20 Places to Visit near Bangalore During the Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is a time of joy and excitement. There are numerous beautiful places to visit near Bangalore during the monsoon season that will take you in the lap of nature.

From the mesmerizing Jog Falls to the lush environs of Ooty, there is all new dimension of attractions to be explored near Bangalore during the monsoon. In fact, you could go for some of the best monsoon treks in the Western Ghats at this time of the year near Bangalore.

Here are the top 20 places to visit near Bangalore in Monsoon Season

Jog Falls

  • Distance from Bangalore: 420 km approx.

The Jog Falls is one of the best-known waterfalls adorning the state of Karnataka. The falls have the distinction of being the 7th deepest in the world and the second largest in India and are a great picnic spot.

The Jog falls are fed by the majestic Sharavathi River which then cascades down into four falls-Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket. Falling from a height of 253 m, the falls have an irresistible charm bedecked by its picturesque surroundings and lush verdure, which enhances its aura.

The falls were earlier known by the name Joger Gersoppa Falls. They are accessed by a wonderful 1400 step pathway, leading to the bottom of the hill from where you can have breathtaking views.

The areas surrounding the falls are great for trekking and exploring. The deafening sound of the gush of the water along with the enveloping mist is thoroughly rejuvenating. The falls are well connected by roads and are a must visit place with your family and friends.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 242 km approx.

Often referred to as the “Coffee Land”, Chikmagalur is a beautiful haven of pepper estates, dense forests, and coffee plantations. Located around 250 kilometers from Bangalore, the destination is wonderfully nestled in the Bada Budan Hills. The quaint town is full of the most exotic views and is surrounded by streams, hills, valleys, and rivers.

Encircled by rugged mountains and wild paths that wind through the serpentine hills, the place is also excellent for trekking and enjoying the rustic natural beauty and the music of nature. Other attractions, which enhance the beauty of the area and are worth exploring are the Mullayyanagiri range, Kemmmanagundi Hills, Muthodi National Park, and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.

Chikmagalur is widely perceived to be one of the must-visit places in South India and its beauty naturally justifies this distinction.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 61 km approx.

This amazing place is a perfect escape from the urban chaos and into the lush nature. The site is home to many scenic views and also a bit of adventure. Trekking is one of the most famous activities here with routes full of the most verdant delights and adorned with ancient fort ruins which date back to the 18th century.

Skandagiri is located around 60 kilometers from Bangalore and is frequently visited by families and adventure hikers from the town. One of the special highlights at Skandagiri is the option of night trekking which is extremely popular with the youngsters.

The best time to visit Skandagiri is during the winter months when the whole ambiance is surrounded by a magical mist and becomes exceedingly romantic.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 46 km approx.

The site of Savandurga is made up of two hills, Karigugga and Billigudda, and is said to be one of the highest monolithic hills in Asia. Located about 60 kilometers to the west of Bangalore, Savandurga is situated at a height of 1,200 meters above sea level.

The site is a great place for groups and couples to enjoy secluded and peaceful spots while adventurers have their own excuse to visit it as one of the most excellent places to hike and traverse. At the foot of the hills, flows the beautiful Arkavathi River whereas the wonderful Narsimhaswamy Temple is another draw.

The hill of Savandurga also has a number of natural caves which are worth exploring. In monsoons, it gets covered in mesmerizing greens which presents another facet of Savandurga. The place is also visited by pilgrims to visit Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy.

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Shivanasamudra Falls

  • Distance from Bangalore: 133 km approx.

The sight of Shivanasamundra Falls is worth seeing in monsoons, during which the water swells up and shows itself with gusto, being fed by the rain. During this time the falls literally appear like the great Niagara Falls, forming spectacular cascades. Falling from a stunning height of 320 feet, the charm of Shivanasamundra Falls is simply inescapable.

Before falling, the fall splits into two- Gaganachukki falls and Bharachukki falls which are about 5 kilometers apart. It is a wonderful spot to experience the majesty of nature and feel the freshness of the cool sprinkles from the gush.

In addition to simply enjoying the ambiance, visitors can also swim in the cool waters. A major highlight of the area here is the hydro plant which is one of the first electric power projects in Asia.

