The Wonder Called Goa – We give you three prime reasons

Do you often feel left out people discuss their vacation in Goa with much excitement and you are unable to comprehend what the big deal is? Well, don’t blame the poor chaps. The state has an ethereal beauty and a charm which is irresistible. A visit to the state will give you a fair idea of why Goa is on the wish list of almost every holidaymaker. Why else do you think families, honeymoon couples, groups of friends, and even solo backpackers holiday in Goa most of the time rather than choosing other equally hyped places in the World?

We give you three prime reasons, why the Goa invites admiration of many:

Beaches in Goa:

Beaches in Goa are world famous. The long coastline along the Arabian Sea is blessed with extensive options of beaches, suiting every mood of travelers here. A lot has been already said about the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, but one can never stop talking about them. The golden sand, cerulean waters, white surf, swaying coconut, and palm trees are a perfect backdrop. From riding a banana boat, having a romantic long walk at night, jazzing it up at trance parties with your pals, and unwinding while tanning in the sun at one of the beaches are some experiences that you must not miss out on. So, pack your bags and get set going.

Churches in Goa:

Owing to the Portuguese rule in the state of Goa in the past, the state has some exceptionally beautiful churches located in its periphery. Some of the churches in Goa are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites in India. A visit to any one of these is bound to fill you with unprecedented serenity and calm. If you have an eye for art, you will definitely appreciate the architectural beauty of these churches. Some of the popular ones are the Church of Our Lady, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and the Church of St Paul.

Goa Carnival:

If there is one place that remains in a gala mood for the most part of the year, it is Goa. Though the state never has a dull moment with ample events like music festivals and feasts in honor of revered saints being organized from time to time, the Goa carnival clearly is the much-awaited event of the year.
The cultural extravaganza sees dance performances, people masquerading in different colors, bagpipers and other instruments being played, vibrant floats occupying all the roads, and a frenzied gusto taking over the entire state. You are not convinced? Seeing is believing, right? No problem. Goa Carnival is scheduled to be held in February or March. Do not miss to be a part of the festivities.

All you folks who have enjoyed holidays in Goa will agree that Goa definitely tops the chart as an interesting tourist destination. Those of you who haven’t been there, don’t get green with envy, just plan your maiden tour to Goa and let us know of the things remained untouched here, there will be many, for sure.

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