Unforgettable Things to Do in Majuli – World’s Largest River Island

The sublime beauty of Majuli in Assam is par excellence. In fact, a trip to Majuli Island is an ethereal ride to the other side of the mighty Brahmaputra River in Assam. A number of things to do in Majuli, innumerable experiences, sheer tranquility, isolation from the chaotic cities and much more will make you fall in love with the place.

When here, you can soak in the countryside charm and glory of Majuli, the world’s largest river island. Appearing in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Island is medley of enthralling sights of the extended water body, amazing wooden boats and emerald green paddy fields. If all these are not enough then there are various other reasons for planning a holiday in Majuli, a gem of Northeast India. Take a look!

Explore the Shri Shri Dakhinpat Satra

Shri Shri Dakhinpat Satra

Built-in the year 1584, the Shri Shri Dakhinpat Satra is visited by innumerable devotees from all over the world. The Satra is one of the best places to visit in India for serenity seekers. The Satra features a decorated gateway engraved with religious animals, motifs and flowers.

Not only the Satra itself but also the journey to this place is spellbinding. Countryside roads leading to the Satra cast a spell. Lakes on both sides with water hyacinth and wooden boats floating on them adorn the roads. Furthermore, people here worship the Mahaprabhu Jadavarai whole-heartedly.

What not to missRaasleela on full moon night is observed as the National Festival of Assam. Also popular as the Majuli Festival, the Fiesta calls for a grand occasion.

Stroll in the villages

The villages of Majuli are as beautiful as the Island itself. Majuli is home to quaint villages which help you to strengthen your bond with nature. These hamlets are better explored by walking slowly. One of the popular villages is Mishing Village. It is definitely a bliss to meet the amicable Mishing people. In general, they live in houses with raised platforms known as Chang ghars on the banks of the river.

Moreover, here you can get insights into these interesting aboriginals who are very rich in culture. Do try to learn some steps of their dances which is, of course, one of the best things to do in Majuli. Also, do not forget to play their musical instruments to make your trip to Majuli interesting.

What not to miss – Major festivals which are celebrated here from time to time. Moreover, some other interesting rituals are worth witnessing.

Soak-in the beauty of incredible sunset views

sunset views of majuli

What’s better than witnessing the mighty Brahmaputra extending wide arms to cuddle the golden ball? You too can experience the same by visiting the sunset point that leaves the spectators in a state of awe. People rowing boats towards their home add to the charm of the already beautiful evening. Enjoying holidays in Majuli can never get complete without witnessing the sunset here.

You just can’t take your eyes off the natural wonder occurring in the sky at this part of Northeast India. Stroll along with your loved ones and admire the descending sun and the color play. As a matter of fact, golden hours of the dusk comes alive with the rays of setting fireball dancing over the blue water. Being a part of this show is surely one of the best things to do in Majuli.

What not to miss – Capture the prolific sunset with your camera.

Spend some time at Pathorichuk


Conceptualize your dream of delighting in a countryside expedition. The Pathorichuk village is a picturesque one and can be reached after crossing the three wooden bridges. The adventure of reaching here is definitely worth it. Besides crossing the bamboo bridge, you will enjoy a joy ride on a small boat in a traditional way. It is equally interesting to see how the country made boat works.

What not to miss – Don’t forget to observe how the country made boats operate.

Visit the Samaguri Satra

Samaguri Satra

An exciting experience awaits for you at the Samaguri Satra. The Satra is a dwelling place of mask makers who show exemplary skills in their field. In fact, they make amazing masks using bamboo base, dried cow dung and other things. Various dramas, called BHAWNA, take place in Majuli from time to time. Notably, these masks are important accessories of these acts.

As a matter of fact, the masks depict a specific character. Also, these are made accordingly to raise the fun quotient. The skill of mask-making is inherited from the forefathers. Interestingly, it is in practice until now. The exquisite craftsmanship and learning the skill of mask-making make tourists visit this winter holiday destination often.

What not to miss – Marvel at the masks and artifacts which are displayed here. You can also attend a workshop on mask-making.

Enjoy a country-boat ride

How can you restrain yourself from paddling onto one of the famous rivers in India, the Brahmaputra? Majuli in Assam gives you a chance to get a closer view and feel the mighty river personally. In order to do so, hire a country boat and start rowing on the river. Sing songs, savor the scenic views and traverse the canals and river to create memories of a lifetime. Newly wedded couples on their honeymoon in India can rest assured of a romantic ride of their life.

What not to miss – Fetch the paddle and start rowing the boat yourself.

Tribal Food and Rice Beer

Visiting Majuli and not savoring the tribal food and rice beer is a blunder! Fish baked in banana leaf (pattot dia mas), sticky rice, Chicken roasted in stick (chicken khorika), Oo Tenga fruit with Fish Curry (Oo Tenga Mas Jul) along with fresh vegetable offer a yummy treat. Furthermore, sip on the local Rice Beer, also known as the Apong to make your trip unforgettable.

What not to miss – Do try to learn some tips and tricks to make the local food of Majuli.

Complete the trip by sitting on a roof of a Ferry

The icing on the cake is the view of Majuli from a ferry top. Try to embark upon the last ferry which leaves from Kamalabari at 3:00 pm. Doing so will render you speechless with views of an amazing sunset along with the massive Brahmaputra. The ultimate experience will remain in your heart forever and make your holidays in Majuli a memorable one.

What not to miss – Do your best to fetch the last ferry and reach on the top.

How to reach Majuli Island?

Embark upon a ferry in order to cross the Brahmaputra River to reach Majuli Island. The ferries are available from Nimatighat. Also, Jorhat is very well connected from the city of Guwahati via train. From here you can take an auto or travel on a public bus to reach Nimatighat in Jorhat. Continue your journey towards the Majuli on a ferry. The ride is incredible with the wind blowing your hair while you continue to sail over the river. The first ferry departs from Nimatighat at 8:30 am while the last one leaves at 4:00 pm.

Best Time to Visit Majuli Island?

Summer season is usually hot and humid in Majuli whereas in winter the climate remains pleasant. Thus, October to March is the best time to visit Majuli Island.

Where to stay in Majuli Island?

Numerous hotels, lodges and guest houses make your stay in Majuli a comfortable affair. Amazing hospitality, amicable people together with great services make you feel at home. Food served is of good quality and offered at a reasonable cost. Even the prices of the room are pocket-friendly. One can easily choose to stay in a cottage as well. Staying in Majuli is like staying in a home away from home.

Plan a trip to Majuli, the best-kept secret of Northeast India to spend some time amidst tranquility and seclusion.

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