27 Amazing Things to Do in Bali That You Must Know

Bali has all it takes to be a dream destination, an ideal tourist spot. Rightly called a tropical paradise, Bali has charming locations, exotic temples, beautiful beaches, and the most incredible cuisine. Can anyone ask for more? Here is our list of 27 amazing things to do in Bali.

Tighten your belt and get ready for an exotic joyride to one of the most memorable holidays of your lifetime. Brace up, for Bali is waiting for you.

Here is the list of Exciting Things to do in Bali:

  1. Visit the Butterfly Park
  2. Take a Stroll through the Rice Fields
  3. Explore the Temples
  4. Do a Yoga Retreat
  5. Go Dolphin-Watching: Lovina Resort
  6. Walkthrough Monkey Forest
  7. Climb Mount Batur at Sunrise
  8. See a Kecak Trance Ceremony
  9. Aah, A Spa
  10. Watch the Sunset at Uluwatu Sea Temple
  11. River Rafting
  12. Visit the Turtle Breeding Sanctuary
  13. Snorkel, dive, or swim
  14. Get your alcohol fix at these unique bars
  15. Attend a Buffalo Race in Negara
  16. Safari with a Difference at Bali Marine and Safari Park
  17. Stay at a Unique Hotel
  18. Dine in the Middle of Paddy Fields
  19. Experience the Best Infinity Pools in the World
  20. Find the half-submerged House in the middle of a Lake
  21. Visit Asia’s Best Waterpark: Waterbom
  22. Visit a Pearl Farm: Atlas Pearl Farm
  23. Experience Life Underground at Gala-Gala Underground House
  24. Pay a Visit to Pemuteran Hidden Underwater Temple
  25. Bask in an Untouched Piece of Nature at Blahmantung Waterfall
  26. Get into a Mud Fight: Mepantigan Balinese Mud Games
  27. Take a Photo Shoot at the Tulamben Shipwreck

1. Visit The Butterfly Park

The butterfly park or the Taman Kupu Kupu is essentially an insect conservation park, spread in a vast expanse of 3,000 square kilometers and located in the village of Wanasari, about 30 km northwest of Denpasar.

Play with colorful butterflies at this park.The largest of its kind facility situated in Asia, the park facilitates a beautiful educational and exploratory tour for children and adults where they can witness various stages of the lifecycle of different insects.

The park has a tremendous variety of butterflies of different colors and patterns. In addition, one can find exotic types of insects such as Rhinoceros beetle, leaf insects, common birdwing, Bali Peacock, paradise birdwing, hairy spiders and scorpions, and more.

Opened in 1993 after the International Butterfly Conference, it aims to protect and preserve the rich insect diversity of Indonesia and promote environmental awareness and consciousness amongst children. It is a frequently visited destination for tourists traveling towards northern regions through Tabanan.

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2. Take A Stroll Through The Rice Fields

Bali has mesmerizing paddies which look like jewels in all their cinemascope glory. Amongst them, Jatiluwih and Tegalalang are incredibly alluring. They are in the same area, and one can have easy access to them if one lives in Ubud.

The location offers peace and serenity to visitors whose eyes meet greenery and pristine landscapes. The farmer’s practice stepped cultivation, a tradition they have had long ago.

This incredible landscape has a small village called Pakudui, where one will find simple-hearted villagers practicing a charming form of ornamental woodwork and numerous other carvings.

Most villagers are skilled artisans who practice making different sculptures through a technique bequeathed to them through generations. With beautiful pictures, tourists can shop for charming little souvenirs which they can purchase walking down the village roads.

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3. Explore The Temples

Bali is pervaded with temples all around, and thus, exploring them is one of the best Bali things to do. For example, the Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu, and Taman Ayun were built in the 17th century (other temples are even older) and look simply majestic with delicate carvings and exquisite architecture.

Taman Ayun: A seventeenth century built temple.

There are around 20,000 temples on the island, and though it is impossible to tour them all, many can be covered, especially those closest to each other. For example, the Pura (meaning temple in Balinese) Besakih temple is the most revered temple in Bali and is known as the “The Mother Temple”. Other vital temples which the tourists can find incredible are Tirta Empul, Pura Luhur Lempuyang, Goa Gajah, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, etc.

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4. Do A Yoga Retreat

Bali has some of the best opportunities to practice yoga in natural and exotic surroundings. The yoga retreats in Bali are some of the most famous and incredible facilities that can help you find peace, calmness, and a feeling of physical and mental well-being.