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Kunti Betta

  • Distance from Bangalore: 162 km approx.

Overlooking the city of Padavpura, Kunti Betta is a formation of two rocky hills, located about 100 kilometers from Bangalore. These hills were earlier known as French Rocks by the British and their name is based on a Mahabharata legend.

It is said that the place is named after Kunti- the mother of the legendary warriors Pandavas and as they came about this place in their exile, she grew fond of its natural beauty.

The hills afford a magnificent view of the beautiful city below. And during monsoons, the surroundings enliven even further with flowers, lakes, farms as well as backwaters of Tonnur Kere.

Moreover, on your way up to the hills, you will come across Kunti Kola, which is a deep rock depression with a large footprint like formation, known in the local folklore as Bheemana Pada. In general, the place is an excellent destination to enjoy trekking and nature walks.

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Nandi Hills

  • Distance from Bangalore: 61 km approx.

Located approximately 60 kilometers from the city of Bangalore, Nandi Hills is an amazing tourist draw that has many attractions. The hills were once, one of the favorite Summer Retreats of Tipu Sultan and then the British. Famous for its exquisite sunrise and sunset points, the hills are also a favorite haunt for trekking and paragliding.

Besides, there are several places you can visit in Nandi Hills, including Amrita Sarovar, Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Nehru Nilaya, Tipu Sultan’s Residence, Nandi Temple and Bhramashram, etc. On the other hand, there is plenty of scope for adventurers too. Visitors can enjoy paragliding, cycling, biking as well as mountain climbing.

A destination that offers so much should be a must-visit place. One can visit Nandi Hills during any time of the year since each season has its own charm that beautifies the place in its unique way.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 461 km approx.

A destination blessed with many charms, Dandeli is a nature lover’s paradise, located at a distance of six and a half-hour drive from Bangalore. There is something for every kind of visitor to indulge in. From visiting Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary to Kavala caves and from Kulgi Nature camp to Shiroli peak, a traveler can enjoy many things.

Located on the banks of the Kali River, Dandeli is abundant with dense forests and plenty of rainfall. Also for adrenalin junkies, there is a scope for jeep safari and trekking in the region. But white water rafting is the highlight of Dandeli which is extremely popular. Besides rafting and trekking, visitors can also enjoy rappelling, kayaking, and angling.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 265 km approx.

The charm of any place near Bangalore during the monsoon season is incomplete without the mention of Ooty. Sitting beautifully atop the Western Ghats, at a height of 2,240 meters above sea level, Ooty is a dream place, especially as a honeymoon destination.

The surroundings are not only exotically lush, but the weather and sights literally enthrall your spirit to the point of intoxication. There are many attractions you can explore in Ooty.

There is an exquisite Botanical Garden on the slopes of the Doddabetta peak where you can explore the floral wealth of Ooty, while you will certainly relish peaceful moments on the bank of Ooty, Avalanche and Emerald Lakes. On the other hand, the charms of Pykara River, Madhumalai National Park, the Tea factory, and Toda Huts are unique in their own way.

The sights of low-lying clouds, refreshing air and cool weather are amazing enough to make Ooty your favorite spot to visit during monsoons.

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Brindavan Gardens

  • Distance from Bangalore: 142 km approx.

Beautifully exhibiting symmetrical design and well-manicured flora, Brindavan Gardens are world-renowned for their creative appeal. Drawing a heavy influence from Kashmir’s Shalimar Gardens, the Brindavan Gardens are embellished with lush gardens, exotic patches of trees, beautiful arrays of seasonal flowers, shrubs besides graceful streams and cascading waterways.

In the evening, the appearance of Brindavan Gardens becomes all the more resplendent with musical foundation, illuminating the skies. Another attraction is the man-made pond that lures you with all its charm. Visit this amazing man-made splendor to enjoy your monsoon holiday to the full.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 275 km approx.

Mandalpatti is a hidden gem of Coorg that house great draws for an excellent monsoon holiday. Located 20 kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of Madikeri which again is some 250 kms from Bangalore, Mandalpatti remains largely unexplored, lending it a virgin allure.

