Best Pyramid of Egypt that Will Impress Your Curious Mind

“Man fears Time, But Time fears the Pyramid.” It is an Arabic proverb that gives us hints about the Egyptian Pyramids’ power. The pyramids of Egypt are built with unexplainable methods and techniques. Consequently, multiple questions revolve around it. But important questions are how the pyramids of Egypt were made and who created them. And the more we try to solve these questions, the more we find ourselves in the puzzle.

Egyptians did not leave any solid clue about how pyramids were made. However, they left the space for theory, assumptions, and questions for all of us. Undoubtedly, witnessing such a structure on your own is a lifetime experience. If you want to make your Egypt tourism more appealing, check out the list of the best pyramids of Egypt.

Top 7 Pyramids in Egypt that Tells you Exhilarating Stories of the Past

1. Pyramid of Khufu

From the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, The Pyramid of Khufu is the only one that still stands to amaze us. It is the largest pyramid in Egypt that is located in Giza and has many names, including The Great Pyramid of Giza and Pyramid of Cheops. But it is said that it is the final resting place of Khufu, the Egyptian Pharaoh of the fourth dynasty; therefore, this pyramid got its name from the king.

Archaeologists and historians believe that it was built in 2560 BC and the entire construction took around 10 to 20 years. The Pyramid of Khufu comprises more than two million blocks, and the primary materials are limestone, granite, and mortar. Moreover, this pyramid stands 455 meters tall, but due to erosion, it lost some of its height, and it was around 481 feet at the time of construction. You can visit inside the Pyramid of Khufu and get a chance to take a tour of the Queen’s Chamber, the King’s Chamber, and the Grand Gallery.

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2. Pyramid of Khafre

In the list of top Pyramids of Egypt, the Pyramid of Khafre is the second one and is also adjacent to the Pyramid of Khufu. It is considered the tomb of Khafre, who is the son of King Khufu. This pyramid was constructed in 2570 BC, just a decade after the Khufu pyramid.

The base of this pyramid has larger stones, but it decreases in size as the pyramid reaches its height. This pyramid has two separate entrances, and you can find some chambers to explore in this Egyptian pyramid.

Additionally, this Pyramid of Khafre is technically smaller than Khufu Pyramid. However, it looks bigger at first sight because it is settled on a bedrock. It is undoubtedly one of the examples of incredible engineering and design capabilities.

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3. Pyramid of Menkaure

This Pyramid is one of the main attractions in the layout of Giza, with a height of 213 feet. It is the smallest one but worth a visit for your Egypt tour. The Pyramid of Menkaure is half the height of its neighboring Pyramid.  This Egyptian Pyramid is believed to be the tomb of Menkaure, the grandson of Khufu.

The construction of this Pyramid used red granite in the bottom, limestone used towards the top. However, parts of granite were left rough, and hence, it is believed that this Pyramid was unfinished.

When you visit this pyramid, you will notice that some stones in a vertical strip are missing. Shockingly, this is the result of an attack to tear down the pyramid in the 12th century by Saladin’s son. However, the process was too difficult, and eventually, the process was abandoned.

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4. Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid is located in Dahshur, and it was the first successful, smooth-sided pyramid of Egypt. It was built in Giza Style Pyramid and used red limestones in construction. This pyramid has the second largest base in Egypt after the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza.

The sides of this pyramid slope at 43 degrees, and the height of this pyramid is 345 feet. You will find several kinds of inscriptions on some of the stone blocks. Moreover, this pyramid has three chambers to enter the pyramid. You can explore this Red Pyramid more interestingly without facing the crowds with open access.

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5. Bent Pyramid

In the heart of the Dasher, Bent Pyramid is a masterpiece located on a historically significant pyramid field. It is one of the best places to see in Egypt that will glorify your tour. This pyramid has a unique shape and was built in approximately 2600 BC.

And it is also known as the Southern Shining Pyramid. There are many theories behind the bent shape of this pyramid. However, some historians believe that the shape of this pyramid was a mistake.

And some believe that the angle of this pyramid changed because of the Pharaoh’s failing health. Hence, creating this pyramid becomes necessitates the completion of this pyramid in less time, and to some extent, this theory seems to be fit.

But the real reason behind its shape is still unknown and has question marks. Therefore, exploring this pyramid of Egypt is one of the best things to do as you can get a unique experience.