Azadia Yoga Shala: A Perfect Yoga Retreat

Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or just a novice, the adventure at these retreats is one the best in the world. Bali’s many retreats offer an uplifting atmosphere, natural settings, and state-of-the-art facilities. It helps you revitalize and rejuvenate and make a refreshing vacation of your stay in Bali.

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5. Go Dolphin-Watching: Lovina Resort

An awesomely exotic destination, located on the shore and flanked on either side by lovely Bedugul Mountain and the Bali Sea, Lovina Resort is a beautiful stopover to feel and experience the true essence of Balinese hospitality.

Some of the best things to do in Bali in November you can do include hot springs, diving, dolphin watching, snorkeling in the waters of Menjangan Island, trekking to waterfalls, and witnessing the wonderfully preserved coral reefs.

Tripadvisor awarded Lovina Resort a certificate of excellence in 2014. For furnishing experience to visitors, par excellence, luxurious and comfortable accommodation is provided to the guests in the shape of different suites and villas with a most relaxing atmosphere and ambiance.

At the same time, dining is exquisite with various restaurants, bars, and other dining spaces, where most delectable dishes, incorporating both local and international flavors, are served to the guests.

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6. Walkthrough Monkey Forest

One of the fun things to do in Bali Ubud is walking through the Monkey Forest. It is an adventurous trek through a lush forest famous for its monkeys and a sacred location. The forest in Ubud is thus visited by thousands of tourists every day. But unfortunately, many incidents have been recorded of being attacked, bit, or mugged.

Despite this, Monkey Forest is holy as it typically demonstrates the harmonious existence of man and nature. In addition, the area is an important location for carrying out research and conservation programs. The forest hosts three temples but does not allow tourists. If you want to come and pray, dress correctly in Balinese praying attire.

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7. Climb Mount Batur at Sunrise

Mount Batur is Bali’s most active volcano, and catching the sight of sunrise from the summit of this mountain can be one of the most magical experiences in Bali. You can enjoy trekking to the summit that begins at night to reach the top, just in time for the sunrise.

Climb Mount Batur to experience beautiful sunrise.

The view is simply majestic from above the clouds that you cannot afford to miss. Most local tour operators combine trekking to Mount Batur with temples and hot springs. However, climbing up the summit of this breathtaking mountain remains high on the cards for travelers visiting Bali. Such awe-inspiring beauty of Bali makes it one of the best places to visit in April outside India.

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8. See a Kecak Trance Ceremony

Be a part of the cultural Kekak Trance Dance.

Balinese culture is rich with exotic traditions and folklore. Therefore, the chances are high that you may come across a few such cultural performances, showcasing the exquisite heritage and incorporating masks, mythical storytelling, and cultural dance. Kecak Trance Dance is particularly alluring in these performances due to its unique and astonishing rituals.

Also called the Ramayana Monkey Chant, at least 150 artists perform this dance wearing a special kind of dress and chanting “cak” and depicting battle scenes from Ramayana. It appears as a trance-generating exorcism dance and seems particularly mysterious and bewildering but deserves to be witnessed at least once by tourists.

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9. Aah, A Spa

Balinese masseurs are said to be the best in the world, and if you didn’t experience the excellent services that some of these spas offer, you are missing a lot. The range of massage options in Bali seems infinite. From blissful royal experience in some exotic spas to quick, affordable treatments to simply uplift your mood and relieve stress.

The range of options incorporates acupressure to Ayurveda and many other aromatic and oil treatments designed to treat and indulge the visitor in supreme luxury and exotic experience. So do visit one of these facilities to experience the incredible services first hand.

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10. Watch the Sunset at Uluwatu Sea Temple

Located atop a 70 meters high cliff is the astonishing view of the sunset from the horizon of the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. The Uluwatu Sea temple is one of the best structures, and witnessing the picturesque sunset from here is one of the best things to do in Bali for couples.

Various archeological pieces of evidence have proven that the temple has megalithic origins. It also exhibits incredible Balinese architecture and is dispersed with verdant greenery. The locals believe that a small population of monkeys dwell here, guarding the temple.

With its religious significance notwithstanding, many tourists visit the temple to see mesmerizing views and an almost heavenly view of the sunset visible from here. It is one of the essential sunset points in Bali. The temple is accessed through the main bypass road to Nusa Dua, followed by an ascending road reaching Uluwatu.

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11. River Rafting

While in Bali, one of the adventurous things to do in Bali is river rafting amid vast, raw jungles and from high gorges and picturesque rice fields. Most of these trips, organized by local operators, last for 3-4 hours with an option of shower and lunch included.

