8 Best Places to Visit Near Pune in Monsoon For Earthy Scent

Wish to bite into those crunchy pakoras and sip tea while watching the rain pour, then explore the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon.

Enjoy the rain because the heat of Pune makes you sweat with the humidity. But when the monsoon strikes, Punekars get a little relief from the scorching sun, and rainfall makes them happy. But some people want to take full advantage of the monsoon-friendly places near Pune when rain occurs. 

If you are one of them, look at the beautiful places near Pune in monsoon, which will soothe your senses and make your trip to monsoon destinations near Pune memorable.

8 Best Places to Visit Near Pune in Monsoon

1. Khandala

Distance from Pune Travel Time Ideal For Days Required
69 kilometers (approx.) 1.5 hours (approx.) Couples, family travelers, and leisure seekers 2-4 days (approx.)

Unfold the Bollywood connection at Khandala as it is one of the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon. Moreover, this place is known for its abundance of greenery as the Western Ghats hug it in Maharashtra.

During monsoon, greenery on the vantage points, around the lakes, and waterfalls appeals differently than the rest of the year. Plus, Khandala is prone to fewer landslides even if it rains. Also, the maximum temperature of Khandala in monsoon rises to 29 °C (approx.), enough to cool down.

Several rulers, from Maratha to Peshwa, contributed to shaping the history of the Khandala. Khandala has forts, waterfalls, and vantage points, which turn picturesque when it rains. Khandala near Pune has one of the best luxurious resorts, where greenery is best observed during the monsoon season.

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2. Lonavala

Distance from Pune Travel Time Ideal For Days Required
64 kilometers (approx.) 1 hour 20 minutes (approx.) Honeymooners, family travelers, and leisure tourists 2-4 days (approx.)

Club Lonavala and Khandala together to explore the two places to visit near Pune in monsoon for couples in one single trip. Both of these hill stations are separated by 5 km.

One has to pass through Khandala first to reach Lonavala. So you will see the carpet of the lush green hills hugging Lonavala during the monsoon season.

Milky vistas, cobalt clouds, tantalizing viewpoints, and its setting in the lap of the Sahyadri Range of the Western Ghats are best observed from the elevation of 624 m (approx.) height. Explore the towering forts, shimmering lakes, trekking trails, and ancient caves on your monsoon expedition.

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3. Kamshet

Distance from Pune Travel Time Ideal For Days Required
45 kilometers (approx.) 1 hour (approx.) Honeymooners, family travelers, and leisure tourists 2-3 days (approx.)

Undulating hills, serene lakes, and lush green cover await you in Kamshet. Make this hill station your base camp for holidaying at the monsoon-drenched places to visit near Pune. Kamshet is easily accessible by road journey with friends, which makes it a must explore the hill station near Pune under 60 kilometers.

World-class lovers get attracted to the Kamshet because of its adrenaline-pumping paragliding sports. However, the ancient temples, Buddhist caves, and hiking trails are the few reasons you should visit Kamshet in the monsoon.

The 670 m (approx.) The elevation of Kamshet invites moderate rainfall, so the risk of landslides is minimal. Plus, the highest recorded temperature of Kamshet in monsoon is a maximum of up to 27 °C (approx.). Moreover, kamshet in monsoon becomes the breeding ground of the migratory birds because of the lakes and the hills within its lap.

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4. Panchgani

Distance from Pune Travel Time Ideal For Days Required
101 kilometers (approx.) 2 hours 21 minutes (approx.) Honeymooners, family travelers, and leisure tourists 3-5 days (approx.)

Forget heaven on earth; instead, explore the paradise near Pune in the monsoon first! Panchgani is one of the popular monsoon getaways from Pune for couples. Here you can unfurl into a new green avatar of the monsoon because Panchgani is surrounded by the five hills, which translates to its name.

You will find a thin crowd and good deals on accommodation. The aura of the lush greenery will become a wash of stress because Panchgani is cradled between the Sahyadri Mountain of the Western Ghats.

Book a couple-friendly hotel in Panchgani overlooking the valleys and enjoy the rain from the window while sipping hot tea. Besides, Panchgani is the strawberry garden of India, where plugging the luscious berries at organic farms is one of the best things to do.