This exotic, fog-covered mountain destination, changes its appeal completely during the monsoons, making it not only spectacular but very much worth the trip.

Mandalpatti may have tricky climbs, slippery hillsides, and dangerous curves which may present an obstacle but nevertheless, magnificent views of the Pushpagiri Hills, the dreamy waterfalls, and scenic locals very much compensate for this stumbling block.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 237 km approx.

To fully enjoy the amazing treat and views that the monsoons in India afford, then Masinagudi is a place to be. Located on the foothills of the exquisite Nilgiris, the place is brimming with the most verdant lush.

Masinagudi is known for the largest tiger population in India and there are many areas restricted by the authorities. But this only enhances its allure and thrill to visit a place. Enjoy your holiday riding on the elephant’s back or revel in nature walks along the beaten tracks of the jungle. Accommodation options are also available in the vicinity to let visitors have a firsthand experience of living in a jungle.

This amazing place can be enjoyed as a destination for a family vacation as well as a welcome escape with your friends.

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Chembra Peak

  • Distance from Bangalore: 300 km approx.

Wayanad is one of the top destinations in Kerala, known for its exclusive beauty and exotic verdure. Chembra Peak, adorning Wayanad and located at a height of 2,100 meters above sea level is a perfect stop if you are a nature and adventure lover.

The peak is an ideal place to enjoy trekking. It takes nearly 3 hours to reach at top and the route will simply mesmerize your soul. There is also an amazing lake at the top, called Hridaya Saras, which is believed to have never dried up.

The best time to visit Chembra Peak is during the monsoons when everything freshens up with a new life. This is also one of the must-visit places which will enthrall you to the core.

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Nisargadhama Islands

  • Distance from Bangalore: 221 km approx.

This beautiful, man-made island on the banks of the River Cauvery is an outstanding tourist spot. Surrounded by idyllic scenes, its situation near the verdant region of Coorg makes it a perfect vacation hot spot for travelers and excursionists.

One of its major highlights, the Eco Park, which is located approximately 2 kilometers from here, is accessed through a hanging bridge.

The island is enveloped by an exquisite forest of teak, rosewood and bamboo groves. The island also has a zoo, and a deer park, and tourists can also enjoy elephant rides, boat rides and have an experience of living in a tree house. The island is nevertheless a great stopover for a group or a family holiday. The best time to visit Nisargadhama Islands is between October and May.

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Kudremukh and Coffee Estates

  • Distance from Bangalore: 323 km approx.

One of the wonderful treasures of Karnataka, the Kudremukh and Coffee Estates have the promise of an excellent tourist destination with its immense beauty and wonderful attractions.

The region is adorned with charming dense forests, beautiful flowing streams, captivating waterfalls and alluring coffee plantations. The weather is salubriously perfect and there is plenty of opportunities to indulge in fun and adventure or just revel in elegant homestays.

Kudremukh is also perceived as a trekking paradise. The long walks with no definite trails are a unique adventure in itself. On the other hand, Kudremukh National Park and Bhadra National Park have their own charm. Overflowing with exotic natural beauty, the region of Kudremukh is one of the most awesome monsoon getaways near Bangalore.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 197 km approx.

Green landscapes, misty hilltops, a cool breeze, and a soulful experience, that is what make Yercaud one of the best places to visit near Bangalore during the rainy season for couples during the monsoon.

Situated around Emerald Lake or Yercaud Lake, this stunning hill station is all about romance and relaxation. Less explored and undiscovered treasure, Yercaud is steeped in a rustic aesthetic and enveloped under picturesque skies above dense forests.

Home to some famous parks and gardens, Yercaud is an amazing weekend getaway from Bangalore located just 207 km away. Plan a holiday with your family, friends, or significant other to this peaceful destination and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Nature lovers, trekkers, adventurers, and solitude seekers can visit Yercaud from Bangalore and have a thrilling weekend. While in Yercaud, check out the various tourist attractions including Kiliyur Falls, Pagoda Point, Lady Seat, Tipperary Viewpoint, and White Elephant Tooth Rocks.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 378 km approx.

