Top 21 Things to do in Australia

Traveling “down under”? We give If you have ever pondered upon what Australia is like and why you should travel to Australia, you should probably ask an Australian, for chances are they would say they are still trying to figure it out. For a country as big as a whole continent and that too mostly uninhabited, the scope of exploration becomes infinite and possibilities of every sort, limitless.

Figure this” If you travel to one new beach in Australia every day, it would take approximately 27 years to cover them all” Amazing! Isn’t it? Probably this is the reason why authorities find almost 70 people overstaying their visas to the country every week!

Try to inquire with anyone who has just been back from the country and they won’t stop talking. For them, it’s a dream destination of endless summers, a place where adventures expand as you explore more and where free-spirited people are always ready to offer their hand for friendship.

Needless to say, the more you hear from people about this vast and picturesque territory, the more you would long to visit Australia. From the reasons aplenty, we are merely mentioning 21 reasons why Australia should be your next travel destination.

The Great Barrier Reef

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This vast and enormous reef system is one of the most abundant marine life on earth. Visible even from space, the Great Reef system stretches across 2,300 kilometers and offers tremendous and thrilling experiences like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, and watching whales along with other excursions. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Australia.

Sightseeing in Sydney

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Sydney hosts the famous Opera House that has almost become synonymous with the country now. Besides, there are many other attractions like the Darling Harbor which arrays around itself, a number of restaurants, and several other entertainment sites. If one wants to just relax and chill and soak in the sun, Sydney is the best place to take an expedition.

The Famous Australian BBQs

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You would hardly hear an Australian without an obsession with BBQs. One would even find a number of Barbecue pits in the places like parks and public areas. The ultimate Australian formula of chilling is a delightful warm night coupled with some good beer and a grilled-up kangaroo and then and there you will find a true ooze of “OZ”.

Get a Surf Life

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Surfing lies at the heart of every dweller” Down Under” and if surfing is one of your passions, you should soon be heading for Australia. You will find some of the best surfing on the East Coast where there is a high chance of getting a good wave. Otherwise, Bondi Beach and Noosa are equally good, both for professionals and amateurs alike.

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Ayers Rock or Uluru

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Uluru is one single rock that stretches almost 8 kilometers across! One of the fascinating things about this rock is that it changes color during the sunrise and sunset mainly due the presence of iron content in the soil. The night view at Uluru is as stunning as anything with the whole panorama of the Milky Way appearing before your very eyes.

The vibrant tropical forests

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Australia has dense, lush green tropical forests and a number of national parks. These places are excitingly adventurous when it comes to hiking, “shooting” a great number of exotic birds and other wildlife species as well as cooling one off in several rivers and swimming holes. There is something attractive about tropical jungles, mainly the limitless profusion of life that pulls one towards them.

An adventurous excursion to the Kings Canyon

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This vast stretch of the rugged territory is Australia’s own version of the Grand Canyon. Studded with legendary views, a trek along the rim of the Kings canyon will convince one of its breathtaking spectacle and astonishing sights.

There are good options for sightseeing with many of organized coaches and private tour operators. The Kings Canyon Resort offers excellent accommodation with luxury to budgeted lodge rooms. They also arrange for caravans and other camping facilities as well.

The famous beach baths

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One of the most spectacular parts of visiting Australia is these public pools especially the baths of jjas, The blue pool at the Sapphire coast, and the Bogey hole of Newcastle. There are many others like the Coogee’s McIver’s Ladies bath or the Bent’s Basin which have always scored high with tourists and locals alike. No matter where you are from, these pools are a fantastic way to laze around, especially for kids and toddlers who want to have uninhibited access to fun and amusement.

The ultimate Shark-Cage diving

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The waters of South Australia offer one of the best adrenaline-pumping experiences of getting up and close to the giant predators of the deep waters, The Great White Sharks. There is no other thrill than these blood-thirsty beasts hitting and dashing across near your cage taking your breath away. Certainly not for the faint-hearted!

