Rajasthan Rendezvous- The Land of Royal Pleasures

Rajasthan known as the ‘Land of Kings’ is not just a state in India but a collection of memorable experiences. Think of Rajasthan and it evokes images of royal grandeur like no other. Settled on the western province of the country, on the brink of the Thar Desert, the land is dotted with tales of Kings and Queens, legends of bravery, majestic palaces, mighty forts, beautiful temples and royal experiences. On your Indian holiday, get ready for a Rajasthan Rendezvous to get a glimpse of the history, heritage, culture and pleasures of the ‘Land of Rajputs’.

When it comes to premier travel destinations in India, Rajasthan tops the charts. Tours to Rajasthan comprise so much that you would be spoilt with options. Keep reading to know more to plan a holiday in Rajasthan.


The land of warrior clans of Rajputs, Rajasthan was formerly divided into a number of princely provinces. Each of these royal dynasties during the eras of rule raised magnificent forts, lavish palaces, beautiful temples and many incredible architecture. Exploring the forts of Rajasthan are an integral part of a holiday in the state.

The Hill forts in Rajasthan including Amer Fort in Jaipur, Ranthambore Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Chittor Fort and Gagron Fort are also listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites in India. Dating back to the past days of the glory, these forts are not just magnificent architectures but were a city of its own with defence measures, bastions, weaponry, temples, royal pavilions, pleasure palaces and more. Other mighty forts include Mehrangarh overlooking the Blue City of Jodhpur, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort guarding the Pink City of Jaipur, Bundi, Bikaner, Alwar and Bharatpur also have these splendid relics of the past.


Royal palaces are a major temptation to plan a holiday in Rajasthan. Standing as witness to the royal past, these palaces were the homes of Kings, Queens, there advisors, and many families who held power. The grace of the architecture, the ostentatious display of wealth and the tales associated with it make the royal palaces one of must-visit sites in the desert state. Walk amid the laid-out gardens, know about the old stories as you take a look at the royal memorabilia treasured in the walls of the royal residences and imagine the bygone days.

To start with a list of beautiful palaces in Rajasthan, there are some marvelous specimens In Jaipur. Amer Palace, City Palace, Samode Haveli, Rambagh Palace, Hawa Mahal, Hari Mahal, Raj Mahal, Jal Mahal, Shahpura Haveli and many more are the treasures of the Pink City.

When it comes to royal palaces, Udaipur, the City of Lakes is one of the must visit sites in Rajasthan as it is known for the most beautiful ones. Overlooking the lush Aravalis and surrounded by lakes, the charming names include Taj Lake Palace, City Palace, Jag Mandir, Udai Bilas Palace, and Sajjangarh Palace also known as Monsoon Palace.

Jaisalmer is particularly loved for the Patwon Ki Haveli. Jodhpur, Bikaner and many cities have few treasures of their own. The entire Shekhawati region is a living heritage of royal palaces, havelis and mansions, created by rich businessmen that built these lavish residences for their families.

The good news is, that now you can experience stay at these glorious residences. With changing time most of them have opened their doors to receive guests and have been converted these royal palaces into heritage hotels. For a taste of the royal days, accommodation, dining and experiences, heritage hotels in Rajasthan offer memories of a lifetime.

Fair and festivals

The colorful vibrancy of Rajasthan is the enchantment that makes travelers from all over the world hooked. Festivals are a way of life in India. There is always a festival for everything- religious, season, food, music and even the landscape.

For the most wonderful experiences you must attend the Desert Festival, held in the heart of the Thar Desert held in the winters (February). The event celebrates the barren landscape and the colorful traditions. Stay at tents, enjoy camel safari, taste the delicious local gastronomy, participate in the absurd competitions and have a gala time.

Pushkar Fair held in the holy town of the Pushkar lake and one of the only Brahma Temples in the world, is also an unmissable delight. The carnival is also a holy event as people from all walks of life gather on Kartik Purnima, the full moon day in November to take a dip in the Pushkar Lake and was away all sins.

The amazing festivals range from Holi, Diwali, Gangaur, Camel Fair, Jaipur Literature festival and many more. A festive occasion in the state of royals is a delight for all your senses. The sights sounds, smells and the happenings make for incredible experiences.


When it comes to thrilling moments, adventure activities in Rajasthan is simply incomparable. From hot air ballooning, camel rides, wildlife safari, camping, to trekking you to the very top of hill forts, the options are endless and each thrilling in their own way.

To start with, a hot air balloon rides letting you experience the joy of flying is an out of the world experience. The golden landscape makes it a joy for your entire family. Zip lining from the great heights of the fort are a thrill for the adventure fanatics.

Camels are the tough species that not only inhabit the desert but are also used as mode of transportation in the desert sands. These fantastic beasts offer the best experience of the sun-kissed Thar Desert. Camping in the desert is equally amazing. It’s a break from cities, living in tents and surviving the tough weather conditions of the landscape.


The colorful vibrancy of the royal state reflects in its markets and it would nothing short of a crime to have visited and not shopped. Shopping in Rajasthan is like collecting gems. From the colorful dyed clothes in all vibrant shades, exquisite jewellery, handicrafts to miscellany of knack-knacks, there is a lot to explore.

From traditional pottery to other arts and crafts, masterpieces are created and are up for you to pick up while shopping.


Gastronomy in Rajasthan is remarkable. The cuisine of India is unique, because of the rich spices. The wealth of spices are legendary and you must have a taste of them. Forget the main dishes, there are varieties of snacks, street food, deserts, drinks, special feasts and so much more. No matter whether you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan or have food preferences, the dishes here has a way to tempt your taste buds and provide experiences that you cherish forever.

Best time to visit

Located on the edge of the desert, the state has a hot summer, moderate rains and a pleasant winter. The best time to visit Rajasthan is from October to March.

In the summer the weather is too to bear and only the exclusive hill station of the state, Mount Abu is worth planning a trip to. Monsoon is like bliss to the region, the scorching lands turn a beauty, especially Udaipur which becomes one of the most romantic places on Earth and has a dedicated monsoon palace. The advent of winter is a blessing. The days are pleasant while night are cold. The season makes your vacation a delightful experience.

How to reach

When planning a holiday in Rajasthan, keep no worries. One can easily reach by air, rail and road. The state has a number of airports to its name. Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur are well connected domestically.

Trains have a special connection with Rajasthan. The first luxury train in India, the Palace on Wheels journeyed through the royal province introducing guests to the regal pleasures of traveling as well as the mesmerizing beauty, culture and heritage. Till date, the luxury trains in India offers the best of luxury experiences of Rajasthan tours.

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