Top Things to do in North East India

Places to Visit in India by Month

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  1. Thank you Ashish for sharing such a nice post on the beautiful peace of India

  2. ishagupthas says:

    Hey ashish you shared an really useful information to do in north east India. As a traveler i found really valuable information from your post. thanks for it.

  3. Mayurim Das says:

    Dear Ashish, there are few blunders that you have committed while writing this particular blog.May be you haven’t researched properly! mentioned below are the mistakes:
    1. when you are talking about the Seven North Eastern stares, mention all the states. Mizoram is missing from the list and Sikkim is very recently added as the eighth state.
    2. Labrang Monastry is in China, not in India.
    3. Darjeeling comes under West Bengal which is ofcourse not a north eastern state.
    4. Lastly, the entire blog is not balanced, you have explained places of Manipur and Meghalaya mostly. there is no sign of Tripura, Nagaland, Assam and Sikkim.
    I hope you will recheck the entire stuff and kindly take it sportingly because I am an avid reader of these blogs.
    Thank you

    • Ashish Gupta says:

      Hi Mayurim,
      We are delighted to hear that you’ve been religiously following our blog posts. Let me clarify your doubts regarding this blog post:
      1.) We are yet to come up with a second installment (part 2) of this blog ‘Top Things to do in North East India’ where you’ll find attractions of other states mentioned too.
      2) Though you’re right that Labrang Monastery is in China, there is a monastery, by the same name, in North Sikkim as well.

      • Ivan says:

        Ashish as Mayurim has rightly pointed out the mistakes. Kindly correct the seven sisters part. Mizoram is one among the seven sisters. Sikkim is the eighth one. If the introduction itself is wrong then it provides a wrong impression on the article. just trying to help.

        • Hi Ivan,
          Thanks for your valuable feedback!
          I hope after the latest update, you’ll find this post in order and content more to your liking. Do give us your valuable feedback on how you like the content and information now.
          Thanks again for stopping by!

    • Hi Mayurim,
      I hope your concerns are now addressed. We’d look forward to your valuable feedback and comments.

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