will entice you. If you are a wildlife lover, then Country Club Wildlife Resort would be a perfect choice for you. The resort is overflowing with adventurous activities that will amaze you in so many ways. It is one of the top resorts near Bangalore for staycation, which offers an appealing blend of scenic beauty and wildlife experiences. Whether you want to re-discover your passion or beholding the wilderness, this place never disappoints.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 220 km (approx)
  • Pro Tip: It would be a better option to choose the cottages to get the best view of the wildlife.
  • Activities to enjoy: There are plenty of fun-filled activities that keep you entertained and pump your adrenaline rush. You can feel the thrill by taking a guided safari and spot various flora and fauna. Apart from that, trekking, bird watching, cycling amidst the dense woods, and relishing the bonfire in the night are some of the best experiences here.
  • Known for: It is widely famous for thrill-packed activities, like guided safari tours and trekking.

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Silent Shores Resort & Spa, Mysore

There would be no debate that Mysore is one of the popular weekend getaways from Bangalore. The beauty of this destination and pleasant weather make an enticing combination. What could be better than enjoying a vacation at one of the luxury resorts near Bangalore? Silent Shores Resort & Spa is exactly the place that refines the luxuriousness and wins everyone’s heart. During your stay, you will connect yourself with blissful serenity amidst the wood.

The facilities of Spa and silence with beauty make it one of the best resorts near Bangalore. You would enjoy this resort in many ways and fill your heart with peaceful vibes.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 135 km (approx)
  • Pro Tip: You can enhance your staycation by booking the suite or the Duplex, as you can get a view of the pool, lush green view, and lawns.
  • Things to do: Enjoying the spa session is the highlight of this resort. Besides that, you can explore the city and learn about the culture.
  • Known for: A calming lake in its serene environment is a feast for your eyes.

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The Hills, Sakleshpur

This idyllic town is one of the beautiful getaways from Bangalore. Being located amidst the Western Ghats, the dense wood forest, scenic beauty, and calming ambiance, it is one of the topmost choices for a weekend trip near Bangalore. The Hills is rested at the top of these mountains and offer a mesmerizing view of the Sahyadri Mountains.

Your search for a romantic staycation near Bangalore would end here with the romantic weather, spectacular views including peaceful surroundings. From enjoying the staycation in the resort to stepping out for fun activities, everything is delightful.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 221 km (approx)
  • Pro tip: If you choose cottages, then you would get a captivating view of the plantation.
  • Activities to enjoy: You can indulge in many outdoor activities and catch the insightful experience in so many ways. Sitting around the campfire, A nature walk, trekking, are some of the best things to do here.
  • Known for: It is far and wide famous for its picturesque views of plantations all around.

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The Serai Resort, Chikmagalur

If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy a luxury staycation near Bangalore, The Serai Resort perfectly suits you. Here you will enjoy the vacation in the lap of nature with a touch of luxuriousness. This resort is settled amidst the beautiful coffee plantation that is a feast for your eyes.

Wherever your eyes see, you will get a connection with beauty. Each side of The Serai Resort shows you the greenery that will hold a place in your heart and soothe your mind. The indoor and Outdoor activities of this resort allow you to create everlasting memories.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 243 km (approx)
  • Pro Tip: It is suggested to pick Indonesian Cottages or Swiss Cottages to get the view of greenery from the balconies.
  • Activities to enjoy: You can pamper yourself by enjoying the Spa Session. If you want to explore the outside greenery, you can take a coffee tour or trekking. Apart from that, you can discover the depth of the dense forest with Harley Ride packages.
  • Known for: The coffee plantation and its aromatic fragrance allure tourists to enjoy a staycation here.

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Jungle Retreat, Masinagudi

Jungle Retreat is one of the best resorts for a staycation. And many reasons prove this statement delightfully. This resort is tucked in Masinagudi and surrounded by dense greenery. The peaceful atmosphere with the natural wonders gives you a memorable holiday. The name of this resort exhibits the vibe of nature right? Yes! You will get a chance to explore nature. Head to this resort to enjoy the staycation like never before.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 237 km (approx)
  • Pro-tip: You can choose the treehouses to add a wilderness experience to your vacation. But if you want to have a luxurious stay, you can go in a suit for that.
  • Activities to enjoy: You will be surprised at every turn and in every moment throughout this staycation. The Jungle Retreat offers diverse activities like trekking, plantation walks, and bird watching. If you want to explore the surrounding nature, you can proceed for half-day/full-day tours to Paniya tribal village or Coonoor.
  • Known for: It is famous for offering treehouses

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Gold Coin Resort, Andapura

Peace and perfection are two terms that define Elim Resort. It is the place where beauty and art are scattered everywhere and give you the next level of relaxation. Without any questioning, it is one of the best family resorts within 50 km from Bangalore.

This resort has one of the unique charms that attract tourists from the corner of the country. Heritage and nature are some of the elements of this resort that will surprise you at every turn.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 24 km (approx)
  • Pro-Tip: It is better to choose Fleur de Coins luxury cottage that provides a king-size bed, designer shower, large patio, and open sky concept.
  • Activities to enjoy: You can plunge into fun in many ways as plenty of adventure activities allure you here. You can rejuvenate yourself by dipping in the swimming pool.
  • Known for: This resort of Andapura is widely famous for its luxurious state-of-the-art cottages.

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Magnolia Estates, Virajpet

Experience the mixture of tranquility and greenery with a touch of Western ghat beauty at Magnolia Estates in Virajpet. It is widely famous as one of the romantic resorts around Bangalore because of its sheer natural beauty and climate.