Feel the true adrenaline rush with an opportunity to raft in Melangit, Telaga Waja, and Ayub rivers. The rides are usually safe with skilled rowers to accompany. Hence, you can enjoy the adventure with the family as well.

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12. Visit The Turtle Breeding Sanctuary

Visiting the turtle breeding sanctuary is one of the best things to do with kids in Bali. The shelter also has an incubator and a mix of little pools and bathtubs with baby turtles in them. Also, nurturing and breeding them for eight months is necessary, after which the sanctuary releases them. The option of snorkeling at the site ensures mesmerizing views of these lovely creatures.

Built as a conservation project to increase the turtle population, the turtle sanctuary also protects the injured turtles that the fishers bring. Other sanctuary sections have numerous open-air tanks containing hundreds of turtles that the children, especially school groups, enjoy. In addition, a small sandpit, encircled in a fence, collects the eggs waiting to be hatched.

Over time, this turtle breeding sanctuary has become an important tourist spot that you should not miss on your Bali trip.

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13. Snorkel, Dive or Swim

Bali may not have immaculate white sand beaches and aquamarine waters. Still, the shores of Bali are rich in remarkable natural heritage like corals, lava, or big rocks, covered with large sweeps of black or white sand and an ambiance for long, lazy evenings.

Even when the beaches may not be much suitable for swimming due to large waves, the waters of Balinese beaches are great for adventure water sports like surfing and snorkeling. For deep sea diving, Nusa Lembongan, Amed and Pemuteran beach rule the roost.

So whether you are a swimmer or not or if you are with family or not, the beaches at Bali are surely going to find a place in your heart with their beautiful and exciting atmosphere.

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14. Party like never before: Get your alcohol fix at unique bars

In Bali, it is only that one can have some of the unique ways to enjoy a sip of alcohol. Experience the delight of your drink on a floating platform or get tipsy while swaying on a bamboo swing. These bars transport you to a different world altogether with exotic settings and out of, a box environment, and an excellent ambiance.

Some bars also feature resident and international DJs and complimentary pool facilities for visitors. Others are incredibly alluring due to their exclusive features like distinctive architecture, exquisite cuisines, fascinating locations, peculiar themes, and incredible services. These bars are the highlight of Bali and are great places to relax and have fun and enjoy the blissful environment of this fabulous island.

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15. Attend a Buffalo Race in Negara

Attending a traditional Buffalo Race is undoubtedly among the top things to do in Bali with friends. Don’t you agree? Initially started just as a kind of diverting sport for the farmers, the race soon acquired a cult status, generating a lot of excitement with the locals.

With its popularity and the frenzy that it generates, professional jockeys, people who manage the bulls, have entered the arena.

Apart from beaches, one more entertainment option in Bali.

Like the famous Governor’s race, as many as 300 pairs of bulls can participate during significant events. The atmosphere gets electric with enthusiasm, which brings even more hysterical with the jegog player adding their bit to the commotion.

During the Independence Day of Indonesia, these races get particularly attractive, with the bulls bedecked with colorful insignia and brought out in delicate decorations. Nowadays, many international tourists come to Bali and cheer for the participants at the venue.

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16. Safari with a Difference at Bali Marine and Safari Park

Your guaranteed bet of fun and adventure, the Bali Marine and Safari Park is an incredible wonderland of animals, fishes, cultural shows, treks, safaris, and lots of experience and enjoyment.

There is a lot to do in Bali, including a safari at this park. In addition, the area incorporates a recreational area, a waterpark, a fun zone, the Bali Theater, restaurants, bungalows, and cottages.

The zoo in the park organizes bus tours for visitors to see animals brought here from three regions, viz. Over 600 species of wild animals call the park home. In addition, the park facilitates accommodation for guests who live with animals.

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17. Out of This World: Stay at a Unique Hotel

Due to its numerous exotic locations, Bali has an influx of tourists coming to enjoy its locales every year. Thanks to the various accommodation types, you can enjoy a vacation in the hotel you like.

From cheap budgets to exquisite resorts to villas, the places to stay in Bali come with various themes that offer guests every taste and preference. Then there is Mara Safari Lodge, where tourists can reside amongst animals.

There are many other tailor-made budget plans that the tourists can avail. Balinese people love to serve their guests with various exotic guest houses. Other fascinating living spaces like the water villas, bamboo houses, and glamping tents are accommodations like out of a dream. Thus, you are never away from finding a remarkable living space of your choice in Bali, no matter what budget you have or what personal decisions you keep.

