Enjoy Nocturnal Adventure with Singapore Night Safari Travel Guide

Singapore Night Safari is the first nocturnal wildlife park that opens a new dimension of thrill for wildlife enthusiasts. The Singapore government awarded it as one of the best attractions in the country.

It is home to 100 species and more than 2,500 resident animals that are a delight to spot in the beauty of darkness. A tour of this night safari is all about enthralling, enjoyable, fascinating experiences that you cover in the dark hours. It is advised to plan your complete tour according to the Night Safari Singapore timings.

All aspects of safety are entirely taken care of, allowing you to envision animals comfortably. The park is one of the most visited Singapore tourist attractions with unmatchable elements for tourists. Apart from encounters with wild animals, the shows, performances, shopping, and fantastic tram rides would be part of your trip.

Get complete guide about the Night Safari Singapore

  1. Timing and Ticket price of Safari
  2. Shows and Performances in Night Safari
  3. Geographical Zones in Safari Singapore
  4. Walking Trail in Night Safari
  5. Where to Eat & Shop in Night Safari
  6. Places to Visit Near Night Safari
  7. How to Reach
  8. Traveling Tips for Night Safari

Timing and Ticket price of Night Safari Singapore

The park stays open every day of the week, and its operational timing is between 6:30 pm to 12:00 am. Singapore Night Safari ticket is around (Singapore dollar) SGD 53 for adults, SGD 36 for teenagers, and no tickets for infants.

The tram service is also a part of the admission ticket, and there are other options like passes and multi passes that give more benefits like hotel pickup, which will cost around SGD 108 for adults and SGD 80 for teenagers.

Booking online is an ideal way to come across great discounts on the ticket price of Night Safari Singapore. However, you can also book your ticket from the entry gate, which closes around 5:30 pm. Thus, booking in advance is advised to avoid the ticket queue and utilize that time in licking pictures for great memories.

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Note: Night safari Singapore ticket price can be changed.

Shows and Performances in Night Safari Experience

Enjoy the beauty of the dark with the Thumbuakar Show and Creatures of the Night Show in Night Safari Singapore. Experiencing these programs will enhance your overall wildlife experience and give you depth knowledge about the tribal culture.

You can expect an energetic vibe and beautiful visuals from these eye-catching factors of the park. The park has enough potential to be counted as one of the best things to enjoy in Singapore at night.

1. Thumbuakar Show

The electrifying show of this park will attract your complete attention and give an appealing Singapore night view. During the show, a troop of pyro warriors welcomes visitors to the nocturnal animals’ hub. Fire-eating skills are the show’s major highlight that displays rhythmic energy. Moreover, dancing in sync and throwing fire in the air is a visual you must capture through your camera.

  • Location: Amidst Bongo Burgers and Chang Chawang Bar.
  • Timing: 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm, also sometimes at 10 pm if the weather allows.
  • Operational days: Friday and Saturday evenings, along with the eve of all public holidays.

2. Creatures of the Night Show

Animals are the absolute superstar of the dark here, and this show proves it so well. This 20-minute fascinating creature of the Night Show presents the natural abilities of wild beings such as otter, binturongs, and civets. It is one of the best things to do in Singapore with kids throughout your Singapore tour.

  • Location: Amphitheatre
  • Timing: 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm, and 10.30 pm
  • Operational Days: Everyday

3. Guided Tram Rides

Tram cars in Night Safari Singapore lets you explore the park with comfort. While riding the tram, you can enjoy the audio commentary about the zones and animals that will enhance your experience. Guests who are in wheelchairs are most welcome as some of the Tram cars have slots for wheelchairs. Enjoying this ride is one of the best things to do in Night Safari Singapore.

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Geographical Zones in Night Safari Singapore

This park redefined the word amazement in so many ways. You can find here seven geographical zones of the world that you can explore through your tram car ride. Each zone offers a unique experience and allows you to enjoy the best wildlife experience.

Himalayan Foothills: This zone reflects the charm of the Himalayas through its rocky terrains, steep slopes, and arid greenery.

Indian Subcontinent: You will witness high forests and lush vegetation from the zone’s entrance. After that, you can see some indigenous animals of the continent, like Barasingha Deer, Sloth Bear Striped Hyena, and Gir Lions.

Equatorial Africa: The zone is a perfect replica of Equatorial Africa. You will be amazed by looking at the grasslands and medium-sized vegetation. Moreover, plenty of herbivores are awaiting you, including herbivores like Grant’s Zebra, Cape Giraffes, Oryzes, and Stretched Cats.

Indo-Malayan Region: After Equatorial Africa Zone, admire lush rainforests and mangrove habitats of the Indo-Malayan Region. This zone is home to several species of Red River Hogs.

Asian Riverine Forest: The zone is one of the most beautiful, blessed with grasslands and a refreshing environment. You can spot the roaming Asian Elephant and Malayan Tapir, widely famous wildlife attractions.

Nepalese River Valley: This zone will enrich your experience as you embark on your journey here. The wet marshlands and low-lying terrains will blow your mind and give you a different vibe.

Burmese Hillside: Night Safari Singapore’s action-packed zone with moist tropical forests and dry-subtropical deciduous jungles. Burmese Hillside is home to Malayan Tigers, Spotted Panthers, Asiatic Black Bears, Viking Cattle, and Tamins.

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Walking Trail in Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari Singapore has four walking trails to experience the wilderness at different corners. These trails give you an insightful experience and a chance to understand the lifestyle of the jungle interestingly.