The elevation of Panchgani is 1,293 m (approx.), and this much of its height had forced Britishers to make it their summer resort town in Maharashtra.

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5. Mulshi

Distance from Pune Travel Time Ideal For Days Required
49 kilometers (approx.) 1 hour 35 minutes (approx.) Honeymooners, family travelers, and leisure tourists 1-2 days (approx.)

Explore the Mulshi Village near Pune, which got the tag of the hill station near Pune in 2016 by the state government.

Outside 45 kilometers (approx.) from Pune city, Mulshi is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is like Dehradun to Uttarakhand, which is why it is considered one of the top tourist places near Pune in monsoon with family.

The Mulshi Valley cum hill is the actual location of Mulshi Dam. It is cradled between two verdant hills and lush forests. During the monsoon season, the dam water overflows and becomes a sight for shutterbugs. From hiking to picnic to strolling on the Dam’s bank, options for adventure are many when you are in Mulshi.

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6. Kolad

Distance from Pune Travel Time Ideal For Days Required
114 kilometers (approx.) 3 hours 35 minutes (approx.) Honeymooners, family travelers, and leisure tourists 1-3 days (approx.)

Smell the aromas of the rainy earth in the quaint village of Kolad near Pune. It is the go-to destination for adventure-loving tourists. River Kundalika flows through Kolad and is a sight to behold in the monsoon. Indulging in the river’s rapids on a white water rafting adventure is one of the best things to do in Kolad in the monsoon.

Bestowed with the beauty of the Sahyadri Ranges in the backdrops, Kolad has lush and misty hills that are perfect for adventure streaks. Explore the Tamhini Ghat and the dense woods and waterfall encircling it.

Camp amidst the Bhira Dam and indulge in boating excursions with family. Then, go on the historic hopping of Ghosala Fort overlooking the picturesque valleys.

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7. Malshej Ghat

Distance from Pune Travel Time Ideal For Days Required
120 kilometers (approx.) 3.5 hours (approx.) Honeymooners, family travelers, and leisure tourists 1-2 days (approx.)

Find joy and peace of mind during the monsoon in Malshej Ghat at an elevation of 700 m (approx.) above sea level. Malshej Ghat is the mountain pass in the Western Ghat Range that brims with extra greenery during monsoon, making it one of the best places for couples near Pune in monsoon.

Malshej Ghats turns foggy during monsoon, and its Harishchandragad Trek becomes a sight to behold. However, it is not an easy trek for newbies. Therefore, it is highly advised to embark on the tour only if you are a novice trekker.

Take back fresh mulberries to your home from Malshej Ghat. Watch the action of migratory birds like flamingos, Whistling Thrush, Cuckoos, and Alpine Swift at Pimpalgaon Joga Dam. Unfold the lush greenery and air of mist at Malshej Waterfalls

Imagine the rain enhancing the cascading falls down cliffs, and you are passing on this mountain pass. Take advantage of the natural car wash as you stop for a few minutes under the cascading falls.

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8. Igatpuri

Distance from Pune Travel Time Ideal For Days Required
247 kilometers (approx.) 5 hours (approx.) Honeymooners, family travelers, and leisure tourists 3-5 days (approx.)

Punekars – are you sick of visiting the same cliche destinations near Pune in monsoon? If yes, think about Igatpuri because the rain does not lash too hard in Igatpuri as its average elevation is 600 m (approx.).

Igatpuri is one of the best places to visit near Pune in the bosom of the Western Ghats. Some of the highest ranges of the Sahyadri Range encircle Igatpuri, which is evident that in monsoon, Igatpuri becomes a sight to behold.

From camping under the blanket of the stars to riding the rapids of the Vaitarna River, Igatpuri is a monsoon bliss for the Punekars and the Mumbaikars. The dense forests in the Igatpuri are perfect for nature walks, and the pristine waterfalls in Igatpuri get revived with rain splendor.

Attain peace and spiritual rejuvenation with your family or sweetheart at Vipassana International Academy in Igatpuri. There are temples to explore, like Amruteshwar and Ghatandevi temples. Enticing treks like Camel Valley and Bitangad Trek await you to embrace the lush greenery.

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