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The fossil caves of Naracoorte

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These caves present a stunning view of the mysterious and curious bygone world, millions of years ago. The caves have fossil remains of some of the most incredible of the species like the marsupial lions and the Tasmanian Tigers etc. Pay a visit to Blanche caves and witness for yourself a bedazzling number of bats flying at night.

Visit Australia for Australians

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Australians are one of the most adorable, down-to-earth people. And yes, they are crazy (of course, in a positive way) and super funny. Their way of life, their cuisines, their passions, and their humor will make you remember them. This is also the reason why they are mostly welcomed with open arms wherever they go around the world.

The Australian Sunset is Awesome

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Sunsets in Australia are some of the magical moments that could not be missed. There is something ethereal about them. Although they look as fascinating as when watched from anywhere, you can have some of the best views from Uluru and Byron Bay. And yes, who’s going to fail the enchanted starry sight when the night falls?

Any road trip Down Under will take your breath Away

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The Australian countryside is as heavenly as it can be, especially the Outback. Moreover, The Great Ocean Road is one of the grandest, most dazzling, and most thrilling 150 km drives that stretches across the hemline of the country. As you cruise along, some of the most stunning scenes await you that end up in The Twelve Apostles, which are huge limestone stacks that are situated offshore of Port Campbell National Park.

Missing the Snow? Well, you shouldn’t

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Drive straight to Mt. Buller, at three hours’ distance from the North of Melbourne and you can find the scenes reminding you of a Swiss sojourn. The slopes, though not massive, will definitely let you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or mountain biking adding a new dimension to your heart-pumping hiatus in the Oz.

Get ready to taste some of the best wine

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Australians brew some of the best and tastiest wines in the world. Follow the Riesling Trail and explore Clare Valley’s exceptional vineyards. Australia experiences some of the best sunshine which enables the grapes to ripen to perfection. This leads to the making of regalia wine such as the Australian Shiraz, well-known all around the world.

Exceptional “gourmet” food

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Kangaroo steak is one of the most nutritious and tastiest dishes in Australia. Besides some of the best climates, ample sunshine coupled with outdoor dining traditions ensures some of the best food experiences for tourists. There are many items and ingredients that are grown only in Australia and their skilled and trained chefs ensure to use them aptly to leave guests truly licking their fingers.

There is nothing more magnificent like a city tram-ride

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The Melbourne city tram is itself an item of elegance and it takes you along some of the best icons of the city like the Melbourne Museum, Exhibition Buildings, State Parliament, Luna Park, Bourke Street Mall in its nine-km stretch along the heart, north and south of the city. The journey itself seems a fabled ride for the tourists to experience the true Melbourne ambiance.

Lose yourself in the Fraser Island

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It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and with its incredible sand formation and rainforests, it adds a special source of adventure for its visitors. With its uncommon freshwater lakes, varied flora and fauna, and multicolored sand cliffs, there is hardly any other place that you will find like Fraser Island.

The Irresistible Allure of Byron Bay

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Byron Bay is a captivating town located at the beach side of the town of New South Wales. It offers a number of attractions to its visitors like scuba diving, whale watching and the natural beauty of the rural countryside. The area has a strong tradition of community service. The town had a recent bohemian past and is still strongly influenced by it. The guests can surf the beaches, explore the National Parks in the rainforests or pamper themselves in the day spa as well as other activities.

The Sports Crazy Nation

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The Australians are that one sports-crazy nation. Be it rugby, baseball, or cricket, they have a strong competing spirit and a passion to excel. A sports enthusiast traveler will find a lot to share about this excitement with the locals. From beach cricket to tennis commentary, the obsession of an Australian with sports is all too apparent in common life.

Find Some of the Cutest Animal Species Down Under

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Animal lovers will find the Land of Oz to be amazingly replete with some of the cutest animals on Earth. From Koala bears to seals and sea lions and of course kangaroos. There are other varieties of charming marsupials like the Bilby, Wallaby, and Tasmanian devil. The Echidna is another such adorable beast. Thus, for any such animal buff, Australia has many attractions to offer.

We hope that after reading this you agree with us that these are the top 21 things to do in Australia. Plan your trip to Australia today to have truly an amazing, unforgettable, and incredible time of your life.

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