A Complete Dalhousie Travel Guide: Tourist Attractions & Places

Himachal Pradesh celebrates Vasant or the spring season beginning mid of March and Dalhousie is not an exception to the charm. Situated in the Dhauladhar range, Dalhousie is another hill resort offering picturesque views of pine and oak forests and nearby Chenab and Beas rivers.

The main gateway to Chamba town, Dalhousie is a quiet and serene hill station that was originally a sanatorium. There are five distinct peaks here – Balun, Kathlog, Tehra, Bakrota, and Petreyn with a maximum height of 2378 meters above sea level. Reflecting the British legacy, the churches are the main tourist attractions in Dalhousie.

The season of spring spells a magical charm to the place. The western Himalayan range enjoys a pleasant climate before the onset of summer. Like winter, Dalhousie offers a unique experience even in spring.

The green meadows, the blooming dales, and the bright weather offer a rejuvenating holiday. Two beautiful lakes around Dalhousie, Khajjiar, and Chamera are among the top attractions.

A wildlife tour to the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary will also be a worthy experience for the season. Peruse Dalhousie Travel Guide for complete information.

Here is the list of tourist attractions in Dalhousie

Bakrota Hills

A fascinating hill surrounding Dalhousie town is known for its scenic beauty, especially in the summer and spring seasons. The entire hill has a number of trekking treks. The best thing to enjoy on this hill is a picnic. In winter, the peak is snow-clad offering stunning views.


At a height of 2440 meters, Kalatop has rugged slopes, a beautiful forest rest house, and a thick surrounding forest. Popular as Black Cap, Kalatop is famous for its flora, fauna, and wildlife. The Kalatop-Khajjiar Sanctuary is a popular hideout for tourists in summer. A motorable road connects Dalhousie with Chamba and Kalatop regions. The journey is beautiful and rejuvenating.

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Dayan Kund

Another towering peak in Dalhousie with an elevation of 2,745 meters above sea level. The three main river tributaries of Chenab, Ravi, and Beas are clearly visible on a clear day.

Subhash Baoli

This acclaimed picnic retreat was named after Subhash Chandra Bose, an indomitable freedom fighter in Indian Independence, who had visited the Dalhousie hills.

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Jandri Ghat

Around 2 km away from Dalhousie town is Jandri Ghat, a place surrounded by pine forest. A summer residence of the Chamba rulers constructed in 1871 is the main attraction of the place.

St Andrew’s Church

Also popular as the Church of Scotland, St Andrew’s was built in the year 1905 for the Protestant Christians. It is situated very close to the Dalhousie bus stand.

Other famous churches in Dalhousie are St Francis Church, St John’s Church, and St Patric’s Church.

Places to stay in Dalhousie

Some of the popular hotels in Dalhousie offering accommodation throughout the year are Mount View Hotel, Peace Channel Resort, Alps Holiday Resort, and Hotel Dalhousie Heights. Get hotel packages for Dalhousie from IndianHoliday.com.


Dalhousie is an excellent place for trekking with the Kalatop-Khajjiar trail, Punjpula trail, and Palace trail being the noted ones.


Pahari paintings and Tibetan handicrafts are the major buys from Dalhousie markets. The Subhash Chowk market area and Sadar Bazaar have a number of shops selling handicraft items.

When to visit Dalhousie

Dalhousie is an all-season destination through April to October is regarded as the best time to visit. Evening and nights are colder from May-June though days experience the summer climate.

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