10 Best Places to Visit in Kerala With Family to Show the Attitude of Gratitude

Hit for the wellness and eco-tourism down in India’s most southern state by embarking on the best places to visit in Kerala with family. Show the attitude of gratitude to your family for all the good moments they have brought into your life by planning a family trip to Kerala.

With a total of 14 districts under the state, half of them are marine districts, while the remaining are hill districts. Little tourists will love discovering epic adventures in the coastal towns chained with lagoons, backwaters like Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Trissur, Malappuram, Kozhikkode, Kannur, Kasaragod.

On the other side, hill stations or districts like Wayanad, Munnar, Idukki, and Ponmudi, Thekkady will allow family tourists in Kerala to inhale the lush greenery in full throttle along with uncountable spiritual experiences. And the best part? The best tourist places in Kerala for families are inviting throughout the year because of their salubrious climate.

10 Best Places to Visit in Kerala With Family

Shoulder the responsibility of crafting and executing the significant boost in your family’s monotonous life by taking them to most of these 10 best places to visit in Kerala with family.

Let’s dive in!

1. Thekkady

Why Visit Thekkady With Family: Kids will love the nature walks in the forests followed by flora and fauna excursions.

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and scenic meadows, a 3 nights and 4 days family trip to Kerala must have Thekkady in Kerala itinerary. If you have a family who loves wildlife hopping holidays, the Periyar National Park near Thekkady is a good place to go with kids. Thekkady’s elevation is somewhat between 900-1800 m (approx.) above sea level.

Thus, your family would have a great time to know how alluring mother nature can be since Thekkady has a range of activities to indulge in, like boating in Periyar Lake, bamboo rafting and jeep safari in Periyar National Park, temple hopping of Mangaladevi Temple. The cuisines of Thekkady are famous amongst family travelers.

  • Days Enough: 3-4 days (approx.)
  • Where to Eat in Thekkady: Coffee Garden – Rooftop Restaurant, Spice Garden, Ambadi Restaurant
  • Where to Stay in Thekkady: Forest Canopy, Vanya Tree House, The Elephant Court
  • Where to Shop in Thekkady: Chola Center, Greenland Spice Gardens, Shiny Spices

2. Munnar

Why Visit Munnar With Family: Munnar is the tea capital of Kerala, and your family will have a great time staying amidst the lush green forestation.

Munnar is another famous hill station in the Idukki district that will welcome you with evergreen tea plantations and the serenity of the waterfalls. Take your parents or kids to Munnar, which has an elevation of 1,532 m (approx.) above sea level and experiences a salubrious climate all year round.

But if you visit it in monsoon, it will be the icing to the cake because Munnar with family in monsoon gets wrapped with luscious greenery. Hike to the easy trek Top Station and Devikulam for the panoramic views of the Munnar. If you have teens above 15 years of age, paragliding in Munnar along with mountain biking at Anamudi Peak and Rajamala Hill are must indulge family-friendly experiences in Munnar.

  • Days Enough: 3-4 days (approx.)
  • Where to Eat in Munnar: Tamra Restaurant, Mist – The Park, Sarvana Bhavan
  • Where to Stay in Munnar: Tea Country Munnar, Elixir Hills, Spice Tree Munnar
  • Where to Shop in Munnar: Abbas & Co. Tea Merchants, Kanan Devan Hills Plantations, Greenland Spices SuperMarket.

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3. Alleppey

Why Visit Alleppey With Family: To float on pristine backwaters that give solid competition to Venice, but Alleppey has quaint houseboats for overnight stays.

Want to give your family, including kids or parents, the international holiday experience on a family trip to Kerala? Choose Alleppey in the Alappuzha district for cruising the rustic Kerala backwaters while passing the network of tranquil canals and lagoons. Stay in a traditional houseboat that blends modern-day comfort for your families like private balconies, personal butler service, washrooms, and more!

While you cruise the backwaters of Alleppey with your family, don’t forget to capture the essence of the rustic Kerala life, which is embraced with lush greenery along with a side of the backwaters. The Venetian Capital of Kerala, Alleppey, is one of the best places for a 2 days trip in Kerala with family as it has Alleppey Beach to explore with kids, temples to visit with parents and Vembanad Lake for bird watching adventure.

Other Highlights of Family Holidays in Alleppey With Family. A snake boat race, aka canoe-style boat, is a popular monsoon festival of Alleppey from August and September.

