11 Exciting Things to do in Munnar to Make Your Trip Remarkable

Munnar is a blissful gem and an unmissable holiday destination in Kerala. This holiday hotspot is blessed with natural charm and a wide variety of beauty elements. Its fluffy cloud setting on hilltops, lush greenery, tea plantations, and bubbling waterfall offers numerous things to do in Munnar. Each attraction has the potential to give you an incredible experience. From witnessing the panoramic views from the hilltop to soaking in the splashing water, You will find numerous activities to do in Munnar.

Named among the most romantic places in the world, the charming hill town is blessed beyond words. Think of the ultimate destination for relaxing in the Western Ghats or a memorable honeymoon, adventure expeditions, or just a family getaway, holidays in Munnar offers cherished memories for a lifetime.

11 Top things to do in Munnar and top places to visit in Munnar that you must include in your trip:

1. Walk amid the tea estates – Romance with green landscapes and aromas

Paying a visit to the tea plantation is one of the best things to do in Munnar for couples. When you are in Munnar, you cannot avoid the tea gardens. Covering hills, as far as the eye can see, the green landscapes spread over the beautiful Kanan Devan hills are nothing less than magical. Walk amid the gardens, breathe in the aromas, watch the diligent workers, pose for pics and feel the environs freshen your senses.

Do not just stop admiring the beauty, have a taste of the various varieties of delicious brews and learn everything about tea making. Then, pay a visit to a century-old tea factory to understand the traditional methods of tea production. Finally, continue your love affair with tea at Tata Tea Museum. One of the most popular places to visit is Munnar. 

2. Adventure expeditions

When planning a holiday in Munnar, gear up for an exhilarating adventure. Snuggled in the lap of the scenic Western Ghats, there are several fantastic trekking trails, which makes trekking one of the most adventurous things to do in Munnar. Camping in Munnar is equally blissful and often a part of trekking expeditions. Echo Point and Top Station are perfect choices for indulging in trekking. However, if you are an experienced trekker, you can choose Mathikettan Shola Rain Forest Trek and Meesapulimala Trek.

During trekking, you can witness the excellent view of clouds and admire natural surroundings. Rock climbing, rappelling, and wildlife exploration is other thrilling adventures.

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3. Stay in a Tree House- Your ultimate natural therapy

Called ‘Erumadam’ in the local language, tree houses are eco-friendly accommodations that offer the ultimate natural therapy. Built of natural materials and equipped with modern amenities, treehouses are located in the ancient limbs of trees in the very heart of nature. Staying at these charming treehouses tops the list of things to do in Munnar, as one can relive the fantasy.

A number of beautiful treehouses are available for visitors in Munnar. Inspired by the tribal way of life, overlooking lush tea gardens or forests, the treehouses offer comfortable accommodation with a memorable experience. Whether it is families, honeymoon couples, or nature lovers, staying at treehouses is truly exciting. Connect with nature, listen to the calls of animals, hear the birds chirp, indulge in trekking, adventures, and more. The ultimate natural therapy awaits!

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4. Explore the famous Wildlife Sanctuaries

Nature has blessed Munnar abundantly, giving the name of ‘God’s Own Country’ to Kerala. Wildlife sanctuaries are one of the blessings of nature that visitors enjoy exploring. From evergreen forests, biosphere reserves, national parks, and sanctuaries, Munnar has charming natural locales, which are habitats of indigenous species of Western Ghats.

Eravikulam National Park is the prized attraction of Munnar and is located in the Kannan Devan Hills. The wildlife sanctuary is famous for the endangered Nilgiri Tahr that calls it home, including various flora species, birds, butterflies, etc. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, close to Munnar, is also an unmissable treasure. Many indigenous species of South India, especially the Western Ghats, inhabit the area. Guided safaris are available to explore the national parks and spot wildlife in their natural habitats.

5. Outing at Kundala Lake

Moving on with the list of amazing things to do in Munnar, we have a relaxing outing at Kundala Lake. Named among Asia’s first arch dams, Kundala Lake is extremely picturesque. Surrounded by beautiful hills, it is more of an oasis of serenity and beauty. Cherry blossom trees growing here add to the beauty, especially in full bloom.

