10 Best Things To Do In Kashmir You Don’t Want to Miss

Every year millions of tourists visit the Kashmir valley to enjoy their summer vacations, winter vacations, honeymoon trips and so many type of vacation could be! But most of worried what to do during Kashmir trip?

Our blog is all about top attractions and things to do in Kashmir valley. Here we give answers to most of your questions about what are the things I should do, activities to undertake and what are the most fun things which should not be missed during your trip to Kashmir.

List of 10 Best Things To Do In Kashmir

1. Shikara Ride

  • Charges for Shikara Ride – INR 150 to 500 (Approx.)
  • Operational Hours – 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM (All Days)
  • Famous Lakes to Enjoy Shikara Ride in Kashmir Valley Are – Dal lake, Nagin Lake etc.

Shikara ride is one of the most recommended activity for any tourist to Kashmir Valley and unarguably count as one of the best things to do in Srinagar. Shikaras are gondola- type light rowing boat dotting the surface of the Dal lake.

They are used for getting back and forth from the houseboats or for longer tours. During Shikara Ride in Srinagar, Kashmir you can hear chirping of birds, snow-capped peak in the background creates a cherished memory for lifetime. You can also shop from floating shops and buy eatables during your ride.

2. Stay in Houseboat

  • Best Lakes to stay – Dal Lake, Nagin Lake
  • Staying Cost in Kashmiri Houseboat – INR 1,000 to 7,000 Per Night (Approx.)
  • Best Time to Stay – Throughout the Year

Apart from luxury hotels and resorts of Kashmir Valley you can enjoy stay in Kashmiri houseboats. These houseboats are designed in pleasant Kashmiri architecture generally having luxury bedrooms, separate dining and lounge rooms, as well as a balcony facing the lake with snow covered mountains in the horizon.

Many houseboats have rooftops that are accessible for leisurely evenings. Some even have floating gardens. Guests are treated to some of the most beautiful views and lavish amenities. These houseboats are exquisite. Unlike Kerala, these houseboats are moored on the lake and do not travel.

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3. Explore Magnificent Gardens

  • Entry Fee for Indian Nationals : INR 24 Per Person (Approx.)
  • Best Time to visit Mughal Gardens: March to Oct
  • Opening and Closing Time : 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Famous Gardens in Kashmir : Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden, Chasmeshahi Garden, Pari Mahal Garden, Tulip Garden, Nehru Garden.

The ‘Heaven on Earth’ Kashmir is blessed with picturesque beauty. The verdant gardens in the valley are proof to its beauty. Visiting Mughal gardens built in charbagh style of architecture by various Mughal princes and courtiers definitely count as one of best places to visit in Kashmir Valley.

The concept of gardens for leisure came from the valleys. Beautifully laid paths amidst green beauty, gurgling fountains and vibrant blossoms make the Mughal gardens all the more captivating for its visitors. Walk around to explore the magnificence of the verdant spreads.

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4. Gulmarg Gondola

  • Operating hours of Gondola – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Tariffs for Gondola Car – INR 700 Gulmarg to Kungdoor (First Phase), INR 900 Kungdoor to Aparwath (Second Phase), INR 250 (Chair Lift)

Gulmarg is nestled at 2650 m above sea level at the base of Mount Apharwat. The gondola (cable car) extends almost to the peak of Apharwat, which is at an elevation of 3980 meters above sea level.

The cable car provides access to 1330 vertical meters of vast snow covered slopes. With the setting-up of Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car Lift from Gulmarg to Apharwat top, Gulmarg has become the second highest lift-served ski resort in the world. The total aerial distance covered by Gulmarg Gondola is 5 kilometers and when you viewed from the cable car it becomes a sight not forgotten easily.

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5. Pony Ride in Kashmir

  • Best time to Enjoy – March to Oct
  • Places to explore by Pony Ride: Baisaran, Chandanwari, Gulmarg, Yousmarg, Sanasar.

Scenic landscapes enchant all visitors but sometime your feet might not carry you through the dizzying heights and long distances, in such case ponies take you to theses magical locations.

You can find horse (ponies) in popular holiday resorts especially on those places where some roads are not motor able in highlands. Tourists hire ponies to carry out trekking activity in the highlands of the valley. At pocket friendly costs you can hire the beasts. Make sure to carry food and water along with you on your rides.

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6. Golfing in Kashmir

  • Best time for Golfing – April to November
  • Best Golf Courses in Kashmir – The Royal Springs Golf Club, Srinagar, Gulmarg Golf Club, Gulmarg

There are four world-class golf courses in Kashmir with each one of them ensuring beautiful landscapes. Gulmarg and Srinagar are the top destinations for golfing in Kashmir. The mesmerizing locations of emerald greenery surrounded by Pine and Chinar trees is awe-inspiring. Another pleasant reason to go for golfing in these courses is that they are never fully crowded. You can completely relax and complete rounds at your pace.

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7. Rafting in Kashmir

  • Best Rivers for Rafting – Lidder River Pahalgam
  • Best time to enjoy rafting – April – Sept

River rafting has been introduced quite recently in the Kashmir Valley. The challenge of the rafting the turbulent rivers fresh from glacial origins is exhilarating. The icy summits of the Himalayas are the birthplace of some of India’s mighty rivers. these waterways fed by innumerable streams race along meandering boulder strewn river beds, cutting deep gorges and dividing into silvery white rapids.