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6. Pyramid of Meidum

The Pyramid of Meidum was constructed during the Third Dynasty of Egypt. Hence, it is the older pyramid than the pyramid of Giza and almost as high as the Pyramid of Menkaure. It was built as a step pyramid, and you can also find terraces. But most importantly, the outer layer of the pyramid has sand rather than stone.

This Egyptian pyramid has three levels that give it a unique look from other pyramids of Egypt. As you walk inside the pyramid, you will notice that wooden beams have supported the structure. You can also spot tombs and tunnels around this pyramid. Each element of this structure makes it a worth-visit destination in Egypt.

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7. Pyramid of Hawara

Meet the black pyramid in Egypt by taking a three-hour drive south of Cairo. This pyramid of Hawara was constructed in 1850 BC, and it is much darker than other Egyptian pyramids

It was built with brick stones and covered with limestone. These limestones give it a darker look, and it has a height of around 200 feet. However, due to erosion, it lost its size over the period. As a result, the pyramid of Hawara does not have its sharp apex anymore but is still counted among the top pyramids of Egypt. 

Why are the Pyramids of Egypt Unique from other Pyramids of the World?

Egyptians are masters in curating the arts on the wall and structures. But they left all their skills and designs along with a mystery. And the mystery still attracts tourists from all over the world. So you must be wondering that without modern technology and equipment, how were they able to build such massive structures in Egypt?

By looking at all the Egyptian Pyramids facts, one thing is sure whoever made these pyramids indeed had better knowledge of mathematics and engineering even on this earth. And he has such knowledge that we don’t have even today.

Construction, Engineering, Architecture, and Ancient Science

The Great Pyramid of Giza has around 23 lacs limestones, and the weight of one limestone is between 2,700 kg to 70,000 kg. The astonishing fact is that today’s advanced machines can lift only 25,000 kg. 

It is thought-provoking that send those heavy stones to such a height without any machine. And if possible, then the power and time matter. But the time of the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza is around 10 to 20 years.

Orion Belt Stars Connection

If you observe the Pyramids at night, you can clearly see that the three stars of the Orion belt, Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak, are perfectly aligned with the three main pyramids of Giza.

After numerous research for many years, nobody has been able to solve the mystery of pyramids. Still, most people believe that there is a connection between pyramids and the stars of the Orion Belt. But the Egyptian Pyramids are one of those mysteries and have stood in Egypt for the last 4500 years.

If we look at the structure of the pyramid deeply, we will find that it is impossible to sync the position of pyramids with stars without an aerial view. In short, the structure of pyramids has so many coincidences that we can’t say that these are just coincidences.

Some Interesting and Surprising Theories About Pyramids of Egypt

Are tunnels of pyramids made for ventilation?

It is believed that tunnels in the Pyramids of Egypt are mysterious and must have secrets of ancient times. Firstly, it is assumed that these tunnels are made for ventilation in Pyramids. However, this theory is refused as scientists found that tunnels are blocked. And the way they were blocked left so many questions behind us. Moreover, some of the tunnels make a connection with the stars of the Orion Belt.

Did pyramids build for the tomb of the Egyptian Kings?

The Pyramids in Egypt are made to store the body of the King as they believe that there is a life after death. But, shockingly, we did not find any mummy of the King in the chambers of the Egypt Pyramids. Moreover, the entire chambers were empty even without any marks, structures, and signs, which are generally seen in tombs.

 If you ask how many mummies have been found in the pyramids of Egypt till now, the answer is Zero. Scientists and archeologists have not found anymummies in the pyramids. And it gives a question mark to the theory that says pyramids were made to store the King’s body after his death.

But it is also true that pyramids are not fully discovered yet, so there may be chances that we may find a mummy there in the upcoming time. How they are so perfect is the question that has remained unanswered for the last 4500 years.

Do Aliens have any connection with the pyramids of Egypt?

One of the most captivating theories depicts the technology and science to build pyramids are given by alines to Egyptians. The three main pyramids of Giza are perfectly aligned with the stars of the Orion Belt. And back in the 4500 years, there was no technology to get an aerial view. Thus it is assumed that aliens have solely created the pyramids in Egypt, and humans have no involvement at all.

Which theory is true is still a question that nobody has been able to say accurately. Everything seems pre-planned and has reasons and complex calculations that we still don’t know. But don’t forget that we are talking about the 4500 years old era. Researchers and historians believed that Egyptians were skilled in architecture and engineering and made these pyramids.