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18. Solidarity at its Finest: Dine in the Middle of Paddy Fields

Incredible imagination runs through the people of Bali as they find one way or the other to let their guests indulge in exquisite luxury and incredible experiences. Dining in the middle of the paddy field is one such extravagance that tourists have the opportunity to enjoy.

Guests can indulge in just that at two of Bali’s most incredible dining spaces, namely Pomegranate and Sardine.

Enjoy dining in the natural surroundings of Bali.

With the vast expanse of lush greenery spread all around, tourists can indulge in a cup of fragrant tea, a cocktail, or a bite of their favorite food and savor the peaceful atmosphere and ambiance that lies about them.

These locations get even more exciting during sunsets, with day dissolving into night and birds finding their way back home. These locations have a great pull and find many tourists visiting to enjoy the environment annually.

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19. Experience the Best Infinity Pools in the World

These infinity pools, counted amongst the best in the world, will make you fall in love with them. Jumping into one of the infinity pools could be the best thing you can do in Bali. They have been exquisitely designed in such a way that it makes the visitor feel that they are hanging just on edge.

In contrast, the pool extends infinitely into the clouds and has curves in the shape of the hills surrounding nearby. However, there are decks around the pool that let you enjoy the picturesque views of the scenic locations around.

Two of the most famous infinity pools that the visitors must experience are Alila Ubud and the Hanging Garden Ubud. These pools let you enjoy peace and calm, making you relax and indulge. Infinity pools are among the best places for honeymooners to spend some cozy and personal time together. At the same time, families can expect to find some bonding time, away from the chaos of the urbanity.

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20. I spy: Find the half-submerged House in the middle of a Lake

Bali never fails to astonish with its fabulous settings, locations, and attractions. Another such attraction is the incredible Lake Batur which has transparent, reflecting waters having a beautiful, exotic charm. The lake is formed of a crater and is a beautiful place for newlyweds to get some personal time.

Fascinatingly, the lake also features a house half-submerged in the water and appears to be abandoned. The house may have been washed due to flood but has assumed a mysterious aura, furnishing it as an excellent subject for professional and amateur photographers. The lake forms a setting like some movie or fantasy and is a great place to visit as a peaceful tourist destination.

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21. Visit Asia’s Best Waterpark: Waterbom

A theme park, voted as the best one in Asia by Tripadvisor, Waterbom is hands down, a must-visit place for fun travelers of all ages. Thrilling water slides like the snake-themed constrictor to lazy pools and gentle rivers are a haven of delight for the visitors who come here looking to have a wonderful time, cooling themselves off with exciting rides.

The park is an expansive location, and the surroundings are well-maintained. The rides are safe, and there is always a lifeguard around. Thus, it is one of the best things to do in Bali with family. Moreover, the staff is friendly, and the food and other eatables inside the complex are reasonable.

Waterbom is a wonderful weekend destination for working Balinese families and one of the favorite spots for kids. It is also a nice break for visitors to enjoy unforgettable adventures and share fun and laughter.

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22. Visit a Pearl Farm: Atlas Pearl Farm

Pearls are the quintessential companion of any woman, and it looks great and feels great, with their smooth texture, color, and shape. A pearl farm is your excellent opportunity to witness firsthand how these exotic objects are harvested, sown, and cultivated.

At Atlas farm in Pemuteran, this process is carried out, and pearls are produced for various uses. Moreover, visitors are allowed to see this process. The staff at these pearl farms are friendly and always ready to help people understand the minute details of the whole procedure.

Pearls are delicate, and thus in terms of their final product, the nature of the surrounding matter. In Bali, pearls are produced with a sustainable approach, keeping in mind the health and importance of the survival of the oyster. Thus, it’s a great experience to see how this all is carried out.

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23. Experience Life Underground: Gala-Gala Underground House

It’s not for nothing that Bali is called one of the most exotic destinations on Earth. The long list of incredible spots in Bali is Gala-gala underground house, located in Nusa Lembongan. Visiting here is one of the things to do in Bali Indonesia, as you can learn so much about the Hindu epic Mahabharata facts.

An underground house, inspired by the Indian epic “Mahabharata”

The house was built by Made Byasa after he got inspired by a legend from one of India’s two epics, Mahabharata. According to this legend, after getting defeated in a board game, the righteous Pandavas were sent into exile. They spent a part of this exile by building an underground cave, Gala-gala, to protect themselves from the dishonest Korawas, who wanted to find and kill them.

Made Byasa made his own underground house based on the legend, using a crowbar. With astonishing determination and dedication, he completed the house in 15 years. The place, which appears like a labyrinth, is just 1-2 meters high.

