Top 7 Places to Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon to Unlock the Love in Your Heart

Congratulations! You have decided to be the companion of each other for a lifetime. And now it is time to celebrate this union love at the Mauritius honeymoon places. No doubt that you have chosen the right destination because Mauritius is one of the top destinations for a couple who are seeking a romantic vacation.

With all kinds of natural beauty and fun, you will make the best of your lovey-dovey journey in this island country. We have compiled a list of the best honeymoon places in Mauritius. It will help you to make your love bloom in the air. From enjoying romantic activities together to having a lovely dinner, you will get everything here.

Here is the list of Places to Visit in Mauritius for a Honeymoon in 2022

1. Chamarel Park

The list of Mauritius honeymoon places is wondrous, and Chamarel Park is wonderful in it. On your honeymoon vacation in Mauritius, this park will amaze you in so many ways. It is worldwide famous as the seven-colored earth, and it is as astounding as it sounds.

You can witness the spectrum of seven colors that makes a stunning appearance. Notably, the colors of dunes are purple, yellow, blue, green, violet, brown, and red which will surprise you delightfully. This unique landscape of Mauritius makes it one of the most appealing natural wonders of this planet.

However, the lush greenery of Chamarel Park is also admirable which makes it one of the beautiful honeymoon places in Mauritius. If you want to add a touch of fun to your romantic trip, the beautiful park and giant tortoises are there for you.

And apart from that, the lush green landscapes, you can visit the Chamarel Waterfall, one of the famous honeymoon places in Mauritius. The best time to visit this place is during the sunset because the light of the sun this time glorifies the park.

Location: Rivière Noire District

Things to do for romantic togetherness

  • Spend quality time at Chamarel Waterfall.
  • Enjoy bird watching at Ebony Forest.
  • Admire the scenic view from the Chamarel ViewPoint

Enjoy foods at nearby restaurants

  • Le Chamarel Restaurant
  • & Burgers
  • Le Brabant
  • Big Joe Restaurant
  • Hidden Garden

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2. Tamarin Beach

Mauritius has plenty of romantic experiences options for couples, and one of them is Tamarin Beach. It is one of the fascinating Mauritius honeymoon places that has the Black River mountain range in the background.

On top of that, the shoreline is an eye-popping thing with dark sand and thundering waves. And whether you want to enjoy bathing in the sun or swimming in the water, the beach is an extraordinary place for you. Moreover, you can enjoy camping near the beach and delve into each other’s eyes.

Enjoying a honeymoon in Mauritius at this beach is one of the most intriguing factors. Because it is a less crowded beach and ideal for enjoying seclusion time together.

Location: Tamarin, Mauritius

Things to do for romantic togetherness.

  • Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset.
  • Swimming with dolphins.
  • Relish the thrill together with surfing.
  • Enjoy an evening stroll.

Enjoy foods at nearby restaurants

  • Frenchie Cafe
  • Chez Philippe
  • Hidden Garden
  • Al Dente

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3. Alexandra Falls

Witnessing Alexandra Waterfalls is a lovely way to enjoy nature. Being located in the famous Black River Gorges National Park, the waterfall is encircled with lush greenery. And witnessing the falling water over the rough outcrops will relieve your mind.

You can reach this waterfall through Plaine Champagne and move toward Grand Bassin. The view of the surroundings is so captivating that it entices you to spend some time here. Without any questioning, it is one of the most romantic honeymoon places in Mauritius that is a bliss for couples.

Notably, you can spend some time at Plaine Champagne and have the delicious Chinese Guava, Strawberry Guava. The scenic view and peace are two factors that make it an ideal place for couples. Strolling in the lush greenery and enjoying relaxation are the two best things to do here. Overall, this waterfall is among the best honeymoon destinations in Mauritius.

Location: Alexandra Falls, Mauritius

Things to do for romantic togetherness

  • Enjoying the natural abundance.
  • Get a panoramic view from the Alexandra Falls Viewpoint.
  • Hike together in the jungle.
  • Store sweet moments by enjoying photography.

Enjoy foods at nearby restaurants

  • Le Chamarel restaurant
  • Hungry Birds The Artist’s Kitchen
  • Magic Spoon Restaurant
  • Rhumerie de Chamarel

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4. Le Morne Brabant

This island country is blessed with scenic locations that offer gorgeous beauty and romantic experiences. On the southwest coast, Le Morne Brabant is one of the finest examples of it where you should weave some lovey-dovey memories with your better half. This destination has various elements of surprise, beauty, and adventure. Due to all of these factors, it is one of the ideal places to visit in Mauritius for a honeymoon.

This peninsular island has palm trees and endemic species of plants. Identically, it is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mauritius. It has a blend of historical significance and natural beauty. You will also witness the natural illusion here because of its Underwater Falls. No wonder! It is one of the eye-catching factors in Mauritius.

The white, blue, and green shades of water mixed to bring a vibrant optical illusion. You can also take a helicopter tour to enjoy the view of this illusion from the top. However, do not forget to bring your camera while exploring this place on your honeymoon in Mauritius.