Escape for a day and enjoy the scenic environs. If luck favors, spot the rare Neelakurinji flowers, which blossom once in 12 years. The lake offers pedal boating, row boating, and shikara rides. Come with family and loved ones and have a great time.

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6. Indulge in waters activities at Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam and the lake are named among the best places to visit in Munnar. Under the gaze of the mighty Anamudi Peak, the lake environs are surrounded by lush tea plantations, spice gardens, and rolling hills.

The beauty is enough reason to plan a visit on your holiday in Munnar, and the natural charm is the absolute range of water activities. Enjoying speedboats and motorboats at this place is one of the best things to do in Munnar with family. The District Tourism Promotion Council runs boating facilities at a nominal fee. One can have a fantastic time here as the ideal picnic spot for families. Do not miss exploring the lovely trekking trails. Walk hand in hand with your partner or let the kids run freely, it’s heaven unexplored.

7. Elephant Safari at Carmelagiri Elephant Park

Kerala is known for being the home of elephants. The beautiful state is blessed with a healthy population of these gentle beasts. To have a fun time with elephants, a visit to Carmelagiri Elephant Park is one of the unmissable things to do in Munnar.

Meet the majestic beings-one of the mightiest in the forests. At Elephant Park, you can get introduced to their daily lives, help them bathe, feed fruits, and pet them. Then, you can ride them as they take you on an exciting safari through the charming forests of Munnar. The short rides are exhilarating, especially for kids.

8. Rejuvenate with an Ayurvedic Spa

When you are in Kerala’s most beautiful, relaxing town, how can you miss out on the natural therapy Kerala is so world-renowned for? Ayurveda, the ‘science of life, a holistic approach to health and wellness. With various rituals, massages, treatments, and spa programs, Ayurveda helps remove ailments and promote wellness.

Munnar offers a number of spa centers and various resorts with the slight magical touch of Ayurveda. So on your holiday in Munnar, do not miss a pampering session. You can also make your honeymoon in Munnar extra memorable, indulging in a couple of sessions. The beauty of the hills, in addition to the therapies, works like magic to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

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9. Explore the old world charm of Munnar

Inspired by the beauty and bliss of Munnar, colonial during the British Raj settled in the hill town. As the salubrious weather gave them respite from Kerala’s tropical climate, they planned to settle down in the pictorial expanse. They experimented with crops, spices, coffee, and tea growing. Some relics of the day still exist in Munnar to date. Exploring the old-world charm of Munnar is one of the best things to do in Munnar.

Pay a visit to CSI Christ Church. The charming architecture takes you back to the olden days. Though consecrated in 1910, the church dates long back. Constructed by Scottish tea estate managers and workers, it is the legacy of the British Raj. Adorned with stained-glass windows, brass plaques, rows of rosewood benches, and a lavish chandelier, the church enamors all.

10. Attend a Cultural performance

A glimpse of Kerala’s fascinating culture is one of the must-do things in Munnar. When in Munnar, do spend an evening at the Punarjani Traditional Village. Skilled artists from all over Kerala come here and display the ancient dance form of Kathakali and Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial arts. Both of these performances are a treat for all.

Enjoy the traditional essence of the culture of southern India. The tunes of traditional Carnatic music and musical instruments accompanying the Kathakali dance performance create magic. The classical dance form, majestic makeup, and attire are impressive. The prowess of the artisans of Kalaripayattu also keeps you spellbound.

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11. Go street shopping for some Retail Therapy

To complete your holiday in Munnar, you must not miss out on shopping. The hill town has several delights you can use and take home as souvenirs. Shop for your favorite tea and coffee variants, spices, aromatic and natural oils, handicrafts, miniatures of Kathakali, etc.
The local products are grown naturally and have several benefits. The range of flavored teas is fantastic, and you can choose your pick from black tea, spice-flavored ones, or even freshly grounded coffee.

Also, aromatic essential oils like eucalyptus oil, lemongrass, and citriodora are perfect for treating body and joint pains. Spend a day collecting the good memories of your Munnar holiday shopping!

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