  • Days Enough: 2-3 days (approx.)
  • Where to Eat in Alleppey: Tamra Restaurant, Mist – The Park, Sarvana Bhavan
  • Best Routes to Take: Alleppey to Kuttanad, Alleppey to Kovalam, Alleppey to Kumarakom
  • Overnight Trip for Family Houseboats Starts at: ₹ 20,000 (approx.) including meals

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4. Kovalam

Why Visit Kovalam With Family: To relax under the shades of the coconut trees followed and enjoy watersports under the low tides and shallow waters.

How about the idea of basking in the vibes of Goa on a family trip to Kerala? Simply drift to the Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram district, where Brazilians and Russians flock the most from November to March to enjoy the sunshine affair at the palm-backed Kovalam Beach, Samudra Beach, and Hawa Beach.

Kovalam is one of the top sights to explore in Kerala with family if you have kids, a sister, brother, or even parents who want to channelize their adrenaline side with paragliding, swimming, surfing, and catamaran rides. Let your parents pamper their minds and bodies at any Ayurvedic treatment centers around Kovalam Beach.

  • Days Enough: 2-3 days (approx.)
  • Where to Eat in Kovalam: Impresso, Cafe, Jasmine Bay Restaurant, The Raviz Kovalam
  • Where to Stay in Kovalam: Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa, Kovalam Bethsaida Hermitage
  • Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centres: The Grandspa Ayurvedic Wellness Centre, Agastyaa Heritage Ayurvedic Centre, Om Ayur Santhi Ayurveda Panchakarma Center.

5. Wayanad

Why Visit Wayanad With Family: To have an unblemished cave dining experience with your kids and marvel at the stone age rock carvings on the Edakkal Caves.

This rural district of Kerala is a ravishing hill station sandwiched between North Kerala and Tamil Nadu and Karnataka state borders. Positioned at an elevation of 700 m – 2,100 m (approx.) above sea level, you will love the wildlife safari in Wayanad with kids throughout the year at the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary pristine waterfalls and rolling green hills.

If you live in and around Bangalore or Mysore, without a doubt, Wayanad bills itself as one of the best regions of Kerala for unfolding its history. Stay in acres of coffee, cardamom, spice, and rubber plantations for a unique staying experience in Wayanad with kids.

  • Days Enough: 2 days (approx.)
  • Where to Eat in Wayanad: Wilton Restaurant, Wayanad Kitchen, The Coffee Grove
  • Where to Stay in Wayanad: Marmalade Spring, Wayanad Wild Jungle Resort, Glendale Wooden Cottages
  • Where to Shop in Wayanad: The Focus Mall, Trident Arcade, Aiswarya Shopping Complex

6. Kochi (Ernakulam)

Why Visit Kochi With Family: Kochi has the one and only eco-friendly underwater resort in the whole of Asia! Also, the Malabar Cuisine of Kochi is world-famous and is new hype!

Give your family the lavish staycation experience on a Kerala trip by staying in India’s first floating resort with below-the-water level rooms. Next, proceed to trip around the lush green village of Kumbalangi on a half-day trip with your family and cover the history of Kochi by visiting the museums and palaces to unfold the spice trade history of the Kochi coastline.

Portuguese build buildings and palaces will be a good option to explore with kids to brainstorm about the ancient Indian marine trade. Moreover, Kochi is now a modern coastal town of Kerala with trendy restaurants, luxury resorts or hotels. And beaches in Kochi to explore during the salubrious climate in early summer, post-monsoon, and winter.

  • Days Enough: 2 days (approx.)
  • Floating Resort Name: Aquatic Island By Poppys
  • Commute Options: Houseboats, bikes, cars
  • Where to Eat in Kochi: Thai Soul, Colony Clubhouse & Grill, Kochi Kitchen

7. Thrissur

Why Visit Thrissur With Family: Because Thrissur is an amalgamation of Kerala’s cultural and spiritual side from a centuries-old time.

Thrissur itself is a district of Kerala with 7 taluks and is known for the River Estuary (Azhimukham) intersection, merging with the Arabian Sea at Chavakkad Beach. Due to this astounding phenomenon, Thrissur is one of the top places to visit in Kerala with family. Located very close to Cochin, there is an ancient zoo named Thrissur Zoo and State Museum, which dates back to 1885 and is one of the best attractions to visit Thrissur with kids for a 2 days trip!

Synonymous with the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur has religious sites of Hindu, Muslim, and Christianity, which makes it one of the best religious places to visit in Kerala with family. Attend the summer harvest festival – Pooram Festival in Thrissur- planning a family trip to Kerala in April.

  • Days Enough: 2 days (approx.)
  • Commute Option: Rickshaw, buses, private taxi
  • Where to Eat in Thrissur: Clay Oven, Hotel Bharat, Royal Court By Joys Palace
  • Where to Stay in Thrissur: Coral Isle, Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty, Cranganor History Cafe & Riverside Chateau

8. Kozhikode

Why Visit Kozhikode With Family: The culinary culture of Kozhikode is exceptional and will give you a unique perspective of Kerala.

