Beyond Taj: Offbeat Things To Do In Agra To Truly Enjoy Your Visit

Are you visiting Agra? The first thing that will come to mind is the epitome of love, ‘The Taj Mahal.’ Let’s explore Agra beyond the Taj Mahal this time. Try some offbeat things to do in Agra and enjoy the most of your trip.

What if you learn that there are many things to do beyond Taj? Sounds interesting. It’s true; there are many offbeat things to do in Agra. While the Taj Mahal is a fantastic Mughal architectural marvel, Agra has many more concealed gems that visitors often overlook. During your visit to Agra, discover this ancient town’s artistic side.

If you stop and chat with the locals, you’ll hear them talking about how their forefathers contributed to building the tomb. Visit the local market to shop their authentic dresses and indulge in cooking with the locals. Get an insight into their local spices and how they prepare the food. Go boating in the Yamuna River and capture the beauty of the Taj in the sunset. Without a doubt, Taj is magnificent, but there are many offbeat things to do in Agra that will leave you spellbound.

Things to Do in Agra

Get to know some of the exciting things to do in Agra. Go beyond the Taj and try other activities that will add more fun to your trip.

Taj Nature Walk

Go on a Taj nature walk on Fatehabad road, 500 m from the Taj Mahal’s east gate. The trail is spread on the side of the Yamuna River. This nature trail is 9 km long, surrounded by lush greenery and various exotic birds, parakeets, and kingfishers

The path has many watchtowers that give splendid views of the Taj from different settings and perspectives. The best part is that you’ll be able to notice different hues and radiance of the Taj at other times of the day. You can even watch the reflection of the Taj in the river from the trail.

Timings: 07:00 am – 06:00 pm
Entry Fee: Free of Cost

Cooking Session with the Locals

Indian food is exciting, with hundreds of spices and lots of love added to it. Agra is known for its Mughlai cuisine. Here, you can learn the art of cooking delicious food with the locals. The most intriguing part of the session will be that you’ll get to know Indian moms who want to teach the guests their magical art of cooking.

Learn about the spices and their particular style of cooking. You can even involve yourself in the cooking with them and know how to cook the royal Mughlai dishes. They will even teach you the famous dessert of Agra and prepare your meal in front of you.

Visit Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Keoladeo Ghana National Park, also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, lies between Agra and Rajasthan. This national park is a 1-hour drive from Agra and is Asia’s finest birding area. Keoladeo Ghana National Park is a paradise for you if you have an eye for birdwatching.

Home to 380 species of resident and migrant birds, this place will give you a surreal experience. You can traverse the park on foot or by local transport available there. Couple your visit to the park and the nearby museum to glimpse India’s past splendor. if you are from the capital city, you can book a Delhi to Agra tour package.

Visit Sheroes Hangout

Visiting Sheroes Hangout is not just about having good food and chilling; this place will awaken you for life. The thrilling part is that acid attack survivors run this cafe. This cafe has a warm and cheerful vibe, just like the spirit of women. Once you go there, you’ll notice that the cafe’s menu has no prices.

However, you can pay them according to your wish for your order. Besides this, it also has a small library to read and a few shops displaying the arts and crafts of the city. When in Agra, visit this inspiring cafe and encounter hope and joy in a single place.

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Boating in Yamuna River at Sunset

Opt for boating in the Yamuna River beside the Taj Mahal during sunset. The boats are designed in the traditional Indian style. The sunset will send various shades of orange to the skies of Agra, making the atmosphere pleasant for a boat ride. The captivating views of the sunset making the Taj Mahal radiant in various colors will be a treat to your eyes. This boat ride will give you incredible photos from your trip to cherish forever. Take advantage of this ride and soak your eyes with the mesmerizing scenario.

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Taste the Scrumptious Street Food of Agra

Agra is not just about the architectural buildings or cultural traditions; it has some mouth-watering street food in its name. So, go and hit the lanes of Agra to have some of the best street foods. These local delicacies are best to find in the clogged streets of Agra.

If you think that just Mughlai food will be there, then that’s not correct. There are many options available, ranging from spicy to sweet. Some dishes like chaats, petha, spicy dalmoth, and cheela are waiting for you in the streets of Agra.

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Light & Sound Show at Agra Fort

If you are a fan of art & music, attend this light & sound show at Agra Fort. This light & sound show reflects the epic history of the Mughal era and gives you insights into ancient times. The colorful lights fall on the various parts of the fort, depicting anecdotes from the past period. This sound show is perfect for adults and kids as they learn more about the journey of the Mughals from ancient times. You can also plan your Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tour Package, which gives you a touch of spirituality.


After seeing Agra’s varieties of art, crafts, and souvenirs, you will not be able to return empty-handed from there. This place is also famous for leather products, stone jewelry, and carpets. In these markets, you will get everything from clothes to food joints. Don’t forget to check out handmade sarees and textiles present there. Go for a walk in the lanes of the old city wholesale markets, which have existed since the Mughal era. You can shop from Kinari Bazar or Sadar Bazar.

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Get ready for a memorable trip in Agra and probe the city beyond Taj. Try the offbeat things & get to witness love, life, hope, and joy, and have a humbling experience that will stick with you forever. Hop on Indian Holiday to plan your Agra Tour Package without any hassle. Connect with our travel experts, who will help you organize your trip according to your preferences. Contact Today.

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