10 Offbeat Places For Working Remotely in India With Reliable Wifi

The trend of working from hills is getting popular by the day, also helping digital nomads grow. Keeping that in mind, here are some best places to work remotely in India.

The world has never been the same since COVID. Do you agree? From actually working from home to finding the best WFH locations in India, we have come a long way. Now people prefer jobs that have hybrid structures as they let you work from anywhere in the world, which further improves the remote work-life balance. 

Be it a cafe in Mcleodganj, a remote village in Tirthan Valley, or a beach shack in Goa, there are some really cheap places to work remotely in India that let you get work done as well as enjoy day trips on the weekends.

Be it libraries, coffee shops, or home offices, if you are looking for a “work from home” staycation in India for a few days or months, we have THE list. 

Here are 10 Offbeat Places for Working Remotely with Good Wifi Connectivity

Leh – Remote But Exotic

When you think about Leh, an extremely remote landscape with barren mountains comes to mind. Right? But little did many know Leh is one of the best work-from-home destinations in India as there is no connectivity issue here.

Moreover, there has been rapid development in the last few years, which has put Leh’s tour on many digital nomads’ radars. 

Located in the cold desert, Leh has many hostels and guesthouses with reliable Wi-Fi connections. Restaurants and cafes around Leh’s main market are no less. You can check out Lala’s Cafe inside the Leh Old Town.

Other options include Himalayan Bunker, goSTOPS Leh, Zaltak Guest House, and Jimmy’s Homestay.

You can sit on their terrace and work, delighting in the majestic mountain views. Apart from working all week, weekends can be used to explore tourist attractions in Leh

Tirthan Valley – Ultimate Solitude

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Searching “quiet places to work remotely near me?” then stop the search as Tirthan Valley offers ultimate solitude in the Himalayas.

The beauty of this destination features green meadows, exotic flora & fauna, and natural springs. Plus, it is a photographer’s dream to capture the lush green landscapes of this valley. But that’s beside the point. 

Tirthan Valley is in the Kullu district. Jibhi is a part of this district, a well-known tourist spot with cafes. Tirthan Valley, on the other hand, is away from mainstream tourism, so you can work, hike, and take trips to ChandraTal and Lahaul on weekends peacefully.

Stay in the lower villages of the valley, which are the best places for digital nomads in India. The internet connection is excellent here.

The Happy Host in Bini is one of the famous homestays with Wi-Fi and cozy rooms overlooking spectacular valley views. 

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Gokarna – Beach Paradise

A paradise in South India, or you can say a cousin of Goa, Gokarna is heaven for people looking for the best places to work remotely for a month.

The hotels, restaurants, cafes, and beaches are some of the best you will ever come across on your Gokarna tour. Decent stay options are available, most of which are not listed online. So it would help if you scoured a bit to get reasonable and peaceful accommodation. 

Shiva Ganga on Middle Beach is one of the best options to enjoy remote work with the sound of waves crashing. Sarvesh Ratnakar Arundekar is another great homestay you can check out. And the best part is that all cafes have excellent Wi-Fi connections as the network connectivity is poor.

As far as food is concerned, you can book a room with an attached kitchen or check out the cafes at reasonable rates. Besides, there are many exciting things to do in Gokarna if you are done with work, like cafe hopping, trekking, swimming, beach camping, etc.

Gangtok – Mesmerizing Views

Gangtok, as we all know, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. And the fact that it is listed in the “best places to work from home” list makes it more appealing.

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Nestled between the high hills of Sikkim, Gangtok is known for its natural beauty, greenery, and cafes. Also, there are many famous tourist places in Gangtok that people from far and wide come to explore. 

The exclusive range of hotels offers a great opportunity for travelers to work seamlessly with impressive mountain views.

One thing to note is that Wi-Fi is not that reliable here, but Jio hotspots ensure a smooth service. And the food options are great, like Nepali Khaja Ghar or streetside vendors serving Maggi.

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This puts Gangtok among the most offbeat work-from-home destinations in India. Don’t forget to visit cafes, bakeries, and souvenir shops on MG Marg and savor a cup of chai in the evening at Biker’s Cafe. Plan a trip to Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim or Zuluk in East Sikkim to spend weekends.

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Bengaluru – Unexpected But Impressive

Bengaluru is not your conventional place to work remotely but trust us, it has good cafes and spots to get work done. Being an IT hub, the Wi-Fi and internet connectivity are not an issue. The speed is so good that it has put Bengaluru on the list of best places for digital nomads in India. Multiple stays from hostels to hotels and more with lip-smacking food make it a great WFH location in India. 

The Sterling Mac Hotel, Indira Nagar, and more are some places you can consider. If you explore on foot, you can find many monthly or no-agreement on-demand stays.

And for delicious food, check out Smoke House Deli & The Ants Cafe. Bengaluru has many budget and homely food options and thali meals too.

Moreover, Bengaluru is a famous tourist destination with many renowned tourist attractions ranging from gardens to museums to palaces, historical to modern buildings, and more. Also, small hill stations near Bengaluru make for the perfect weekend tours. Check them out on your Bangalore tour while working on the weekdays. 

