Snorkel With Giant Turtles And Witness Dolphins On Your Mauritius Holidays

In the middle of the most beautiful ocean on earth, The Indian Ocean, lies the Island of Mauritius, known for its pristine beaches, clear waters, and abundant marine life. Turtle and Dolphin encounters are one of the most popular activities for visitors in Mauritius. Here you can satiate your dream of being close and personal with these gentle creatures.

Mauritius calls you if you are looking for pristine blue water bordering cottony clouds overhead. Located 1700 km from mainland Africa, Mauritius constitutes a nation with neighboring Rodrigues Island and several other islets and atolls. In Mauritius, you can lounge by the beach and soak in the sea—the best place to practice the magnificent art of doing nothing and relaxing.

Snorkel with the Giant Turtles

Don’t let your trip to Mauritius be incomplete without adding Snorkeling. Snorkeling in the waters of the Indian Ocean with Turtles around will be a lifetime experience. Balaclava Marine Park is one of the best locations in Mauritius for Snorkeling. Here, you’ll discover a wide range of marine life and turtles.

For Snorkeling, you’ll have to hire a ride with a local guide who can take you to some of the best spots for Snorkeling. Some routes are accessible by land and only can be reached by boat. So, begin your ride and depart towards the diving sites, feeling an incredible rush as you leave the shore behind.

Witness the exceptional underwater spectacle here, with turtles, fishes, and coral reefs adding colors to the deep blue part of the lagoon. Despite being home to multicolored fish, eels, and other aquatic species, your reason to embark on this adventure remains the Turtles. So naturally, you’ll feel the urge to touch these Turtles as they swim past you while going for their daily errands, but you must resist!

An important tip, don’t touch any of these gentle creatures even if they come too close to you, as it may frighten them. Instead, just let the beauty of the underwater world capture your eyes.

Witness Dolphins in this Mesmerizing Land

To witness Dolphins in their natural habitat, go in the early morning hours. Hitch a ride and head towards an area with a guide who’ll help you spot these adorable creatures. Not only watch them, but I’ll recommend you to go out in their natural habitat and have a chance to swim with them. Then, you’ll plunge into the wondrous world of coming face-to-face with Dolphins. The best places to spot Dolphins are Tamarind Bay and Flic en Flac.

An important tip is to be respectful towards the creature and not try to disturb their living by making sounds. Instead, ethically enjoy these beauties.

Best time to Visit

Mauritius has a tropical climate with two seasons, peak and off-season. Therefore, the best time to visit Mauritius depends on your preferences.

The temperature is warmer, and the sea is calm during the peak season, which runs from November to April. This month is perfect for water activities. However, you’ll find the place crowded during peak hours, leading to a price hike for food, accommodations & other activities.

The off-season is perfect for looking for cooler weather and avoiding crowds. This season runs from May to October when the weather conditions will be slightly rougher, but you’ll find great opportunities for surfing at this point. Also, the off-season will make accommodations, food, and other activities relatively cheaper.

A vital tip: check the weather conditions beforehand in whichever season you are traveling and carry your essentials accordingly.

How To Reach

By Air

You’ll find this as the most convenient way to reach Mauritius. Several airlines offer direct flights to the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport from major cities worldwide. After landing, you can take a Taxi.

By Sea

If you prefer to travel by sea, you can take a cruise ship to Mauritius. Cruise ship regularly stops at Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Therefore, traveling by cruise might be a luxurious option.

By Road

There is no such option to travel to Mauritius by road, as it is an island destination.

These activities must have convinced you to hop on a plane and land in Mauritius. Explore this island and enjoy underwater activities. To bring some fun into your daily life, head towards Indian Holiday and plan your trip to this dreamy Island, Mauritius, RIGHT AWAY.

Janvi Saini

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