Location: Le Morne Village, Mauritius

Things to do for romantic togetherness

  • Enjoy trekking along the mountainside.
  • Indulging in underwater fun with windsurfing and kite surfing.
  • Relish the hiking together while observing the surrounding beauty.
  • Have a romantic walk and click some pictures together.

Enjoy foods at nearby restaurants

  • Le Brabant
  • Hotstone Grill Restaurant
  • Ravanil Tamarind Falls Resto
  • Frizzy
  • Friends Cafe Restaurants

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5. Indian Pavilion

If you and your wife are looking to collect some unique experience, visit the Indian Pavilion. It is the finest Indian Restaurant in Mauritius that has the potential to make your moment more cherishable. It is important to realize the natural setting of this restaurant gives you a chance to treat your eyes to a scenic view.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the perfect places to visit in Mauritius from India that offers pristine views. On top of that, couples can find creative cooking experiences with a mix of Indian herbs and spices. It is one of the most playful as well as romantic things to do on your honeymoon.

Indian Pavilion offers a variety of must-try Cuisines that will give you a great dining experience together. You must try Mughlai Cuisine at this restaurant, and apart from that, you can have Gosht Nizami Dalcha, Galouti Kebab with ulte tawe ka Paratha, Mahi Anarkali, and many more. By offering such experiences and delicious cuisine, it has become one of the captivating Mauritius tourist attractions especially for lovebirds who want to enjoy cooking together.

Location: Pointe de Flacq, Poste de Flacq, Mauritius

Things to do for romantic togetherness

  • Take a cooking experience together.
  • Get blessing from Sagar Shiv Mandir.
  • Explore the nearby attractions.
  • Enjoy the different cuisines.

Nearby beaches to Explore

  • Belle Mare Beach
  • Palmar Beach
  • Solana Beach Mauritius
  • Out of the Blue Beach

6. La Vanille Crocodile Park

For couples who are more inclined towards wildlife, La Vanille Crocodile Park is the right choice to visit on your Mauritius honeymoon. It is the ultimate destination to discover exotic natural beauty and attracts wildlife lovers.

This natural reserve is one of the top Mauritius places for couples who are wildlife admirers, nature lovers, and experience seekers. By visiting this park, you can encounter different species of wildlife, including fierce crocodiles, giant tortoises, pigs, monkeys, and many more.

Besides that, you will find Mauritian animals and reptiles such as geckos, turtles, bats, skinks, etc. But the brightly colored insects, which are more than 2000, are just something else here. You can collect enthralling experiences with utmost safety.

You can also give a treat to your taste buds at the Hungry Crocodile Restaurants with Mauritian. And there is also a Jungle Adventure playground where you can get back your childlike excitement.

Location: South Mauritius

Things to do for romantic togetherness

  • Explore the Fossil Museum.
  • Get a chance to feed the tortoise with your hands.
  • Witness the crocodile feeding show.
  • Click some pictures with baby crocodiles.
  • Learn about farming at the Interactive farm area.

Enjoy foods at nearby restaurants

  • The Green Palm
  • Magic Spoon Restaurant
  • Chez Devika
  • Seafood paradise
  • Le Saint Aubin Restaurant

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7. Ganga Talao

Building a connection with spirituality for the new chapter of your life is essential. And Grand Bassin is exactly the match for newlywed couples to get spiritual experience. It is one of the famous couple places to visit in Mauritius, where they can get blessings for the upcoming life.

The sacred lake of this place is called Ganga Talao, and it is believed that the water of the Holy Ganga is present there. And this is the reason that this lake is called the Ganga Talao.

Grand Bassin is considered one of the important pilgrimage destinations for Hindus. Identically, there are several temples present there that are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Durga. Hanumana and many others During the Maha Shivratri festival, tourists from different corners of the world come here to this place in the highest numbers.

The natural beauty and stunning landscapes make it one of the ideal places to visit in Mauritius for couples. But It is advised to dress appropriately and conservatively while visiting this place.

Location: Savanne, Mauritius

Things to do together

  • Get a dip in the water.
  • Visit the temples to get blessings.
  • Explore nearby beaches.
  • Enjoy the sightseeing and witness the natural beauty.

Enjoy foods at Nearby restaurants

  • La Chamarel restaurant
  • Cilaos Authentic Cuisine
  • Chez Devika
  • Marilyn Monroe Restaurant
  • Charm Grill

Wrapping Up

Mauritius is a land of romantic attractions, where natural beauty, wilderness, and landscapes are stuck beautifully. And with all these things, honeymoon places in Mauritius offer an ideal vacation for newlywed couples. You can weave the memories and store them in your heart forever by strolling in the beaches, parks, and natural wildlife reserves.

Apart from that, you will find many places where you both look into each other’s eyes and let the cool air touch your face. The above list included must-visit places in Mauritius for the honeymoon that you should add to your trip. We have compiled beautiful places that offer nature, peace, thrill, and wildlife.

You can book your tour through our wide range of customizable Mauritius tour packages. So mark your dates and pack your bags to make each moment fascinating and intoxicating with your love.

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