Known as the Cherrapunji of South India, Agumbe is one of the top places near Bangalore in monsoon. The natural beauty and biodiversity of this place will leave you awe-struck. Located around 350 km from Bangalore,

Agumbe is one of the last surviving lowland rainforests. As it is home to several rare medicinal plants species like Myristica, Garcinia, Hoiligarna, etc., Agumbe is also called ‘Hasiru Honny’ meaning ‘green is gold’.

Witness the emerald greenery everywhere, which you take all your stress away and soothe your mind. Apart from this, Agumbe houses India’s sole permanent rainforest research station and is also equipped with India’s first automatic weather station.

During rains, Agumbe and the surrounding areas come to life and the serene waterfalls like Kuchikal Falls, Barkana Falls, and Onake Abbi Falls treat its guests to beautiful views.

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Hogenakkal Falls

  • Distance from Bangalore: 125 km approx.

A scintillating waterfall, Hogenakkal Falls located on river Kaveri in Tamil Nadu is a scenic waterfall that makes for one of the best tourist attractions near Bangalore. The name Hogenakkal means ‘smoking rocks’ because of its unique rock arrangement. Visit here and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this cascade, which is often called the ‘Niagara Falls of India’.

Owing to the various herbs that grow in its path, Hogenakkal Falls is said to have medicinal properties. The pristine appeal of this prime attraction lures a lot of Bangaloreans. This waterfall is perfect to spend time with your loved ones away from the blaring honking of the city.

While the beauty of Hogenakkal Falls is mesmerizing, you can indulge in activities like trekking and boat rides for maximum fun. You can hike through a zig-zag path of gentle rocks surrounded by lush greenery to reach the falls. It is not so difficult, and thus both beginners and seasoned trekkers can enjoy this activity at the Hogenakkal Falls.

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Horsley Hills

  • Distance from Bangalore: 159 km approx.

To enjoy the rainy weather, lush greenery, and misty air, Horsley Hills is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore in October. It is the ideal amalgamation of adventure and relaxation and is thus, also called the ‘Ooty of Andhra’. Your soul will revive after witnessing picturesque landscapes at Horsley Hils from a height of 4312 meters.

Horsley Hills is also called Yenuhalla Mallamma Konda and houses the largest Banyan tree and the oldest Eucalyptus Tree. Lined with dense forest with 113 species of birds, it is a bird watchers’ paradise. Not only this you can also partake in fun-filled activities like rock climbing. It is an exceptional experience to test your physical strength. You can also slide down the peaks by rappelling.

This is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore to enjoy trekking and swimming. In addition to these, you can also enjoy elephant rides, zorbing, crossing the Burma Bridge, rope sliding, shooting bow and arrow, fish spa, and water walking.

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  • Distance from Bangalore: 222 km approx.

Sakleshpur is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore during monsoon within 300 km. Located in the foothills of the Western Ghats, Sakleshpur is surrounded by tea, coffee, and spice plantations.

 If you want to experience trekking with amazing views, then visit Sakleshpur during monsoons. Apart from this, Sakleshpur has many ancient temples, majestic forts, striking waterfalls, and rugged mountains, which makes it a traveler’s favorite.

Drive out of the hustle-bustle of Bangalore and spend time with your loved ones in a peaceful environment. If you love nature, then you will be treated with biodiversity hotspots. Sakleshpur is largely known for its pristine landscapes and unparalleled natural beauty.

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When in Sakleshpur, you can indulge in trekking through canopied rainforests, camping, trekking up hills, visit forts and churches. Manjarabad Fort, Pandavar Gudda, Sakleswara Temple, Manjehalli Waterfalls, and Bisle View Point are some other tourist attractions in Sakleshpur you can explore during your visit.

When in Sakleshpur, you can indulge in trekking through canopied rainforests, camping, trekking up hills, visit forts and churches. Manjarabad Fort, Pandavar Gudda, Sakleswara Temple, Manjehalli Waterfalls, and Bisle View Point are some other tourist attractions in Sakleshpur you can explore during your visit. Need help with the Bangalore packages? Book Indian Holiday tour packages and get special discounts and offers. Hurry now!

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