Experience Rohru To Chanshal Pass Off-Roading Just 100 Kms From Shimla

Challenge the daredevil in you for thrilling Rohru to Chanshal Pass off-roading in Himachal Pradesh. Race against the winds as the panorama of the Himalayan mountains unfolds before you.

Leave your desk job for a weekend, and get away from the pollution and chaos to enjoy off-roading at Chanshal Pass in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. Chanshal Pass or Chanshal Valley will refresh your mind, soul, and body without burning a hole in your pocket. Watching the calm sunrise atop the peaks is an experience you only can encounter here.

Chanshal Pass is at a high altitude of 4,520 meters (14829 feet), located directly atop Shimla’s highest peak, Chanshal Peak. Therefore, it offers panoramic views of the mountains.

It is a 180 km long road, and Chanshal Pass connects the town of Rohru (Chirgaon) and the Dodra Kwar Valley. The valley has become a favorite tourist spot for its breathtaking views and to feel a connection with nature no matter the season.

Why should you visit Chanshal Pass?

First of all, if you are someone who loves to be in nature and outdoors, the Chanshal Pass tour is a must. Secondly, the pass is among the most adventurous tours in Himachal Pradesh, which keeps you engaged throughout your visit and makes it worthwhile. Here are some top reasons to visit from Shimla to Chanshal Pass –

  • Indulge in a thrilling biking tour: The feeling of racing against the winds while witnessing majestic mountains is one of the best experiences. Shimla to Chanshal Pass distance is about 150 km, with impressive views and well-maintained roads, making the biking to Chanshal Pass trip more exciting. 
  • Trek to sky-towering peaks: You can opt for a trek to Chanshal Pass, which is quite steep and gets even more challenging if you don’t hire a 4×4 vehicle. But if you can, then the Chanshal Pass trek should not be missed. Atop, you can see the mesmerizing views and spend time soaking in the peacefulness. If you wish, Chanshal Pass camping is also available.
  • Capture the sky-touching Himalayas: For those with a knack for photography, Chanshal Pass is a great spot. You can try nature photography and put your skills to good use. So, remember to pack your camera or use your phone. Snow-capped peaks are spellbinding and are best captured in the camera to look at them later and remember the wonderful time here.

Weather & Temperature at Chanshal Pass

Chanshal Pass weather remains pleasant throughout the year due to its high altitude. However, the pass opens by late April or early May, and there are a lot of slush and terrible road conditions during this time.

With the arrival of the monsoon, July to August is also not a good time. So the best time to visit Chanshal Pass is late June, early September, and then October.

The Chanshal Pass temperature ranges from 10-15 degrees Celsius in winter. Also, there are snowstorms and blizzards. If you are a fan of snow, Chanshal Pass is one of the best places to visit in Shimla in December.

Journey to Chanshal Pass 

The Rohru to Chanshal Pass road route trails is simple. If you wish to make this journey as a circuit, reach Shimla to Chanshal Pass via Rohru on a long trip and exit via Chakrata. Else, you can start at Chakrata and exit at Shimla, the choice is yours. 

Let’s first discuss the Shimla to Rohru route. 

Shimla to Rohru 

There are two routes from Shimla to Rohru, from where Rohru to Chanshal Pass distance is about 48 km.

Shimla – Fagu – Theog – Kharapatthar – Hatkoti – Rohru – Larot – Chanshal Pass

Road conditions from Shimla to Theog will be in good condition. And from Theog to Kharapatthar, the roads will continue to get bad at Hatkoti and Rohru. The total distance of this route is about 107 km, and the travel time will be around 3-4 hours. 

Shimla – Fagu – Theog – Narkanda – Tikkar – Rohru – Larot – Chanshal Pass

Start the journey from Shimla and ride straight to Narkanda. Take the road towards Hatu Peak and do not turn on the Hatu Peak diversion. Continue a little, and you will see a broken road.

Follow this road, and you will reach Tikkar, then continue to Rohru from where Chanshal Pass distance is 48 km approx. The total journey is about 123 km and takes 4 to 5 hours. 

No matter which route to Chanshal, the roads will be rough. However, the first route is shorter but has bumpy roads, and the second is longer but has good roads to Narkanda. So, choose accordingly.

Chakrata to Rohru 

The second option to reach Chanshal Pass from Rohru is Chakrata. It is a better route in terms of roads. Chakrata is a small hamlet in Himachal from where you can reach Rohru via Hatkoti.