There are walls, a kitchen, a sitting room, two bedrooms, and three exits for proper ventilation. It is great fun to explore different corners of the house and fancy the labor that must have gone into it.

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24. Underwater Prayer: Pay a Visit to Pemuteran Hidden Underwater Temple

With deep, mystical surroundings and bewildering, this underwater temple attracts many adventure tourists every year. The temple, which generated a lot of mystery, was a part of a conservation project and consisted of 10 statues and the associated temple structure, including plinths and gateways.

Pay homage at this unique underwater temple of Bali.

The structure is doubtlessly an astonishing engineering feat. Tiny sea creatures whose habitat in the area demonstrate a beautiful harmony between man and nature. Visiting this temple is both an adventure and a religious vocation.

Located in the waters of Pemuteran, the structure is situated at a depth of 30 m, with visibility and oxygen level going pretty low with increasing depth. The site is wonderfully picturesque and consists mainly of Buddha statues. The allure and significance of this site in Bali are that many couples have taken their wedding vows here. A not to be missed destination for sure!

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25. Bask in an Untouched Piece of Nature at Blahmantung Waterfall

Bali has some beautiful waterfalls, and one of these, the Blahmantug, is a famous tourist hotspot. A site of relative peace and calm in Bali, visitors can come here and simply enjoy and soak in the beauty of nature.

The journey to the waterfall itself is full of most quaint views, pervaded with large farming areas. The waterfall itself, situated in the Pupuan area of Tabanan, is a part of a very fertile area of Bali, which receives a lot of showers.

Either swim here or just enjoy the cool mist. The best time to visit the site is from January to March, when the weather is most suitable to enjoy the ambiance. Surrounded by lush greenery, you can find many other mesmerizing sights on the island.

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26. Get into a Mud Fight: Mepantigan Balinese Mud Games

Mud fights are great fun and amusement, and in Bali rice fields, you can indulge in this delightful sport. However, the best part is that these dirty games are part of the Balinese culture. Locals love getting muddy so much that there are various cultural games involving people to drench themselves with mud and play. The children can enjoy the activity, but adults also want it to the hilt.

Take part in this interesting game in Bali

Other cultural games that visitors can indulge in are Mud horse riding, Eel or frog catching, Mud Tug of War, Love and Kiss duck, Kecak body painting, Mud pillow fight, and Mud Gamelan, as well as simple dance and massage in the mud. Doesn’t it recall those childhood memories?

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27. Into the Blue: Take a Photo Shoot at the Tulamben Shipwreck

Ever fantasized about an underwater photoshoot? Well, at Tulamben Shipwreck, you can just fulfill this fantasy. The site is famous for some quirky and memorable wedding photoshoots, with surreal views in the background.

Take some memorable pictures of the underwater world.

Go ahead and plan a Bali tour with Indian Holiday for memories of a lifetime. The plenty of things to do in Bali for honeymoon, friends, families, even solo will provide you with an incredible experience and it must be on your checklist of holidays in Bali.

Whether you wish to attend a dance festival, swim with the fish, or savor local food, you can customize Bali tour packages with us and have a blast on your holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions For Things to Do in Bali

Q. How many days are enough to enjoy Bali activities? +-

Ans. You must spend at least 8 to 9 days enjoying the exciting things to do in Bali like snorkeling, playing with the monkeys, attending dance festivals, going shopping, eating local food, and more.

Q. What are some things to not do in Bali? +-

Ans. Here’s a list of things you must avoid doing in Bali - 

  • Entering temples with shoes on
  • Drinking tap water
  • Honking with any reason
  • Drugs possession and consumption
  • Visiting temples with inappropriate clothes 
  • Using left hand for offering and accepting things

Q. What are the best outdoor activities to do in Bali? +-

Ans. Plan a trip to Bali and enjoy a fun-filled vacation indulging in these outdoor activities - 

  • Soaking in the golden sun
  • Enjoying swimming with the fishes
  • Interacting with the locals
  • Hiking in lush forests
  • Playing with the monkeys
  • Waterfall hopping
  • White water rafting 
  • Visiting the famous temples

Q. What are some free things to do in Bali? +-

Ans. If you are in Bali or have been planning on a budget, here are some things you must consider - 

  • Visiting the malls
  • Swimming in the crystal waters 
  • Hike to the mountains and visit hidden temples
  • Stroll the Campuhan ridge
  • Learn about sea turtles at Kuta 
  • Visit community halls
  • Interact with local people
  • Spend time on the beach with a loved one

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