Egypt Pyramid facts that give Wow and How factors

  • Pyramid’s construction is based on shockproof, and these are earthquake-resistant structures.
  • Natural air-conditioning in Pyramid that sustains the temperature around 20-degree Celsius.
  • The Desert of Egypt is close to the Pyramid; still, the temperature inside the Pyramid is cool and pleasant.
  • On every 21st of June each year, a natural phenomenon called Summer Solstice takes place. And if you observe the Sphinx in the evening time on this day, you will find out that the sun will go down just behind the head of the Sphinx, which looks astonishing.
  • Each side of the Khufu Pyramids dictates the fourth pole of this world.

Best Time to Visit Pyramids of Egypt

Picking the best time to explore the Pyramids of Egypt matters to make the experience special. When it comes to exploring the sights like pyramids, the temperature is the first that you should keep in mind. October to April are the ideal months and are considered the best time to visit Egypt Pyramids. During these months, the weather is pleasant and pleasantly allows you to explore the other Egypt sites.

However, December and January are two winter months of Egypt which are part of peak season, and most tourist places are crowded. And the hotel prices would also touch the sky. Therefore, it is advised to visit during March and April because the weather is still pleasant and not so harsh. But the crowd is about to less in tourist places. Hence, you can explore the pyramids of Egypt without facing crowds and extreme temperatures.

How to Reach the Pyramids of Egypt

There are multiple best options to reach the Pyramids in Egypt. But which one is best for you depends on where you stay in Egypt. Taking a cab, taxi, joining a tour, and hiring a guide are some of the best ways that you can choose to reach the Pyramids.

If you book a hotel near the Giza Pyramids, you can easily walk up to the Pyramids of Giza, and the best thing is that you can get a view of the Pyramids from your hotel.

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Pro Tips to Make your Pyramid Tour in Egypt Fascinating

  • It is better to wear comfortable clothes and sturdy footwear.
  • Egypt is a conservative country, so it is advised to cover your shoulders and not wear too short clothes.
  • Do not forget to bring a sunscreen hat, sunglasses, water bottle, and a quality camera.
  • Get an amazing view of the Giza pyramids by taking a camel ride.
  • Taking pictures of The Great Sphinx is a must-do thing on your trip.
  • Witness the Light and Sound Show at Sphinx.

Finals Words for Pyramids

Many things in this world still shock us, and the Egyptian pyramids are one of those. These ancient structures hold endless secrets of the ancient world and civilization. The Orion Belt Constellation, Hidden chambers, natural A.C in Pyramids, and long tunnels are matchless elements that attract tourists from all corners of the world.

And even today. It is next to impossible to make such a structure. In short, exploring the pyramids in Egypt is a dream of many people, and if you are one of those, you got the list of the best Pyramids of Egypt.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pyramids of Egypt

Q. What is the relation between the Pyramids of Egypt and the Orion Belt? +-

Ans: Orion Correlation Theory signifies to some extent that there is a connection between pyramids and the star's world. The position of the three main stars in the Orion belt resembles pyramids. In fact, nobody knows what is true and what is not, there are multiple conspiracy theories. But still, we can expect that in the upcoming time, we can find the accurate answer to all these questions.

Q. How many Pyramids are found in Egypt till now? +-

Ans: There are around 118 pyramids found in Egypt till now. However, the pyramids of Giza are well eminent in the world. This Pyramid is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids at Giza and is known as the Pyramid of Khufu. 

Q. How many mummies are found in the pyramids of Egypt? +-

Ans: The answer is zero, and it is a thought-provoking thing that we did not find any mummies in the ancient pyramids of Egypt. However, it is also true that we have not yet fully discovered the pyramids of Egypt. And it gives us hope that we may find some other information and uncover the secrets of Egypt in the upcoming time regarding the Egyptian pyramids.

Q. Which is the tallest Pyramid of Egypt? +-

Ans: The Great Pyramid of Giza is the tallest pyramid of Egypt that has an elevation of 481 feet. In fact, it was the tallest man-made structure on this planet for more than 3800 years. It is made up of limestone, mortar, some granites and is one of the greatest examples of marvelous engineering. 

Q. Can I go inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt? +-

Ans: Yes! Tourists are allowed to enter the premises of the Egyptian pyramids. You will have to buy tickets for that and visiting inside the pyramids is a lifetime experience that makes your visit worthwhile.

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