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Manali – Majestic Mountains

Manali is the first choice of travelers when it comes to the best places to work remotely in the world, especially the hills. It offers top cafes and restaurants, reliable internet, and Wi-Fi and lets travelers delight in the majestic views of snow-capped mountains. Manali is one of the renowned hill stations in Himachal Pradesh that nature lovers, adventure lovers, families, couples, backpackers, etc., like. 

This hill station has many cafes like Rocky’s, Renaissance, and Drifter’s Cafe, making Manali one of the best places for working remotely. On weekends and work holidays, you can opt for treks in Manali like Hampta Pass, Beas Kund Trek, and Bhrigu Lake Trek. The cherry on top is the closeness to Rohtang Pass, which makes for a scenic road trip.

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Go to quaint villages like Hallan Village, Old Manali, Nasogi, and Vashisht for peace and calmness of mind and body. Many hostels, hotels, and homestays offer bed and breakfast and a Wi-Fi connection. But in villages, it won’t be easy. The Jio signal in Manali is excellent, making your work from hills in India smooth.

Goa – Laidback Work Vibes

One of the best public places to work remotely, Goa is the hub of digital nomads and influencers to work and enjoy a beach vacation. You will find many people like yourself working at the beach with drinks in hand and shore in front.

You can book an extended stay at Quarto Da Lua Goa, a quaint heritage home in Saligao. Or choose to stay at one of the beach resorts, but it will cost you a fortune. Hidden villages are also an excellent option to enjoy offbeat Goa. Beach shacks are the most popular spots to work at, as food and drinks are readily available.

Barefoot Goa, Clay and Mufasa, and Mojigao are famous cafes. If your homestay has a kitchen attached, cooking your own meals will reduce your overall expenses. Try adventure activities in Goa on the weekends, like parasailing, boating, or jet skiing, or explore the top tourist attractions. 

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Kasar Devi – Breathtaking Landscapes

Kasar Devi can be best explored on an offbeat places in uttarakhand. It is mainly famous for its Kasar Devi Temple, which is believed to be located on Earth’s Van Allen Belt (a zone of energetic charged particles).

The region surrounding the temple has a massive geomagnetic field. Therefore, Kasar Devi is endowed with cosmic energy that resembles that of Stonehenge in the UK and Machu Picchu in Peru. Besides this, Kasar Devi is one of the best free places to work remotely near you.

The landscapes are gorgeous, plus there is full internet connectivity at cafes like Kasar Rainbow Restaurant, Baba Cake, Shantiniketan, and Kasar Kitchen. You can book a room at a homestay near the jungle, but the internet is not guaranteed there.

Strolling while witnessing the spectacular views and watching the sunset with a laptop in front and coffee in hand is an experience you only can encounter in Kasar Devi. To enjoy weekends, plan trips to Almora and explore the markets and restaurants there. Food options are plentiful, from breakfast to dinner. You can plan a short trip to Ranikhet and Munsiyari.

Bir – Work & Adventure

Source: Zostel

Tourists visit Bir for paragliding, mostly. At the same time, there are a number of tourists who make Bir their home to work remotely on the weekends or for months. And why not? Bir is among the most beautiful places to visit on the Himachal tour. The view of the mountains is magnificent. Just imagine working in a remote location with mountains in front. Soothing, isn’t it?

Bir in Himachal Pradesh has many hostels available with long-term packages. These packages include your stay as well as meals. But studio spaces are easily available for short-term stays due to the number of people who visit here from around the world and come with an attached kitchen.

Apart from the available hostels like Zostel Plus Bir, some other backpacker hostels are Sparrow House Cafe with affordable monthly packages. Other ones include Darshnik Homestay and Paul Homestay. With so many food, hostels, and adventure options, Bir is undoubtedly one of the best offbeat places for working remotely with reliable Wifi.

Kochi – Impressive Arabian Sea Views

Kochi, the Queen of the Arabian Sea, has one of the finest natural harbors in the world. Many years ago, it was a spice trade center, and now digital nomads have made it their home to work remotely. The best part about working in Kochi is its weather between September and early January, making it an ideal offbeat place to work remotely. In addition, the internet is not an issue as it is a significant tourist destination. 

Also, major festivals are celebrated during winter, making your time here more enjoyable. You will be able to know the culture and language while getting your job done. Fort Kochi and Chinese Fishing Nets are the two most important tourist attractions in Kochi you can visit.

As for accommodation, Kochi has hostels, homestays, and hotels you can check in with a reliable Wi-fi connection. Most stays do not have a kitchen available, so you can check out the city’s street food, which is highly flavorful. For cafes, go to Princess Street in Fort Kochi. For coffee, go to Loafers or Kashi Art Cafe. Afternoons are the best time to hang out at these cafes as they are mostly empty, and you can enjoy working peacefully. 


There you have it! The best offbeat places for working remotely with reliable Wi-fi. Choose wherever you wish to work, from mountains to beaches, as these beautiful places offer great food, stays, and Wi-fi. Wake up to the sounds of waves crashing in Goa or work with a view of the Himalayas; the choice is yours. And don’t forget to take out the time on weekends or whenever you want, as that is the beauty of working remotely, exploring the region’s tourist attractions, or taking short trips. Indian Holiday is an expert in curating customized packages with everything you need. For details, contact our travel experts today or email us at inquiry@indianholiday.com.

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