Top 5 Places to Visit for Snowfall near Delhi

“There’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on. It makes you believe you’re special.” – Carol Rifka Brunt

Located strategically, Delhi offers accessibility to various tourist hotspots. When it comes to season-specific travel, it is again convenient from this metropolis. The national capital of India stands in proximity to the mighty Himalayas. So, there is no dearth of popular winter destinations near Delhi. Several appealing hill stations of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand offer a perfect escape to enjoy a great vacation.

Winter trips are half-done without experiencing snow. Thankfully, there are plenty of escapades to experience the snowfall, which is only a few hours away from Delhi. Make this winter memorable by visiting popular snowfall destinations near Delhi. Grab the golden chance and enjoy your weekends from Delhi to witness snowfall. See the best ones that you must visit right here and craft your itinerary accordingly.

1. Kanatal – Beauty at Its Peak

This is a scenic hill resort and a small village nestled in Uttarakhand. Famous tourist destinations such as Dehradun, Mussoorie, and Chamba are just a few hours’ drive from here. This village is considered one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi to experience snowfall. With never-ending meadows, tranquil natural surroundings, amazing trekking trails, and majestic peaks; Kanatal introduces you to nature at its best. Dhanaulti Eco Park and Surkanda Devi Temple are the best places to visit in Kanatal.

  • Distance Delhi to Kanatal: 319 km (approx.)
  • Best Month: December to February
  • Drive Time: 8 hours (approx.)
  • Things to Do: Hiking, trekking, sightseeing

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2. Kufri – A Rejuvenating Retreat

Undoubtedly, Kufri is one of the places to see snowfall near Delhi. Perched at an altitude of about 2,720 meters, Kufri is a wonderful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. The snow-capped peaks, chilling climate, and surrounding tranquillity make Kufri one of the most visited winter destinations. Also, the huge skiing-scapes of Kufri attract a large number of adventure freaks. Jakhu Temple, Rupin Pass, Fagu, and Green Valley are the famous places to visit in Kufri. December and January are the best months to enjoy snowfall in Kufri when the temperature falls to sub-zero levels and the entire mountain range, as well as the rough terrain, get covered with the snow.

  • Distance Delhi to Kufri: 356 km (approx.)
  • Best Month: December to January
  • Drive Time: 8.5 hours (approx.)
  • Things to Do: Skiing, horse riding, tobogganing

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3. Auli – Indulge In Fun

A beautiful city in India and one of the best places to visit near Delhi to witness the snowfall. This city of Uttarakhand looks like a dreamland in winters. Behold the beauty of the white blanket that winter spreads all over Auli’s snow-scapes. Snow-covered cedar trees spreading the fragrance in the cool winds set a perfect holiday mood. Auli is also one of the top places in India to celebrate a honeymoon. When a thick layer of snow accumulates here, several adventure freaks, especially those who are fond of skiing come from far and wide. You can also visit and admire the beauty of Nanda Devi, and Mana Parvat. You can also plan your trip to Auli for more fun.

  • Distance Delhi to Auli: 382 km (approx.)
  • Best Month: December to March
  • Drive Time: 10.5 hours (approx.)
  • Things to Do: Skiing, ropeway ride, trekking, shopping

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4. Munsiyari – Magnificence Overloaded

One of the ideal choices for nature lovers and a great place to enjoy a perfect weekend. Munsiyari is fondly called the ‘The Little Kashmir’ for its enchanting panoramic vista of snow-capped Himalayas. Every winter, Munsiyari experiences heavy snowfall, making it one of the best places to see snowfall in Uttarakhand. A popular destination for snow and mountain lovers, Munsiyari is a beautiful place covered with snowy carpets, natural trekking trails, and dense forests. It attracts adventure enthusiasts, especially trekkers and serves as the base for Milam, Ralam, and Namik Glaciers. Winters in Munsiyari start from November and last till mid-March.

  • Distance Delhi to Munsiyari: 567 km (approx.)
  • Best Month: November-February
  • Drive Time: 16 hours (approx.)
  • Things to Do: Trekking, sightseeing, skiing, birdwatching, shopping

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5. Khajjiar – Oozing Boundless Beauty

Also called Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar is dotted by forests and snow-capped mountains. Additionally, it’s wildlife and adventure shots are famous reasons for a trip to Khajjiar. If you have sufficient time and want to enjoy a long weekend near Delhi, this place is nothing less than a paradise. It is one of the best places to see snowfall in Himachal. Visitors come to Khajjiar to admire the beauty of snowfall during winter. This scenic spot is surrounded by beautiful deodar forests which are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Also, the Khaji Nag temple in the hill station, in particular, has a unique relevance.

  • Distance Delhi to Khajjiar: 571 km (approx.)
  • Best Month: December to February
  • Drive Time: 11 hours (approx.)
  • Things to Do: Sightseeing, meditation, horse riding

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The best snowfall destinations near Delhi have a lot more to offer than one can think of. From various adventurous activities to the tranquility of Mother Nature, these famous destinations offer experiences for every kind of traveler. Witness the beauty of snowfall and plan a trip to one of the above-mentioned destinations and make your vacation a romantic and dreamy getaway.

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