The captivating park with so many attractions makes it one of the best places to visit in Singapore. Check out the below details about these walking trails to know what is there for you.

Fishing Cat Trail

Enjoy an intricate trek through the jungles, where you can find many predators roaming around. In addition, you will see many fishing cats and other species of hunter cats through this walking trail. Apart from these hunter cats, you can spot Otters, Loris, Pangolins, Indian Gharials, Barking Deer, Binturongs, Mouse Deers, Palm Civets, and Flying Foxes.

Leopard Trail

This trail is one of the most famous in Night Safari Singapore and is considered home to extensive wildlife native to Southeast Asia. From large to small cats, this trail offers you a chance to catch the spectacular sight of them. This trail has reached the peak of popularity as you can spot various wildlife attractions, including, Leopards, Clouded Leopards, Gir Lion Panthers, Golden Cats, Malayan Civets, and Small-toothed Civets.

East Lodge Trail

Enjoy the blend of Savannah and Tropical forests in East Lodge Trail and witness the incredible wildlife of Asia and Africa. Malayan Tiger is the highlight of this trail, one of the world’s biggest acts. Apart from this beast, you can spot other popular animals, such as Spotted Hyenas, Babirusa, Red River Hogs, Bongos, and Chestnut Antelopes.

Wallaby Trail

This trail is a new edition of Night Safari and is counted as the shortest and least thrilling compared to others. You can witness Owls, Possums, Sugar Gliders, Scorpions, venomous Centipede, and Tawny Frogmouths. However, the highlight of this trail is the cute Wallabies of Australia.

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Where to Eat and Shop in Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari Singapore is one the most fantastic holiday spots that offer diverse experiences throughout your visit. And some of them are dining and shopping, which you will like here.

From having multiple cuisines to shopping for some souvenirs, this place has covered it all for you. The best part about enjoying your dinner is that some restaurants allow you to enjoy the show of this park while dining.

Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant: The restaurant is located at the entrance plaza, and you can pick from Buffet and ala carte menus to enhance your dining experience. The Chilli Crab, Biryani, and Chicken Tandoori are some of the best food items here.

Bongo Burgers: The restaurant is considered the vantage point to witness the fiery Thumbuakar Performance. You can enjoy delicious fast food items, including Chunky Fries, Crispy Wings, Gourmet Burgers, and Creamy Shakes.

The Gift Shop: It is a colorful shop with a great collection of souvenirs you would like to take back home. You will see that this shop has a good spread of merchandise, including cookies, chocolates, and the Kaya. A little shopping at this shop is worth it and gives you a unique shopping experience.

Places to Visit Near Night Safari Singapore

There are plenty of tourist attractions near Night Safari Singapore where you can spend gala time. From adventurous vibes to scenic views, the charm of these places gives you treasurable moments. After taking this adventurous tour, you can explore the best tourist places to enjoy with your close ones.

1. MacRitchie Nature Trail:

Feel the tranquility and admire the splendid views of nature here. Mac Ritchie Reservoir is a part of the water catchment system at this attraction that will blow your mind. You can experience the refreshing vibes as these trails are fully packed with green vegetation.

Distance from Night Safari Singapore: 14 km (approx.)

2. Kranji War Memorial

It is located on the northern side of Singapore, and this memorial has graves of war heroes. This war memorial reflects bravery and is counted as one of the most visited tourist places. You can pay tribute to war heroes by visiting this memorial in Singapore.

Distance from Night Safari Singapore: 6 km (approx.)

3. Rainforest Lumina:

Visiting Rainforest Lumina will take you on a multi-sensory tour. This place has 10 multi-sensory zones where human and virtual animals roam freely. The combination of technology and ambiance is the best thing to experience here.

Distance from Night Safari Singapore: 400 m (approx.)

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How to Reach

Night Safari Singapore is easily accessible by different modes of transport from any corner of Singapore. You can hire a cab and take the Red Line if you choose MRT. The nearest stations from Safari Night are Choa Chu Kang (NS4), Ang Mo Kio (NS16), Marsiling (NS8), and Woodlands (NS9).

After reaching these stations, you can quickly get the bus service which takes you to the park. If you choose a cab, you can choose two routes, one via Central Expressway and the other through Pan Island Expressway.

Traveling Tips for Singapore Night Safari

Before enjoying your tour of this Night Safari Singapore, there are multiple things to keep in mind.

  • It is better to visit on a weekday to skip the waiting lines and excessive crowds.
  • It is recommended to explore the river safari along with the night safari for a remarkable tour.
  • You should arrive one hour early at the entry gate of night safari Singapore to avoid large queues. You can also click some pictures by reaching earlier.
  • Eating your dinner at night on safari is advisable as you will get lots of options for food.
  • You should click pictures before it is too dark, and it is advised to carry the best quality camera to capture good pictures in the dark.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes to walk around as you will need to walk at Night Safari Singapore
  • Bring your water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the tour.
  • Take care of your belonging, as Night Safari Singapore authorities do not take any claim for your loss.
  • It would be better to keep your phone on silent mode to not disturb the animals.

Thus, Singapore Zoo night safari is one of its kind to make your Singapore trip more adventurous and memorable. From indulging in unique activities to envisioning the wildlife, make your holiday electrifying with this Night safari in Singapore.

It is an opportunity to open new gates for some new experiences and uplift your traveling experience. Contact us for more information regarding the Singapore Night Safari travel guide. We also provide the best deals on tour packages for Singapore that suit all your holiday needs.


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