12 Best Things to Do in Alleppey For an Unforgettable Holiday

India’s own version of Venice, Alleppey, is a famous backwater town in Kerala. Besides cruising on the scenic backwaters, there are many other things to do in Alleppey. From rendezvous with the elephants, rejuvenating at the spa, unwinding on your private houseboat, or spending time in a traditional village, there are lots of activities worth trying.

Plan a trip to Alleppey to know about the following enjoyable activities that lure tourists from around the world.

List of Top Things to do in Alleppey for a Memorable Vacation –

  1. Houseboat cruise
  2. Ayurvedic massages
  3. Marari Beach
  4. Ambalapuzha Temple
  5. Snake Boat Race
  6. Martial artists perform Kalaripayattu
  7. Adoor Gajamela
  8. Bird Watching
  9. Homestay
  10. Explore picturesque beaches
  11. Rustic village life
  12. Cuisines of Kerala

1. Sail along the backwaters in your houseboat cruise

Alleppey and backwaters are two inseparable things. Tourists from every nook and cranny wish to add a backwater houseboat cruise in Alleppey to their bucket list. Plan a romantic date with your beloved on a houseboat on your honeymoon and indulge in one of the top things to do in Alleppey backwaters.

The charm of staying on the ‘kettuvallams’, as they call it, is simply irresistible. Spend days in leisure while cruising across a distinct network of crisscrossing canals. Treat your eyes to the mesmerizing views of the paddy field sprawled over a vast expanse and soul-soothing greenery.

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2. Attain complete relaxation with Ayurvedic massages

Bestowing excellent benefits during the monsoon and winter season, the Ayurvedic therapies make Alleppey among the best monsoon destinations in India. Soak in the bliss of specially prepared medical and herbal oils that can help you eliminate your weariness.

In addition, Ayurveda massage is one of the must things to do in Alleppey. You must include it in your itinerary to reduce stress, body pain, anxiety, etc. Suitable for city travelers, these Ayurvedic massages are famed for effectively curing chronic disorders.

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3. Spend some quality time with family on the Marari Beach

Enjoy some ‘me’ time or family time at Marari Beach. One of the best things to do in Alleppey is to revel in some quiet moments. Ideal for photography, this is one of the great delights of the Malabar Coast.

Blessed with golden sand and clear water, it is an experience to cherish. Partake in several water sports activities on the beach. In addition, spectacular sunrise and sunset views make your beach holidays in India unforgettable.

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4. Embark on a sacred pilgrimage to the Ambalapuzha Temple

Fondly known as the ‘Dwarka of the South’, the Ambalapuzha Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Adorned with beautiful mural paintings, the shrine is one of the must-visit places in Alleppey. Devotees do not miss a chance to throng the temple at the time of the famous Ambalapuzha Temple Festival.

Pay a visit to seek the blessings of the almighty. Also, spare some time for feeding the fish in the little pond. If not for the divine bliss, you will surely visit again for the savory-sweet milk porridge offered as ‘Prasad’.

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5. Cheer your favorite contender at the Snake Boat Race

The demand for Alleppey tours shoots up during August. The reason being very famous – The Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Held in August on the second Sunday, the race attracts various sports lovers and photography enthusiasts.

The excitement of the participants and the cheerleaders is worth witnessing. If you missed the actual boat race, you could still witness the practicing session of the race. Also, enjoy a rendezvous with the rowers during the offbeat season.

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6. Watch martial artists perform Kalaripayattu

Originated in Kerala, Kalaripayattu is an ancient Indian martial art, and witnessing it is one of the best Alleppey things to do. There are many training centers in the city that help you get insights into the technique.

So don’t miss to grab a chance to learn about this exhilarating art form. To make the experience unforgettable, you can also choose to avail yourself of the Kalaripayat treatment and a relaxing massage offered to martial artists.

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7. Witness spectacular Adoor Gajamela

Celebrated for 10 days, the mesmerizing Adoor Gajamela is one of the popular festivals in Kerala. Hosting a vibrant parade of more than 100 beautifully decorated elephants, the fiesta presents a unique spectacle.

Gaze at the rider who holds an attractive umbrella for the elephant while sitting on his back. Precious ornaments and jewels are used to adorn the huge creatures, which is an eye-catching sight. Attending the gala and other festivals is the major highlight of the Alleppey travel guide.

8. Spend a day with exotic species of bird

Among all the activities in Alleppey, birdwatching is among the highly favored ones. Spot the most exquisite and rarest birds on the Earth. You can find White-Throated and Stork Billed Kingfishers, Black Drongo, Jungle Myna to Asian Palm Swift.

The backwaters of Alleppey are ideal for capturing some candid pictures of the rarest migratory birds. Don’t forget to carry your DSLR or binoculars to get a closer view of the fantastic birdlife here.

9. Ditch hotels and enjoy a homestay

Add some variety to your Kerala trip by choosing a homestay. Enjoy your personalized holidays in Alleppey amidst tranquility and scenic ambiance. Spending some time at these distinctive accommodations including historical heritages will transform your days into a magical affair.

Preferred by every kind of traveler with any kind of budget, these homestays offer an unparalleled localized experience of an area. You can surely get the most out of this enchanting destination by planning a stay at the homestays.

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10. Explore picturesque beaches featuring spectacular sunset

Beaches are counted as one of the top tourist attractions in Alleppey. The quaint shores are adorned with many charms that grab tourists’ attention. Many of them are known for history while others just steal the limelight for having a lighthouse. Calming sunsets render the onlookers speechless.

Create memories of a lifetime by trying some fun activities with family or friends. Swim, stroll, bask in the sunshine or simply enjoy the serenity. The choice is all yours! Pozhiyoram, Alappuzha, Thumpoly, etc. are worth mentioning for a number of reasons.

11. Experience the rustic village life

If you love the idea of having a first-hand experience of village life, proceed towards Kuttanad. Blessed with waterways, dense paddy fields, coconut lines, spice plantations, and whatnot, the region is worth spending peaceful days.

You will be amused to see how the aboriginals practice farming that too 2 meters below sea level. During your stay, meet with the natives, relish home-cooked food and learn about their lifestyle. Treat your eyes to the best of the sights and wake up to the fantastic sounds of parrots.

12. Savor authentic cuisines of Kerala

Culinary experiences in Alleppey are simply unmissable. Be spoilt for choices, as you have a platter of delicacies to dig in. Kerala is home to numerous spice plantations, so the cuisine reflects spice flavors.

There is no doubt why foodies love to satiate their hunger here. Udupi is world-renowned just for the savory dishes the area offers. Whether you order seafood or wish to taste the typical South Indian food, nothing is less than a gastronomical affair.

So, how many of the aforementioned things to do in Alleppey are you going to try?

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