Magnolia Estates embraces its guests with traditional, delectable cuisine and a cozy stay. Staying amidst the Western Ghats within a hundred-acre arena, this heavenly resort will always add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your holidays by offering lots of fun activities.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 238 km (approx)
  • Pro tip: You can opt for Plantation cottages as these cottages are roomy and neat.
  • Activities to Enjoy: You will get lots of dimensions to connect yourself with fun. There are many beautiful places nearby that are worth visiting. You can explore the charm of the Western Ghats and witness the sheer beauty of nature.
  • Known for: This resort is widely famous for its Plantation cottages

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Goldfinch Retreat, Tarabanahalli

If relaxation with your beloved is your priorities then Goldfinch Retreat would be your choice for that. This resort is designed to give you relaxation vibes, which are matchless. You would be impressed by the warm hospitality and top-notch services of this resort. Goldfinch Retreat makes your stay more comfortable as it offers the latest technology and great facilities. Mark your presence here with your partner as it is one of the romantic resorts near Bangalore.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 27 km (approx)
  • Pro-tips: Choosing an executive suite to get the best experience of this resort.
  • Activities to enjoy: Many ways lead you towards fun and entertainment. Spending time in the swimming pool, workout in the gym, and indulge in indoor and outdoor games, are some of them.
  • Known for: This resort is popular for high-class services.

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Coffee County Resorts, Wayanad

Blessed with alluring landscapes and a soothing climate, Wayanad is an idyllic hill station near Bangalore that befits a staycation experience. Enjoying a staycation away from the bustling cities is surely what you would be wanting? Let this dreamy holiday can be fulfilled by planning a vacation at Coffee Country Resorts, one of the quiet resorts near Bangalore.

This resort offers marvelous views and has a plunge pool to give you an insightful experience of staycation. There is no second thought that the enticing location of this resort glorifies its charm and makes it a popular choice among travelers.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 302 km (approx)
  • Pro tip: You will get the best experience of a staycation if you choose to go with luxurious cottages that give a view of the plunge pool.
  • Activities to enjoy: There are many elements of beauty that you can explore. You can visit striking waterfalls, tea estates, and some breathtaking viewpoints.
  • Known for: This resort is widely known for its spellbinding and heavenly ambience.

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Holiday Village Resort, Vajarahalli Village

Unwind yourself by taking a break from the monotonous routine and enjoy a vacation at Holiday Village Resort. This resort is far and wide admired for offering the best of nature with diverse facilities. The high-quality services and facilities pamper you and give you the next level of comfort. The attractive pool of Holiday Village Resort entices you to jump into it.

It is one of the nearest resorts from Bangalore that makes your holiday comfortable and enjoyable. It comes with no surprise that this resort is one of the best resorts that suit everyone, whether you are looking for romantic escape or friends and family fun.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 15 km (approx)
  • Pro tip: Enjoy the world-class facilities and enjoy the pool fun.
  • Activities to enjoy: This resort is a complete package for family fun as you can play many games here with your family and friends. Playing snooker, volleyball, and UB paintball are some of them.
  • Known for: This resort is highly famous for offering a diverse range of activities. Paintball is one of the best fun-filled activities of this resort.

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Destiny Farmstay, Ooty

Now, the word staycation draws a picture in your mind to stay amidst greenery and an intoxicating view. To live that moment, Destiny Farm, Ooty is the idyllic place that covers each element that you would ask for on your staycation. It is located in the gorgeous Nilgiri Biosphere that reflects enchanting vistas.

The more you look around, the more you fall in love with this resort. For nature lovers, this place is not less than a piece of heaven on the earth. The surrounding of this resort shows the ethereal beauty of nature. Being at the exclusive location, amid nature, it is one of the best romantic getaway spots for staycation.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 266 km (approx)
  • Pro-tip: If you want to celebrate love with your partner, choose lake-facing rooms or the Honeymoon suites. These options will give you a glimpse of the spectacular lake and the pristine hills.
  • Activities to enjoy: There are plenty of things that attract your attention, like fishing, rappelling, valley crossing, and rejuvenating spa. Horse riding is also one of the best things to add an extra layer of fun to your vacation.
  • Known for: It is well-known for fishing, rappelling, and Horse riding.

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Orange County Resort, Coorg

Coorg and its charm need no introduction, and it is one of the beautiful staycations places that offers mind-blowing natural beauty. Orange Country Resort is one of the best places to experience the charm of this hill station. Enjoying your vacation while staying in this resort is all about redefining the grandeur and luxuriousness.

The appealing ambiance around you will fill your heart with blissfulness. It is an ideal place for love birds to take their love life to the next level. The concoction of surrounding greenery and weather complements the mood.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 284 km (approx)
  • Tips: Explore the resort to experience the richness
  • Activities to enjoy: There are many options of activities in the resort that keep you hooked. Apart from that, you can take a nature walk and discover nature’s beauty at every turn.
  • Known for: This resort is highly admired and famous for its grandeur style and luxury services.

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Life is all about getting new experiences, right? And vacation near Bangalore is just reflecting that in a beautiful manner. Each place that we have mentioned will perfectly fit into your Bangalore tour plan. This will give you a chance to experience a different form of traveling with your close ones.

These are some topmost places near Bangalore for staycation and to bring rejuvenation in your life. You can head to these places with your friends, family, or your darling. For more information about the destinations, contact travel experts at Indian Holiday today!

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