Seychelles Honeymoon Guide: Create Cherished Memories

Seychelles nestled in the heart of Indian Ocean is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. The islands’ unrivaled beauty makes it the perfect place to celebrate love. It offers everything for a delightful honeymoon – golden sand beaches, cerulean waters, clear skies, exciting adventures, sumptuous delicacies, and private resorts where you can romance with your sweetheart. Before you start planning, take a look at the essentials of a fairy-tale honeymoon in Seychelles.

To know all about the must see places, things to do, food, activities, and experiences that you’d never forget, peruse the Seychelles honeymoon guide.

Where to go for honeymoon in Seychelles?

Seychelles is a blessed archipelago of 115 islands spread in the Indian Ocean. Each of the islands is perfect for honeymoon and have their own specialties. So, have a list of the most beautiful places in Seychelles that you must visit in your trip.

  • Mahe Island – It is the largest island in Seychelles, home to the highest mountain ranges of the archipelago and also, world’s smallest capital, Victoria it is one of places that you must cover in your tour.
  • Praslin Island – Home to the famous for Vallée de Mai Natural Reserve, explore the island for the legendary Coco de Mer palms.
  • La Digue Island – An unmatched beauty, the island has a number of stunning beaches. Also, beach horse-riding and expeditions to tiny Félicité Island, which has a population of 12, is amazing.
  • Fregate Island – This beautiful island has a thick forested area and is a hub of recreational sports.  Swimming, scuba-diving, yachting, and snorkeling are quite popular here.
  • Cousine Island – Famous habitat for giant turtles; the island is a conservatory for endangered species of flora and fauna.  The island is quite exciting to explore.
  • Bird Island – As the name of the island suggests, it is a haven for birds. You must pay a visit.

What to do on Honeymoon in Seychelles?

Seychelles Honeymoon Guide: Create Cherished Memories

The list of things to do in Seychelles is extensive. The natural beauty is charming. You can spend days relaxing, or sightseeing or indulging in some activity. Here are some of the things you must not miss out on:

Stay at a private beach resort

Seychelles is the perfect place to have a private honeymoon. You can even enjoy the feeling of being shipwrecked on an island that too in great style. There are number of exclusive private resorts where you can honeymoon is bliss. Enjoy a quiet time with each other as the discreet yet attentive staff, help you enjoy all modern luxuries. Most of the resorts are located in beautiful locales with accessibility to a number of watersports, jungle tours and many other wonderful experiences. Go for strolls hand in hand on the silky shores or take a dip in the ocean.

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Explore the pristine underwater world

Blessed with one of the world’s best coral reefs and rich marine life, Seychelles is wonderful for water lovers. Exploring the underwater world with your partner is a cherished experience, a highlight of your honeymoon. Where else can you say, that you have explored shipwrecks, befriended tortoises, fishes, and other marine animals?

Snorkeling and scuba diving are the most popular things to do in Seychelles. The Brissare Rocks, the Fishermen’s Cove Reef, Shark Bank, Therese Island, Trompeuse Rocks, The Vista Bay Rocks and Beau Vallon Bay are some of the places you must check out for scuba diving. The interesting snorkeling sites include Ste. Anne Marine National Park, The Vista Bay Rocks, Curieuse Island, Anse Lazio, Coco Island, etc.

Plan your honeymoon in Seychelles between March to May and October to November as water visibility is at its best, around 30M and you can easily spot the marine life.

Enjoy the sun and watch every sunrise and sunset.

Seychelles is so much about romance that you would fall in love with the spectacular beauty each moment and of course the company of your partner. Plan a sunset cruise, or watch the sun rise and set from the beach or your villa.

Learn about the birds of heaven in the Seychelles

A haven for birds of all kind; bird watching is one of the best things to do in Seychelles. The entire archipelago is home to indigenous species of birds. These chirpy beautiful beings add happiness to your tour. Spend a day in the Bird Island or one of the bird watching sites.

Visit the local towns

More than bliss of the sun, sea and sand, the islands of the Seychelles offer a variety of pretty landscapes and interesting places to explore. Take a trip to Victoria, the capital, on Mahé Island. This city is small enough to walk around and has a number of delights. Walk through the bustling markets or talk to the locals. The friendly folks help you have a great time. Do have a taste of the tropical fruits or the fresh catch of the day and also shop for souvenirs to take back home.

Explore Praslin and the Vallée de Mai National Park

Seychelles Honeymoon Guide: Create Cherished Memories

One of the best places to visit in Seychelles is, The Vallée de Mai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You must explore this natural treasure which also goes by the name “Garden of Eden”. Walk on the criss-crossing paths through the dense forest and giant palm trees. The indigenous Coco de Mer, is unique sight and so are its legends. If luck favors, you might be greeted by a Black Parrot!

A private yatch ride through the islands

What can be more romantic than a yatch ride with your sweetheart in one of the world’s most beautiful places? Seychelles offers an exciting opportunity of a private yacht ride through its 115 islands. Explore uninhabited atolls, snorkel in secluded spots and watch the sun set over the open ocean from the deck; it will definitely be a trip of a lifetime.

Taste the pleasures of paradise with Seychellois cuisine

Just like its beauty Seychellois cuisine is amazing. The main ingredients are tropical fruits, seafood, coconut, breadfruit, and chilies. Some of the most popular delicacies are Coconut Fish Curry, Tamarind Chatini with fish, Kat-kat Banana, Bouillon Bréde, Soupe de Tectec, Carotte Bananas, breadfruit, etc. Palm wine and Calou, made from coconut sap are the favorite beverages. The taste of mouthwatering food will be one of the fondest memories of honeymoon in Seychelles.

Go exploring the forested interiors

The verdant forest cover of Seychelles is beautiful. You never know when you will be surprised by a cascading waterfall, pristine pools and many panoramic views on your walks. Go hiking in the island interiors for a day and you will feel like a different person. The company of your partner in the natural bliss will make sure you have a great time.

Embark on Adventures

The paradisiacal beauty also has a number of adventures. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the most popular adventure things to do in Seychelles. Trekking, hiking, rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, kayaking, parasailing, cave exploring, swimming with dolphins, and horse riding are some of the things you must try. Golfing is also quite a fun thing to try.

Learn the joys of nightlife

Seychelles has an interesting nightlife to boast about. As the sun sets and the stars come out you can go bar hopping. There are quite a number of nightclubs, bars and pubs. Live music, bonfires, delightful food and cultural dances enliven the evenings. For a romantic experience camp on a secluded beach with your partner under the star-lit sky.

Best time to visit Seychelles

Pleasant throughout the year, the best time for planning a honeymoon in Seychelles is from March to May and then from September to November.

Keep at least 7 days for your tour. There is so much to see, do and experience that even the 7 days are not enough.

Getting around in Seychelles

Easy to go exploring, for getting around in Seychelles take your pick. There are rental bikes, bicycles, inter-island flights, helicopter rides, ferries, jetties, speed boats, catamarans, taxis, car-hires-for-a-day, and the bus services.

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