Kozhikode is a coastal town in Kerala, and in English, it is often called Calicutt. Nestled close to the famous Kappa Beach, where Portuguese explorers reached India by sea. Moreover, this coastal town is so beautiful that your kids or parents will feel like they are walking down Europe avenue adorned with lush green trees and Instagrammable houses.

Take your parents to Kozhikode Beach to witness stunning sunset and changing hues. Don’t forget to take your binoculars with you at the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, a popular hotspot for bird watchers. Kozhikode is a much-developed coastal town that has nightclubs, trendy restaurants, and waterfalls to take a plunge in with your kids.

  • Days Enough: 2 days (approx.)
  • Commute Option: Tuk Tuk, bike rental, private taxi
  • Where to Eat in Kozhikode: Hotel Paragon Restaurant, M-Grill, Mezban Restaurant
  • Where to Stay in Kozhikode: The Raviz Calicut, The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Calicut, The Raviz Kadavu

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9. Kottayam

Why Visit Kottayam With Family: To explore the rubber plantations in Kerala after tea, spice, cardamom plantations. Kottayam is the Rubber Capital of India.

This district of Kerala is a heaven for nature lovers, surrounded by hill stations, backwaters, churches, the Western Ghats from the East and Vembanad Lake from the West. Lush greenery is flanked in the form of spice, rubber plantations.

Visit Kottayam on a trip to Kerala with family to explore the unexplored side of Kerala. It is one of those 5 districts of Kerala without a coastline. Spend some time with your family at the Marmala Waterfalls and visit it via jeep while passing the narrow trodden paths from the jungle between December to February, early summer and post-monsoon.

  • Days Enough: 2 days (approx.)
  • Commute Option: Tuk Tuk, bike rental, private taxi
  • Places to Visit Near Kottayam: Alleppey, Kumarkom, Munnar
  • Where to Stay in Kottayam: Cocobay Resort, The Windsor Castle Leisure Hotel & Ayurvedic Resort, GK’s Riverview Homestays.

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10. Poovar Island

Why Visit Poovar Island Resort With Family: To save your thousands of bucks over any other international luxury holiday destination.

Ever saw the lake, beach, river, and Sea meet the land in India? Chances are high that you haven’t. So pack your bags and fly to Poovar Island in Kerala near Thiruvananthapuram for a luxury drenched staycation experience like the Maldives. Yes! Staying in Kerala’s backwater resorts under ₹ 4,000 (approx.) is the new reason to visit Kerala with family.

Poovar Island has a floating restaurant you must stop by while cruising the backwaters with your kids. Poovar Island, in actuality, is an island resort with a golden sand beach. Acknowledge the feel of the Maldives because the stilts cottages float on the backwaters and are equipped with a jacuzzi, bathtubs, and private balcony.

  • Days Enough: 3 days (approx.)
  • Tariff: Starting from ₹6,000 (approx.) per night
  • Places to Visit Near Poovar Island: Alleppey, Kumarakom, Munnar
  • How to Reach: Trivandrum Airport and Railway Station is located nearby.

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Tell Me More About Thekkady Tourism in Context With Kerala 

This South Indian state on India’s tropical Malabar Coast is one of the best places to visit in South India with family to unburden the humdrum of daily life’s grind. A family trip to Thekkady at Kerala is a great way to shift the family-child relationship from the past into the present and the future.

If you want to combine the sightseeing of Kerala’s coastal and hill districts, there is something for everyone in your family, ranging from adventure to leisure and spirituality amalgamated with history. Locals in Kerala are fiercely proud of their cuisine, where spices are the highlight, so don’t miss a food hopping tour when you are in Kerala.

You will find 4 international airports in Kerala; Trivandrum International Airport, Kannur International Airport, Cochin International Airport, Calicut International Airport. All of them are connected with international and domestic flights.

With around 150+ (approx.) railway stations in Kerala, the best of them with all India commute includes Ernakulam, Kottayam, Trivandrum, Kollam, and Alleppey.

Thekkady in Kerala is one of those family trip places in India where ethical tourism and responsible tourism go hand in hand. Besides romance, there are several facets of God’s Own Country, Kerala, which warrant a visit for 7-10 days (approx.).

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Through National Highway No – 47, 17, 49, Kerala is connected with the rest of the country roads, but Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore are considered the best destinations for a road trip to Kerala.

When are you rejuvenating your senses and overcoming pandemic blues on a trip to Kerala with family?

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