The sport of white water river rafting calls for a triumph over the swift swirling river as it gushes past. River rafting is mainly popular in the upper reaches of Kashmir where the water is wild and white as it froths and foams, crashing against narrow gorges, rocky outcrops and falls at deep gradients.

River rafting too has been classified and graded in terms of degrees of difficulty. Go for guided tours as these can be threatening for the first timers.

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8. Camping in Kashmir

  • Best time for Camping in Kashmir – March to Oct
  • Best Places for Camping in Kashmir – Gulmarg, Aru Valley, Lidderwat, Sonamarg, Yousmarg, Pahalgam

If you want to enjoy fresh air of the mountains with breathtaking views! No place will be batter from Kashmir! Actually Campers can enjoy the paradisaical beauty in the valley. Go for camping, trekking at places by the rivers on the top of mountains and wherever you heart wants. Savor the natural bliss so abundant here.

The days spent away from chaos of cities, breathing in pure air of mountains, sleeping under the unpolluted skies opening up to inspiring views of the Milky Way is simply unforgettable.

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9. Shopping in Kashmir

Kashmir does not disappoint the shopaholics. There are various rare finds to take home. Row upon row of shops filled with handicrafts line the streets. The selection is awesome. There are objects to suit every pocket, the diversity is fascinating.

Kashmiri handicrafts are prized things to purchase for their exquisite craftsmanship. The carpets in Kashmir, in both wool and silk are an investment. The simple works or the Persian designs, these masterpieces glorify your homes for generations. Buy souvenirs while doing shopping in Kashmir.

The papier-mâché items are quite eye catchy. Ranging from jewellery boxes to mirror frames, intricately carved walnut wood furniture and accessories, stone jewellery boxes, beautiful woolen shawls, crewel embroidery on furnishing material sold by the meter and more prizes. You shall absolutely love to bring home few remembrances of the earthly paradise.

Top Things to Shop in Kashmir

  • Kashmiri shawls are exquisite souvenirs to shop for. Made from three fibres, wool, pashmina and Shahtoos, these soft fabrics make wonderful warm shawls. The handmade embroidery is also superb. Be aware of the fake ones.
  • Silk carpets are among Kashmir’s most famous creations. A carpet may well be the most expensive purchase from your trip to Kashmir but it is a lifelong investment.
  • Wood Carving are extremely beautiful and worth buying as Kashmir is the only part of India where the walnut tree grows.
  • Kashmir has a wide range of varieties in silk textile designs. ‘Chinon’ and ‘Crepe de chine’ are some of the fine qualities produced from the silk yarn.
  • The old city abounds with shops where objects of copper line the walls, the floor and even the ceiling, made generally for the local market. The silverware is equally exquisite.
  • At first glance, all paper Mache objects look roughly the same, but there is a price differential which depends on the quality of the product. These make some amazing souvenirs to take home.
  • Willow rushes grow plentifully in marshes and lakes in Kashmir. These are used to make charmingly quaint objects.
  • Dry fruits like walnuts, almonds and spices like saffron, shah zira and honey are some of the unrivalled specialties of Srinagar.
  • Phiran, the commonly worn garment in the valley, made of wool with appealing embroidery are also worth purchasing.

Best markets for Shopping: The best markets to check out in Kashmir are Lal Chowk, Residency Road, Badshah Chowk, Polo View Road, Floating Vegetable Market, Kashmir Government Arts Emporium, etc. walk about the markets, explore some good bargains and bring home souvenirs of your cherished holiday.

10. Enjoy Local cuisines

Even if you are not a food connoisseur, savoring delectable Kashmiri cuisines tops the chart when we talk about the best things to do in Kashmir. The cuisines of Kashmir have a unique flavor and aroma that make them hard to resist for any tourist. The rich delicacies of Wazwan and Kashmiri meals with exquisite specialties of rista, Tabakh Maaz, rogan josh, Gushtaba, and many other dishes.

The feast of Wazwan is a part and parcel of celebrations in Kashmir. It is an attribute of royalty but having it in the perfect ambiance and amidst the traditional music and songs makes it truly a lifetime experience. The elaborate preparation of food and their ancient presentation adds to the charm of the nobility of Kashmiri cookery.

The meals in Kashmiri is served on massive copper plates referred to as Tram that contain steamed rice on that the types of meat that embody mithi, kebab, Tabakh Maaz, Chicken, and Daniphul are terribly superbly placed, dividing the tram into four and four person take meals on one plate. To savor the style of eater dishes of Wazwan attend a wedding of Kashmiri Pandits, and it’ll be wonderful to style the dum aloo, Chok Wangun, Zaffran pulao, and far a lot of. The richness of the style of those dishes is enough to enchant your style buds.

Kahwa, additionally referred to as tea, is formed in a kettle with numerous spices and another with sugar to present it in a sweet style. The delectable style of this tea is known everywhere around the globe. Additionally, it aids digestion and is good for the atmospheric conditions in Jammu and Kashmir.

I hope it is now clear to you what the most popular thing to do in Kashmir is. It’s also important to consider the best time to visit Kashmir, as the weather varies throughout the year.

What other top things to do in Kashmir or activities do you think we missed on our list? Feel free to share your thoughts and recommend to us the activities, experiences or places that you believe should be a part of this list in our comment section below.

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