The roads on this ride will also be bumpy, but the views from Chakrata Falls in Uttarakhand to Rohru in Himachal Pradesh will be breathtaking.

Chakrata – Deoban – Tiuni – Arakot – Hatkoti – Rohru – Larot – Chanshal Pass

The total distance from Chakrata to Rohru is about 120 km. The roads are good and bad. But the roads between Chakrata to Deoban and Hatkoti to Rohru are damaged, and thus, it will take you about 6 to 7 hours to cover.

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Plan Chanshal Trip from Delhi

There are two routes to reach Delhi to Chanshal Pass. One is via Yamunanagar, and the second is via Dehradun. The roads are good for both journeys, but if you wish to complete the journey in a circuit, take the NH1 via Kurukshetra to Chandigarh.

Reach Shimla from Delhi to Rohru and finally reach Chanshal Pass. Later, return to Chakrata to Delhi via Muzaffarnagar. 

Delhi – Sonipat – Panipat – Kurukshetra – Yamunanagar – Paonta Sahib – Chakrata 

Total Distance – 348 kilometers, Travel Time – 8-9 hours

Delhi – Muzaffarnagar – Dehradun – Vikas Nagar – Chakrata 

Total Distance – 345 kilometers, Travel Time – 7.5-8 hours

Which vehicle to choose for Chanshal Pass Off-Roading?

By Car

Choose any car you want to visit Chanshal Pass from Shimla or Rohru. It is not necessary to have a 4×4, but if you have one, good for you! But if you own, for instance, a Sedan, you can visit Chanshal easily.

With an SUV, traveling becomes easier in any month of the year. But with a Sedan, you definitely have to avoid the months of May, late July, and August. Due to the monsoon, there is mud and slush everywhere. Therefore, causing inconvenience. 

By Bike

By motorcycle, plan a trip to Chanshal Pass any time between June and September. Even early October is a good time. Note that having a 350 or 500 cc Enfield is not compulsory.

Even a 100 cc motorcycle will work fine. Ensure it is well-serviced and get any part repaired or replaced before starting the Chanshal Pass journey. 

Where to eat and stay during the Chanshal Pass tour?

On the way to Chanshal Pass, you will find many restaurants and small eateries. Due to the rugged path and lack of supplies, the options are limited, but the food is decent. If you are traveling in winter, drink warm beverages with impressive views. There are many tea stalls to grab a chai after the trek.

Further, you can return to Shimla or any Himachal village on the same day. If not, camping is the top activity enjoyed here. So, pitch the tent and get cozy inside to ward off the chills. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Also, Laort is a village on the way to the top where you will only find one guest house with two rooms, and thus, we advise you to book a hotel or guest house beforehand.

Other essential things to remember on your trip 

Clothes to pack

  • Carry light woolens 
  • Cotton t-shirts
  • Heavy windproof jacket with hood
  • Gloves 
  • A monkey cap to protect ears and head

Mobile connectivity at Chanshal Pass

There’s full connectivity throughout your trip except when you are around Chanshal Pass. Around Chirgaon or Larot, only MTNL works. From here till Dodra and Kwar, BSNL/ MTNL networks have connectivity. 

Petrol Pumps and ATMs

Many ATMs and petrol pumps are located on the way till Rohru. 

Duration of Chanshal Off-Roading Tour

From Delhi, the Chanshal tour will take about 3 days keeping the bad roads in mind. But keep at least 4 to 5 days while visiting Chanshal Pass.

Essential Tips 

  • Carry cash with you in case you don’t find an ATM.
  • Wear a comfortable pair of shoes that have an excellent grip over mud and rocks.
  • Pack essential medicines for headaches, body aches, colds, coughs, etc. 
  • Refrain from overpacking; moving around with that much luggage up a mountain will take a lot of work. But ensure you have enough to keep you warm.
  • Pack water bottles to prevent dehydration. Also, have light snacks that give you energy when you feel low during the trek. 
  • If you choose to bike to Chanshal Pass, carry a special bag to tie to a hook in your bike. This will prevent the burden of lugging a backpack over your shoulders.

Hope you find this Rohru to Chanshal Pass off-roading guide helpful. It will help you plan your trip efficiently. Chanshal Pass is a beautiful destination that many travelers don’t know about.

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Meals, transfers, stays, and meals will be covered in the package while you can focus on the off-roading tour. For more information, connect with our travel experts today!

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